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Given time constraints, Kaitlin cannot offer consultations or custom recommendations based on client’s charts. For guidance, please see this article.

If you get a reading with Austin Coppock, he is happy to make Sphere + Sundry recommendations at the end of your consultation if you’d like!

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    Deneb Algedi Perfume

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    First time collaborator Catamara Rosarium of Rosarium Blends and Viridis Geniii Symposium ritually crafted this alcohol based perfume oils during the Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, 2019. Of it, she shares —

    Rosarium Blend’s Deneb Alghedi perfume was birthed during the potent auspices of the full moon on August 15th, 2019 during the fixed star election window of 12:27 am to 1:14am. The primary blending of this dynamic perfume transpired during the purported strongest duration of the election from 1:00am, crowning the union of this talismanic composite at 1:12am with final consecration and charge to follow.

    This perfume is comprised of neutral Grain Spirits, German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), Catnip (Nepeta Cataria), Sweet Marjoram (Origanum majorana), Galangal Root (Alpina galangal), Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), and Vanilla Absolute (Vanila planifolia) essential oils, and 1 blue chalcedony bead (cleansed and consecrated during this fixed talisman election). The chalcedony beads resided in the mother vessel during the creation of and remained charging for one lunation cycle. Each unit is housed in a ½ oz glass bottle, w/ alembic top and hand stamped wax seal.


The three herbs associated with this fixed star, Catnip, Mugwort, and Sweet Marjoram are the foundational components of this perfume. Considerations were given in selecting additional ingredients that would give an elemental impact and enhance Deneb Alghedi’s magical aim in enhancing protection, fortification of self and home, justice, and prosperity. The scent profile is heavy in top and mid notes, having an ever so slight floral and woodsy composition, layered in heady herbal aromatics, with a sweet vanilla base note to anchor its potency.

    The spirit of Deneb Alghedi became immediately resplendent upon the first contact of the German chamomile and with the combination of these essential oils, igniting them like a blue azure flame. Blue German chamomile; the essential oil selected to give its beautiful majestic azure color aids in its sympathetic magic, giving it its apotropiac protection from the evil eye. As the Chamomile was added, one could feel it growing stronger and more protective as the oil whirled into a vortex of the perfumes genii. German chamomile is also known in German as “alles zutraut,” which translates to “capable of anything,” May this perfume be a powerful force in the protection and fortification of self, home, prosperity and in legal matters.

    Comes in a 1/2 oz glass bottle with wax seal and blue chalcedony bead. $65
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    Deneb Algedi Altar Box Set

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    Antiqued wooden treasure boxes with golden Deneb Algedi glyph on the outer ceiling. This set includes all items from the Deneb Algedi series excluding the Oil Lamps. All fits upright within, save the bath salts  —
    • Water of Deneb Algedi
    • Deneb Algedi Oil
    • Deneb Algedi Candle (2 oz, gold mercury glass)
    • Deneb Algedi Self-Igniting Incense
    • Talismanic Bluing
    • Deneb Algedi Bath Salts
    • Deneb Algedi Powder
    • Deneb Algedi Perfume by Rosarium Blends
    • The Lord of the Sacred Eye by BPAL
    • The Lawgiver by BPAL
    • Regna Pacificae by BPAL
    Six such box sets are being offered to the public for $494 each

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