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  • $18$66

    Ink of Amenti

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    A portion of the Black Walnut Ink was reserved for dedication to Hermanubis, mixed with colloidal silver and squid ink, and ritually consecrated for the purposes of communicating directly with the dead. Use in automatic drawings channeled from the realm of the deceased, sigil work, or passing love notes and requests to dead loved ones, left on altars or grave sites.

    1/8 oz glass vial for $18 or 1/2 oz for $66

  • $66

    Black Walnut Ritual Ink

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    Black walnuts were hand collected from a local tree after making offerings and asking permission from its spirit, who enthusiastically consented for its fallen fruit to be made the coloring agent for a magical ink. These were harvested on the Wednesday before Mercury’s cazimi on his day and hour, broken into pieces and simmered in spring water until a thick dark sludge resulted. This was strained and combined with grain alcohol, alongside other natural textural and preserving agents, informed by Daniel A. Schulke’s Viridarium Umbris.

    This ink is scented with genuine myrrh, in accord with recipes from the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM), which also suggests the addition of blood. The client-mage may choose to add a drop of their own for this purpose, as I know better than to use my own blood in public offerings 😉

    Black walnut has protective and masculine properties and is aligned, according to Culpepper’s Complete Herbal, with the Sun, making it a fine choice for a cazimi ink, given that Mercury rules over all inks, regardless of their dye base. The ink was consecrated along with the rest of the Mercury cazimi series, with colloidal gold and frankincense to further enhance its bright and solar qualities.

    Use this sepia toned ink to write spells, charms, and sigils, or create automatic drawings and artistic works of magical import, using pen, brush, or extremity. Excellent as a natural vehicle for impressing your will upon creation.

    1/2 oz for $66

  • $223$310

    Full Hermanubis Series

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    Receive everything in the Hermanubis Series. Includes:

    • Oil of Hermanubis
    • Ink of Amenti in 1/8 oz or 1/2 oz glass vial
    • Hermanubis Beeswax Candle
    • Natron
    • Way Opening Dead-Drawing Elixir in 1/2 oz or 2 oz glass bottle
    • Hermanubis Self-Igniting Incense
    • 5″ Hermanubis statue in your choice of white or black
    • Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ritual for waking your statue

    $310 for the large, or $223 for the small while all offerings last.

  • $144$225

    Full Exalted Mercury Cazimi Series

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    Receive everything in the Exalted Mercury Cazimi Series. Includes:

    • Exalted Mercury Cazimi Oil
    • Exalted Mercury Cazimi Water with AAA grade opal, in 1/2 oz or 2 oz
    • Exalted Mercury Cazimi Self-Igniting Incense
    • Black Walnut Ritual Ink, in 1/8oz or 1/2 oz

    $225 for the large, or $144 for the small while all offerings last.


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