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Phytognosis was born out of a need for genuine high-quality botanicals at reasonable prices. As a practitioner of leechcraft and wortcunning, Jeremy was frequently unable to find authentic ingredients necessary for his workings. As an experienced practitioner of this ancient Art, he is able to bring that same quality to his clients and customers.

The prefix phyto is Latin for plant or vegetation. Gnosis is a Greek word that means knowledge, usually signifying spiritual or mystically generated knowledge. Taken together, the word Phytognosis means spiritual knowledge obtained directly from and through plants.

Phytognosis specializes in rare and unique plant resins, woods, oils, and leaves for use during ritual, meditation, spiritual workings and personal enjoyment. They also carry several ready to use products for the new practitioner.

About the proprietor: 

Jeremy received his Ph.D. in infectious disease pathology from the University of Texas Medical Branch and his M.S. in microbiology from the University of Rochester. Jeremy is currently an Assistant Professor of Biology studying tick-borne infectious diseases and endothelial pathobiology. Much of his occult research is focused on the history of medicine, folk medicine, and the interplay between Witchcraft and healing.  Jeremy is a long-time student of European folk magic and studies occult herbalism, folk medicine and the traditional witch-lore and practices of the British Isles and is the owner of Phytognosis, a small business focused on plant-based spirituality, incense, resins, and botanical curious.

Visit Phytognosis on their website, Etsy, and Facebook.

  • $39.00

    Loose Saturn in Capricorn Incense by Phytognosis

    , , ,
    The incredible Dr. Jeremy Bechelli of Phytognosis offers to Saturn in Capricorn a high-grade loose incense, ritually blended in our election window —

    This is a blend of roots, herbs, and resins that align with the darkness at boundaries of time and matter. The blend is composed on Kua myrrh resin, adder, hellebore, blackthorn, patchouli, smoked benzoin resin, and aged tobacco among other traditional Saturnian botanicals.

    The aroma is dark and a bit acrid and is probably best burned outside. It's a very serious incense, maybe a bit intimidating, and perfect for the stoic.

    Arrives in a glass vial with cork top for $39
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    Seideropts Loose Incense

    , , ,
    Loose incense ritually crafted during the same Ancestral Series election by Jeremy Bechelli, Ph.D., the proprietor of Phytognosis, fine purveyor of materia magica —

    This incense is deeply dark and reminiscent of rich Earth that is specifically designed to strengthen the ancestral bonds between shades and practitioner.

    The blend is composed of Kua myrrh direct from the island of Socotra, opoponax, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver root, multiple species of Artemisia including A. absinthium, and is bound together with black figs, black cherries, and blackthorn berries. Other ingredients aligned with the darker shades include star anise, wildcrafted rose petals from a cemetery, and a bit of soil with detritus.

    Myrrh is the principle resinous note of this blend and its use was to preserve the flesh of the dead, but more specifically to serve as an invitation to the Realm of Shades. The principle herbaceous component of the blend comes from patchouli, a plant that is often associated with the bare Earth, preservation, and grounding. The rose petals come from a local cemetery and provide a direct link, along with the soil, to the eternal resting grounds of the Dead.

    A lovely tribute. Arrives in a 2 oz (by weight) glass jar with cork top for $47
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    Full Ancestral Toolkit

    , , , ,
    The literal mother-load. Each and every item The Ancestral Series has to offer — ✠ The Ancestors Oil, Powder, and Self-Igniting Incense ✠ Ancestral Comfort Oil, Powder, and Self-Igniting Incense ✠ Ancestral Empowerment Oil, Powder, Self-Igniting Incense, and Tincture ✠ Ancestral Channel Oil, Powder, and Self-Igniting Incense ✠ Ancestral HoneyGrief + Ancestral Healing Bath SaltsAncestral Altar by BPAL ✠ The Beloved Dead by BPAL ✠ Hekate Chthonia by BPAL ✠ Seideropts Loose Incense by Phytognosis Includes a complimentary 3D printed Hermanubis statue in black for a grand total of $737
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    Loose Sun in Leo Incense

    , , , , ,
    Jeremy Bechelli, Ph.D., is the proprietor of Phytognosis, ultra fine purveyor of materia magica, incenses, and resins —

    This sun in Leo incense was compounded on Friday, August 9th at 6:00 AM using 36 unique botanical ingredients with the weight of each ingredient in various multiples of 36. The primary solar resins include 6 types of copal, mastic resin, gum juniper, and olibanum. The woods include a solar mix of Red sandars wood, juniper, and sandalwood. Fiery notes originate from Ceylon cinnamon, galangal, ginger, and three exotic species of pepper. 

    Several of the resins were died and polished using extracts of various plants and botanicals that give them a glowing almost jewel like look, reminiscent of the solar rays sparkling off precious gems. This is a luxurious blend containing several rare and unusual ingredients.

    Available for $48
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    Jupiter Incense Coins

    , , , , ,
    Jeremy Bechelli, Ph.D., is the proprietor of Phytognosis, ultra fine purveyor of materia magica, incenses, and resins. For his first collaboration with Sphere + Sundry, Jupiter’s Bounty, he created 16 sets of specially formulated incense coins, handmade during the election window per his location and individually wrapped. Of them, he shares —

    The incense was created from 16 ingredients, one for each of the numbers in the planetary square. Of those 16 ingredients, 4 take precedence in the aromatic formulation, these being the highest quality copal blanco (Bursera jorullense) from Mexico that I have ever seen.

    I hand-picked each resin piece in Mexico for large pieces that contain soft pure white resin. Outstanding aloeswood powder from Indonesia makes up the 2nd of the precious ingredients (Aquilaria hirta), a true expression of the luxury, abundance, and prosperity of Jupiter. Luxurious storax bark from Turkey (Liquidambar orientalis) forms the third exotic ingredient. Hand powdered galls from the mighty oak (Quercus spp.) steeped in a tincture of allspice (Pimenta dioica) rounds out the final of the major aromatics.

    The base of the incense coins are formed using 12 other botanicals including, nutmeg, pinon pine, juniper, and balsam poplar buds, hyssop, and other traditional botanicals aligned with the Jovial current.

    Each coin should be broken into smaller pieces and gently heated, rather than directly burned.

    Use to fuel significant operations or feed talismans designed for material increase, achieving substantial gnosis, or related Jupitarian purpose.

    Only 16 sets were created available, containing 5 coins each for $44
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    Golden Sol in Leo Altar Box Set

    , , , , , ,
    Wooden boxes hand-painted a warm yellow and otherwise unmarked, to serve as a protective storage space or portable altar for Solar offerings of any variety. May be further decorated or inscribed by the client. Along with the box, this set includes all items from the Golden Sol series excluding the Oil Lamps. Talismans are available for each box set as an optional add-on. Note that even though small 2 oz candles are the size that comes with these sets, the large 12 oz candles will also fit within the box's confines, along with everything else upright. Dimensions + Sizing —
    • Our largest box set to date! 9.5” wide, 5.5” tall, 6” deep
    Six such box sets are being offered to the public for $450 each

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