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Given time constraints, Kaitlin cannot offer consultations or custom recommendations based on client’s charts. For guidance, please see this article.

If you get a reading with Austin Coppock, he is happy to make Sphere + Sundry recommendations at the end of your consultation if you’d like!

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Waters + Sprays


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    Water of Asclepius I

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    [sf_iconbox image="fas fa-magic" character="" color="accent" type="boxed-four" animation="" animation_delay="200"] Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius II ⚕[/sf_iconbox]

    As further detailed in the series description, cypress, sage, and incense cedar were blessed using the words of Thessalos, given to him in dream by Asclepius, and harvested on the Summer Solstice in the hour of Jupiter. These, along with rose of jericho, were combined in a copper still and immersed in water freshly collected from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta. A hydrosol was produced, which was later combined with essential oils of frankincense and rosemary, carnelian, and grain alcohol during the Ras Alhague election, where the water was dedicated to Asclepius and received his blessing.

    One of the beautiful qualities of this formulation is that upon vigorous shaking, it turns white — a color associated with healing and purity in many magical traditions.

    Sphere + Sundry is pleased with all of the offerings we produce, but the Water of Asclepius in particular is truly something special. For a thorough application, shake well and use as a body and aura spray, making sure to focus around the head, but also applying directly to the chest, palms, and feet.

    You will feel instant clarity and refreshment, and it will continue helping clear your field, heart, and mind over the next many hours. Apply before bed to invite healing sleep and potential dream visitations from gods and spirits. Spray in spaces in need of healing, purification, and renewal, especially that carry a negative charge or presence you wish to dispel. Produces emotional, mental, and physical clarity that deepens with continued use. As a regular practice, consider full body applications after showering.

    A new edition of the Asclepius series was released on March 21st. Remaining offerings from Asclepius I are available at a discount while supplies last.

    Available in a half ounce spray for $26 $19 or a two ounce spray for $52 $39.

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    Degree of Exaltation Mars Spray

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    Five pure essential oils of Martial nature, including black pepper, cassia, and ginger, mixed with distilled water and tequila, along with other natural preservatives and emulsifiers. Mixed and sealed while Mars was in his exaltation degree, and left to incubate with the rest of the series. It was moved into individual spray bottles on the day and hour of Mars and includes a small chip from the bloodstone arrowheads used in the candles. Note that this not intended to be used as an everyday spray, or for the primary purpose of scenting a room, linens, etc. It is a highly potentiated and specific formula for intentional or ritual application. It can be sprayed around oneself to establish a productive, motivated, and empowered state, or in a space to set the tone for a working or interaction. It can also be used as an anointing wash to empower Martial objects. A small amount should last for quite some time and provide many applications under circumstances such as these. Keep covered and in a dark place when not in use, shake well before application. Click here for information about the use of these items for remediation of natal configurations or during Mars' retrograde.  $20 for 1/2 oz spray bottle, or $30 for 1 oz

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