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We offer complete sets of our series, some of which come in decorated boxes. Proper storage and keeping similarly powered items grouped together helps magical items preserve their charge and increase their potency.

These contain one of each type of item that was made — a candle, an oil, and a talisman, for instance, and usually another item specific to the box sets. The boxes themselves are wooden, painted and decorated during the lead up or come down from the most potent elected times when the main items are created, usually while the moon is still in contact with our primary generative forces. They therefore possess their own talismanic and sympathetic properties.

These can be kept on altars and opened for ritual use. The closure of the box is for storage and to sequester away the impact of charged items when not in use, and to preserve items from the contagion of light, which on a subtle level, erodes energetic charges, and on a practical one, causes oxidation. The open lids can be used as easels or platforms for the resting of sigils and other spell material, and often feature seals or images that can be used as meditative aids.

Boxes are shipped with all the items within and feature materials to pad everything and keep them in place during shipping. Make sure to remove any such debris before burning candles or incense, and never close the lid without first extinguishing candle flames or incense embers. NEVER leave flame unattended. The boxes themselves, being made of wood and lacquered, are not flame retardant.

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