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Badger Subset

Badger Subset


Standard recipe, with the addition of naturally deceased Badger bones, teeth, claws, and fur, and some Wolverine for good measure. Turmeric, maca, myrrh, vetiver, yohimbe, clove, valerian root, garlic powder, asafetida, mustard seed, dragon’s blood, and devil’s shoestring.

The Swamp Gator of the Antares series, for when you find yourself wrestling with the vipers of this world and need the protection, grit, and determination to come out victorious!

Excellent for relentless pursuit of one’s goals and objectives.

And very effective in works of defensive + counter-maleficia.

Honey badger don’t care!

Anointing Oil: standard 1/2 oz glass vial ($80) or 5 ml mini ($33)

Incense + Powder combo (use as either): 1/2 oz vial ($33) or 2 oz bulk pot ($99)

We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available.

Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33

Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

1/2 oz Anointing oil, 5 ml mini, 1/2 oz Incense Powder, 2 oz Bulk Pot, Spell Soap, Bath Bomb

Creation Date

Moon approaching Antares on the MC, trine planetary patrons. June 13th, 2022. Hour of Luna. Chart in image gallery.


Malefic, Neutral


No – Ethically, legally obtained badger fur/ bone

Chart Remediation


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Find me worthy to bear your spear

When I apply this oil, I notice myself encountering people displaying a sort of masculinity I've come to associate with feeling both attracted to and unsafe around. The "wrong kind of man." At no point was I actually unsafe, to be clear! Just noticed myself noticing more of the wrong kind of man when out in public.

When I say the prayer to Antares or meditate on its presence, visions of sex and battle appear very...somatically. I don't get too attached to 'visions' during meditation as they are just one of many phenomena that may arise, but Antares has been far more direct than any other spirit I've contacted. I am a queer guy who some might consider hypersexual, so don't worry - that's probably a 'me' thing, not something everyone will experience working with Antares.

This oil also happens to smell like a masc and musky vetiver, which is a lovely bonus. I don't typically go for butch scents; this is one of the best masculines in my collection now.

Great achievement fuel, especially for physical activity. Antares can help you let your body do the work for you. He also promises to connect you to the champion's heart already beating in your chest. But don't let him seduce you as quickly as I did...

Luisa P.
go juice

of all the Martial and Mars-adjacent offerings S+ has put out, this might just be my favorite. there's not the same level of spiciness that I get from the base series and it's not quite as lighthearted as the new Mars-Jupiter in Aries materia. for me, this feels like Mars in Scorpio minus the moodiness. if you want the claws to get down and dirty, Badger has what you need to face the internal adversary and go under over around or right through whatever obstacles may be in your way.

Gym buddy

I've used Mars in Scorpio for my exercise routines, I see that this materia gives a lot of the same 'oomph' thats been commented on. The one difference I have noticed though is that my routine WAS very cardio heavy but has slowly shifted to incorporate more weight lifting. I have no desire to get huge but it seems this materia encourages some healthy bulking or 'gains'. The point being power is more the focus then cardio endurance.


It helps me to be focused deeply and stubborn. When I feel something is too much to handle, this badger makes me don’t care how difficult! Just do! It is really helpful if I want to finish difficult tasks or big project. Also, awesome thing about this Antres badger, I don’t even need a coffee!

Strength and Determination

I use it when I need a bit of extra fighting power against any injustice done against me. Gives me great confidence, strength, and determination! Love it

Supports The Grind TM

I felt called to use this for the first time this past Saturday when I was gearing up for hard rolls at my gym but also holding a lot of grief. There is a real courage in this one that I don't feel as strongly with the base series. The base series is like "LET'S FUCKIN GOOOOOO" and this one is much more "the only way out is through." I am really here for both energies but this past Saturday I needed the second option and it really came through for me. Highly recommend.

Badger oil

I haven't used it a lot. it is potent even in small doses and provides a relentless energy. It's single minded and when paired with mercury offerings I need to be forced to take a break.

Gives you a much-needed boost!

I've been leery with the Antares series because when I apply it on myself or to jewelry I'd wind up with migraines. That said, I've put a drop of Badger onto a garnet I had, and then carried it around as a pocket crystal. It may not be 100% pleasant, but it will give you what you need to get things done (and then some!). Glad I have some on me.

Courageous action

I’ve been wearing a talisman daily for months that I made with Badger powder. Antares both calls forth and supports a heart at home with courageous action. It has encouraged me to advocate for myself in a long-standing unbalanced power dynamic. Empowering.

great defensive / protective magic

I've dressed candles with Badger Honey x Swamp Gator powders several times over the last six months in order to deal with an absolute beast of an exploitative landlord. Don't want to imagine what we'd be dealing with w/o the extra oomph of protective & defensive magic S+S provides.


  1. Well now! This stuff works great for defensive magic. I used this to lay down a barrier in my home and not only is it highly effective, I’m finding that it’s helping to extend the life of my wards. That’s a huge boost to my energetic hygiene.

    I’m also a helluva lot more productive since this series landed. Mars materia inspires obstinate refusal in me, which is probably necessary, but decidedly impractical. Antares materia wants to get things done. Badger really cuts through your ineffective, irrlevant plans and helps you put your nose to the grind stone doing what actually matters.

    For the record, my Mars is very happy. I ordered the subsets and they feel welcoming and cheerfull. I’m not noticing discomfort from whatever extra anger it crops up, just that it’s anger of a different quality. Be warned: It might take a minute to adjust to how it impacts your appetite and sleep patterns.

  2. Delicious nerve-mustering oil. Just a drop on a necklace and I am like the honey badger—not giving a single shit about what doesn’t actually matter in the long run. I find this oil helpful to ward off distractions and stay focused on my immediate goals. Love it so much I made a second order for a larger vial.

  3. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll self-appoint as a Martian.

    As an artist, I learned to re-channel sexual energy and carnality into creativity (because before, I saw sex as a sport and need to bone a bunch of people, respectfully). Now, when I’m DEEP into the art process, something happens: my libido is SO worked up that I will get a huge migraine, can’t continue, and will need to release myself through an orgasm to get rid of said migraine. Once I do…… it resets my energy and I fall into a deep drowsiness that can linger for days. I lost the momentum, focus, and time!

    Anywho, I notice that this oil is like an extra battery added to you. I can double or triple a 4-hour creative burst. It cleans and keeps my energy / creativity / libido steady so that I don’t short circuit or need to “rub one out” (respectfully). Badger helps to sustain endurance, but it will definitely keep you up at night. Great for burning the midnight oil!

  4. Hello! I’m someone who has been dealing with a LOT of anger issues for most of my life (feeling isolated, the death of multiple loved ones) and procrastination problems. This subset is helping me to chill out, be more thoughtful and get my stuff taken of. Mars is also my chart ruler and I can feel Their good response to this materia. I am becoming more ME, something I’ve been trying to do for a long time.

    I felt that I got crowned by Antares at my important job interview yesterday because I am making the effort with mind AND heart. My heart is my altar and I am cherishing it.

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