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Life saver for important deadlines!

I recently found this Mercury in Gemini to be a lifesaver when I had a major work deadline coming up. I was careful with it because I can easily get over-stimulated and distracted in a way that detracts from productivity. I didn't use it when I needed to do some deep thinking and creative work (though it might lend itself well for that!). But it was the perfect energy for final proofreading, checking for errors, etc. It was uplifting and not too scattered, which was my fear. I also love the orange and dual-tone with the gold flakes on top. Highly recommend! I will likely try to buy a second one when my first one burns out, if it's still in stock.

A Carrier Worthy of S+ Materia

I have wanted to put together a travel altar kit for a long time, but was always stymied in my efforts to find the right case. Of course the S+ crew comes along with the perfect solution! I am stunned by the craftsmanship and care that went into this pouch, which is as beautiful as it is functional. Now I'm dreaming about all the goodies I want to shove in there!

Solar remediation! Channeling the Lion's energy

This is a great solar remediation tool for those of us who struggle with being seen / the discomfort of shining. I always associated this with a Leo election even though it's not - I guess it's the solar aspects and lion emblem? Regardless, this is one of my favorite S+s products.

Blind Spots Brought Up - 12H Gemini Review

I've been putting off reviewing this oil because it's been such a ride working with it. To start off, the first set got lost in the mail (something that has never ever happened to me at this location before and you were phenomenal in sending another. Thanks again). In the same time frame, my vehicle started having issues. Those issues didn't resolve until the oil arrived. However, when it did, nothing "changed towards the benefic" - and I was expecting this as Gemini is my 12th house. Instead, while the hurdles with the first issues were resolved, my vehicle continued to have issues/not behave as the mechanic said on my interstate road trip. The people I was traveling with also worked with some of the Gemini road opener oil. We had to use all the resources at our disposal to work through the issues as they arose. We were constantly reminded to center back into laughing about the absurdity and working through anxieties verbally.
However, over the course of that 2-week trip, those same people also manifested as a big part of my "blind spots." I swallowed my voice/objections to keep the peace and trusted people who ultimately were not good for their word (despite best intentions). I learned lessons the hard way about crunching time and not realizing my other options because I'm so tunnel focused on doing it the one way I envisioned. This road trip ended with me being pulled over in a small town 2 hours from my home for going 35 in 25. It was just after sundown in Montana spring and I was only in a t-shirt and pj shorts. I'd had 4 nonconsecutive hours of sleep over the past 2 days. I failed their acrobatics/drunk walk check with a cop who was convinced I was currently "intoxicated" by weed. He arrested me for DUI. I refused to give blood and so it was an automatic 6-month license suspension. I pled not guilty as I didn't do it. As a medical cannabis user of almost ten years, dealing with something like this has been one of my biggest fears. However, despite the DUI, the cards are stacked on my side (from citing the wrong code to huge clerical fuck ups). The situation has shown me just how incorrect some of my self-narratives are around "having to do it on my own" and "assuming people who care about us don't want to help."
That ramble is all to say, working with this set has illuminated my 12h hardcore. It's been one of the scariest times of my life. However, the medicine of fear and hardship I truly feel is the bitter work that eventually gets you to your goals. These three oils are so potent to me and I'm looking forward to continuing to build relationships with them over the next years.

The Door-Key Subset
Melinda Lim
Your way out of waitlist purgatory!

Invest in The Door Key Subset to get you off of a waitlist!

The Door Key Oil helped me gain a spot in a program that has a waitlist of almost 100 people! On a Wednesday during Mercury’s hour I prayed that the door would open to this program, knowing that the waitlist was around 100 people and I was somewhere in the middle of the list.

Two days later through the powers of Mercury I actually met the person who runs the program and they told me a spot had just opened up that day and I would be able to start the next week! They knew I had been super enthusiastic about the program and offered me the open spot right then and there! Because spots rarely open up in the program, it could have been months (maybe even years!) before I got a chance to enroll, but the Door Key Oil blasted open that door and I’m so grateful to Mercury and the S+S team that this opportunity has fully opened up to me!

First tincture...

I've been weary of tinctures, but my need to get out of my own way and out of the shadow of self-doubt became overwhelming. It was starting to become increasingly difficult to miss opportunities because I am afraid of shining. Over the months that I have used it on a daily (and at times, weekly) basis, it has helped me get to a place of greater confidence. My posture quite literally improves when I use it. I have also met with powerful figures with great ease, and have received accolades and opportunities that I am grateful for. I just want to feel like being myself is okay and trust. I feel that this tincture is helping me get there. Thank you.


If you are looking for a pain reliever, look no further. I find the Cloud Kingdom body butter exceptionally effective for physical and mental problems. It soothes both the body and the mind. Like an ethereal doctor made a visit. You don't quite know what he did, but the pain is just gone and you feel uplifted.

Opens doors

Wonderful, positive, lightness of being oil that makes work feel like play. Definitely "opens doors" to opportunities. There might be a feeling of minor "hangover" afterwards because of busyness - you can layer with Asclepius or DA to prevent or heal that.

Much more invigorating than sol in leo- makes me feel very hot, but I love using for solar devotions.

I miss this oil so much and wish it would come back! It was so comforting and healing

Wonderful tincture for use in conjunction with therapy

I love using this in an oil when I want to go down and in. And really feel. Paired with Luna is very powerful

Extremely invigorating, full of vitality. Can lead to overheating!

I adore the confidence BPAL. It makes me feel so strong

I use this for Regulus devotions or public appearances

This tincture feels subtle to me. Slightly warming, grounding.

Focus in a bottle. I can actually go overboard on this and feel very tired the next day. It helps to balance out with another series

I love the shimmer to this ink- this is my first S+S ink. I love writing sigils on my body before exercising

I use this during monthly lunar conjunctions with Antares- it creates a dark, quiet, powerful ritual space.

This subset feels the gentlest of all of Antares- but very powerful. It helps me to sustain my workouts and I synchronistically, I found a sex toy outside on the sidewalk during my run.

I use during Venusian devotions and love the smell

Feels subtle to me but very relaxing. Whenever I use this at work, I get assigned very easy assignments where I mostly get to relax during my shift.

I bought this for my partner who uses it to relax and he loves it.

This helps to make anything more pleasurable, including work.

I use this candle during Venus hour to honor various goddesses and connect with venusian energy

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