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Sphere + Sundry’s first official collaboration is with goldsmith Tony Mack, who provides unparalleled service in the world of bespoke talisman casting. Having worked with him directly on private projects for around 7 years, we are thrilled to offer his handiworks to our valued clients. His official bio and website can be found below, in addition to the works that he has masterfully produced on our behalf.

Tony Mack is a professional Jeweler and Metalsmith based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania – creating specialty jewelry items and custom metalwork from his home studio. He received training and certification in Jewelry Fabrication, Gemstone Setting, and the ancient ‘Lost-Wax’ Casting technique in 2008 from Studio Jewelers ltd in Manhattan, New York.

Tony specializes in working with clients on a one-to-one basis, with careful attention and a sensitivity to your specific needs and intention for the piece. You can learn more or procure his wares and services here.

  • $297$360

    Pisces Moon-Neptune Talismans

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    Tony Mack returns for another collaboration, this time for the Moon-Neptune in Pisces series, the election adjusted per his location.

    Lost-wax cast in fine silver. Modeled in carver’s wax after an ancient Greek coin depicting the god Triton, son of Poseidon and messenger of the sea, circa 370BC. Slight modifications were made so we could offer mer-talismans in lad and lady varieties.

    On the reverse side of the image, a circular setting was carved. Within is blue lotus, oyster mushroom, and other herbs sent by Sphere + Sundry, featured throughout the rest of the series for greater cross-sympathy. A mother of pearl cabochon setting was then applied.

    Our smith, on the effects he noted working with the talismans —

    They are like keys or portals to the realm of dreams. I still get the intense dream recollection while in waking state. For me it’s mainly of places I was in past dreams. I just kind of sink into these dimensions. It’s been going on consistently since the talismans were cast.

    I would definitely encourage people to keep a journal or something to write with/on handy when they wear and experiment with these. I’ve recovered and anchored an immense amount of otherwise hidden/unconscious experience, and there’s something very healing about that.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that they are a damn good visualization aid; it’s really easy to conjure up images and sensations, and that’s very useful.

    Available in two forms… of two forms —

    Merlady: 8 necklaces and 9 coins (sold out)
    Merlad: 5 necklaces and 7 coins

    Coins can be put under the mattress or in a pillowcase and are available for $297, necklaces can be similarly stashed or worn around the neck to enhance psychic sensitivity, visionary work, etc. for $360.

    All talismans from this series include a vial of Moon-Neptune oil for regular feeding and consecration, and come in a leatherette box decorated with a Full Pisces Moon ritual symbol. Pendants include a 20” silver chain. You may choose to include a silver and gold polishing cloth.

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    Rod of Asclepius Talismans

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    Goldsmith Tony Mack collaborated with Sphere + Sundry during the equivalent election in his location to create a stunning set of talismanic snake bound Rods of Asclepius. They feature high grade carnelian set over viper’s tongue, frankincense, and sage, cast in silver. It just so happened that he made 13, a number he did not previously know was associated with Ophiuchus. Our goldsmith reported two weeks after the Work was done:

    I’m starting to notice some effects from the staffs on myself. I’ve been getting up way earlier than usual with a lot of energy. Also some inflammation I’ve had for months started to disappear.

    Wear on your person for healing and to help transmute poison into medicine. These are helpful for preserving health and warding away disease, but can also be used by those who have an ongoing health struggle or are taking medications that produce negative side effects. These are wonderful to wear if you work in a healing profession and want to bring the Divine Physician’s blessing into the realm of your client or patient work.

    Each talisman comes with a silver chain in a beautiful box hand decorated by Tony. It includes a bottle of Asclepius anointing oil, recommended times for feeding and empowering your talisman, and a prayer to Asclepius.

    Smaller 4ct carnelian pieces for $429 are sold out. Ornate 24ct carnelian with snake backing, herbs and viper’s tongue inlaid into the bezel for $729 are also sold out.

    If you would like an Asclepius talisman in the future, please make your selection and sign up for the Waitlist below. Getting a sense for demand will allow us to cast another run sooner rather than later.

  • $130$182

    Full Asclepius Series

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    Receive everything in the Asclepius series in small or large form (where there are size variations). Includes:

    • Incense of Asclepius
    • Anointing Oil of Asclepius
    • Bath Salt of Asclepius
    • Ritual Salt of Asclepius
    • Water of Asclepius
    • Complimentary rose of jericho
    • Triple Purification of Asclepius Ritual
    • Prayers and directions for use
    • Optional: Charcoal

    Available as a small set for $130 or large for $182. Asclepius talismans are currently sold out, but you can join the waitlist to be notified upon their triumphant resurrection!

    You may also choose to add organic coconut charcoal to your order. Note that the charcoal must be lit on a burner, as it contains no saltpeter.


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