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    S+ Sweatshirts

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    Sumo has generously decided to release those cherry red hoodies, just in time for NorHem's impending Winter! Of a pretty routine but enduring quality, and moreover, very, very cozy and held up well in beta testing (months of wearing + washing). These were pre-washed by us so they won't shrink or stink of manufacturing, and we trimmed any weird threads, so they're QCd and ready to wear right from the box : ) This was our first foray into wearable merchandise so a ton weren't made. They will probably sell out quickly, but the waitlist will give us an idea of how many to order — in what sizes and when — so please do sign up if you'd like! + let us know what you think! + feel free to tag us on L'SOCIALS wearing one should you wish, so we can witness your GLORY knowing you're warm enough! K MOM. $39 each in initial sizes S-2XL [Additional sizes were added to the waitlist with 0 stock so people can let us know if they want anything dif!]
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    S+ Big Ass Forever Tote

    Cotton canvas totes originally obtained to ferry packages for day-to-day operations, made available by request 🤗 Gigantic and virtually indestructible, these babies are wonderful for transporting shipments and filling to the brim with groceries or heavy bottles. They also serve as supreme kitty beds, or spacious servitors for laundry and herb harvesting. Featuring a convenient front pocket for smaller items, such as a harvesting knife, scan form, cellphone, keys, or water bottle, and comfortable 12" long handles in Sphere + Sundry red. Each is 15"H x 20"W x 9"D, weighing 1.4 pounds. New and unused, simply designed to match S+'s official work bags. High quality, extraordinarily strong totes that could very well last a lifetime, being offered (at cost!) in a run of 36. Available for $20 😻
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    Regulus Stickers

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    An image dedicated to Regulus created by Grant Hanna for his forthcoming oracle deck, the Liber Celestis. This sticker is 2” wide and 4” tall, featuring extra space on the bottom which can be used by the client to make their own additions of logo, text, or sigil (or is easily trimmed). Contains no branding or business names, simply displays the image. Limited to 360 prints, each available for $6

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