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Client Field Reports + Experiences Since 2018

Based on 7435 reviews
Pretty sweet 🙂

The compliments really rolled in the day I first applied this stuff. I’ve noticed myself trying on more stripped down looks and feeling so comfortable and pretty in them. Also improved relations with Pisces people. Smells great !


Pompilus is big support for work collaboration. If you are looking to be a person who can draw a team of experts at work together to solve problems that have been ignored for decades and you have nothing to offer in return--no bonus, no swag, no extra vacation--wear Pompilus. So many willing and happy helpers. You cannot imagine

Comforting & uplifting

I brought this with me to a funeral for a relative who had lived a long life and while everyone was sad at the loss, they were also able to remember the good stuff and funny stuff. I had brought this with and offered some to everyone.

Spritz of relaxation

I tend to get anxious or stressed and just a spray of this seems to drop my shoulders and result in a deep inhale/exhale. I love the smell. I believe there’s lavender in it as that’s the predominant smell though it’s mixed in with a few others that meld together nicely.

Comforting & calming

I was lucky to get one on the secondary market and it is just as expected based on my experience with the tincture. It’s heart soothing, heart calming, and heart restoring. After experiencing grief, this has been my go-to on my path for emotional healing.

Solar Medicine

As other reviews have mentioned, the taste of the steep is VERY bitter. (I don’t smoke, so I don’t use it that way.) However, I have a fairly high tolerance for bitter tastes and do like it with honey. I tend to drink it on Sundays (while wearing the body butter) to chill with my husband, whose natal sun is conjunct Regulus, and it creates a lovely, cozy atmosphere untouched by anxiety or the feeling that I should be achieving more. The self-confidence built up by this series appears to be sticking, and I have noticed more work opportunities coming my way as well. I do plan on using it as a steep for floor washes and other cleansing/anointing purposes as well.

All-Purpose Glow

As with the items in the rest of the series, the ink burns away anxiety and gives me a lovely glowy, confident vibe. This ink is especially nice for mundane public/social settings because of the low contrast with skin: I sometimes draw the Regulus seal on my arm before work, but it’s not dark enough for people to notice and ask me about it. Like the other inks, it does stay on the skin until explicitly washed off, which is nice.

Lost and found

This is my first materia purchase related to fomalhaut of any kind. I didn't realize that fomalhaut was related to finding lost treasures. It took me a few months to make the connection that I found a rose quartz piece that got detached from my ring a couple of years ago. Around the time I first received the venus-fomalhaut oil I found the rose quartz piece while changing bags for school. I remember checking my bag thoroughly when I first misplaced it. And yet with fomalhaut's influence, I found something that I had long forgotten and didn't think I would find.

Looking forward to continuing to work more with venus- fomalhaut as I also have a connection with them through my star paran in my natal chart.

Exalted Lunar Support

The water ofanyseries is what start with thus water of Exalted Lunar where I begin my anointing…. I feel support in a way that connects me strongly to spirirt as I wash this over my body… it feels good

Best Of Bath Salts

These work wonderfully well! My Scorpio Sun wife absolutely adores them!!!!

Cozy and Bright

The whole Regulus series is so cozy for me, especially this body butter. I’ve been wearing it on Sundays while spending time with my husband (whose sun is conjunct Regulus), and it just leads to fun, cuddly mornings. I think part of the cuddliness comes from the materia burning away anxiety and self-consciousness; I definitely feel grounded wearing this. The Jupiter placement in the election is palpable, but not so much that it makes you want to melt into a puddle like Butter Ocean does.


So nice and relaxing- great smelling and has a grounding energy!

Uplifting and energizing

I purchased this a while back but have been so smitten with the oils that I kind of forgot I had it. I just started using it on Wednesdays and I sense a noticeable lift in my mood and extra positive energy. Plus it has a joyful lemony smell to it. My whole aura feels rejuvenated when I use this.

Horn of Rose

I have been using this one at night in conjunction with EL oil and even though I’m not a rose person, I find the smell pleasing and it puts me at ease and ready for sleep. Sometimes I fall asleep so quickly after using it that I don’t get a chance to take my magnesium.

Creates a calm space

I love all the incenses from S+S as they all have distinct smells but are not overpowering or too much. When I use this incense, I can feel a palpable peaceful energy shift in my space. Really lovely!

Quick spritz of calm

This spray feels almost instantly calming. I feel my shoulders drop and I let out a sigh upon using it. It’s definitely my go-to when I’m feeling wound up or stressed.

Softness and soothing

This oil feels like a soft blanket has been lightly draped over me. Its impact isn’t very distinctive as its effect is more subtle and definitely very wearable. And I love the smell.

Little goes a long way

I started working with the oil from this series first of all, but I have have incorporated the powder now into my nighttime ritual and the level of Deep Sleep and comfort it provides is unparalleled. I sprinkle a small amount into my hands and run it through my hair just before bed. It seems to really help to immediately bring on a wave of grounded relaxation. I have only used both powder and oil together, so can’t comment yet on the powder on its own. But it’s a great addition to my sleep rituals.

Exalted Luna BPALs
Loren Fleckenstein
Horn of Lily

It amazes me that when I read the description of the ingredients, the BPAL smells nothing like what I expect. My first impressions were crisp, clean, green and airy. Imagine yourself in an alpine meadow, far above the cares of the rest of the world. Just chilling out in your own little slice of paradise. The scent is so calming and peaceful and really does help with serenity of the mind.

Asclepius Kolonía
Loren Fleckenstein
Asclepius Kolonia

If there is only one product from S+S that you can choose, make it this one. This is THE most versatile product, both in form and series. Asclepius is so healing and cleansing and in the kolonia form feels so very potent. I've no other way to describe it other than wiping my spiritual slate clean. It has a lovely medicinal smell. More frequent use of this has been very beneficial for me and I would recommend this to everyone!

Salve of Exalted Mercury
Loren Fleckenstein
Exalted Mercury Salve

This is my first product from this series and I will compare it to the Mercury in Gemini series that I have already used. I definitely feel the energizing effects when used but in a less scattered way compared to the MiG series. I really do love that series but it may not be the best when I need to buckle down and accomplish things. Exalted Mercury seems to be the sweet spot. It's definitely a more focused energy and not as "giggly" as MiG. I've applied the salve to my feet and ankles at the beginning of the day when I need to get shit done and it certainly does the job. The salve feels smooth and not too greasy with a very mild scent.

Exalted Luna Salve
Loren Fleckenstein
Exalted Luna Salve

I absolutely love this salve! The smell is incredible, very similar to the anointing oil. Very relaxing and calming. I find that I tend to use it at night more because it does seem to enhance a relaxed mood but I wouldn't say that it makes me sleepy per se. I've taken the advice to use before and after a long day on my feet and it really does seem to prevent excess fatigue/sore muscles. I've been called to use this far more often than I expected to be and have already used quite a bit out of my small sized tin. Exalted Luna seems to be a series that calls for the larger sizes, lol.

Exalted Luna Anointing Oil
Loren Fleckenstein
Exalted Luna Oil

This is hands down my absolute favorite of any S+S product right now. The smell of this is absolutely divine! Most of my anointing oils will last me forever because a little goes a long way but I am almost completely through a 10ml vial! I just can't get enough. This is the first series that I have ever felt called to use so liberally, lol. The one word that immediately comes to mind to describe this series(and particularly the anointing oil) is MORE. I find it kind of funny that in Kaitlin's write-up she uses the word less. This series calls me to indulge -more rest and relaxation, more food, more pleasure. It has helped me to focus on my relationships with my children and husband, feeding into my desire to create a strong, healthy family. I had gone through a period where housekeeping was not my top priority and using this series has helped me want to devote more time and energy into making my house feel more like my home and sanctuary. I feel like using this series, especially the anointing oil, has brought some really wonderful changes to my life and I could not be more grateful!

My #1 favorite BPAL of ALL TIME!

I was fortunate enough to receive this BPAL through the wonderful secondary market within S+S private client community.

And I am ever so grateful! I am always on goddess time when I wear it. People, some literal strangers, always surprise me with their generosity and kindness. I live in a friendly universe when I have it dabbed on.

People are so much nicer when I am wearing this

Its magic. I don't need to do anything to charm them or explain myself. Its like they *know my heart* when I have it on

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