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Hermanubis Statue + Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ritual Set

Hermanubis Statue + Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ritual Set


Long have I searched for a genuine statue of Hermanubis, until fortuitously stumbling across Oliver Laric’s extraordinary project Three D Scans, which features copyright free 3D models of museum statues.

One of the pieces in his collection is an exact replica of the Hermanubis statue on display in the Vatican Museum created during the 1st-2nd century AD.

Statues are available in black or white, and stand just under 5″ tall. Every set from the Hermanubis series includes the statue of your choice, free. This set includes only the items necessary for performing the Opening of the Mouth and Eyes ceremony, a ritual performed on the dead Pharaohs, mummies, and statues of ancient Egypt in order that they may speak, breathe, and see — to wake them.

A modified form of this rite is included, along with the oil, natron, 1/2 oz elixir, and incense required to perform it, to open the mouth and eyes of your Hermanubis statue. Being awakened and charged in this manner empowers your statue to act as a vessel for the God’s power, and will significantly increase its potency and abilities. The ingredients of the rite can be adjusted and the same ritual performed in order to enliven other statues.

Due to the time intensive nature of 3D printing, only a few of these can be offered at a time. Join the waitlist if your chosen selection is unavailable, to be notified when they are offered again, likely every week. Larger versions of the sets also include the Mouth Opening ritual, along with additional items from the Hermanubis series, such as the candle and ink of Amenti.



Would you like to include a Hermanubis candle?



Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1.25 × 5 in

Black, White

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  1. Avatar

    Hermanubis is a welcome Ally to my altar and since arrived, He enjoys a central position of importance on said altar. There has been a shift of energy, a sense of fullness. Were He not here, His presence would be noted and felt as a loss. Since He has arrived and working with Him as an Ally, several quite miraculous events have transpired. Those that did occur, I had no hand in it, they came alone.

    Working with Hermanubis, my intention was to open a channel to have discourse with an entity that lives in my vacation house. It is located in a old colonial. beach town, or port, in Mexico.

    Since having Hermanubis and the oil and incense to create a welcome space, I feel like, and not just me but also my employee, has told me as well, that the house has a more calm feeling. Something has shitfted. An agreement has been struck. Hermanubis, I feel, was paramount to helping me create a more tranquil environment in the house and be able to come to an agreement in terms where all has felt recognized and acknowledged for the gifts we each bring to the table.

    The other crazy thing, as if that weren’t crazy enough, is that for some reason, my long lost brother with whom I have not spoken in more than 10 or 15 years, has in cooperation with me, repaired a breach . This reconnect was so graceful, so effortless, so weird in timing, that I can only say, it was not me or my brother, but something”other”, intervened, in our stead, to heal that breach. I thought we would both just live until we died and that would be it. This break occured way before the Trump era, but yes, it was political and idealogical and I thought, permanent. This was a chasm that neither one of our proud souls were going to repair by extending the proverbial olive branch.

    But somehow, the magic spilled into this relationship and without my even knowing that I was missing a part of my heart that is represented by my brother, this piece returned to me. Quite extra-ordinary. I did not ask for this, yet it came.

    As a side note: if my brother talks about Trump, I simply counter him with interdimensional ally assistance or UFO or sacred geometry and ritual work on the Full Moon, and we change the subject. There is a new peace. This is quite extraordinary.

    I am, in truth, very grateful for Hermanubis for opening a channel of communications and acting as mediator, which is exactly what a psychopomp. He has repaired something I didn’t consciously know I was missing or would ever get back.

    In total respect, and warm affiliation, I can only convey my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for Hermanubis. In the short time He has been with me in a working capacity, he has opened my heart to receive a long lost brother, helped me create a more tranquil energy in my home where I invite guests and brought innumerable dreams for me to write down and easily find messages that are meant for me to discover in the most gentle way.

    Hermanubis is my Heart. Quite frankly. He has cracked open my heart and let more love in, in the most gentle way.

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