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Do you ship to where I live?

If a customer is willing to pay for it, we’ll ship anywhere in the world! Shipping can be calculated on the cart page after you’ve made your selections. Rates are pulled live from USPS.

We haven’t had any issues with customs denying packages so far.

Do you offer consultations? Can you look at my chart?

Given time constraints, Kaitlin cannot offer consultations or custom recommendations based on client’s charts. For guidance, please see this article.

If you get a reading with Austin Coppock, he is happy to make Sphere + Sundry recommendations at the end of your consultation if you’d like!

Still need help? Contact us…

Due to a high volume of emails, it’s not possible to respond to every request.
Correspondences regarding placed orders and by paying clients have the highest priority.

Long and personally involved messages regarding chart placements asking for recommendations will likely go unanswered,
because we do not offer personal consultations. Please see this article 
for guidance on making your selections! Thank you.

S+ Jenn Zahrt


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  • $42.00

    Oil of Egg

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    First time Sphere + Sundry collaborator Jenn Zahrt of Revelore Pres offers as part of the Sol in Leo series alchemically extracted, organic, cage-free Oil of Egg, for the purposes of natural skin care and Solar attunement —

    4ml vial of triple-filtered, cold-processed alchemical oil of egg. Each vial contains approximately 200 drops (note that there is no dropper cap)

    Oil of egg is 100% bio-available and works both externally and internally. Externally, it is a potent skin food for healing dry and upset skin (eczema, psoriasis, etc.), and rapidly accelerating the healing of burns, lacerations, and scrapes. It's also known to prevent scarring. Rub dropwise, sparingly, into wounds or over scabs, and reapply as needed until healed. A little goes a very long way.

    Internally, a few drops taken during a solar hour can amplify your relationship to the Sun, bringing vitality on the cellular level and manifesting your inner glow.

    Oil of Egg may also be used ritually as a solar element to enliven sigils, anoint statues and altarpieces, and more. Think of it as the fertile power of the Sun in a bottle.

    A very limited number of glass vials were created, available for $42
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    Golden Sol in Leo Altar Box Set

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    Wooden boxes hand-painted a warm yellow and otherwise unmarked, to serve as a protective storage space or portable altar for Solar offerings of any variety. May be further decorated or inscribed by the client. Along with the box, this set includes all items from the Golden Sol series excluding the Oil Lamps. Talismans are available for each box set as an optional add-on. Note that even though small 2 oz candles are the size that comes with these sets, the large 12 oz candles will also fit within the box's confines, along with everything else upright  —
    • Water of Golden Sol (2 oz)
    • Golden Oil of Sol
    • Sol in Leo Powder
    • Candle of Golden Sol (2 oz)
    • Golden Sol Self-Igniting Incense
    • Loose Sun in Leo Incense by Phytognosis
    • Alchemically extracted Oil of Egg by Jenn Zahrt
    • The Golden Sovereign Perfume Oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
    • Optional: Sol in Leo Talismans in gold, electrum, and ruby by Tony Mack
    Dimensions + Sizing —
    • Our largest box set to date! 9.5” wide, 5.5” tall, 6” deep
    Six such box sets are being offered to the public for $450 each

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