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  • $27.00$70.00

    Anointing Oil of Antares

    , ,
    Pure Antares Anointing Oil, raw and uncensored (aside from the support the election provides). This is probably the most unbridled, intense, and potentially volatile offering of the entire series, and is best approached carefully and with cautious consideration — especially for skin-based applications. Or by the astro-magical equivalent of Evel Knievels. Great for magic befitting Antares' arcana, before physical activities, competitions, and other appropriate times/ places. Enables you to create your own personal subset with the addition of chosen ingredients! Offered in the Client's selection of 1/2 oz standard ($70), 10 ml steel roller ($55), or 5 ml mini ($27).
  • $30.00$99.00

    Heart of the Emperor Scorpion Subset

    , , , , , ,
    Standard recipe, with the addition of naturally deceased (whole) Emperor Scorpion, Manchurian Scorpion, and Oregon Forest Scorpion. Myrrh, copal, sardonyx, vetiver, cypress leaf, oregano, thyme, and 24k gold. Saffron, birthwort, and amethyst. A combo reminiscent of Emperor Edition Mars in Scorpio Oil x Golden Gator, but of course — belonging to Antares, encapsulating the darker, quieter, more lethal, and defensively equipped themes of its arcana. For when you need to keep your Martial impulses tightly constrained, focus, and strategize. The sneakiest, most psychic, and potentially most dangerous (for any would-be opponents) of the Antares series. Excellent for discipline and defense. Anointing Oil: standard 1/2 oz glass vial ($80) or 5 ml mini ($30) Incense + Powder combo (use as either): 1/2 oz vial ($33) or 2 oz bulk pot ($99) We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available. Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48 Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33 Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!
  • $95.00$165.00

    Antares Candles

    , ,
    Soy-coconut wax, dyed red and poured over consecrated Antares herbal mix, including ground up, homegrown (but deceased of natural causes) Oregon Forest Scorpion. Topped with fumigated red sardonyx, saffron, and 24k gold. Burn to energize, strategize, and meditate on Antares' arcana. Use in candle magic toward specific ends. Light sigils or petitions with its star-fire imbued flame. Available in a small 2 oz glass jar for $95, or slim vigil for $165.
  • $30.00$99.00

    Badger Subset

    , , , , , ,
    Standard recipe, with the addition of naturally deceased Badger bones, teeth, claws, and fur, and some Wolverine for good measure. Turmeric, maca, myrrh, vetiver, yohimbe, clove, valerian root, garlic powder, asafetida, mustard seed, dragon's blood, and devil's shoestring. The Swamp Gator of the Antares series, for when you find yourself wrestling with the vipers of this world and need the protection, grit, and determination to come out victorious! Excellent for relentless pursuit of one's goals and objectives. And very effective in works of defensive + counter-maleficia. Honey badger don't care! Anointing Oil: standard 1/2 oz glass vial ($80) or 5 ml mini ($30) Incense + Powder combo (use as either): 1/2 oz vial ($33) or 2 oz bulk pot ($99) We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available. Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48 Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33 Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!
  • $65.00

    Antares Ink + Skin Stain

    , ,
    Botanical derived alcohol-based ink from heart-tonifying, cooling forms of naturally occuring red: hibiscus and beet root, alongside Antares herbal matter. Color the background of petition papers or sigils, mix with other inks, paints, and mediums, or draw upon the skin along related meridians, acupuncture points, and power-centers. Arrives in a 1 oz glass bottle with brush cap for $65
  • $25.00$75.00

    Antares Powder

    , ,
    Organic Antares herbal mix, fumigated and consecrated during the election, and ground to a fine powder with 24k gold. Use in the manner magical powders are often employed — to dress candles, in mojos, sprinkled in workout shoes, &c. Available in a 1/2 oz vial for $25 or 2 oz bulk pot for $75 Sphere + Sundry's powders are made of 100% uncut herbs, resins, gemstones, and precious metals. Never any fillers. Mix with arrowroot to make your own infinite supply of Hoodoo-style sachet powder!
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    Antares Talismans

    , , ,
    From the one and only Tony Mack

    Antares Behenian Fixed Star Talisman

    Modeled in hard carver’s wax and Cast in 80/20 electrum with iron firescale, and Gold. Casting was accompanied by suffumigation of Myrrh, Yew, and saffron.

    An image of Antares as a woman's face with ardent eyes, carved in high relief. She wears an ornate helm, the form of which is a composite of scorpion and dragon motif. Into the center of the helm was placed saffron, yew, and sard/sardonyx [carnelian and red agate], which was then enclosed with a 3.5 carat amethyst. Ingredients and gemstones were used per the instructions found in 'De Quindecim Stellis' translations Quadripertitus, Liber Enoch, and Liber Thebit.

    Each talisman arrives in a keepsake jewelry box bearing a wax seal of the sigil of Antares in De Quindecim Stellis, and includes a 20" silver chain.

    Very few were cast, given a limited election window in his location. Includes a vial of Antares Powder. Available for $3,300
  • $30.00$90.00

    Antares Incense

    , ,
    Organic Antares herbal mix, fumigated and consecrated during the election, and ground to a fine powder with 24k gold. The addition of frankincense, amethyst consecrated during the Butter Ocean election to soothe, brighten, and provide additional beneficence, red sardonyx, dragon's blood, and 24k gold. Take a smoke bath before appropriate activities — exercise, competition, creating brainstorming, strategizing, and the like. Burn as an offering, employ in ritual, and activate sigils. Fumigate spaces before compatible activities. Available in a 1/2 oz vial for $30 or 2 oz bulk pot for $90
  • $35.00$65.00

    Bath Salts of Antares

    , , ,
    Antares' organic herbal mix and Anointing Oil-infused Dead Sea salts, with a small portion of glittering red mica, red mandarin essential oil, frankincense, amber, and nutmeg. Clarifies and empowers the Martial Sphere, priming for victory, strategy, and providing a vital dose of Yang and infusion of Pitta Dosha. NOTE: Using too close to bed can cause sleeplessness. This is best used as a remedial or ritual bath before appropriate activities, such as competing, exercising, or appropriate types of magic. It is not an "unwind before bed" kind of bath! Offered in an 8 oz bale top glass jar for $35, 16 oz bulk pot for $65, or in a 18 oz (by weight) refill bundle for $60.
  • $30.00$60.00

    Antares Attuning Tincture

    , ,
    100% organic herbs: agrimony, calamus root, upleurum root, wood betony, maca root, allspice, angelica root, grains of paradise, alum, ashwaganda root, black cohosh root, ginseng root, ceylon cinnamon, saffron, amethyst, sardonyx, and 24k gold. Fumigated and immersed in top shelf whiskey during our Antares election. Though we cannot recommend Tinctures procured from us for your internal consumption (because they were not created to GMP standards), we can say that Talismanic Attuning Tinctures are designed to work in homeopathic doses. 1-3 drops at a time in a glass of something or under the tongue will do, and not even necessarily everyday. Especially for a power like Antares. Note that Martial and Venusian Tinctures can cause hormone disruption, even at relatively low doses. For those on birth control or who menstruate, it can cause spotting and interfere with medications. NEVER take while pregnant or breast feeding. That being said, anoint that which you do not want getting oily... Available in a 1/2 oz dropper for $30, or 1 oz for $60.
    Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Do not use while pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Any internal consumption undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.
  • $33.00$99.00

    Azure Dragon Subset

    , , , , , , , ,
    Standard recipe, with the addition of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)-grade Ge Jie (medicinal Gecko) and Peacock feather. Ritually harvested bamboo (hour of Jupiter), watercress, birthwort, red and white ginseng root, master root, turmeric, dragon's blood, 24k gold, saffron, and golden copal. Far and away the most benefic offerings of the Antares series. The most wearable, feel good form of this stellar charge, which encapsulates the Ancient Chinese interpretation of Scorpius as the Azure Dragon, aligned with the Wood element and Springtime energies. A masterclass on narrative "frame", interpretations, and ingredients making all the difference... Uplifting, invigorating, and full of all-potential. Brings growth, good fortune, accomplishment, and a spark of Divine Favor — the Mandate of Heaven. Excellent for those who struggle with not wanting to be part of the world, or not wanting to get out bed in the morning, who could use positive motivation and a healthy dose of Yang Chi. The Dragon may not even need to fight, it can win just by showing up... Anointing Oil: standard 1/2 oz glass vial ($85) or 5 ml mini ($33) Incense + Powder combo (use as either): 1/2 oz vial ($33) or 2 oz bulk pot ($99) Ink + Shimmering Skin stain: 1 oz glass w/ brush cap for $70 We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available. Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48 Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33 Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!
  • $120.00

    Antares Anointing Oil Mini Set

    , ,
    The full set of Antares Anointing Oils, in all 5 ml varieties:
    • Base series
    • Badger
    • Heart of the Emperor Scorpion
    • Azure Dragon
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    The Unveiling of Ishara

    , ,
    A votive rite to the ancient Mesopotamian Goddess Ishara developed and written by Robert Fitzgerald. Available for $165, in addition to the Client's selection of Heart of the Emperor Scorpion items to be used to complete the ritual. [limited to 25 standalone copies]
  • $25.00$65.00

    Water of Antares

    , , ,
    Water harvested from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta; a Martial and Jupiterian herbal blend — including saffron, sardonyx, and amethyst, distilled via copper alembic and entombed in consecrated Antares' herbal blend for many, many moons. Helps clarify the Martial Sphere, providing a gentle boost of productivity, energy, and motivation. Start with a 1-3 spritzes above the Crown of the head; apply as more of an aura spray than a body spray. This can also be used to set the stage for Antarian or Martial activities and observations, by spraying locations where exercise, ritual work, or competition will take place. Offered in a 1/2 oz sample or travel size for $25, or full 2 oz for $65.
  • $33.00$100.00

    Antares Kolonía

    , , ,
    Water freshly harvested from Mt. Shasta, grain alcohol, colloidal gold, and organic essential oils, consecrated during the Antares operation. Saffron threads and red sardonyx. Cleansing the vessel with this Kolonía helps purify the Martial and Antarian within your own bodily Sphere. Best practice with any Kolonía is to seal the auric body after use. This is easily achieved by using any Anointing Oil, Salve, or even Body Butter which supports your chosen aims, to address your state in the moment, or for supporting longer-term goals. Cleanse your ritual and physical weapons, sporting regalia, and other appropriate items.
    Turkish colognes are often sprinkled upon the hands before entering households and business establishments, providing natural sanitation and also a delightful scent. ⠀ ⠀ Sphere + Sundry’s talismanic Kolonías can be used in such a way, or as Celestial Florida Waters for energetic cleansing — promoting clarity and way-finding, as life demands or before ritual. ⠀ ⠀ Doing the following makes it difficult for nasties to glom on or penetrate the auric body, and establishes a clean slate which potentiates the efficacy of other materia…⠀ ⠀ Shake well to integrate and disburse organic essential oils, colloidal metals, and botanically derived colors.⠀
    Quick Kolonía Clearing Protocol ⠀ ⠀ Sprinkle about a half teaspoon onto the palm of the hand and gently rub both together for 5-10 seconds, coating tops and bottoms. The hands can float 2 inches from the body or lightly skim it.⠀ ⠀ Stand and run your palms from the crown of your head down the back of it, then start from the top again, going down the sides, the front of the face and down body, all the way to the tops of your feet. Sweep multiple times. ⠀ ⠀ If you feel any areas “sticking”, continue stroking until energies disperse, and then proceed with additional downward sweeping.⠀ ⠀ Continue skimming downward, running your cologned hands across every surface area, including under the arms, groin, between the legs, and rear, concluding with the bottoms of the feet by lifting them. You can “flick” the energy off if it feels right, or it will dissipate naturally, however you prefer.⠀ ⠀ Take 10-30 seconds to close your eyes and integrate the cleansing, feeling the shift, and thank your chosen Power for the cleansing and protection it provided, sealing the auric body from negativity.⠀ ⠀ Kolonías also serve to anoint and sanctify the hands, and can be used before performing energy work, ritual work, or any activity related to each series’ arcana – on oneself, one’s clients, or loved ones. They can be used to cleanse objects, spaces, and add oomph to spiritual baths, as well as added to floor washes, essential oil diffusers, or dishes of water kept at the bedside and entries. ⠀ ⠀ Extraordinarily simple, versatile, effective, and p o t e n t . Arrives in your choice of 1.7 oz woozy bottle with genuine saffron threads, red sardonyx, and orifice reducer for $33, or 5 oz bulk for $100
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    Antares Altar Box Sets (Includes Talisman)

    , ,
    One of *each and every item* in the Antares series, in small or large form (if there is size variation, otherwise, the standard size), including The Unveiling of Ishara, AND an ornate Talisman from Tony Mack. Sphere + Sundry Anointing Oils are always INCLUDED (these are full sets), but CHOSEN individually, so Clients can make their own selection of standard, roller, or mini : ) Altar Boxes for Antares are hand sanded and waxed red. DEEP BREATH... Small (+ ornate talisman, + unveiling of Ishara) = $3,965 Large (+ ornate talisman, + unveiling of Ishara) = $5,600
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    Antares Bath Bombs

    , ,
    We are beginning to roll out bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available. Offered in a 2.5" sphere for $33
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    Antares Spell Soap

    , , ,
    We are beginning to roll out soaps for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available. Offered in a 3" x 1" disc for $48 Please note that the loaded herbal components can make these slightly "scratchy" on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!

On the surface, Antares is a bittersweet, mixed bag of an eminent yet semi-malefic star. One of the four Persian Royals — last to take its rightful place among Sphere + Sundry’s stellar pantheon, following Regulus (once, twice, thrice), Aldebaran, and Fomalhaut. Despite being a popular request, it wasn’t a Power I had actually wanted to work with, sacrilegious an admission may be. But in June of 2022 an election came along that was too good (for us!) *not* to harvest, and by then Antares had been hunting haunting me for years — this brilliant, eye-catching orb psychically beaming through many a random night’s inky darkness, which Sky Guide would reveal as Antaresagain.

Scorpion immortalized in Burmese Amber for up to 100 million years, serving as central altarpiece

This star marks the Heart of the Scorpion in the constellation of Scorpius, which currently resides at 10°04′ Tropical Sagittarius (due to precession), or 15°54′ Sidereal Scorpio. It is the brightest and the boldest of its asterism, its name: Ant(i)·Ares, meaning not Ares — the Greek God of war and courage, astrologically correlated with the planet Mars, ruler of both Ar(i)es and (classically…) Scorpio.

To be named after one whom you are explicitly not infers not only rivalry and opposition, but indeed, that a mistake in identity could be easily made.

To us mere mortals/ non-cage fighters, we see two once in a lifetime champions in the gladiatorial pit and categorize them equally as such; but to one another, each is an existential threat — to the title, to the belt/ sash, to the beat stick/ scepter, and ultimately, to the Crown which they wholly and individually aspire; potentially their lives.

To be The Best, there can only be one.

Any and all rivals must fall.

I’ve said before that Regulus is a Crown of Spotlight, and that Fomalhaut is one of Shadow.

Aldebaran is the Claim — of lands, of resources, and of mining rights begetting the gold and silver upon which coinage once relied. Of Ownership, of Agreements, and the ferocity such entitlements inspire.

What then leads to the coronation of Antares?


Antares is the archetype of the Self-Made Success — whom any aspirant can embody regardless of gender or identity, so long as they refuse to give upnever say die, or cry uncle (over the long-term). There is one rule: outlive (and ideally, outperform) any adversary.

No challengers left behind. Aside the cold bones, fallen regalia, and dented weaponry which form the Throne upon which Antares boldly sits, the hot blood of fresh Opposers sloshing about skull-goblets. Brash pronouncements; raucous toasts.

A hyperbolic (but metaphorically appropriate!) scene reminiscent of Valhalla — the Nordic after-realm of slain champions, which segues nicely into Antares’ role as Watcher of the West in the time of the Persian Empire. The star then marked the Autumnal Equinox, heralding the waning of the Sun in the macro-annual sense, as well as the micro… darkness nightly subsuming day, Sol fading beneath the western horizon.

Let us remember that the Moon grows full *in opposition to* the Sun, and that the Stars are what the Lunar Mansions/ Nakshatras are built on (— and who for).

That’s a key aspect of why — to those who magically utilize the Royal Stars and understand the meta+physical implications of directions — their stated posts may register as off/ backward. The best view of one direction comes from the other. Hence, Regulus holds the role as Guardian of the North, where it is cold and dark, to look and cast light toward the bright, hot South — a far more organic allegiance.

Point being, when the Sun conjoins each Watcher, its light is cast cross-axis, potentiating Luna’s ability to make manifest the opposite Star’s significations.

Thus, while Antares is “Watcher of the West”, the most potent phase for its magical application is actually the northern hemisphere’s Springtime, when the Sun resides with Aldebaran and a very full Moon cozies up to our series’ namesake. An aspect of why to the Chinese, its constellation was not regarded as a Scorpion, but instead, the Azure Dragon. Representative of the Wood element, bringing growth, good fortune, new life, and opportunity.

Antares therefore relates to the glorious ascension and rising eminence represented by naturally occurring Eastward energies, and the transformation, downfall, and physical death found over the Western horizon.

What victories it finds are said to be short lived, and that can certainly be the outcome of such an extreme Arcana. No Champion is the best forever, or forever lives — lest they be immortalized among the stars — their glorious achievements outshining (therefore, outliving) the efforts of even future contenders.

The Constellation and Sign of Scorpio is undoubtedly one of the most colourful characters in the entire heavens, in or out of the Zodiac. The name is sometimes spelt Scorpius, not a mistake in our latin but telling us that this is one particular scorpion, not just any example of that species.

In Greek mythology, it is the Scorpion which the goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter and mother-figure to the world of living creatures, sent to sting the hunter Orion as he was about to slay Taurus the bull. In our night sky Scorpio is opposite Orion and Taurus, but with the Hunter lower than the Bull, so that as the Scorpion rises, the Hunter sets, leaving the Bull safely alone there.

— Dr. Eric Morse, The Living Stars

Antares is commonly agreed to possess not only the nature of Mars, but also Jupiter. That’s where the excessive victory, glory, and Kingship come into play, as well as the reinforcement of its alliance with Wood and Springtime in the TCM and Chinese Astrological system — which brings new life/ fresh growth, good health, vitality, legacy, opportunity, creative ingenuity, and good fortune. The Greatest Benefic is the planetary ally of the Wood element, as well as the trigrams Zhèn + Xùn; thunder and wind/ air respectively.

Antares is, like Algol, a binary star — meaning that what we call “Antares” is actually two distinct Solar bodies, which Creation has seen fit to ally with one another. Antares A typically gets all the attention, being a red supergiant and the 15th brightest star the night sky displays.

[Occultnik nerds might appreciate that 5 is Mars’ magical number, and that Mars exalts in Capricorn — ruled by Saturn, whose own magical number is 3, and that 5 x 3 = 15; allying it to Saturn’s square and the Lo Shu. An arithmantic confirmation of Antares’ relationship to manifesting peak performance, endurance, grit, sticktoitiveness, and yes… potential for downfalls and ill-outcomes.]

Antares B wasn’t officially discovered until April 13th 1819, during *Aries season* by a scientist who just so happened to have *Mars at the 0 degree Aries point*Johann Tobias Bürg. It was then our Moon occulted the larger orange-red glare that typically combusts the smaller, emerald green or blueish hued Antares B, and the star’s binary nature was scientifically confirmed.

Further aligning Antares’ planetary patrons, if it were to replace our own Sun (due to its being 800 times the size of Humanity’s Star), the outer surface would fall between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, in perfect alignment with the asteroid belt. Given Antares B is loaded with junk thrown off by its bigger, badder compatriot, this too is its own fun fractalized macro-sync.

Antares relates to the Nakshatra Jyeṣṭha, which is ruled by Indra in Hindu mythology — similar to the Greek’s Zeus, Roman’s Jupiter, Germanic Thor, and sundry King of the Gods-Gods with a thing for lightning, creation, and (copious, sometimes coerced) copulation.

In a video about the 18th Lunar Mansion, Vedic astrologer and YouTuber Vic DiCara shares some fun stories about Indra that showcase a guru, sage, priest, or magical practitioner of some kind being a vital partner in Indra’s (and therefore Antares’) revolutions, as left to his own devices… impertinent masculine folly leading to ruination, well… typically results.

Antares B-eing a good influence on Antares A

These figures are the bluish-green Jupiterian (or even Venusian) influence buoying its arcana behind the scenes — keying Antares’ growth and ultimate success to the intervention of wiser, more mature, cultivated, and sorcerously gifted beings in its orbit; who check and balance the more arrogant, prideful, unregulated, id-driven impulses which otherwise take the wheel.

Brashness, impudence, impatience, fiery emotionality, and excessive self-regard are part and parcel on the surface expressions of this star, but increased self-awareness, humility, and the help of empowered 3rd party influences reliably save the day, enabling our protagonist (and ourselves) to innovate, to rise, and to rule again.

Which is where being unstoppable — especially in contrast to most would-be rivals, stems from.

The Royal Stars are covetous — of attention, of belongings, of gnosis, and of accolades. They are generators of worldly power — which has a corrupting effect on the individuals and lives subject to it, whetting the appetite for more of the same. The byproducts of excess have a tendency to sour and to amass over time, making a hot bed for Rahu’s bad influence.

Why are the rich and famous — and the children of them — so prone to mental illness, drug addiction, bad judgment, self-loathing, and ruination, despite every thing coming easily, and at their disposal? Material excess itself is a spiritually degrading force, resulting in energetic decrease on an even cellular level. These things eclipse the Spirit, and dislocate us from that which brings health and stable regard for the self and those around it. It occludes perception, and mires us in the negative, misleading aspects of Māyā.

Because power begets excess, each of the Watchers is associated with a particular celestial “sin” or pitfall, which those in natal or magical possession of its influence should bear in mind to not only sustain success, but prevent negative outcomes. Summarized from Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars:

Regulus: the desire for vengeance and revenge. Overcoming envy.
Fomalhaut: preserving ideals and dreams from corruption. Purity of intent.
Aldebaran: integrity and honor in worldly dealings. Lived morality.
Antares: obsession, control, ruthlessness, and lack of awareness. Self-undoing.

Jyestha’s patron Devata, King of the Devas, Indra, — naturally — thought very highly of himself. He was preoccupied with having the best, lacked control of his own impulses, and felt entitled to that which anyone else had that drew his interest. One such beauty was Ahalya, the world’s most hypnotically attractive young woman, married to the great sage Gautama.

Indra, ever the watchful strategist, noted that each morning Gautama left home to bathe in the river and perform his morning Sādhanā. This gave Indra the perfect opportunity to shape-shift into the form of Ahalya’s husband, approach her, and seduce her. Gautama caught his doppelgänger leaving on his own return home, presumably straightening his toga-loons — and understood instantly what had taken place.

In the most common version of events, Ahalya knew the whole time it was Indra and chose to play along with the ploy as an excuse to sate her own desires — for sex, for danger, for flattery, and for proximity to a rawer, more bestial form of (socially) higher-rung masculine power.

In others, she was truly tricked, and therefore functionally raped. The result is the same in either case. Gautama laid a curse on her to be as plain and unremarkable as the stones people pass without notice — or to literally become one (or in yet another version, to assume the form of a dry river bed), stripping her of the great beauty upon which her glorious appeal and reputation relied. For Indra, the curse was thus:

“Allow me grant what you seek above all else… may your whole body be covered by it,
and furthermore, may you lose what is needed to join it!”

With that, his own genitals  d i s s o l v e d, and 1 , 0 0 0  V U L V A S  began breaking out from every inch of Indra’s body, until all of his skin was covered in labia.

MORTIFIED, Indra fled to a cave, where he stayed in shame-induced exile for some time. Meanwhile, all of his managerial responsibilities went untended, and chaos ensued.

Growing repentant and restless, Indra finally ventured in search of the Goddess Lakshmi, whom he found in a lake atop a lotus flower. He asked for help with his… uh, condition, but was informed that no Deva can undo what magic the Sages have cast, for theirs was most powerful. She would turn lemons into lemonade, however, and with her good grace made all of the thousand vulvas blossom, placing in each socket an individual Eye that allowed Indra to see constantly and in any direction. The cherry on top: installation of a shiny new, super manly, ram penis.

And that is the story of how Indra became covered in 1,000 vulva-eyes.

SOMEONE did try to get me drop that retelling from the write-up, but ever the Sabbatic witch, I could not resist!

This allegory showcases how Antares’ lack of self-control leads to self-undoing and to ego-death, which then necessitates rebirth; achieved through a period of retreat, self-reflection, and the wise application of magical intervention.

Antares is obsessive because *becoming* the best requires that kind of single-minded dedication to the objective. It is paranoid because *having* the best serves as an invitation to thieves, and holding the highest titles and honors, to challengers. Maintaining the highest rung presents every opportunity to fall with less and less available to gain. In that sense, Indra’s 1,000 eyes are truly useful, to monitor every would-be threat and manage all of drama Kingship and competition… tends to… entail.

The stinger of scorpions are their truest weapon, pincers typically reserved for holding off or onto any adversaries. Scorpions, like Indra, possess many eyes, though they are better sensors than seers. Their bodies are coated in heavy, iron and zinc-filled plates, segmented for mobility like a gladiator’s armor. These features encapsulate Antares’ strategic prowess, strong defenses, and ability to command all aspects in concert toward a single end — the pin-point of a deadly sting.

Let us remember that Scorpio is Mars ruled, yes, but just as importantly, a yin Water sign. That makes it more emotional than we tend to assume.

The two brightest stars that used to represent its pincers were re-gifted to Libra to serve as its scales by the ancient Greeks, creating a duplex of sorts shared between the two, while most signs have a more typical fence-line of neighboring space between them.

This, taken in consideration of Scorpius’ defense of Taurus’ Bull, reminds us that Mars is the natural dance-partner of Venus, and begs the very important question:

What is worth fighting for?
Or even, laying down our arms?

Pincer-clad they may be…

In S01E03 of HBO’s The Last of Us, there is a very moving scene toward the end of a beautiful, heart-wrenching semi-standalone episode. Click here to skip any spoilers, or read on.

A survivalist (fun to imagine this is what came of Ron Swanson) is hunkered down in his bunker during a mycelium-fueled zombie apocalypse and manages to create his own little self-sustaining Martial utopia. One day, someone falls into a defensive trick-pit he’d dug beyond the border of his abode, and gets sweet-talked into a shower and a meal by the handsome stranger. The two discover a shared sexuality and attraction over singing and playing the piano, and end up enjoying a long, fulfilled, and happy life together.

In old age, the Venus of the two falls ill, and decides it is time to both tie the knot and end his suffering. The survivalist obliges his final request: to grind up a lethal dose of pain killers and serve them to his husband in a last glass of after-dinner Beaujolais, but in a romantic twist of Scorpionic tenor, secrets the same pills into his own glass, revealing his choice to accompany his mate — even in death.

The survivalist leaves a letter for his friend, fellow brooding Mars-type, explaining:

“You are the only person who will understand… I used to hate the world, and I was happy when everyone died. But I was wrong, because there was 1 person worth saving. That’s what I did. I saved him, then I protected him. That’s why men like you and me are here. We have a job to do. And God help any motherfuckers who stand in our way. I leave you all of my weapons and equipment. Use them to keep [your own love] safe.”

This is reminiscent of the parable of the scorpion and the frog — another illustration of Antares’s penchant for self-undoing and the need for emotional control and maturity; but for a more worthy cause.

We observe in both stories that Martial impulses are not wrong or unhealthy when well-placed and choicely enacted. They can be key to survival, as is connection.

Love, beauty, and some portion of Sattva make life a pleasure worth living, and those are born of the Heart.

of the Dove… another animalic representative of Scorpius, perhaps?

The Heart is the scene and the source of many, many things.

It is a blood soaked battle-ground, where betrayal and hatred leave their marks.

But it is also the the softest marriage bed, and fount of all-passion.

In the Chinese system, the Heart is considered The Spirit Gate — keeper of Shen, and unifies the Heart-Mind. This form of energy shines through the eyes, regulates sleep and wakefulness, and is the driving life-force of will and the desire to engage with the world around us.

Shen is vital to healthy functioning and human flourishing, but its cultivation is especially important for excellence and accomplishment. Especially for magical practitioners.

One of the very early proto-chapters for BOOK, written in 2018 during Sphere + Sundry’s first year, was titled “The Altar of the Heart”, for that is where — as we sit at any other — the most powerful magician, yogi, or priest truly abides. Prayers from the Heart are the ones reliably answered. Mantras and Practice from the Heart gain the most profound of Siddhis… the likes of which enable Sages to become more powerful than Gods.

Because of the Heart’s tether on the Mind and vice versa, meditation and exercise are good ways of taming and cultivating each. As is working with Antares talismans and materia — if one is up to the challenge.

[+ even if you aren’t! More on that below…]

Sincerest thanks to you, kindest of readers! — for escorting these meandering explorations of a surprising breadth, to the point we now near, where practicalities are divulged, archetypes explored, and preparedness discussed.

First of all — those who’ve been ‘round the Spherical bend know well… that using materia of a harsh nature DOES NOT automatically fix the issues related to it!

It brings them to the surface, and it teaches things, and it gives us tools to rise to the occasion of slaying those particular dragons.

And Antares dragons are BIG. Because they are most like actual DRAGONS. But the world full of them, and we all have our own natal methods of expressing the Dragon/ Scorpion within.

Some people run a true-to-form, classically Martial wavelength — their anger looks and feels like anger.

They get into it with others on semi-regular basis. They’re quick to rise, to telegraph irritation and impatience. Maybe they register as a bit immature; having a tendency to interrupt or annoy others. All leather, no polish.

But they are also proactive, bringing good attitude, energy, and pace to the job of getting things done. You’d tolerate ’em in the zombie apocalypse; and likely live longer for it.

For others — Martial matters are suppressed for the sake of towing the social line, and can end up escaping sideways in the form of passive aggressive, manipulative, or underhanded behavior.

Newborn Anointing Oils from the night of Antares’ creation, June 13th, 2022. Hour of Luna. Chart in each offering’s image gallery.

Those wired likewise might identify as “not liking fighting” or that they “aren’t fighters“, yet won’t stop pestering, challenging, or needling others in micro-aggressive ways (perhaps on behalf of other people); or end up arranging for others to fight their battles for them. The puppeteer of a production is no less involved in what happens on stage than the actors seen doing it. Name’s still in the credits!

A third type is always hemming and hawing, fuming or bitching about someone or something, anti-social, maybe prone to posturing or road rage, but is also woefully ineffective; making problems for themselves they can’t seem to fix, repeating the same mistakes. If you’re in a hole, stop digging!

And a fourth — blessed (and rare!) are those with optimally-balanced Pitta Dosha and healthy Shen, who are continually driven, proactive, ambitious, yet well-regulated, with zero Martial pathos of which to speak.

Most of us can’t relate!

The bottom line is: Mars is a whole 1/7th of the Planetary Pantheon, whether we like it or not — whether we’re good at it or not. We have a Mars in our chart, and there is Mars in the sky, and it does stuff every now and again.

No one gets through life without experiencing conflict, and certainly no one achieves greatness without conflicts along the way.

Thus, Antares’ expression can manifest on a spectrum of true-to-form to hyper-effective General-Assasin, which may be a confusing experience for those who are wired and used to channeling Mars differently.

Antares is meta-Martial in the same way Regulus is meta-Solar

They have a way of going over the natal placement’s head, like having a direct line to the Arcana’s manager —rather than starting from the call center.

Their application tends to result in less allergies** and backfires related to natal placements and expressions, compared to using materia and talismans of the the Sun or Mars directly

**Those allergies being why it’s not uncommon in astro-magic to be of the opinion that people with debilitated planets are better off avoiding dignified talismans of the same type. Materia is more transient and better at facilitating growth + learning over time, so in our opinion the same rules do not apply. If a wavelength is important to you, you do the work and learn to run it!

The main difference is that, Sol is more of a benefic than Mars is, so the stakes can vary. On top of that, we live in a hyper-socialized world that is somewhat hostile to direct or classically expressed “masculine” communication, interests, and values.

Few people experience the full spectrum of Mars and see the virtue in it.

Antares will reveal that virtue — and instill it in you. But you must work with it, for it, and at it.

Both of these Stars are good at lifting people out of low and depressive states, because they both relate to the Heart, the Shen, and therefore, the will to live and engage with the world.

Antares both purifies and tonifies the Martial Sphere.

Anyone who has Mars problems they want to straighten out, should experiment with at least micro-dosing Antares, because it helps burn away Martial bullshit.

For the gentlest introduction, start with a diluted salt bath, smoke bath, or a Kolonia cleanse early on a chosen day — choose Forms that are more transient and clarifying in nature, rather than those that continue infusing the body. These help unblock the energetic channels needed to run a charge, and provide controlled, temporary exposure that starts building muscle/ tolerance. You can do this multiple times before more direct application.

^ That is always the advice for when a series is too strong or not sitting well, by the way!

Once that’s well tolerated, try a single spritz of Water above the Crown of the head. Or a single drop of Oil on a piece of jewelry that can be taken off easily at any time, or the Heart center.

When we say a little goes a long way…

Also note that the base series is the most volatile, non-directed form of any energy. The subsets are more specialized, providing buffers and scaffolding that help steer the charge toward a particular outcome.

Among the Antarian subsets, Azure Dragon is far and away the most benefic and feel-good. IT is what to pick if you’re nervous about engaging Antares, and even if you aren’t nervous — it’s just an amazing energy. Inspiring, motivating, vital, uplifting, and ambitious. Informed by the Wood and Springtime energies we touched on earlier.

Heart of the Emperor Scorpion and Badger are far less prone to emotional outbursts and volatility in their own ways, and are the most defensive, protective, and self-preserving of the series.

Those who are scared by all this, are probably the people who need it most. That’s Mars, baby!

Learning to handle Antares is (hardcore) Martial remediation. Don’t get freaked; get proactive.

Emotional self-regulation in the face of anger and irritation are a special kind of kryptonite for many people. And I’m not going to lie, you will likely find yourself agitated at times while under the influence of Antares, especially of the base series.

To wear it well, you must actively engage strategies for refining, regulating, and strengthening yourself, and your Shenthe Emotions and the Mind. Subsets help with this regulation the most, like training wheels. Such will lead to self-mastery and power the likes of which you’ve never dreamed possible.

The best way to handle the Antares project, is to prepare to confront the SELF — the Adversary and Opposer withinfar more often than those external.

Anything that comes up — get self-reflective about it.

Stop. Lie in wait, as the Scorpion does. Maybe apply the Emperor subset.

Learn to strike minimally, and only toward *actual* threats.

To the hammer, all’s a nail…

That does not mean that there is never a time to take action. It means that those who have power tools (or guns), must learn to wield them well, and responsibly. Hurting yourself and others can otherwise come easily.

Antares also brings things to the surface that genuinely should be addressed, and gives us the ability to confront what needs confronting.

Still, anger is a lot of energy.

Unguided, it is the most destructive force on the planet.

[willfully overlooking stupidity!]

Channeled tightly, it serves as unparalleled motivation toward the accomplishment of one’s goals, and as fuel for Greatness.

Do not lash out, or act on unmitigated impulse, as often as you are able — reflect, and ensure whatever action you determine ennobles not only your Self, but the Sphere which you aspire to build.

Or that it is absolutely necessary.
Or that you are ready and willing to face the fallout.

The life-cycle of a champion entails many, many phases of challenge, overcoming, challenge, defeat, retreat, and rebirth. Lean into it on miniature and overarching levels, and learn to enjoy the ride!

Just like Saturn, Mars has a really useful “It’s not that serious” mode. Except it says “bro” first.

Pain tolerance is increased, which means sensations of pain are effectively reduced. And we learn that pain itself is a transient experience that runs its course most easily when we do not fight it, and are not scared of it. We suffer more in our minds than in reality. 

The greatest {magical + medicinal} gift Antares has to offer is the alchemical purification, transformation, and empowerment of the Heart. O, and command of Spirits!

Integration with Antares should start slowly, intentionally, and with other practices in place to support good outcomes. It is energizing and feels fantastic — energetic infusions of testosterone can be very fun! But it can also be like drinking alcohol, in that the more you have, the more you want, and overdosing doesn’t end well.

Antares doesn’t like being diluted or combined with other influences, but that also doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit us to override its more self-reinforcing instincts!

My advice with this series is similar to that for Immortal Heart, because of course it is. You need to plan and have support structures in place to process the energies, so they do not back up inside your Heart-Mind, body and relationships, and lead to more trouble than good.

For this, I suggest articulating a detailed strategy.

This influence flourishes when disciplined. It works very well when pinned to a schedule.

You want to achieve something?


Start waking up earlier.

Exercise. I can’t stress that enough.

Eat better. Meditate.

Self-enroll in your own proprietary Military School, and watch in awe as you become bigger, better, and more accomplished than you ever thought possible.

If you’re not feeling up to that task now, inviting Antares into your Sphere will inspire you to take some of these steps!

Become worthy of the Empowerments you seek, and Antares himself will Crown you. 

Make a battle plan, preferably on paper. Track your results over time. Remain accountable. No need to start until you begin engagement, it is more than capable of initiating and guiding the process once you have it.

Side effects *can* include: sleeplessness, headache, being quick to anger and irritation, lack of appetite, breakouts and rashes, overheating, loss of interest in certain forms of intricacy, subtlety, and niceties, disruptions to menstrual cycle (early; extended; spotting — esp. with internal use) and — being a dick, and/ or less of a doormat.

{Far more with the base series than subsets}

Apply early in the day, before physical activity, sessions of Antares-compatible productivity, or competition. As little as possible to get the engine started, especially until tolerance is established.

Supplement with softer series, Jupiter materia especially (Venus is also good), and Asclepius for clarity. Cut Antares off with these at the end of the day’s labors.

Take breaks from application and build in time for rest and rejuvenationAntares stacks, and in excess can make a fuming husk of you!

Even having a collection of ensorcelled Antares items *in the room* can be enough to charge you — you might not even need to apply it. So cover these when not in use.

Watch the Moon, personal transits + time lords, so you don’t exacerbate Mars issues lying in wait, to avoid negative manifestations.


Note that Antares is not a social influence. It is best applied when alone with your labors. It can very easily lead to dick measuring contests and arguments.

You won’t always feel as right the next day as you did at the time… or maybe you will, and it was a good thing it came to a head! [enter Eirene]

We thank, first and foremost, the Soldiers of Sphere + Sundry — who make serving our Clients possible. This work is not easy, they work their asses off, and this was a hard cycle to quite literally channel. My heartfelt gratitude to each and every Soul who comprises the Team — Powers that Be included — past, present, and future.

And co-conspirators Tony Mack who created another set of absolute fire-starters, and Austin Coppock, who chose the election. Of it, he shares:

In this election the Moon, whose role it is to absorb and transmit Antares’ potency, is nearly full, blazingly fast, and ripe with power. It is the Moon’s hour and it is placed in the 10th house of the chart, straddling the center of the sky and copresent with the zenith (MC). 

The Moon is further strengthened and elevated by a perfect trine to Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter serves several different purposes here.  It rules the Moon in Sagittarius and the Ascendant, lending its gaze great weight.  Furthermore, it is also one of the two planets which strengthen, and are strengthened by, mighty Antares.

Antares is of the nature of noble, overcoming Jupiter, and fierce, tenacious Mars. The two planets are both in Aries here, Mars’ home. Their alliance, in turn, lends its power directly to Antares.  Though perfect elections are said not to exist, this one approaches the impossible. The only imperfection is that the Moon is further from conjunction with Antares than we would prefer. Luna is, however, fast approaching, and with every possible empowerment.

Praise be unto crimson Antares!
Implacable Heart! Invincible Will! Incontrovertible Commander!
Living Core of the Armed and Armored Stellar Scorpion
Incandescent Star-Heart of the Celestial Dragon
Grant us thy Relentless Strength!

This is officially the longest write-up ever, which — in light of Fomalhaut and Luna, is sayin’ something. Here are the main takeaways:

Practical Applications
– Learning to run Mars, and about the virtues of the Martial Sphere
– Working toward important goals
– Strategizing
– Waking up earlier
– Answering the Call
– Doing what needs done
– Overcoming internal resistance
– Increasing pain tolerance; learning pain doesn’t have to be painful
– Becoming more disciplined, direct
– Developing heightened levels of capability
– Picking a direction, overcoming indecision
– Moving forward with increased determination
– Learning to use hatred and loathing as motivation
– Overcoming depression through action
– Development and refinement of Shen
Development and refinement of Pitta Dosha
Building strong Wood and Fire energies, stimulating those organ systems
– Overcoming work-shyness
– Understanding what makes struggle worthwhile
– Developing gravitas and leadership skills
– Becoming stronger, more self-sufficient

Keys to Good Outcomes
– Humility and introspection
– Self-awareness, self-accountability
– Meditation and mantra
– Other forms of Spiritual Practice and personal remediation
– Remaining grateful and connected
– Respecting limits re: what doesn’t belong to you
– Talismans + amulets of a protective nature (especially Jupiterian)
– Materia of the same (can also be used to anoint non-talismanic jewelry)
– Fighting the battle within before (or concurrently with) those external
– Purging, purifying, and tonifying the Heart
– Not being so quick to go to war or declare external enemies
– Ennoble others in addition to one’s self
– Remain close and true to your Loves, Spirits, well Ancestors, and Gods
– Keep good influences around you; banish others
– Rid from your Sphere the jealous, thieving, covetous, and envious
— and yourself of those qualities
– Routinely cleanse the energetic field of yourself, your home, and work
– Take regular Energy Clearing Ritual Baths
– Ward your home, car, work, modem, wallet, bag, and other possessions
– Shift your consumption habits to healthier, more cooling inputs
– Take sincere breaks from application to integrate and focus on other influences
– Over-emotionality is a signal to retreat and reflect in real-time;
… almost all action is best taken following careful consideration!

To be reborn,   first —  the mighty Phoenix must perish!

In addition to direct and ambient application of Antares materia, you can also use it in ritual magic to support the same ends you’re working toward on a practical level. That is always the case, no matter the materia!

Activate sigils, work candles, pray and make offerings. However you do!

The best strategies are typically a two-pronged dual-pincered approach.

And one final warning — breaking things, spilling things, getting into minor accidents, &c. is a sign to slow your roll, adjust your pace/ energy, and engage in self-reflection.

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