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Client Field Reports + Experiences Since 2018

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This Kolonía makes me feel bubbly and playful, but in a more muted way. This Kolonía doesn’t have a super strong effect on me, but feels like it plays in the background

A helpful boost!

I like to sprinkle these in the area where I'm going to draw tarot cards. And, a tip I got from other testimonials is to sprinkle some, or "season," a candle before burning. I do all this to prep the space for a tarot pull. I will also sprinkle some in my slippers or shoes. The other day I got the idea to anoint a salt lamp we use as a night light in the hallway next to the bedroom door. As soon as I did so, my eye alit upon a lost earring that I'd given up looking for. It had bounced all the way from the bed to under the lamp.

Inner Coach Oil

This is my go-to oil for encouragement and support. It's scent is uplifting and calming at the same time. It's like a vision board and an inner coach, helping me to fill out the details of my dreams and chart the course. Equanimity and creativity combined.

Sunshine Soap

I'm so glad that I got this soap! The smell is uplifting and citrus-y. It's such a pleasure to lather as the suds are silky soft and moisturizing. I end up feeling squeaky clean and ready to face the day. It's definitely uplifting and energizing. I'm amazed at how a little goes a long way! It's a lovely, practical self-care support that I feel lucky to have available.

Gentle Healing Help

From the crisp, clean smell to the gentle supportive energy, this spell soap is a much appreciated self-care companion. It lathers well and lasts long. It's great for end-of-day use to unwind, let go, release.

Fun in a Tin

There's a palpable zingy feeling I get when using this materia. It's cheerful, bubbly and activating. I like how it's an all-purpose Mercury friend that helps to do a multitude of things from opening the way to creating ease and flow in places of blockage. I use it to soften Virgo anxiety and over-thinking as I find it helps me to embrace Mercury in many forms. Helps with diplomacy, strategic thinking and lightening up. It brings out joyful, playful expression which is a healing balm, for sure.

Relaxation and Relief

This is by far one of my favourite S+S purchases. The salve melts so nicely and spreads easily over the skin. The relaxation is immediate and long-lasting. It works well for both daytime and nighttime use and the smell is gender neutral. Anxiety is calmed by a buffer of gentle but strong protection. I highly recommend!

Smells Divine!

Light, crisp and refreshing is how I feel after misting this water. Truly a pleasure. Makes me feel clean n prepped to apply other materia afterwards

I feel renewed!

I recently did an energetic cleansing/ritual bathing following S+S protocol using the Asclepius Bath Salts and incense. I felt renewed and I had such a good night’s sleep (and i’ve been having insomnia the past couple of weeks)

This one packs a punch. It is, as mentioned in the writeup, weird. I felt slightly off-kilter and 2 degrees off set from the world for the time I had it burning. It's magnetic and transfixing - absolutely glorious and stunning to behold. As with the other Luna materia, I feel like I could stare at it for hours.

I used it to open up a conversation between my husband and I -- we ended up going deeper into old childhood patterns than we have before. The impact of the candle was immediate and visceral (I ended up throwing up after working with it) but the results were also wide-ranging and lasting. The stone that was dropped in the waters of old childhood memories had huge ripples that are still arriving on shore weeks later, transforming my internal relationship to how I recall and hold childhood experiences and the ongoing relationships they created.

I often find with other forms of materia (oils, tinctures, etc) that the best effects are created by sustained and regular use, but this candle felt more like a single catalyst that is still resonating weeks later. I have more to burn but I think I will wait a while... one of the most powerful forms of S+ materia I have ever encountered. The candles are popular for a reason!

New staple

I am about to place my second order for these! They've been awesome for myself and my husband to stay supported regulated through a month of physical and emotional intensity. I'm taking one every morning and they are almost as good as a cup of coffee -- I feel energized, stabilized, and replenished throughout the day, especially with regular use. I am planning to add them to a regular supplement rotation!

A Salve I wear most out of my S+S products. Heart Opening, Confidence Lifting and always feeling like I am at my best when i wear it. I adore this and the Regulus range. Thank you Kaitlin.

After reading the write up and the recommendation about applying to your feet. I now do this after every S+S salt bath and wow ! It feels like a subtle foot massage while I fall a sleep. Always followed by a restful sleep. Really happy there is more in stock as i am running low.

Wonderful Salts. I always end up spending way longer in the bath when I bath in them. Feeling so much at peace when bathing in them, I don't want to be anywhere else. Perfect for before bed or in the morning before you start you day. These Salts put you in such a great mood.

The Eye

An earthy smell and a feeling of utter protection and strength. My favourite of all the Bpals.

Possibly the most relaxing bath salts I have ever used. Pure bliss.


If I could only have one body butter, this would be it! Nothing is as purifying, brightening, and soothing as all of the Asclepius materia from S+S. Being able to use this everyday to moisturize and heal my skin is so wonderful, and it’s perfect for use on my hands. I feel like it helps with general feelings of well-being, while providing a potent boost to any divination and magical practices, too.

The Door-Key Subset
Esther Sanchez

The Door-Key Subset

Oil of Mother Algol
Lyric Davis
No disrespect

I love how it smells, first off. I’m not sure I get a body guard impression from this, it really is more subtle. I have a multitude of uses for this oil, it’s influence is so multifaceted.

Blood of the Gorgon
Lyric Davis
Such a lifesaver

To me, this substance is very directed towards the poison being the cure. I have such a true love for the malefics; and this spray feels like my personal encounters with Algol. Her in a bottle.

Beautiful Design, Extremely Practical

I had considered getting the case in black, but the snake design really stood out, and since one of the uses for Asclepius materia is to cleanse/keep a clean slate, it seemed thematically appropriate to get an Asclepius case for any materia I needed to travel with. I just brought it on a beach vacation, and it was perfect: I took four travel-sized waters plus a BPAL perfume in one compartment (the perfume bottle fits as snugly as the 1/2-oz water bottles do), and my 2-oz Exalted Venus II water in the other compartment (it fit diagonally). Definitely a travel game-changer!

It's Good Stuff

I use this almost everyday, on my body, with no harsh side effects, as I’m already sensitive to the moons transits. My favorite moon to wear this on is Taurus. This oil feels like a dim light in your insides. It easily achieves feu follete when I pair it with very witchy, Algol oil. <3

Such a delight

This incense is exactly the Mercurial ally I’d been waiting for! Perfect for regular offerings/devotion and it layers well with *everything*. I’m a very mercurial person and can be a bit scattered, and this series makes that bouncing to and fro between tasks and topics feel easy and fun rather than chaotic and aimless. 10/10!!

Focus in a Bottle

I first applied the Mercury in Gemini oil on a Wednesday during Mercury's Planetary hour. Not only did I find myself more focused in my thought, more concise in my words and less absent minded, but I felt as though the entirety of my perceptive powers had sharpened as though altered by a stimulant, though with less of the drawbacks. I have been using this oil for weekly attunements for magickal and mundane workings with great efficacy. A+

Froggy Subset
Tay Nicholas
Charming af

As a natal Mercury in Gemini this subset really turns up the charm and facilitates that clever and connected flow state that is soo satisfying! Great for recording a podcast, live streaming, any customer facing job, an interview, etc. Pairs really well with Venus and Regulus!

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