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Do you ship to where I live?

We ship all over the world! Shipping can be calculated on the Checkout page after you’ve made your selections.

Rates are pulled live from UPS + USPS.

If you are overcharged, a refund will be issued when the order is packed!

Please read the info on the Cart page regarding which of our shipping options might be best for you, and be sure to add any comments regarding customs disclosures in the notes field at Checkout.

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Do you offer consultations? Can you look at my chart?

Given time constraints (among other things!), Kaitlin (👋 hi, that’s me!) cannot offer consultations or custom recommendations based on natal charts or most other factors.

For guidance, please see this article 🔮

For remedial suggestions based on natal factors, we recommend Austin Coppock, Austin’s year II graduates, Freedom Cole, or any of the referrals Freedom may make.

Can I add to an order that has already been placed?

Yes! As long as the order has not shipped, you are welcome to place additional orders.

After they get packed, postage will be purchased, and you will be promptly refunded any excess.

Multiples are typically flagged for consolidation by the shipping platform automatically, so there is no need create a support ticket notifying us of dual+ orders (we’re almost never manning the support portal in real time in the workroom, so thank you for the consideration but it just ends up cluttering the inbox!)

If we miss combining them, Sphere + Sundry’s policy is to refund your excess shipping regardless 🤓

You are definitely invited to write in if you feel a refund has been missed, however! We enjoy offering custom services of this nature, but it does increase the odds of a fuck up…


Will you come on my Podcast/ YouTube/ &c?

You can ask (and thank you!), but probably not 😅

Keeping operations moving is a more than full time job, so at this point my focus is best kept on the actual work over media + promotion.

If you would like to send an invitation, a list is being kept for if/ when this changes. The offers and opportunities are genuinely appreciated!

There is so much more I would be doing if the time were available…
PLUS, I am weirdly shy 🙈


Fake/ Trained Extrovert with a 12th House fallen Sun
(Who has Done Too Much Regulus Magic)

If I write asking a question that has already been answered in this FAQ will the answer be different?

Nope 😹

Still need help? Contact us…

Please note that we are currently short staffed due to Covid-19 and the Holiday season. Sometimes we are able to respond same-day, but others are taking much longer. Thank you for your patience in the interim. We have changes in the works that should drastically improve response times in early 2021 🙏

Due to a high volume of emails, it’s not possible to respond to every request.
Correspondences regarding placed orders and by paying clients have the highest priority.

Long and personally involved messages regarding chart placements asking for recommendations will likely go unanswered,
because we do not offer personal consultations. Please see this article 
for guidance on making your selections! Thank you.

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    The Empress’ Altar Box Sets

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    Wooden boxes in 2 sizes, hand waxed and polished a beautiful rose gold. May be further decorated or inscribed by the client. Along with the box, each set includes one of every item from the Empress series (aside from the Malachite Egg Talismans, only one of which is being offered to the public, and only the Large Box Sets include Tony Mack's Empress pendants).
    • The Empress' Oil (1/2 oz standard, or 10 ml roller in malachite or rose gold)
    • Rose + Pink Lotus Water (S: 1/2 oz | L: 2 oz bulk pot)
    • The Empress' Attuning Tincture (S: 1/2 oz | L: 2 oz bulk pot)
    • Empress Candles (S: 2 oz glass | L: 8 oz medium glass)
    • Empress Self-Igniting Incense (S: 1/2 oz | L: 2 oz bulk pot)
    • Empress Powder (S: 1/2 oz | L: 2 oz bulk pot)
    • Rose + Pink Lotus Bath Salts (8 oz | 16 oz bulk pot)
    • Triple Lotus Steep + Smoke (2 oz | 4 oz)
    • Triple Lotus Salve (2 oz | 4 oz bulk pot)
    • Empress Honey (2 oz)
    • Empress Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil (1 oz)
    • The Empress' Whipped Body Butter (2 oz | 6 oz bulk pot)
    • Queen of the Honeyed Heart Perfume Oil by BPAL
    • Daughter of Heaven and Earth Perfume Oil by BPAL
    • Fruitful Mother of Thousands Perfume Oil by BPAL
    • Large only: Empress Talismans by Tony Mack
    Availability, dimensions, pricing —
    • Small (7 each): 6.5” wide, 4.5” tall, 3.8” deep = $700 + your Empress Oil selection
    • Large (7 each): 9.5” wide, 5.5” tall, 6” deep = $2,222 (includes talisman) + your Empress Oil selection
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    Forgemaster’s Iron Palm Dit Da Jow

    , , , ,
    This is the result of a standalone project one and a half years in the making, formulated by long-time Martial arts practitioner and student of TCM Ashley Ayres, in collaboration with fellow martial artist, electional astrologer, and ritualist Austin Coppock. It was created during a supremely fine Mars in Capricorn election, the red planet rising in its hour, fortified by Jupiter in Scorpio on the midheaven, and anchored by a stalwart, exalted Taurus Moon. As always, the chart can be found in the image gallery. The Forgemaster's Iron Palm liniment is a specialized form of jow, intended to warm, strengthen, and fortify, in addition to providing the expedited healing properties of other more generalized dit da jows. It can be used in the formal context of iron palm (or shin, or foot, etc.) training, but it also provides energetic and magical properties encapsulated by the Mars election itself. It serves as a form of exterior armor and attunes one's vessel to the Martial sphere in a way that is both productive and invigorating. Apply and rub well into the skin before and/ or after workouts or combat, whether of a metaphoric or physical nature. For a deeper dive into the workings of this supremely fine, well aged formula, Austin writes —

    The furnace blazes, the iron glows. Blood burns in the hammer-arm of the blacksmith. Stubborn metal becomes malleable, open to convincing arguments from the hammer and the strong hand that wields it.

    Fire, iron, and blood. This is the holy trinity of Mars, as crucial for creation as it is for destruction. While many know Mars as the Warrior, the red planet is equally the Smith. In the Smith we see the constructive side of Mars, the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to shape and re-shape our lives, our bodies, ourselves.

    The Smith’s alchemical action is an especially apt metaphor for the transformation of the body. The layers of effort required to re-forge the body are quintessentialy martial, and there is no exercise regimen as close to the forge as Iron Palm.

    Iron Palm refers to a family of limb-training methods which strengthen the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones for both defensive and offensive purposes. Many styles also emphasize the internal side, cultivating increased qi emission capacity for both striking and healing purposes.

    Though there are many variations, the training almost always consists of a daily routine of hitting progressively more resilient materials. A canvas bag of bean, then stones, then metal. Though the results are dramatic, the training process is incremental, with as much attention paid to healing and perfect recovery as to anything else.

    Over the years, a great number of liniments have been created for this purpose. Generally referred to as dit da jow, they are widely available and widely used for general athletic purposes well outside of the specific practice of an Iron Palm regimen.

    The Forgemaster’s Dit Da Jow is one of these Iron Palm formulae, but with a Sphere + Sundry twist. This Jow was created in a fully ritual manner and at a precisely elected astrological time.

    Prayers to Mars the Forgemaster were intoned to bless and empower this tincture at the outset of the operation. The operators were consecrated to the red work, and the medicine vessels adorned with magic square, seal, and sigil.

    The elected time seemed a spectacularly appropriate and rare moment for this work. It was the Day and Hour of Mars, with the red planet exalted in Capricorn and on the Ascendant. This powerful, earthy Mars was further supported by a trine from an exalted Moon in Taurus, and meanwhile, Jupiter in Mars-ruled Scorpio crowned the zenith (MC). Not only was Mars strong, but Mars, the Rising, Moon, and Sun were all in Earth signs in order to ensure that the planet’s iron blessings were sufficiently rooted in the very bodily goal of this creation.

    After the evocations were said, the herbal and animal ingredients were sealed in their alchemical bath for 18 months.

    The result, the Forgemaster’s Dit Da Jow, is not only rich with the spirit and energy of this powerful Mars election, it also possesses the excellent properties bestowed by the materia of the formulation itself.

    The basis for this recipe is the Iron Palm formula of Yu Cheung (1894- 1952), one of the famed Five Tigers of Canton. His iron palm feats were famously documented in the early 1900's by photographers, and though his stone-shattering exploits are too numerous to cover here, there are entire books dedicated to his training methods. Crucially, he was known not just his power of his hands, but also their sensitivity.

    This formula was designed by him to cultivate both strength and softness. Protection for the hand, energy gates, and organ systems while also maximizing sensitivity and the capacity to express qi for both healing and striking purposes. Yu Cheung’s formula is the basis for this liniment, though it has been modified in small ways for reasons of both ethics and efficacy.

    This liniment is designed to unblock the qi flow, activate blood movement, relax tendons and ligaments and increase bone strength.  The two types of qi this formula stimulates are wei qi or “defensive/guardian energy” and regular organ qi.  This formula activates both in harmony, and is one of the many reasons it is superior to a store-bought dit da jow.

    Forgemaster’s Dit Da Jow is formulated to facilitate the healing of bruises , tendons, sinews, and bones, and to reduce pain, strengthen blood vessels, reduce swelling, and mitigate blood stagnation. It also protects the meridians and mobilizes both protective and organ qi for health and vitality.

    The Forgemaster’s Dit Da Jow is, of course, perfect for an Iron Limb regimen, but has a number of other uses. Both physically and energetically, it is an ideal pre- and post- workout liniment for any martial striking practice, such as boxing and kickboxing. More broadly, it can be used to ready and fortify the muscles, tendons, and joints in preparation for any athletic activity, and to facilitate the swift healing of bruises. Magically, it is appropriate for works of fortification and the cultivation of personal power.

    Bottled and a portion made available to the public on the first Tuesday after Mars returned to Capricorn in 2020, a year and a half after creation. Arrives in a glass bottle with spray top for easy application, in either a travel/ sample size of 1/2 oz for $25, or full 2 oz for $55 Note: Should not be used in areas with mucous membranes, skin rashes, open cuts, or sores. Apply a small amount, wait an hour, if no allergic reaction occurs, continue with use. External application only. 

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