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Mantle of Concealing Night

As a native Mars in Cancer, this fragrant potion does not cause any undue Lunar Cancer side effects for me. Beautifully crafted perfume and is both grounding and boundary pushing.

Great Burn

This is a great, potent, directed, but Jupiter-softened incense. I have 4+ S+S incenses and it’s marked how well this one lights (they all light well but it does seem appropriate that this one lights *so* well.


Great scent, good for spraying for boundary protection.

Lovely luna

The first time I used this oil, just a drop or two, I was so spacey and literally forgot everything I was supposed to do and bring with me! This is unusual for me, but I have a twelfth house moon so seems to track. This hasn’t happened since the first couple of times but good to be aware of. This is oil feels so supportive and embodied, like my body just has what it needs. I often layer it with fomalhaut or butter ocean which feels really supported and embodied with access to spirit and imagination.


Love this - removes mental sluggishness and brightens my mood, particulary when sprayed with intention and prayer.


I applied this for the first time late at night when going to the casino, just to see what would happen. I didn't win any money, but the bar gave me a 32oz beer for the price of a little one, so that seemed like a fun win. But the very next day, my most lucrative work client contacted me after many months, paid his balance owed (finally!), and began working with me again. Also that same day, the bank accidentally deposited $750 into my account. I had it returned to the rightful account holder, but what an indication of this perfume's power, and so immediate! Looking forward to seeing what will result from long-term work with this perfume.

Perfect guide for travel

I used this a lot on a long and open-ended trip, in order to find direction and inspiration as I drove without clear destinations in mind. Once my companion and I experienced a stunning show of Northern Lights. If we'd been even a few minutes earlier or later we'd have missed it. Once I used it when asking for a sign to help me decide where to go next, and I got the most overt and obvious sign (literally an instagram post announcing my attendance at an event, posted around the time I applied the oil, but not seen until a few hours later). Also that day I happened to be present for the baby puffin release in Vestmannaeyjar, which apparently is not a common event :,) This oil has so many great applications and it's one of the ones that I treasure most.

Siren energy

I work as a dancer in a club. Surprisingly, this water has elevated my earnings, performance, and overall experience at work more than the S+S products I had intended to use specifically for this purpose. (For example, EVII left me feeling a bit too open and boundary-less, and seemed to invite a similar lack of boundaries from customers.) When I use Fomalhaut, I feel I am embodying siren energy. I attract more customers to me, and when I approach I am able to close sales with greater naturalness and ease. Shifts slip by quickly and I float through them, relaxed and centered. It provides a magnetic aura. I do find that it's useful to layer with something else for my particular type of work -- ex. Door-Key oil -- to bring a kind of focus and sharpness to my communications. I actually bought this water and other Fom materia for my artistic and spiritual practice, and it has been useful for these too, but I wanted to write this review to share this more unexpected application.

Wise motivation

I'm really liking this powder, smells divine and has cinnamon I think, the scent is delicious. Inspires me to take action in thoughtful and productive ways. Mars tempered with Jupiter, a beautiful, smooth, considered and rewarding burst of energy and enthusiasm. Looking back, in the time since I received this, I feel I've tackled a lot of projects seemingly much more easily and painlessly with fewer road blocks

A potent medicine for internal and external reorganizing and clearing

I bought this hoping it would have the focus-related effects of caffeine or a study drug, but after my first encounter I found it to be a beautifully healing medicine. I got a lot of work done, but it wasn't the work I'd intended to do (cleaning and reorganizing the house). Instead I was compelled to work at some esoteric study I hadn't been able to prioritize. I think my intent of 'cleaning and reorganizing' held - it was a reorganizing and clearing/clarifying of my mind and priorities. My relationships were also brought into focus in a way that was so beautiful and joyful that it brought me to tears (Venus was conjuncting my natal Mercury that day, or vice versa). Eventually, in the next days or weeks, I did get my house clean, although not that day. I believe the tincture pulls my focus to what truly is most pressing for me to complete. Some experiences with it have been more expected - 9 hour tax marathon, for example - but each time it feels like the real work is in the internal realm. So grateful for this tincture!

Son of Apollo Spell Soap
Ariana Gronlund

I know that is super mundane and this is a glorious magical masterpiece! Still, I use this soap most often for my laundry. I just hold the soap under the running water for a minute before I close the washer lid (I still add regular laundry soap too). Magically clean and sunny clothes are the result and I am soooo grateful!

Water of Asclepius
Ariana Gronlund
Ease in a bottle… the opposite of Dis-ease

I use this water frequently when I or my daughter are feeling “the yuckies” and its effect is nearly instant and obvious in helping to clear up our energies. The moment this water is on us we feel ease - and studying language is super useful for learning the root of problems - ease / dis-ease are an obvious pair. Nearly always follow this with the oil as well, this is just so fast acting that we love it!

Oil of Mother Algol
Ariana Gronlund
Protection in a bottle

I ordered this after eclipses in my 12th house revealed to me that people I had trusted saw me as their enemy and were spreading lies about me, which brought up a lot of pain for me. Their revealing themselves also made me aware of the dangers they presented to me and my daughter, so I called on Mother Algol and Kaali to protect us using this oil. The asteroid Kaali is conjunct my natal moon if that means anything to you, which is why I choose her to help channel Algols power safely. Just holding the bottle of this oil frankly brings a sigh of relief to both of us and I am grateful.


My favorite kolonia, it's a lovely fresh scent and is great for clearing mental fog and helping with focus. I put a few drops in a bowl of water in the room to cleanse the air too.

Brightening and uplifting

This has a little bit of a bitter taste, however it's nice sweetened with honey. I feel it cheers my mood a lot - also it's great as a floor wash to clear negative energy.

Beautiful and powerful

Enhances any work you are doing, planetary or celestial. You don't need to light it for long too. Out of all the candles I have this is the one I reach for the most.

Unparalleled for sleep

This body butter has become part of my bedtime routine, thanks to the advice of a friend. It calms and refreshes my mind and helps provide the relaxation I really need to sleep like nothing else I’ve tried. I combine it with the Divine Physician bb if I’m achy or uncomfortable and DA bb if I’m feeling anxious or vulnerable. Highly, highly recommend.


Be prepared-using Son of Apollo powder has been a very healing experience. It can bring up deep down reasons for some physical problems. Personally, I experienced an increase of a particular symptom and then had a very intense emotional cleansing down to the point of old childhood stuff coming up that surrounded said injury. I will say it was heavy-but it healed very quickly-and the emotional stuff has not resurrected since(THAT is a first)-and the physical has been far less than it ever was. I knew it was gonna be some good stuff-but I am blown away at how it worked so fast and so well. Highly recommended.


I lovingly unwrapped the body butter and placed it on my altar. The first time I wore it I felt an immediate sense of "I deserve" down to the tip of my toes. It wasn't entitled or self-righteous, rather grounded in integral knowing that the gifts I have in knowledge are worthy of being offered and sought. I noticed I felt much more social and bright and people responded with warmth. I have only used it a few times so far. I wear it when I need a pep in my step and some inner encouragement.

Magical Beauty

I love this oil so much. I use it on my skin and hair on a regular basis. I add drops to my bath. I also use it to empower candles and incense. The beauty within begins to radiate outwardly as soon as the oil is energized. I’ll never be without this!

Such joy!

I’m a ververy Gemini person and using the main series oil has led to me freely and joyfully laughing, singing and crying, often all at once. In a good way for sure, in case you are wondering. Goodness I feel so good wearing this!

Jup-Juice II (III?)
Ariana Gronlund
Yummy Smell

I love the smell of this spray, it always enlivens me and I really enjoy the cinnamon scent.

Venus-Fomalhaut Subset
Ariana Gronlund
Eye Contact

Eye contact is for sure a thing with this material and in a very good way. I have used this with *adult*pleasure* purposes in mind and it was very obvious in supporting a strong emotional connection, particularly with eye contact. I have also used it in more regular situations and found I am easily able to make and maintain eye contact comfortably, and additionally that the effects are lingering. Even when it has been a week since I applied any of this oil I am still much more confident and comfortable meeting a gaze, even if it’s just someone I am chatting to in the queue at the store. I am grateful for this magical material!

Cloud Kingdom Subset
Ariana Gronlund
Spell Soap

I have found this soap to be very helpful in calming myself down and clearing up my energy, particularly anger, frustration and resentment. I have Jupiter in Capricorn if that means anything to you, so I go slow with dignified Jupiter materials to assess if it is being truly supportive to me. This is for sure a useful tool for me and I am grateful for it.

Relaxation Aid

I have this mostly for my daughter who is 9 and has tons of energy to help her calm herself down at bedtime, a job it does very well. If it means anything to you she has an exalted Mars and a grand trine in fire, she’ll go forever! She enjoys both the scent and the sensation that Jupiter brings her and I am grateful to have such a good calm down tool to help her relax and sleep well!

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