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    Portable Altar Cases

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    Long have I searched for a thing as perfect as this! After *years* of auditioning various cases — not finding anything high-quality enough to offer our Clients, a member of our *very own team* (the amazing Reyna!) took it upon herself to (meticulously!) design the PERFECT traveling Altar Case. Features include: — Two distinct zippered compartments —— One removable 5-item divider, perfectly tailored to all our 1/2 oz offerings —— One unimpeded, for larger or differently shaped items such as 2.5 oz Salves, Steep + Smokes, Talisman pouches, tarot cards, oracle decks, lighters, tealights, and other ritual items — Soft and padded to protect delicate contents — Lined with champagne-toned, copper-infused Faraday fabric, to safe-keep talismanic influences The exteriors are composed of lightweight cotton and cotton/linen blends, save for the "Nocturne", which is a combination of cotton/linen and dupioni silk. Extra dividers are available standalone, to expand each case's carrying capacity to 10 individually protected items. Washable by hand, if need be! Hand-sewn (with *so much* TLC!) by Reyna for $80, who adds: Engineering of this design is derived from a pattern by the inimitable Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness!
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    Loaded D8 Divination Dice

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    A collaboration arranged by the Winged Messenger himself... Sphere + Sundry welcomes for the first time Kit Cox of Tabletop Gems, who gracefully slid into our DMs inquiring about a potential collaboration right as we initiated pre-production for this series, *not knowing* there had been a full set of D&D dice on Mercury in Gemini's working altar during the operation! These beautiful D8s were cast in the hour of Mercury, with Mercury in Gemini Powder imbuing. They are loaded for divination purposes, where choices can be assigned to odd or even numbers, or a list of numerical options. They can also be carried on one's person as a curio for improving one's Mercurial odds, or otherwise kept on a Mercury Altar. The vast majority of these went to Altar Box Sets, but a few are available standalone. If people have good results, we will do more in the future! Available for $288

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