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Oil of Regulus III

Oil of Regulus III


Classical Agrippan associations for the famed Cœur Leonis: mugwort, celandine, mastic, and garnet, were fumigated alongside additional herbs and ingredients to further empower the Royal Star’s influence.

24k gold, saffron, frankincense, bee pollen, dandelion root, chrysanthemum, calendula, eyebright, red ginseng, goldenseal, orange peel, turmeric, wormwood, and St. John’s wort, helichrysum, and amber, married to 100% organic golden jojoba oil (truly a liquid wax) following prayers and propitiations for All the Regulus Things.

Success. Glory. Riches. Ambition. Leadership. The Favor of others (especially those in Power). Courage. Nobility, and Magnanimity.

The banishment of melancholy and self-doubt…

The promotion of authentic creative expression. ..

The very embodiment of Light and Luminosity…

As further detailed by electional architect Austin Coppock in the Regulus III series description, this operation features a freshly ingressed, waxing Virgo Moon in the 10th supported by an incoming aspect to Jupiter in Pisces from the 4th, forming a strong and fortuitous Gaja Kesari (Lion Elephant) yoga, which brings determination, intelligence, fame, wealth, and the love and respect of those around the native — qualities which further potentiate Regulus’ power.

The charge is GLOWY yet GROUNDED, tempering joie de vivre with a deep self-actualized calm and centered determination.

Perfect for those who wish to be noticed and admired without having to be so IN YOUR FACE about the whole production. Softer and more subtle on the outside, but steely and strong and steadfast within. An introvert-friendly take on Regulus that offers deep internal scaffolding upon which to cultivate a healthy, well-adjusted ego (necessary to help light our way + works in the world).

Connect with what drives you, and let the Heart of the Lion-Elephant lead the way!

Anoint the heart center above all, but also the wrists and perfume points, especially before public or important appearances. Can also be used in weekly Solar devotions, or as a component in other magical works for sympathetic ends. Safe and supportive for frequent use. Layers well with other series.

(See testimonials for Oil of Regulus II + I)

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $72, 10 ml yellow calcite roller ($57), or very few 10 ml cultivated ruby rollers for $106, each with a keepsake garnet heart.



SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Oil Selection

1/2 oz Standard, 10 ml Flawless Glide Steel Roll-On, 10 ml Ruby Roll-On, 5 ml Mini Vial

Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Night of June 15th, 2021. Moon-Regulus in the 10th, opposite Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th (Lion-Elephant Yoga), Luna's hour. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Christina Hartman

Oil of Regulus III

TJ Rubio
Lights my heart up!

Amazing materia. It took a while for me to overcome my natal chart resistance. I'm seeing the effects slowly but certainly. Looking forward as I'm just building momentum with this materia.

Gentle Solar Boost

This has been gentle and easy for me to incorporate and use, a little goes a long way and I often layer it with the salve. This helps me feel confident (not hyper-vigilant) in regular day to day things that most other people don't struggle with. After some pretty brutal years spent in a toxic work environment, this series has helped me reacquaint myself with my value/worth just as I am. I do tend to use it if I know I'll be needing a bit of a boost around others, I find it is more for me rather than influencing others. It honestly just helps me to feel ok, which is pretty huge. Really love the oil and many other items from this series, I have it in regular rotation when possible.

Gets me noticed

First time I tried this the rollerball leaked and I had to clean up the oil dripping out of the bottle and dab it on me, almost like Regulus wanted to be applied. I wore this when I was to attend a meeting with a bunch of people I didn't know and wasn't sure I'd even connect with. I am one of those people who gets overlooked or hardly gets noticed, doesn't strike up conversation easily with strangers, finds it hard to make new friends. I rarely get even a hello. But as soon as I walked into the room, people said hello and were really, genuinely friendly to me. I ended up having the best night, with some potential future opportunities for us to meet again. Incredible stuff. I've tried a lot of Reg III products and this one is potent, more so than the body butter which is great for more regular use but this one is for the big, almost daunting social events. And it smells amazing.

Sarah B
My Libra Sun loves this oil!!

My Sun is a bit weak so I have really been vibing with this oil!! Love the confidence it gives me to just be myself. Definitely a must for those with Libra Sun particularly!!

Brings a smile to my face

I love wearing Regulus oil with Butter Ocean spray and Door Key Subset oil on a daily basis. Lifts my spirits and makes me feel ready to walk out the door. The first time I wore them I went to a crystal faire and found the exact rare crystal I was looking for and at a price I was hoping for. Plus, lions remind me of my dad who passed away last year so I guess I feel even more connected to this oil. I recently bought most of the rest of the Regulus options.

All the best of Regulus in a bottle!

I just started a new job and was nervous as hell about it, and this oil arrived the day I started training, while I was at work. I applied it the next morning (a Thursday, Jupiter day) before work and immediately noticed that I was more open and talkative in a positive way. I found myself speaking up more and felt more confident/comfortable in being myself than I usually would be.
My natal Sun is in Libra 10th H, so it's not entirely positive, but Regulus is one of my chart's hearthstone stars in parans with my Moon. I feel like this oil boosted my Sun's energy and gave it some extra oomph while also nurturing my Moon and comfort level.
The "introvert-friendly" aspect of this oil really appeals to me, and that's exactly how this oil feels to me. I'm definitely a shy person naturally, and this oil gave me a shot of confidence but in a mellow way. Not super flashy or attention-seeking, just confident and comfortable and at ease.
I've been using this oil daily in the mornings since it arrived, and I'm seriously noticing a difference. I think this is possibly my favorite S+S product I've tried so far!
(Being that Venus rules my Sun and is strongly placed in my chart, I've also been working with Venus and Venusian materia lately, and I feel like that is playing a part in this as well. Just fyi.)

angela kramer
Love to Regulus!

Regulus has done wonders for my self confidence. Thank you so much!

Kait L
Powerful and Empowering

This is my go-to product. I’m a writer, and I want my work to be recognized. My publication rate has skyrocketed since I’m been working with Regulus.


I think I get noticed more with this oil. And a few friends have experienced the same.


  1. I saved my first use of the Regulus Oil for something I felt one day necessary, and it didn’t disappoint. My husband was in pain, swollen. I remember a write up about swelling. With prayers and hope, I applied it on is hand. While still rubbing, I somehow noticed the swelling subsided. I asked my husband to confirm, he said, the pain was still there, but subsided, meaning the Oil is potent. Very thankful for sphere and sundry for sharing this amazing gift.

  2. My first experience with S&S products was this oil. I remember taking it every where I went because I was entranced by it’s beauty and just wanted to look at it. Since I started using it, I feel less shy n more happy on a daily basis. There’s even been more than a handful of times where I used it on cloudy days and the sun came out from behind the clouds, even if momentarily, helping to elevate my mood even more. I now do not want to live in a world without Regulus and recommend it to all my Libra & 12H sun friends as I find it very gentle & reassuring. Like a warm fuzzy sweater around my heart. It has truly sparked a sense of being able to see myself and my needs more clearly even in the dustiest & darkest corners of my soul & mind

  3. Spicy and warm fragrance. The bottle is really impressive, a work of art in itself. Extremely useful materia to work with for Libra types as the literature suggests.

  4. I swear by this oil, anytime I’m in an anxious or nervous state, regulus oil will absolutely do the trick. It’s required for me to bring on any type of trips or travel to help put myself at ease, feel brighter and more confident, and/or I just need a sunny pick-me-up.

  5. Literally the best. I wear it every time I have a work event and even dab a little on the business cards I pass out. Also helps with me being shy too.

  6. Above all other S+D oils I’ve tried, this had the most noticeable and immediate effect. I use it for extra boost of confidence at work before events and speaking engagements. There have been times I’ve put it on myself in the morning before work on a whim and then have had unplanned important opportunities to speak or shine. It not only gives me the warmth and strength to support me when I need it but seems to actively also bring the spotlight to me in really supportive ways.

  7. I have a debilitated sun so have been hesitant to approach Sol directly, though I could definitely use some solar remediation in my life. Enter Regulus III. It’s gentle but simultaneously packs a punch. In addition to applying regularly during appropriate hours, I apply when I have engagements, meetings, presentations, etc. that are causing nerves. The nerves quickly fall away and I am able to stand my ground–and even impress! This oil has quickly become an integral tool in my self-empowerment practice.

  8. Well damn. I use this pretty regularly at my nightlife job to full effect. Reg II was pretty subtle for me (might be because of my natal placement direct conj. Jupiter) , but the Lion-Elephant yoga in this election yields a deep, deep rootedness that’s undeniable.

    Working in the entertainment industry is, politely, pretty chaotic and Reg III oil has been instrumental in allowing me to be the eye of the storm, so to speak.

    Constant praise for doing even the smallest part of my job (to the point that it’s kinda annoying tbh!), muting people’s shitty projection apparatuses into a sort of honeyed respect, and also random job offers from people I met just ten minutes before (hilariously, it’s almost always for stuff I’m not remotely interested in or qualified to do), Reg III has definitely made my nights smoother and infinitely more interesting.

  9. I gifted this oil to a friend who was struggling with self-confidence as they navigated the gap between losing a job and starting their own business. After gently prodding them to give the oil a go, they have gotten their business rolling and report almost immediate post-application sales, sometimes in the exact amount they hoped for that day/week. I have a few other items from this series (Leo here) and the syncs are clear and immediate after use and/or ritual. For instance, about an hour after a solar petition using Reg III, a giant, fuzzy bumblebee flew into my leg while I was sitting at my desk. (Have no idea how it got into the house, and I let it out the window). There is unmistakable power in this series.

  10. My favorite offering for when I need some extra oomph to stand out from the crowd and shine brightly without being obnoxious. I wear this when I have an audition and since starting I have received much more feedback in general, always positive. This oil gives me a social glow that attracts people to me but never makes me feel domineering or like I am taking up more space than is appropriate. So well balanced!

  11. I am excited about receiving Special OOPSIE! Edition: Empress *Scented* Venus’ Aerial Delight Whipped Body Butter and Oil of Regulus III.
    The warm spicy scent of the oil of Regulus is a perfect belated Father’s Day gift for my Introvert Leo in a Sun husband.
    I will share the results soon!

  12. A potent, sweet, and resolutely delightful offering. Fantastic for ensuring I am not overshadowed if I know I’m going into the workplace with things I need to say, but I use it largely to emotionally ground myself. A different place to ground in compared to a benefic, energetically softer. I often find myself smiling with relief.

  13. I love this oil! I wear it anytime I need to shine or make a good impression (During a group reading I was giving, meetings, etc). Also, I work part time at an Ayurvedic spa and the first two times I wore it to work, I had two different massage therapists offer me free massages. Yes please and thank you lol!

  14. Not a doctor approved message, but its better than prosaic. The Regulus III oil is the perfect antidote to my Saturn in Virgo on that degree. A little drop of sunshine I use whenever I need a boost of light and love.

  15. This oil has been one of my favorites so far and I use it every day as I prepare for work. I’ve always struggled with confidence, particularly in work situations. It helps me feel like I can take on the day and push through all the office politics. I am more willing to express my needs and advocate for myself, all while still remaining true to myself.

  16. I have struggled with embodied, grounded confidence for much of my life. I’ve oscillated between overconfidence in certain situations and selling myself far too short in others. After applying the oil one evening, I had a very strong experience of myself AS a lion… strong, regal… calm in its power! I hope to grow more and more into this state of being supported by this materia <3

  17. This oil has helped me shine more brightly in interviews and meetings. It’s warming and confidence-inspiring.

  18. I use this oil when I teach! I have a natal Sun-Saturn square and I often struggle with imposter syndrome as an instructor. Regulus III buttresses my domicile Sun and lets me shine in authenticity, while dispelling mansplainers (LOL). Helps to build trust with and instills confidence in my students too!

  19. This oil has really helped facilitate work I have been doing in the tender spaces of my heart. When I have used it with the intention to go within to where I feel fearful or shy, it provided a soft, warm space where I feel held and supported in my inner work. Regulus III has truly been an amazing support, helping me create enduring and significant shifts towards openness in places where I often feel guarded and hesitant.

  20. As a water sign in much need of solar support, I was so excited to receive this oil! It doesn’t disappoint–providing a solar glow without the intensity of fire.

  21. The third installment of Regulus may be my favorite! I am typically rather introverted and have difficulty branching out and making new friends. I have been amazed at the way this oil has brought a tribe of new people around me who I seem to have just gathered with ease and joy. I’ve also received loads of praise from my boss and even paid time off as a thank you. Strangely I feel deserving for once haha. My 8th house sun is seriously wondering what is up!

  22. Regulus III allows me to be in my power and increases my confidence. It is a quiet confidence, not showy and rude. I feel more in control as it reduces my anxiety and it has soothing effect that makes me feel like everything is going to be ok and I can handle anything. Whenever I wear it people really pay attention to what I am saying and go out of their way to help me out when I have a question.

  23. R3 is the most accessible incarnation of Regulus for me. It’s got all that great solar-type power turned inward. The emotional depth from Jupiter hits differently when applied on Thursdays. I find that Regulus makes things effortless and provides a different type of vitality than Sol or Jupiterian materia. If you have never used Regulus materia, R3 makes a wonderful Regulus intro, as I find it much more intuitive than previous Regulus iterations.

  24. I have had the most immediate external effects from this oil of workings with any power vis. S+S materia. It is an absolute gift from the gods for this Leo rising with Sol in the 12th. Within a couple weeks of relationship, I was interviewed for a major newspaper in one of the biggest cities in the country, and I was selected to represent the organization I work for in an upcoming leadership training cohort. I have had issues in the past with trying to access my solar power too directly (some things stay dark for a reason!), but I find Regulus III to be as supportive as it is illuminative, without leaving me overwhelmed by being pushed too far into the spotlight. Like magical Vitamin D. Thank you, Kaitlin, S+S, and attending (very!) mighty powers!

  25. Absolutely lovely! As a 12th house sun I have some solar issues, and I’ve tried Sol in Leo, Exalted Sun and now Regulus III. I love exalted sun for doing things, for having fun, for levity, but Regulus III is my go to for when I want to cultivate a sense of being OK with myself, OK being out and about and seen by others, OK stating my wishes, OK promoting authenticity.
    I know some people don’t like to apply solar materia directly, but I can use Regulus and ES and I think even LC all together and not over heat myself, and really get lovely results. I also have NO FIRE in my chart, so maybe this is why I can take so much, LOL, but I think it’s more to do with Kaitlin’s super powerful yet balanced materia.
    I had no idea what to expect with Regulus III, but it has been lovely! It helped me move out many issues I’ve had with the men in my life and to relate to men better. Maybe the quiet influence helps with strategizing? Also trusting ny own gut! No more second guessing myself.

  26. Oil of Regulus III might be my #1 favorite materia and that is saying a hell of a lot. Crazily wearable, massively uplifting, kicks neurosis to the curb but in the softest, happiest way. I feel right in my soul with this stuff on, comfortable in my own skin, able to speak up and share my views with the knowledge that however I’m received is no reflection of my essential goodness. I can feel that my worth is something unchanging and complete.

    Love, adore.

  27. Regulus II and III and Jupiter’s Bounty are, hands down, the S+S series that manifest change in the material world pretty much instantaneously for me. This time it took about about a week. I’ll spare you the backstory that might dox me anyway, but this series just helped me get incredible moments of recognition from both my bosses (and I know that Jupiter’s Bounty had them offer me a freelance job that comes with an incredible perk). Magic is real. Consider yourself lucky, now you know.

  28. This is a beautiful and visionary oil. On first application, layered with the water and incense, I experienced a deep relaxation and fluidity in my body. I immediately thought of the warmth and flexibility of a cat sitting in the sun – I wish I always felt that good in my body! No drowsiness, but no stimulation either, rather a pleasant alertness.
    Later that day, hour of the Sun on a Sunday after receipt, I applied the oil at just a very few perfume points for a walk to soak in the January light. While walking and contemplating our star, I was treated with a vision of the solar system from outside of Earth’s atmosphere. I saw Sol as a star and it was beautiful! But just for an instant, I was quickly brought back into my body as my foot stumbled off the trail. What an outstanding introduction to the perspective brought by this magical material.

  29. This is spectacular. I once had problems with self-esteem and have been working on remediating this. This gorgeous Regulus energy hits the spot. There is a deep-seated feeling from this beautiful smelling oil that centers one in an unassailable certainty of one’s fundamental Star self. I agree with Tonja V, I plan on more Regulus purchases.

  30. This is not my first S+ purchase, but it might just be my favorite. A warm, clean, light scent; it is exactly as described – like wrapping yourself in a fuzzy blankie, fresh from the dryer.

    I purchased the yellow calcite roller, and I applied a small amount right before leaving for a standing coffee date with my spouse. Instead of our usual conversation, I was treated to about 20 minutes of my spouse telling me about all my best characteristics and admirable triumphs. I floated through the rest of my day feeling seen, valued, and loved.

    The next time I used it, Regulus III helped me overcome some stage fright when I lead an event/presentation in front of more than 30 people, most of them strangers. It went great, got lots of great feedback. In other words, I nailed it.

    I will be getting more from this line very soon.

  31. Much Gentle Uplifting of my psyche, (after an intense FM in Gemini the day previous,) with the parcel arriving with Regulus, was bang on time. I began to unpack the golden paper wrapped gifts of Regulus. The oil is powerful and turns any mental carry on volume back to zero. This series is a gift to the hearth of home.

  32. This is such a bright and warming oil. I don’t know if it helps me shine just yet, since I haven’t had it for long, but it’s helped me get through the winter and the dark thus far, and given me more energy than I would normally have. So glad I have it.

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