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Author archive for Kaitlin Coppock

  • How Associations Are Made — the Beverages, Colors, Numbers, and Metal of Venus

    in Venus / / 2 comments

    Austin Coppock was contemplating writing a piece years ago about which stimulants belonged to which zodiac signs. He ascribed green tea to Libra, and it was so perfect.

    Caffeine is the go-to drug of choice for getting the engines revving, bringing the brain online, and activating the word machine — in the morning or in general, for millions of people.

    Caffeine pairs well with Libra being Cardinal, the mode of signs with an initiatory and activating go-getting quality, and an air sign, the element of intellectually oriented, communicative signs.

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  • Venus Altar, Ritual, and Offering Suggestions

    in Orphic Hymns, Remediation, Rituals + Prayers, Venus / / 6 comments

    Venus rituals, or even just timing your self-care and social plans in accord with Venusian tides, are wonderful ways to use astrology and ritual to enhance routine life.

    There are many fires to put out and dragons to be slayed, in the world at large and in our own spheres, and applying the fine art of #diplomancy is often the most winsome approach. Venus can help, massaging her cool harmony into hot tempers and enflamed circumstances.

    Fridays, Monday nights after sunset, and the hour of Venus are prime times, especially when Venus is well dignified or the Moon is in one of her signs, either Taurus or Libra.

    If you would like to magnify the effects of Venus, making offerings and prayers at the appropriate times is favored.

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  • The Orphic Hymns + Fixed Star Hack

    in Orphic Hymns / / 0 comments

    In Greek mythology, Orpheus (Ὀρφεύς) was a poet, singer, and prophet who played music so beautifully that it charmed the full spectrum of existence, from the lowliest rock to the highest of Gods. His instrument was the first ever Lyre, crafted from a tortoise shell by young Mercury and gifted to Orpheus by the Sun God Apollo.

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  • Q+A: How do I choose which series or offering is right for me? Do you offer consultations?

    in Q+A, Remediation / / 3 comments

    If you’re new to astrology, remediation, or the use of magical items, it can be intimidating to choose which series or item will be best for you. There are two main ways of going about it.

    Need or Desire Based

    What do you want more of in your life, or what are you struggling with? This is by far the easiest method.

    Are you trying to start a business and promote yourself? Regulus is just the spotlight you’re looking for. Are you struggling with a health issue? Call the Divine Physician*

    Here is a list of our current offerings and some keywords to help you zone in on what’s right for you. I will update this list as new series are released —

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  • Q+A: Why do you call your wares “offerings”?

    in Q+A / / 0 comments

    The first is that all of our wares are created by means of a ritual process. Everything we make is a literal offering to the powers that they serve — to help further their objectives in the world. This incense belongs to Mars. This water is holy to Asclepius. This candle, when lit, burns with the starfire of Regulus itself. Each and every item is an earthly missionary, spreading the charge of its patron celestial power. A battery of devotion.

    The second is more nebulous, having to do with the spirit in which we offer our wares to the public. It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to do this work, and to have it be accepted and procured by our clients is mind blowing.

    We are an intermediary channel — Priests and Priestesses tending to the powers we serve. In spiritual terms, those are the aforementioned celestial powers providing the magical charge for our wares, but in human terms, that is every single person who ever has, or ever will, place an order.

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  • AstroMagical Remediation + Rituals for South Node Eclipses

    in Eclipses, Remediation / / 0 comments

    It's been 4 years since these articles came out, I am tired of being roped into the discourse surrounding each Eclipse cycle, hence putting them behind a paywall.

    Do as thou wilt with thine own practice, and blessings upon thine Way!

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  • On the Relationship Between Women, the Moon, and Triplicity

    in Moon / / 0 comments

    On an under-acknowledged, organic basis for the association of woman with triplicity:

    People often consider women’s relationship with the number 3 as derivative or even patriarchal — a mere function of ‘coupling’ resulting in birth (man + woman = child). The real basis is much more significant and self-realized, the former being a fractal thereof.

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  • How Eclipses Work in Astrology + Magic

    in Eclipses, Remediation / / 0 comments

    It's been 4 years since these articles came out, I am tired of being roped into the discourse surrounding each Eclipse cycle, hence putting them behind a paywall.

    Do as thou wilt with thine own practice, and blessings upon thine Way!

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  • Using Everyday Habits, Venus, and the Moon to Cool Mars + Excess Yang

    in Mars, Moon, Remediation, Venus / / 0 comments

    Remediation takes many forms, as presented in this longer article detailing some magical methods for remediating Mars.

    Mars issues result in running hot physically, emotionally, and psychologically. One way of balancing these symptoms is to introduce gently cooling elements to the system. Such measures are well and routinely applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

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  • Remediating + Propitiating Mars During Transits and Retrogrades, or in the Natal Chart

    in Mars, Remediation / / 2 comments

    When someone has hired a technician to identify a problem, what’s the first question they ask? Most likely something along the lines of “okay – but how do we fix it?” If that technician were practicing astrology, especially Hellenistic, Medieval, or Vedic, the answer would be remediation, and they would offer a prescription, most likely in the form of a talisman, mantra practice, prayer, offerings, or shifts to diet and behavior.

    In short, astrological remediation is the use of corrective measures to reduce negative manifestations. These can stem from configurations within the natal chart or from transits and time lords – often a combination of both. There are always remedial measures that can be taken to mitigate ill effects! We don’t simply have to accept them at face value and resign ourselves to suffering.

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