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Plus Membership Subscription 3.0

Plus Membership Subscription 3.0

From: $11.11 / month


Plus Membership currently provides the following benefits…

Exclusive *PM Only* Pre-Launch for Incoming Series

Get early and exclusive access to each new series for 24-48+ hours before offerings go public, meaning Plus Member orders will be among the first to ship 🕊

Rare Item Pre-Sale Lottery for Talismans + Altar Box Sets

Plus Members get an invitation to participate in the Rare Item Lottery before the launch of each new series, which allows for more equitable distribution of items with less than 75 units.

A link to the request form is emailed, and once the deadline has been hit, all entries are exported as a spreadsheet and auto-scramble into a randomly ordered list. The person at the top gets everything they desire, and so on, until all rare items set aside for PMs have been spoken for.

Not winning the lottery doesn’t mean you can’t get a rare item! Some will also be included in the Plus Member Pre-Launch. It simply provides randomized opportunities for those who may not be available during launch time, or need longer to come up with funds…

30-Day Grace Period for Payment on Lotto Reservations

Plus Members are given a 30-day grace period to make payment on any rare items the Fates have chosen to allocate them, where we’ll hold those items in reservation.

Birthday Boons

Plus Members can register their birthday at the time of signup.

If a series gets *created* or *released* on that day, they will be given the opportunity to pre-reserve an Altar Box or Talisman if they so wish, again, with a 30-day grace period.

The Client Community remains **free** to 100% of our Clients, and public launches will otherwise proceed as usual.

We simply wanted to find a more equitable way to distribute offerings among our most loyal and engaged clientele, and create low-chaos pre-sale opportunities guided by the Hands of Fate and Wheels of Fortune.

The cost of Membership helps offset the additional administrative overhead doing all of this will entail.

Cancel anytime with a click here.

Sphere + Sundry reserves the right to adjust and alter the perks, guidelines, and rules of Plus Membership, as limitations or inefficiencies may yet be discovered, and structures optimized. Memberships can be terminated at any time by request, but no refunds shall be issued for the term pre-paid. Lifetime subscriptions last a lifetime, annual subscriptions last for one year, monthly subscriptions last until the end of the month (so long as this program/ something like it exists). If a client is determined by S+ to be abusive or entirely unreasonable, they forfeit their rights to Membership (including any pre-paid funds). Be kind. Such are the terms of signup and service.


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  1. I considered breaking out a Google Doc to write this review so you know I’m serious!
    Listen, you’ve stumbled upon some life-changing magic. Real magic. Consider yourself utterly blessed. Unfortunately there are tons of other people who’ll get scammed by fake witchy-woo stuff and never have the opportunity to cross paths with S+S. Kait is so generous in sharing this magic with us. This is such a special time, having wide access to what was once obscure knowledge. She’s done the hard job of figuring out what the %$# the Picatrix is going on about. That alone is worth the price of anything on this site.
    The Plus Membership is 100% worth it. I was able to miraculously secure materia that I really, really wanted, stuff that I was kicking myself about not getting and had serious regret not scoring. There’s a lottery system, so it can’t help but feel fated.

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