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Client Field Reports + Experiences Since 2018

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The softwere developers tool box

The worst part of my day is usually when I get an unexpected "ya got a sec", followed the ringing of a teams call. I say a quick preyer and dab on the froggy and it works every time in avoiding blind sided conversation I wasn't expecting. In code when something breaks you can sometimes luck out and find an easy fix, door opening is great for this. The gem anointing oil is a great pick me up socializeing after a long work day.

my favorite kolonia! I wear this almost everyday, its part of my everyday selfcare routine <3 I'm almost finishing my first bottle and Im ordering another one right away!

Fantastic item!

I *love* my Asclepius travel case. Fantastic for traveling with some of your material and the ophidian detailing on this case is bar none. Great job!

Asclepius Talismans
Derek O'Neill

I received this talisman, and other related materia, the same week I received terminal news regarding my life long best-buddy kitty. She was given weeks to months to live but only lasted less than a week. I made the remainder of her time as comfortable as possible while burning incense, energy clearings, and letting the talisman rest on her failing body. I found comfort in the materia in a time where I needed help the most and I believe she did too.

This Kolonia is wonderful. Cold, crisp, and clarifying. Great for bringing attunement to attention prior to meditative works. Looking forward to exploring more with this materia and impressed with the initial impression.

Crispy, cold, mental palette refresher. I've used this to clear the space for meditations and provide Saturnian comfort/safety/boundaries while engaging with 'the work'. As always, the hydrosol's are incredible and this one knocks it out of the park.

A fantastic series and happy to have scored my first large box from S&S. I've used this series on a daily to weekly basis since launch and will recommend it (or decant it) to family and friends.

Jupterian goodness!

I'll throw a spoonful into a bath before any Jupiterian workings or if I need to hedge my bets on a more successful and bountiful day. Love this mix!

I love this blend of incense. I've used it successfully for meditation, sigil petitions, and general jupiterian workings towards scholarly endeavours.

A fantastic smelling and workable material conducive to stress relief and meditation. I love to use it on my hands to seek Jupterian relief and rub on my temples for meditation. Love this material.

This is one of my favourite pieces of talismanic materia from S&S. Butter Ocean provides the warmth, stability, and regulation. Not draining but not overly energizing - a harmonious blend of buttery goodness.

Mars-Jupiter Tincture
Derek O'Neill
Mental sharpness and acuity.

Using a drop of this tincture on the tongue on days when I wake up feeling mentally sluggish and need a boost (without the full body power up of the Kolonia). Sharpen your mind (and tongue) and best paired with a bit of Jupiter material to cool the edge.

Mars-Jupiter Kolonía
Derek O'Neill
Directed energy.

Love using this Kolonia for priming the body for physical activity (or quickening the mind). I have strong martial placements so I pair this with other Jupiter materia. Prior to sustained exercise (long distance hiking, competitive sports, weight lifting) this series shines it's true colours!

Mars-Jupiter Water
Derek O'Neill
Double espresso in a mister!

This materia is some of my favourite go to in the morning, or throughout the day, when I need that martial boost of energy towards my goals. The water instantly gives the boost of energy that kicks my body in gear for engaging in high intensity sports or competition. One of my favourite go-to's! Typically I pair it with Jupiter empyreal vantage materia to cool it off a bit for me (as an Aries rising and moon).

Energy burst in a vial.

This materia is some of my favourite go to in the morning, or throughout the day, when I need that martial boost of energy towards my goals. Aside from the hydrosol that's like have a double shot of espresso, the oil is fantastic for energetically priming the body for the days task. Feels lighter and friendlier than Antares.

A peaceful cloud of Luna.

I've used this incense in conjunction with the associated talisman for recovery and incubation after long stints of physical work and play. Promotes stress release, good sleep, and over all zen. Looking forward to matching it with more materia 🙂

Exalted Luna Talismans
Derek O'Neill
Wrapped in a Luna's blanket

I've used this talisman for recovery and incubation after long stints of physical work and play. The last time I slept with it under my pillow, my partner in the same bed kept remarking on just how restful the sleep was but couldn't put her finger on why. Passed the blind test to me!

Really Good Day

I keep forgetting that I have this oil in my arsenal, which is a shame since it's such a valuable asset! I'm so glad that I thought to use it today, though, since I had to get up early to bring my car in to a new mechanic to get some issues addressed that the dealership was possibly over-exaggerating (and certainly overcharging me to fix). I hadn't slept well and was not looking forward to any of this, but it had to be done!
***Enter: Azure Dragon***
After prepping with the Antares Kolonia, I applied some of the AD oil before setting out. First I encountered surprisingly smooth traffic conditions. Then when I arrived, I found an easy parking spot right next to the main office (in the otherwise crowded lot). Then when I walked in, I saw others were seated and waiting already in the stifling hot space, making me fear that it might take awhile before my turn. But then the mechanic walked in and was ready to speak to me straight away! -- Fast forward to me having been able to articulate my concerns unusually well (being very much not well-versed in car talk), and learning that two separate issues I thought I'd need addressed were actually the same issue and would require an easy, single fix for a very reasonable cost. The third issue, meanwhile, was identified as a non-issue after all, which was a huge relief since I'd been quoted around $2k in repairs if it came to that! Also the mechanic installed some wire mesh to prevent rodents from accessing part of my car they'd been nesting in at no additional cost! GAME CHANGER.
I actually had to drive out to the place three times in one day, which would ordinarily be a draining hassle, but it all went super efficiently and I managed to run some extra errands along the way! At the end I chanced on a new drive-thru car wash that had just opened and decided to check it out, only to get another fantastic deal. Then I took advantage of their self-service vacuum and window-cleaning stations and went into cleaning overdrive in 90 degree heat, which probably wasn't a great idea but I had so much STAMINA to spare so I really went for it.
Afterwards I was totally exhausted so the warnings about burnout are quite apt, but it was kinda worth it i.m.o. -- definitely something to watch out for, though. All in all, I felt like I was sailing on a benefic breeze of high energy and good fortune today -- but now I'm so tired that this review has spiraled out into something way too long, so I'm gonna go get the good night's rest that I feel is coming to me 😉

I love the confidence boost! I wear it for public appareances and I never go unnoticed, it makes people come to me and give me compliments <3

Got this oil when I was in a Mercury year ruling my 9H and 12H, I spent half of the year traveling overseas!! also the best aid whenever I have to write something and I feel stuck

Totally in love. It feels so good as a libra rising, a soft touch of pampering. Every time I wear to go out I end up engaging with lovely Pisces placement people

a bottle of sunshine and optimism

I adore this Jup Juice! it gives me a booster shot of optimism, as it transforms my surroundings into a haven of positivity and hope. The refreshing mist seems to whisk away any lingering negativity, replacing it with a revitalizing burst of energy that uplifts my spirits instantly. Im obsessed with the way it smells!! With each spritz, the fragrance dances in the air, carrying with it a sense of boundless possibilities and a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Im obsessed with this salve, all my aches and pains removed at the spot! My go to when I get cramps

My favorite limpia bath!! Whenever I feel weighed down by the stresses of life or the lingering negativity of challenging moments, this is my sanctuary. It's not just about washing away the physical grime; it's about purifying my energy, resetting my spirit, and restoring a sense of clarity. Using these salts it's a sacred practice of self-care and self-awareness. It's about acknowledging the importance of energetic hygiene and taking proactive steps to maintain my well-being. Love love Asclepius <3

A highlight of a series I wish I'd had years ago

Deneb Algedi II is just wonderful and I've had great experiences with every form I've worked with. I'd actually happily recommend anything I've used as a starting point (ritual salt, steep & smoke), but I saw a really great argument on the client forum for starting with cleansing forms of any series, and DA feels especially aligned with that. A fancier version of hand sanitizer kind of feels like a good metaphor for DA's whole deal, and this stuff is pretty much exactly spiritual hand sanitizer. I keep a small decant in my purse and it's such a nice energy to have at the ready: good for showing up, maintaining boundaries, Doing the Right Thing, getting some of the world's absolutely plentiful literal and figurative gunk off yourself when necessary. Can't go wrong with DA in general as far as I'm concerned, but this feels especially worthy of its hype.

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