Jupiter’s Lightning Bolt Talismans

Jupiter’s Lightning Bolt Talismans


16 talismanic lightning bolts were forged by Marcus McCoy of Troll Cunning Forge, quenched in an oil infused with lightning struck wood, fulgurite, and anvil dust. Of his creation, Marcus offers —

Haephestus was the blacksmith that helped forge Zeus’s lightning bolts. When metal is heated it becomes mutable and receptive, being in a semi-liquid state, and when it is cooled in oil or water it becomes fixed. Using alchemical techniques taught to me by Alchemist Robert Bartlett, the astrological election and the contents of the quenchent (lighting struck wood, fulgurite and anvil dust) were crystallized to create talismanic steel lightning bolts of Jupiter.

Each lightning bolt includes a 1/2 oz vial of said quenching oil to charge their talisman.



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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .25 x 1 x 3 in
Planetary Body




Yes — contains no animal ingredients

Creation Date

Thursday November 8th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.


Merlad Coin, Merlad Necklace, Merlady Coin, Merlady Necklace


  1. I have a couple of funny stories with this talisman. On the night it was launched, it was totally sold out – it was a big bummer for me, I had nothing related to Jupiter magic – magically the person that was keeping the last one hostage gave up on time to let me snatch it. I celebrated like a child, I have no shame to confess that. On the same night, after bragging on Kaitlin’s group, I suddenly passed out on my bed until I suddenly felt something really sticky being pulled out of me at the same time I felt struck by this very strong energy, I awake feeling freash, anew, my lungs were full of fresh air, my mind was calm.

    The talisman have arrived when I recently had experimented the Algol oil (which completely got me busted as I didn’t follow Kaitlin’s recommendation for neutralizing it – I wanted to see how it would develop, bad choice: I lost someone I really cared for and got burned at my workplace due to snarky gossips led by a tiny slide, not malicious, but totally related to the myth – my head was chopped, I got banned). Long story short, Algol is also the nature of Jupiter and since the talisman have arrived, I put it underneath my watch while I am at home, specially when I am praying, and ironically (actually not) things at work had a very amazing turnaround, which got me very relieved.

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