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Regulus III


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Regulus marks the Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo, though due to the natural course of precession the star transitioned into the first degree of tropical Virgo in September of 2011, making it possible to call (and to capture) its elevating, purifying, and esteem-promoting light from the Moon’s place in showy late-Leo, or the flaxen fields of the Zodiacal Virgin.

This allows the AstroMage a certain flexibility most stars farther removed from sign boundaries do not possess, since stellar workings typically require Luna to have a ≤ 2° orb between Her and the stellar Power being ushered into our Sublunary realm.

Regulus is the most Regal of the four Royal Stars, of which there are four. It is considered the Watcher of the North, which opens the way for interesting magical opportunities using Royal Star materia to call Spirits associated with certain directions, make offerings, or invoke the directions directly.

Cœur Leonis is also a member of the fifteen Behenian Fixed Stars, with a reputation as a productive and powerful aggrandizing influence. It builds a deep, core confidence un-reliant on external validation, which, funnily enough, magnetizes external validation to it, bestowing upon its favored children a Crown of Spotlight.

The star is supremely Solar in nature, and having to do with Nobility, Leadership, and Sovereignty. In right accord with the Doctrine of Signatures, it shines at a luminosity exactly 360 times greater than that of our own Sun, but also has a sympathetic relationship with Jupiter given its benefic and generous nature, and to a lesser extent, Mars, for its ability to bring triumph.

The election for Regulus III sought to magnify its wise Jupiterian properties and minimize Martial interference, helping draw the most benefic results possible and safeguard against the violence and upset Regulus can otherwise — in less careful elections — bring.

The results are incredible… deep, glowy, and warm.

Cozy, even! Regulus even an introvert can love…

Similarly to Mars in Scorpio, the election for this series didn’t work for any of our usual collaborators, and might not even seem that amazing at first blush; but it was chosen in consultation with Sphere + Sundry’s electional architect Austin Coppock because of a rare and powerful yoga (a la Quicksilver Tongue) formed between Luna-Regulus and Jupiter-Fomalhaut. In his own words —

Regulus gives recognition, elevation, and banishes melancholy. Yet it can do this in a range of different ways, as attested to by its connection to the planetary natures of both magnanimous Jupiter and aggressive Mars. The goal in this particular operation was to minimize the loud, potentially obnoxious input of Mars while maximizing the star’s entanglement with gentle, wise, and confident Jupiter.

Thus, the Moon in this election is configured tightly to Jupiter, which is in a place of glorious potency, with much to give. The big planet is in its own sign, Pisces, angular in the 4th, and rules the Ascendant. Furthermore, Jupiter is here conjunct another royal star, Fomalhaut, further amplifying its strength.

Jupiter-Moon are the subject of constant praise and high expectation in Hellenistic texts. The Moon and Jupiter’s relationship is also the basis of the quite fortunate Gaja Kesari yoga. The Sanskrit “Gaja Kesari” translates to “Lion-Elephant,” and gives happiness and success by combining the unbothered confidence of the elephant with the goal-orientation of the powerful lion. At minimum, it requires the Moon and Jupiter to be in angular aspect to one another. These conditions are met in this chart, and far exceeded, as the angularity of the Moon-Jupiter pairing recurs from the viewpoint of both the Ascendant and the Sun.

Regulus, Cor Leonis, is the Heart of the Lion, but this particular operation partakes deeply of elephantine Jupiter’s wisdom and unbothered confidence.

In addition to the close entanglement with Jupiter, the Moon in this chart is, crucially, conjunct the star Regulus within fractions of a degree. Though falling away from the MC, Luna is solidly in the whole sign 10th, and is possessed of good light, waxing, increasing in speed, and ascending high in northern latitude. It is also, of course, the Hour of the Moon, as it is only by the grace of her silver light that the radiance of distant stars is granted full access into our little terrarium.

Oh Royal Regulus!
Plant a portion of thy star-fire in our Hearts
Grant us thy azure, melancholy-banishing flame!
Restore to us the memory and favor of our Divine Ancestry
For we are the forgetful great-grandchildren of the Gods themselves
Shine upon what is Great, Good, and Wise in our Works
Let our rise inspire, and our radiance nurture
A victory for the World in which we dwell!

The Lion-Elephant energies present very strongly in the feel and effects of this series, offering a grounded stability and deep, sure footed steadiness that rarely comes aerated by so much GD light and luminosity.

You get all this glorious, uplifting, feel-good Regulus — which longer-term Sphere + Sundry clients will be familiar with from our first and second series — but with a side of fortifying gravitas, depth, and self-assuredness that will NO DOUBT produce beautiful, long-lasting, and life-changing results in the lives and ego-development of those who partake.

Upon personal application, Regulus brings a profound sense of clarity and cleanliness, wholeness and wellbeing, and is one of the finest astral medicaments for the washing away of melancholic + anxious states.

The charge here is protective, determined, and grounded, yet weaves brilliance and shine throughout all it touches, elevating, healing, and fortifying the Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Similar to Immortal Heart, in that it offers a distinct sense of personal security/ safety, BUT ALSO, in a very bizarre way, Aldebaran, for how it “beefs up” the auric body, reinforcing self-determination. But without the grieving and anti-social “bull in a China shop”-ness, respectively.

Very wearable and downright enjoyable as an unadulterated, singular influence, but layers well with pretty much every other series.

For those who have a difficult time engaging Solar materia directly, Regulus can be easier to metabolize, offering similar benefits without pinging the pain-points which stem from natal Solar deficits (thread). A bit of a bypass and wonderful hack, at least according to this Regulus-loving 12th house Libra.

Wear or invoke Regulus to shine more brightly and exude self-confidence, especially whenever you need to stand in your own power and showcase value, competence, and charisma in the eyes of yourself and others. In a time where Solar virtues are so heavily rewarded, and where market, media, and social forces are waging constant war against individual self-esteem, Regulus is most excellent medicine indeed.

Supports success, promotion, visibility, authority, leadership, and personal coherence, with higher potentials to highlight and heal patrilineal damage, bodily acceptance, and issues of self-doubt, self-hatred, or fear of being seen.

On an energetic level, Regulus opens and activates the heart center, and is thought to promote healthy heart function, circulation, and assist in deeper breathing. Attention may be called to tightness in the chest as Regulus takes root in the vessel, loosening and relaxing the ribcage over time.

Aside from qualities that can appear initially as self-serving, Regulus also teaches how to empower and appreciate others by connecting us with our own Divine Sovereignty, and seeing that same potential in third parties.

It’s easier to honor and celebrate the uniqueness of those around us when we’re illuminated by the awareness of our own self-love, and in that way, Regulus can function as anti-venom for jealousy, covetousness, and comparison. When we fully perceive and embrace the nature of our core selves, throned comfortably in the Cathedral of the Heart, security, generosity, and admiration without contest become truly possible.

Side effects of Regulus exposure include drawing more people into one’s own orbit (in addition to kitties!), boosts in the ability to cast glamours and to fascinate, and a drive to center one’s own needs first. Excessive levels can beget an overly-inflated sense of self-importance and egotism, but that’s less an issue with this election than others. Primarily, it supports the healthy ego development necessary to light our way and works in a less-than-kind, imperfect world.

Riding alongside this release, Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab offers us a Yuletide haul of Exalted Sol perfumes from 2021’s Aries ingress.

LOGISTICS: Shipping has already begun for Plus Members and will continue nonstop until all orders are out the door! With 4 or so elves packing simultaneously, our fingers are crossed many of these (domestics, at least) will arrive in time for Christmas and the New Year.

Gratitude to the Sphere + Sundry Team, and our beloved Clients, for making all this possible ❤️

Each order includes basic instructions for use, timing suggestions, and prayer, alongside an invitation to our warm and welcoming Client Community. As always, the electional chart is in the photo gallery for each offering.

  • $57.00$106.00

    Oil of Regulus III

    , ,
    Classical Agrippan associations for the famed Cœur Leonis: mugwort, celandine, mastic, and garnet, were fumigated alongside additional herbs and ingredients to further empower the Royal Star's influence. 24k gold, saffron, frankincense, bee pollen, dandelion root, chrysanthemum, calendula, eyebright, red ginseng, goldenseal, orange peel, turmeric, wormwood, and St. John's wort, helichrysum, and amber, married to 100% organic golden jojoba oil (truly a liquid wax) following prayers and propitiations for All the Regulus Things. Success. Glory. Riches. Ambition. Leadership. The Favor of others (especially those in Power). Courage. Nobility, and Magnanimity. The banishment of melancholy and self-doubt... The promotion of authentic creative expression. .. The very embodiment of Light and Luminosity... As further detailed by electional architect Austin Coppock in the Regulus III series description, this operation features a freshly ingressed, waxing Virgo Moon in the 10th supported by an incoming aspect to Jupiter in Pisces from the 4th, forming a strong and fortuitous Gaja Kesari (Lion Elephant) yoga, which brings determination, intelligence, fame, wealth, and the love and respect of those around the native — qualities which further potentiate Regulus' power. The charge is GLOWY yet GROUNDED, tempering joie de vivre with a deep self-actualized calm and centered determination. Perfect for those who wish to be noticed and admired without having to be so IN YOUR FACE about the whole production. Softer and more subtle on the outside, but steely and strong and steadfast within. An introvert-friendly take on Regulus that offers deep internal scaffolding upon which to cultivate a healthy, well-adjusted ego (necessary to help light our way + works in the world). Connect with what drives you, and let the Heart of the Lion-Elephant lead the way! Anoint the heart center above all, but also the wrists and perfume points, especially before public or important appearances. Can also be used in weekly Solar devotions, or as a component in other magical works for sympathetic ends. Safe and supportive for frequent use. Layers well with other series. (See testimonials for Oil of Regulus II + I) Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $72, 10 ml yellow calcite roller ($57), or very few 10 ml cultivated ruby rollers for $106, each with a keepsake garnet heart.
  • $33.00$78.00

    Body Butter of Regulus III

    , , ,
    Organic mugwort, goldenseal, comfrey root, yellow dock root, calendula, St. John’s wort, dandelion root, mastic, saffron, and garnet.⠀ Fumigated at the height of Regulus III's grounded and present Virgo Moon election for Cœur Leonis (opposite Jupiter in Pisces, creating a tropical Lion-Elephant yoga), immersed in a proprietary combination of safflower, apricot kernel, sweet almond, and jojoba oils. Strained and melted with organic shea butter and coconut oil, combined with uplifting and illuminating essential oils, set, and whipped to fluffy perfection alongside sheets of 24k gold. Apply as you would any other body butter for its moisturizing properties, but especially when you wish to feel confident, self-assured, and be seen in your best light. Energizing, uplifting, inspiring (and the scent is DELICIOUS 🤤). Offered in a 2 oz glass jar for $33, or 6 oz bulk pot for $78 Note: These Body Butters will go out of stock and be resurrected as additional batches get (quite literally) whipped up. Peruse reviews of our others to get a sense of their efficacy...
  • $36.00$72.00

    Bath Salts of Regulus III

    , , ,
    Dead Sea salts, fumigated in the election window with frankincense, combined with organic consecrated Regulus III herbal mix, including classical associations for Cœur Leonis: mugwort, celandine, wormwood, mastic, and garnet, alongside 24k gold, saffron, and sundry ingredients for personal empowerment, healthy ego development, and illumination. Essential oils of frankincense, mugwort, blood orange, and helichrysum. A touch of Regulus III Oil makes this not only a cleansing, but an anointing in one step. Bathe to banish self-doubt and low, melancholic states. Especially as part of the full Ritual Bathing protocol. Restore a strong sense of self, and embody that which makes you unique, authentic, and special — help others to see the same! Take confident command as the unfettered, unstoppable leader **your OWN Sphere** needs, emerging as Luminous Sovereign of thine own realm. The standard size is enough for 2-3 deep baths, or dilute smaller amounts with more salt to make a little go a much longer way. This salt can also be added to floor washes, sprays, or dishes of water for additional magical utility, or used as a salt scrub for those without a tub. Offered in an airtight 8 oz bale top glass jar for $36, 16 oz bulk pot for $72, or unbreakable 18 oz (by weight) bath bundle for $66 (enough to refill the bulk pot).
  • $30.00$90.00

    Powder of Regulus III

    , ,
    Classic herbs and materials associated with Regulus include mugwort, mastic, garnet, wormwood, and celandine. These, along with frankincense, 24k gold, saffron, chrysanthemum, calendula, dandelion root, orange peel, red ginseng, and other plants allied to the powers of empowerment, light, and leadership, were ritually combined, fumigated, and consecrated, during an election featuring the freshly ingressed, waxing Virgo Moon conjunct Regulus, applying to an aspect with Jupiter in Pisces (forming a strong and fortuitous Gaja Kesari yoga). Later ground in the hour of Sol and combined with additional 24k gold. Use to dress candles, add to mojos, sprinkle in shoes, breast pockets, and use as an ingredient or offering in spell work for Regulean ends. Dust the hair (or add to hair products!) to spike the mane. 100% uncut herbs, resins, and essential oils. Nothing artificial, and no fillers. Use as-is or cut with cornstarch to create your own nearly infinite supply of sachet powder... Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $30, or 2 oz bulk pot for $90
  • $33.00$66.00

    Attuning Tincture of Regulus III

    , ,
    100% ingredients: organic mugwort, goldenseal root, dandelion root, wormwood, calendula, orange peel, red ginseng, turmeric, mastic, saffron, a touch of honey, and 24k gold, immersed in top-shelf cognac following fumigation of frankincense and prayers for Regulus' blessing during Sphere + Sundry's third operation for Cœur Leonis. Cognac is a distillation of champagne, a beverage long associated with nobility, wealth, celebration, and opulence, whose bubbles impart a quality of literal effervescence and therefore elevation, making it a most worthy medium for the embodiment of our patron Royal star. Anoint that which you do not want getting oily, add to floor washes, and the like. (For a sense of its impact, see testimonials for Regulus II Attuning Tincture) Offered in a 1/2 oz dropper bottle with 24k gold for $33, or 1 oz for $66 Please Note: This was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Use externally to anoint yourself or objects. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.
  • $30.00$90.00

    Incense of Regulus III

    , ,
    Classic herbs and materials associated with Regulus include mugwort, mastic, garnet, wormwood, and celandine. These, along with frankincense, 24k gold, saffron, chrysanthemum, calendula, dandelion root, orange peel, red ginseng, and other plants allied to the powers of empowerment, light, and leadership, were ritually combined, fumigated, and consecrated, during an election featuring the freshly ingressed, waxing Virgo Moon conjunct Regulus, applying to an aspect with Jupiter in Pisces (forming a strong and fortuitous Lion-Elephant yoga). Create a small, peaked mound, or form lines and create sigils on a bed of ash or sand. Burn as an offering to invoke the Royal Star’s influence, or during magical operations intended for self-promotion, self-actualization, success, and explorations of a heart-centered, empowering nature. Smoke bathe the body to banish self-doubt and melancholy, restoring a lightness of being and luminosity to the aura. This can be done as-needed (the morning before an important presentation, for instance), or keyed to Solar days/ hours (or those of the Sun's ruler) for the purposes of meta-Solar remediation. To be seen in the best of light, fumigate camera equipment, literal lighting(!), and spaces in which performance/ appearance will be taking place. Clear the way for creative expression, slay any semblance of self-doubt, and above all, keep going... Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $30, or 2 oz bulk pot for $90
  • $33.00$60.00

    Regulus III Steep + Smoke


    100% ingredients (99% organic or wildcrafted): Mugwort, calendula, St. John's wort, wormwood, saffron.

    Ritually crafted and fumigated with frankincense during Sphere + Sundry’s Regulus III election, featuring a strong and auspicious Lion-Elephant Yoga.

    Steep and add to floor washes or baths to banish low and melancholic states/ spirits.

    Elevates, cleanses, and illuminates. Draws the favor of those around you (especially those in power), supports healthy ego development, quells self-doubt, and the Regulean like 🦁👑

    Use as an herbal smoking blend (pairs well with Mother Mary Jane…).

    Offered in your selection of 2 oz clear top tin for $33, or 4 oz for $60.

    Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Do not use while pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.

  • $72.00$106.00

    Salve of Regulus III

    , ,
    Organic mugwort, goldenseal, comfrey root, yellow dock root, calendula, St. John’s wort, dandelion root, mastic, saffron, and garnet.⠀ Fumigated at the height of Regulus III's grounded and present Virgo Moon election for Cœur Leonis (opposite Jupiter in Pisces), immersed in 3/4 golden jojoba and 1/4 extra virgin olive oil (all organic). Left to incubate 173 days before being strained in Sol's day and hour, combined with melted organic beeswax, scented with pure frankincense and refreshing yuzu. Shaken with generous amounts of 24k gold, spangled throughout. A highly absorbent, uplifting, and energizing day-side Salve results, perfect for rubbing into the feet, low back, heart center, and shoulders in the mornings, or to refresh before making an appearance. Calms and reassures the nervous system; anchors the spirit, mind, and heart to the body; and enhances one's natural charisma. Reduces pain where applied, and offers a comfortable, tempered warmth. Adds sustain to a long day (may disturb sleep if applied too close to bed!). Illuminate from within, embodying self-assured, quiet confidence. And a little goes a long way... Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $72, or 4 oz bulk pot for $106
  • $90.00$168.00

    Candles of Regulus III

    , ,

    White beeswax dyed a natural, gentle yellow solely by the inclusion of saffron while melting.

    Vessels fumigated with frankincense and prayer during Sphere + Sundry's Regulus III working, poured and set during the election window.

    Crowned with 24k gold and a ❤️ of high-grade, faceted garnet.

    Burn in the background during important interviews and appearances. Light during Solar rites and rituals for success, visibility, and the accumulation of personal power.

    Helps to cultivate a charismatic, luminous, and self-determined aura/ mindset. Gaze and meditate upon its flame.

    Use the candle's light to feed Regulus talismans and other implements and icons of like-purpose.

    Offered in the client's selection of a 2 oz glass jar ($90), or ultra long-lasting slim vigil for $168

    Pillars were also poured for this election, but will be released at a later date...

  • $36.00

    Honey of Regulus III

    , ,
    Local organic honey, fumigated and combined with consecrated Regulus III herbal and lapidary mix during the election window. Left to incubate alongside the rest of the series before being heated to further infuse the herbal properties and strained (making this the first of our honeys without suspended matter, making it easier to work with). Spangled with a generous amount of 24k gold + given a keepsake garnet ❤️ Honey pot yourself, loved ones, or clients for Regulean ends. Add as a component in spell work, or make as an offering. Can also be used as a face mask... Offered in a 2 oz glass pot for $36
  • $36.00$106.00

    Kolonía of Regulus III

    , , ,
    Water freshly harvested from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, grain alcohol, and colloidal gold, combined at the height of the Regulus III election and left to bask upon the altar. Incubated for many months tucked within consecrated herbal matter for the series, finished with essential oils of helichrysum, frankincense, and yuzu, and a keepsake heart of garnet. Turkish colognes are often sprinkled upon the hands before entering one’s household or business establishment, providing some natural sanitation and also a delightful scent. This can be used in such a way, or as a type of Regulus Florida Water for energetic cleansing, drawing goodness and illumination — anytime or before ritual. Makes it difficult for nasties to glom on or penetrate the auric body. Shake well to integrate and disburse golden drops of essential oil before use. Energy Clearing Protocol For energetic cleansing, sprinkle about a half teaspoon onto the palms of the hands and gently but thoroughly rub together for 10 or so seconds, coating both sides. The hands can float 2 inches from the body or be lightly touching it. Stand and run your palms from the crown of your head down the back of the head, then start from the top again, going down the front of your face and body, all the way down to the tops of your feet. If you feel any areas “sticking”, continue stroking them until energies disperse, and then proceed with downward sweeping. Continue skimming from the head downward, running your cologned hands across every surface area, including under the arms, groin, and rear, concluding with the bottoms of the feet by lifting them. You can “flick” the energy off if it feels right, or it will dissipate naturally, however you prefer. Take 10-30 seconds to close your eyes and integrate the cleansing, feeling the shift, and thank Asclepius for his protection, sealing the auric body from negativity. Asclepius’ Kolonía can also be used before performing reiki, energy work, or any other healing activity, on clients or loved ones. It can be done on the self, objects, or 3rd parties. Other Applications This can also be added to baths, floor washes, essential oil diffusers, or dishes of water kept at the bedside for protection. May disturb sleep. Extraordinarily versatile, effective, and p o t e n t . Offered in a 1.7 oz glass woozy bottle for $36, or bulk 5 oz for $106 Please note that the 1.7 oz glass woozy is 100% out of stock and will not be returning.
  • $66.00

    Ink + Skin Stain of Regulus III

    An all-natural light yellow alcohol ink made entirely from botanical sources, fumigated and combined during the Regulus III election: pomegranate, goldenseal, turmeric, life everlasting, mastic, bee pollen, and saffron, left to incubate 160+ days before being strained and combined in the hour of Sol with colloidal gold + organic honey — one of the oldest known ink fixatives, employed by Ancient Egyptians. This ink works with dip pens or paint brushes. The cap also features its own brush, which can be used to create a light yellow background for petition papers. Use as a temporary tattoo stain on the body itself, tracing sigils, glyphs, or names of power, especially upon the heart or Solar Plexus. In ritual, before ritual, or for the purposes of practical enchantment. It doesn't matter what skin tone you have (it's so light it'll probably only show up on fellow ghost-toned people); what matters is that it's there 🌞 Incredible versatility... Offered in a 1 oz glass bottle with brush tip for $66 Warning: do not apply to the skin of people with pollen or honey allergies. External use only.
  • $30.00$72.00

    Water of Regulus III

    , ,
    Pomegranate, passionfruit, mugwort, celandine, mastic, and garnet, distilled with water from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta throughout the day of the Regulus III election, beginning in Jupiter's hour. Left to bask on the Altar of Operation, and incubated for more than 160-days tucked away with the rest of the series. Mixed with essential oils of yuzu and frankincense, and a small amount of cosmetic-grade golden mica. Shake well before using as a body, linen, or aura spray, to wash away self-doubt and bring a soft illumination. Mist altars and offerings of a Solar nature. One of the gentlest items this series has to show... Offered in a 1/2 oz travel or sample size glass spray bottle for $30, or full 2 oz for $72
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    Regulus III Altar Box Sets

    Wooden boxes in two sizes waxed a deep gold, which may be further inscribed/ decorated by the client. Each Altar Box Set includes every full sized item from Sphere + Sundry's Regulus III: Heart of the Lion-Elephant series, in small or large form (where there are size variations) based on set size. Reminder that there are no talismans for this series... Exalted Sol BPAL perfumes are part of a different election, so they are not included in these Altar Box Sets. You are welcome to add them individually or as a set of their own from their listing... Availability, dimensions, pricing —
    • Small (6 total): 6.5” wide, 4.5” tall, 3.8” deep = $552 + your Oil selections
    • Large (6 total): 9.5” wide, 5.5” tall, 6” deep = $1,026 + your Oil selections
  • $45.00$315.00


    , ,
    There was a great Sun in Aries election on the day of the 2021 Aries ingress... We had originally planned to create a full new series, but since we already had so much Exalted Sol on hand, last minute I pivoted to just making Kolonías + etching talismans for personal use instead (never get to do that anymore!). Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab chose to still work the election, so the fruits of those labors are riding alongside our Regulus III release as a Yuletide gift from BPAL to us all! 🎁 There are 7(!) talismanic perfumes to choose from...

    This subseries of condition oils were crafted and blessed under the auspices of Exalted Sol in order to amplify and direct their power. They are fiery and vibrant interpretations of the concepts that they embody, vigorous, bold, and dynamic.


    This is an oil that gilds one's outlook with all the assurance and conviction of a yellow star in its prime, banishing shadows of doubt. This oil assists in affirming faith in oneself and one's place in the cosmos.

    Frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia sacra), safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), vanilla absolute and bean (Vanilla planifolia), bay leaf from the TAL garden (Laurus nobilis), rue essential oil, leaf, and flower from the TAL garden (Ruta graveolens), benzoin absolute and resin (Styrax benzoin), rosemary from the TAL garden (Rosmarinus officinalis), clove bud and essential oil (Syzygium aromaticum), balm of gilead (Populus balsamifera), beeswax absolute (Cera alba), cinquefoil (Potentilla recta), and sweet orange essential oil and peel from the TAL garden (Citrus sinensis).


    This is an oil for attracting and amplifying Solar blessings in all wellness-related pursuits, imbuing one with the light of awareness and understanding that will assist in tending to such matters. This oil is particularly well-used in sports and victory in physical pursuits.

    Frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia sacra), calendula flowers and herbal infusion (Calendula officinalis), safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), rosemary from the TAL garden (Rosmarinus officinalis), bay leaf from the TAL garden (Laurus nobilis), juniper berries and essential oil (Juniperus communis), eucalyptus leaf and essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus), cedar berries (Juniperus monosperma), Nepalese palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martini), and European ash bark (Fraxinus excelsior).


    This is an oil for seeing clearly in all directions, affording fears no refuge and eliminating the places where they may gather and grow.

    Ginger root and essential oil (Zingiber officinale), frankincense tears (Boswellia neglecta) and essential oil (Boswellia sacra), dragon’s blood resin (Daemonorops draco), Spanish saffron threads (Crocus sativus), tonka bean (Dipteryx odorata), rose geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens L'Hér), black pepper essential oil (Piper nigrum), clove bud and essential oil (Syzygium aromaticum), borage from the TAL garden (Borago officinalis), pink peppercorn (Schinus terebinthifolius), and calendula flowers and herbal infusion (Calendula officinalis).


    This is an oil for bedecking oneself in the Sun's reflected radiance, imparting a radiant, powerful sheen of golden glory that will catch others' attention and inspire them to raise you to greater heights.

    Frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia sacra), calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), European ash bark (Fraxinus excelsior), sweet orange essential oil and peel from the TAL garden (Citrus sinensis), orris root and absolute (Iris germanica), Australian sandalwood essential oil (Santalum spicatum), bay leaf from the TAL garden (Laurus nobilis), ginger root and essential oil (Zingiber officinale), fir needle essential oil (Abies balsamea), valerian root from the TAL garden (Valeriana officinalis), Egyptian neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara L.), and bay rum (Pimenta racemosa).



    This is an oil for one who wishes to be showered with financial blessings, both at work and at rest. The Sun offers its light and warmth so magnanimously, but accepting this abundance may run counter to our nature. Meet Sol halfway with this declaration to receive and distribute its sparkling generosity, serving as a conduit for the flow of currency.

    Calendula flowers and herbal infusion (Calendula officinalis), safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia sacra), cinnamon bark and essential oil (Cinnamomum verum), nutmeg essential oil (Myristica fragrans), lemon balm essential oil and leaf from the TAL garden (Melissa officinalis), pine needle essential oil (Pinus sylvestris L.), basil essential oil and leaf from the TAL garden (Ocimum basilicum), lemon peel and essential oil from the TAL garden (Citrus x limon), Western red cedar essential oil (Thuja plicata), vetiver essential oil (Vetiveria zizanioides), irish moss (Chondrus crispus), blue vervain from the TAL garden (Verbena hastata), and fossilized amber oil (Oleum succini). Please note: this oil contains pulverized pyrite.


    The Sun's light may only reach so far, but its influence can be felt and reflected from deep within. This is an oil for forming emotional bonds with what this mighty luminary symbolizes: the light of awareness, the warmth that comes from proximity to vast sources of energy, the gravitational arc that establishes a smooth sense of continuity and ensures that our progress will be inevitable.

    Frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia sacra), calendula flowers and herbal infusion (Calendula officinalis), safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), carnation absolute and petals from the TAL garden (Dianthus caryophyllus), camellia oil (Camellia oleifera), acacia bark and gum (Acacia seyal), gardenia petals from the TAL garden (Gardenia jasminoides), Bulgarian rose absolute (Rosa x damascene), sweet orange essential oil and peel from the TAL garden (Citrus sinensis), apricot kernel oil (Armeniaca vulgaris), lemon balm essential oil and leaf from the TAL garden (Melissa officinalis), betony leaf from the TAL garden (Stachys officinalis), vanilla absolute and bean (Vanilla planifolia), fossilized amber oil (Oleum succini), and helichrysum essential oil (Helichrysum italicum).


    This is an oil for repelling the darkness, affording no cover to unseen foes or malefic intentions. An appeal to this celestial guardian, the source of radiation which blessed our planet with life, to oversee our safekeeping so that we may flourish under its care.

    Frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia sacra), angelica root and essential oil (Angelica archangelica), Solomon’s Seal root (Polygonatum biflorum), coriander seed and essential oil (Coriandrum sativum), rue herb and essential oil from the TAL garden (Ruta graveolens), hyssop essential oil and flower from the TAL garden (Hyssopus officinalis), dill seed and essential oil (Anethum graveolens), marjoram leaf and essential oil (Origanum majorana), olive leaf (Olea europaea), Moroccan rose absolute (Rosa x damascene), juniper leaf, berries, and essential oil (Juniperus communis), agarwood (Aquilaria malaccensis), and calendula flowers and herbal infusion (Calendula officinalis).

    Offered in a 5 ml amber apothecary bottle for $45 each
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    Regulus Stickers

    , , ,
    An image dedicated to Regulus created by Grant Hanna for his forthcoming oracle deck, the Liber Celestis. This sticker is 2” wide and 4” tall, featuring extra space on the bottom which can be used by the client to make their own additions of logo, text, or sigil (or is easily trimmed). Contains no branding or business names, simply displays the image. Limited to 360 prints, each available for $6

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