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Swamp Gator (Oil, Incense, Powder)

Swamp Gator (Oil, Incense, Powder)


While the goat is probably Saturn’s most commonly regarded animal patron (given its association with the sign of Capricorn itself), alligators and crocodiles too are tremendously Saturnian creatures.

Primordial… ancient… cold blooded… sedentary… quiet… lurky af… and above all, lethal.

Their lifespan is typically from one to two Saturn cycles — some documented cases being far longer — further compounding their natural alliance with the Saturnian sphere.

Two Gator sub-sets were created for this series: Swamp and Golden.

Swamp Gator is, in two words: down and dirty.

The downest and dirtiest in fact — its formulation comprised of actual swamp mud (graciously harvested by Austin’s absolute saint of a mother in the depths of Florida), gator vertebrae, gator teeth, and shavings of skin.

All of which were ethically, legally obtained…

Fun fact: the alligator population in Florida is approximately 1.3 million, and the Kingdom of Animalia is inherently eco-friendly and sustainable to harvest from in conditions where populations are healthy (in this case overly so), the animal has lived under good conditions (preferably in their native habitat), and they have come to meet a natural or necessary end.

The spent corporeal form is one of Saturn’s many gifts to the living, and making practical and magical use of these abandoned Spirit-shells is a worthy tribute to our Outermost Sphere: governor of death, of practicality, and of all well-aged and lifeless matter.

Fossilized dinosaur bone is another ingredient in the Swamp Gator sub-set, which is an invitation to explore the deepest, darkest, and most yin aspects of the Saturnian arcana (within and without).

Full disclosure: this is the most brutal and initially off-putting of any offering from Saturn in Capricorn’s coterie.

Swamp Gator is excellent for gnostic exploration of the darker aspects of nature, and facilitating shadow work. Excavate your darker features… those which remain hidden from even oneself. Incorporate them into the ego-matrix to build a more integrated, honest, and fully realized personality, or decide to banish them.

The main danger the Gator represents, is in not knowing what lurks…

In practical terms, this would be useful for direct application and magical intervention in dark circumstances where one needs protection from genuinely seedy, dangerous characters, and finds themselves already mired in circumstantial swamp muck. Or things like exploring the Tunnels of Set, or adding atmosphere to some quality H.P. Lovecraft time.

Swamp Gator’s main value for most people is going to be for exploration and incorporation of the shadow-self, and of exploring the crueler, more primordial aspects of all Nature.

Get right with the Swamp Gator in you, and with the Swamp Gators of the world.

Swamp Gator Oil is a combination of hemp and castor oils, gator vertebrae, teeth, and skin, fossilized dino bone, and swamp mud, ritually consecrated to talismanic standard during an excellent Saturn in Capricorn election. It is available in your choice of 1/2 oz standard vial ($81), or 10 ml hematite roller bottle ($61).

The Incense and Powder are made of the same, and arrive in a 1/2 oz cork top vial for $33, or very few 2 oz bulk pots for $99.

(If you do not wish to apply Swamp items directly, a fetish for their vector may be used.)




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in

1/2 oz


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunday, November 22, 2020, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.


Swamp Gator Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Swamp Gator Oil – 10 ml hematite roller, Swamp Gator Incense – 1/2 oz vial, Swamp Gator Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Swamp Gator Powder- 1/2 oz vial, Swamp Gator Powder – 2 oz bulk pot

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Saturn in Capricorn Info Sheet



  1. I was hoping Swamp Gator would help me do some shadow work, internal exploration excavation and the like, but more than that, Swamp Gator has given me a sense of freedom based on SAFETY. With Swamp Gator I feel so incredibly protected, I feel as if I were one of those rich kids with bodyguards, who aren’t hurting anyone or doing anything other than just standing there, but the mere knowledge that they are there makes people double think about crossing them. I wasn’t expecting this, but I’ve had a lot of productive and fun afternoons after engaging with the materia.

  2. Swamp Gator Oil has been life-changing for me, and was the item that made me a S&S convert. I was dealing with two stalkers (one has been stalking me for 10 years) and living in a lot of anxiety, I bought the oil and applied it to my door, windows, and all my devices (phone, laptop, iPad). Never heard from either stalker again. Undeniably effective, I use it whenever I need to cleanse my space and life of anyone will ill intentions.

  3. I grabbed this powder to do the dirty work of self-excavation. I tend to work things out through dreams and damn, does this make interpretation unnecessary. Nothing esoteric or symbolic here. Just the brutal, literal truth of your worries in your face for you to confront.

    This powder is also great for creating protective barriers. It’s very effective and works quickly. At least that was my experience when using it to deal with some serious problems.

    Just a reminder that Saturn brings the creepy crawlies. When I first got the powder, my cats started bringing home lizards. That’s better than last summer’s rat & fly extravaganza, but I wasn’t too thrilled about having to rescue lizards. So now, I get one or two GIANT FLIES buzzing around my room basically every day. Saturn’s got jokes.

  4. I got the mini-bottle set of Saturn in Capricorn oils and wasn’t sure about Swamp Gator, but getting right with the Swamp Gators in my own sphere has been an interesting ride, enough so that I can get to the bottom of things and root out behaviors I’ve unconsciously inherited without flinching. It specifically helped me sit with a seemingly small situation around the choice of food around a birthday celebration. I could sense and look at the weirdness underneath directly without denial and instead of lashing out or getting weird and passive aggressive about it myself, fully calibrate my response in a way that served all. Politely sidestep an invitation to get mad and genuinely be nonplussed due to working out the situation internally with Swamp Gator. Brava! Felt like an initiation into a better version of me. It felt like unlocking generational possibility too. It’s sometimes literally the little things.

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