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Do you offer consultations? Can you look at my chart?

Given time constraints (among other things!), Kaitlin (👋 hi, that’s me!) cannot offer consultations or custom recommendations based on natal charts or most other factors.

For guidance, please see this article 🔮

For remedial suggestions based on natal factors, we recommend Austin Coppock, Austin’s year II graduates, Freedom Cole, or any of the referrals Freedom may make.

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Yes! As long as the order has not shipped, you are welcome to place additional orders.

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Multiples are typically flagged for consolidation by the shipping platform automatically, so there is no need create a support ticket notifying us of dual+ orders (we’re almost never manning the support portal in real time in the workroom, so thank you for the consideration but it just ends up cluttering the inbox!)

If we miss combining them, Sphere + Sundry’s policy is to refund your excess shipping regardless 🤓

You are definitely invited to write in if you feel a refund has been missed, however! We enjoy offering custom services of this nature, but it does increase the odds of a fuck up…


Will you come on my Podcast/ YouTube/ &c?

You can ask (and thank you!), but probably not 😅

Keeping operations moving is a more than full time job, so at this point my focus is best kept on the actual work over media + promotion.

If you would like to send an invitation, a list is being kept for if/ when this changes. The offers and opportunities are genuinely appreciated!

There is so much more I would be doing if the time were available…
PLUS, I am weirdly shy 🙈


Fake/ Trained Extrovert with a 12th House fallen Sun
(Who has Done Too Much Regulus Magic)

If I write asking a question that has already been answered in this FAQ will the answer be different?

Nope 😹

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Q+A: How do I choose which series or offering is right for me? Do you offer consultations?

Q+A: How do I choose which series or offering is right for me? Do you offer consultations?
July 31, 2018 Kaitlin Coppock

Q + A : How do I choose which series or offering is right for me? Do you offer consultations?

This was posted to FacebookInstagram, and Twitter on July 31st, 2018.

If this type of practical esoteric content appeals to you, get it in real time by connecting with Sphere + Sundry’s social media profiles…

If you’re new to astrology, remediation, or the use of magical items, it can be intimidating to choose which series or item will be best for you. There are two main ways of going about it.

Need or Desire Based

What do you want more of in your life, or what are you struggling with? This is by far the easiest method.

Are you trying to start a business and promote yourself? Regulus is just the spotlight you’re looking for. Are you struggling with a health issue? Call the Divine Physician*

Here is a list of our current offerings and some keywords to help you zone in on what’s right for you. I will update this list as new series are released —

  • Fixed Star Aldebaran: Making one’s will manifest in the real world, creative support, the generation of resources and wealth, sigil and vision board activation, strength, grit, drive, sheer power, personal force, and magnetism. Luck and favor of the Gods and powers that be. Royal star, Sovereignty and Kingship.
  • The Ancestral Series: Ancestral healing and veneration, ancestral magic, comforting, empowering, and channeling loved ones, magic via the class of spirits we call the Dead.
  • Fixed Star Deneb Algedi: Protection for the self, home, and assets, wards against the evil eye, boundary reinforcement, wealth magic, Saturn-like, cultivation of discipline and rightful living, detachment.
  • Golden Sol in Leo: Solar remediation and ritual, healing, self-development and cohesion, core self-esteem, connecting with one’s true purpose and most authentic self, illumination, clearer seeing, self-acceptance, depression, supplement to shadow work. Energy clearing, dead-banishing, healthy, gentle, and positive Yang energy.
  • Venus in Taurus: Earth of dignified Venus. Luxury, self-love and acceptance, embodiment, drawing money and gifts, aphrodisiac, casting glamours, relaxation and indulgence. Good for sugar babies and sex workers, most Dom-y and self-oriented of the Venus’.
  • Exalted Venus: Water of dignified Venus. Intimacy, positive emotional activation, boundary erosion, out of body, psychedelic, or drug-like experiences, relaxation, improved sleep, connection, romance, sweetness, anxiety reduction, love.
  • Jupiter’s Bounty: The Greater Benefic. Jupiter remediation, increasing luck, medium to long term gain and growth, prosperity and abundance, centering, calming, enhancing objectivity, patience, overcoming scarcity, enhancing self-worth and one’s ability to manifest and maintain All Good Things (money, health, happiness, etc.), meditation and teaching support, increasing stability and wellbeing, self-development
  • Regulus: Visibility, success, prominence, self-promotion, authority, struggles with self-confidence, anxiety, or depression, patrilineal healing, (meta) Solar remediation. Royal star, Sovereignty and Kingship.
  • Asclepius: The Divine Physician, an immediate go-to for those dealing with health problems. Physical and emotional healing, purification, transmuting negativity into something positive, gaining objectivity and clarity. Countering Algol, clearing the Dead.
  • St. Expedite: Much beloved Catholic Folk Saint. Fast cash, immediate results, expediting petitions and sigil shoals, quickening other works of magic, bringing an end to overlong court cases and granting rulings in your favor, material manifestation, overcoming delays.
  • Jupiter’s Lightning Rod: Emphasizing/ magnifying Jupiter transits, opening the way for opportunities, expanding your worldview, working with thunder and lightning Gods/ spirits, increasing luck, breaking out of stagnancy, changing direction for the better.
  • Hermanubis: Communicating with the Dead, calling the Dead, assisting in afterlife transition, Ancestral contact, death gnosis, necromantic operations.
  • Exalted Mercury Cazimi: Magical nootropic, study-drug like. Mental support and stimulation, writing, editing, communications, to-do list and small task support, works of detail and precision.
  • Moon-Neptune in Pisces: Psychic development and sensitivity, lucid dreaming, increasing potency and frequency of dreams, mediumship, scrying ability/ seership, astral travel, inner and outer voidscape work, gnostic and mystical development, exploration of trancework and altered states, mediumship.
  • Venus in Libra: Air of dignified Venus. Socializing, improved conversational ability, beautification, charm, personal magnetism, casting glamours, improved relationships, enjoyment of the self and others, joyful, calming, aphrodisiac.
  • Algol: Protection, especially against witchcraft, the Evil Eye, and works of black magic. Reversal magic. Cursing.
  • Mars: Motivation, drive, kicking ass, assertiveness, winning contests and competitions.

Astrology Based

Are you trying to address natal chart placements or remediate a transit? To approach things this way is more complicated and case by case, so prepare to venture into the deeps…

One school of talismanic thought is that if you have a difficult Mars (in Cancer, for instance), you shouldn’t use exalted Mars to fix it because the results can be unpredictable.

That may be true with a forever metal talisman to be worn on your person, but talismanic materia is a different animal because it can be used in so many ways. The relationship is more transient and circumstantial.

Lighting Exalted Mars incense and making prayers and propitiations to Mars will not only please him (which is a form of remediation), you’ll also gain insight into how “proper” Mars should feel during that ritual moment. Such passing applications can help you sort through your tangled Mars wires and think on how to do it more effectively.

And regardless of where your natal Mars is, if you want to do Mars MAGIC, there is no better charged source than the Degree of Exaltation series. Putting that out into the world will deliver pure Mars-y results, because that’s just what it does.

The argument could be made that it’s safer to get your Mars magic off of someone else than to make it yourself if you have a weak or difficult Mars in your natal, especially if you’re a beginner or haven’t done a lot of development in that sphere.

I have a “bad” 12th house fallen Sun in Libra, and the Regulus series has been tremendously medicinal for me, so I’m not entirely sold on the idea that direct remediation doesn’t work.

My suspicion is that it helps to use a fixed star that runs a similar charge to a planet, rather than the planet itself (Sun in Aries, for instance), since it’s less of a direct confrontation between the natal energy and the charge, but still clarifies and benefits similar channels and topics. Using fixed stars for remediation could be a direct planetary “hack” in that sense.

But here’s the thing — at the end of the day, so much of magic is trial and error, and trusting your intuition. If you are curious about a series but concerned about whether it would be good for you, turn to whatever form of divination you work with and check in about it. Connect with the item through the screen and try to psychically feel it. Does it productively resonate? It’s all about trusting your inner guidance and coming in eyes open.

Which brings us to the second question, which is — do I offer consultations? The answer is no. Why? Because it puts the onus of a personal decision on a third party, and it’s important that your will is the primary drive behind any magically involved act (and ideally any act).

While Austin Coppock is in the business of teaching people how to fish, Sphere + Sundry is in a strange middle realm where we are offering people fish and include recipes (instructions, prayers, suggested times for working) for grilling those babies up. Whether you choose to follow our recipe or deviate is your own call.

Once we put a package in the mail, these items are no longer ours. They are yours, and it is up to you to navigate their appropriate use and get the best results. If I recommend something specific to someone in a consultation, and they receive the fish but don’t cook it how I recommended, I’m not responsible for their bad result.

It’s like when people rate recipes online and give something 3 stars, but then go on to talk about all the deviations they made. They didn’t rate the original recipe, they rated their Franken-one. It’s too easy when someone else makes a recommendation to misdirect blame and responsibility, when really your magic is a personal matter. You know yourself and your path better than an outside consultant, as helpful as their advice and guidance may be at various points along the way.

Real magic is volatile, and there are usually some weird side effects to dealing with new energies, whether positive or negative. There can be “healing crisis” types of reactions when you begin a course of remediation, or when magic comes into your world. It starts changing things — because it’s real, and it works.

Our offerings are designed to be helpful and provide as much of a safety net as possible, but at the end of the day it’s still your job to use them in a way that is productive for you, and do the Work. Working with these energies will change and evolve you for the better, if you go with the process, but the middle of that process isn’t always pretty or easy. Magic is always self-development in that sense.

Selecting the Form

Returning to the primary topic of choosing which offerings and their form, that is entirely up to your habits, objectives, and preference. Once you’ve picked the series, consider what you would like to accomplish with the charge and the types of materials you already enjoy working with — that will point to the vehicle that would best suit you.

Each base-form has qualities it brings to bear in addition to the charge captured by the operation, which is one of the dynamic aspects of creating talismanic materia, as opposed to a more classical talisman. For instance:

  • Waters are clarifying and act instantly, but they also “wear off” the most quickly, like drying off after a shower. For fast energetic shifts, state re-orientation, and emotional intervention, the waters are a phenomenally convenient energy hack in the day to day. They can be used pre-ritual to attune the self, prime the vessel and space, but they really shine for their daily practical applications.
  • Oils and oil based perfumes can take a little bit longer to kick in and are gentler than waters initially, but have longer staying power. Oils and Waters can be used together to jump-start a charge while adding sustain, perfect for all-day (or night!) support during long engagements. Oils are lubricating and nourishing, and can be used to anoint the self, objects, feed talismans, and in spellwork.
  • Candles are warming, illuminating, and activating. They provide a powerful background charge to assist in controlling the psychic and energetic atmosphere in support of your activities, whether that means lighting a Venus candle at family gatherings to keep the peace (or during romantic encounters), an Asclepius candle during convalescence to create a healing atmosphere, or burning an Aldebaran candle while whipping up a sigil shoal. They are wonderful to burn for routine planetary rituals during planetary days and hours, especially as a substitute if the planet is not doing “well” by transit at the time.
  • Incenses work similarly to Waters in that they clear energies and re-orient the stage in accord with their purpose, but are more yang and activating, sometimes inducing trance. They make wonderful offerings for spirits, Gods, and the planetary and stellar powers they serve. They can be used during ritual and to activate sigil shoals, vision boards, and for consecrating items of power. They can also be used on oneself in the form of a smoke bath, to clear and prime the aura in accord with their purpose, resetting the mental state and removing that which does not serve.
  • Honeys are sweetening, useful in love magic, relationship repair, casting glamours, winning affection, and promoting good will. They’re also useful for beautification.
  • Powders are most often used as components of spellwork. They can be used to dress candles, add to mojo bags and other fetishes, mix with dirts, etc. Sphere + Sundry powders are pure and uncut herbs, gemstones, metals, and resin, mixed during the core operation and later ground during appropriate planetary days and hours. They can be mixed with talcum powder or corn starch to create one’s own sachet powders.
  • Salt is purifying, warding, and also energetically absorbent. It can be used to clear the auric field or spaces. Taking pre or post ritual salt baths, or bathing as a form of remediation on the right planetary days and/ or hours is an excellent practice. The bath salts can also be used as needed to help course correct overwhelmed or negative states, in addition to preparing for what one has on the horizon, for instance taking a Deneb Algedi bath the night before a court appearance. The salts can also be added to floor washes for use in physical space.
  • Ritual inks can be used for drawing sigils, writing on paper talismans, automatic drawing and writing, and creating art.

If anointing stuff is your thing and you like oils, go with that. If you are a fan of candle magic and want to light it every week and say the Orphic Hymn during the hour of X for remediation, or even devote a single candle to one big spellworking and dedicate the full charge, choose a candle. If you want to make convenient applications, perhaps daily, a spray may be the best option.

Take the time to read the category descriptions for each form and series — more than enough information is provided to orient you. (The Coppocks have been lovingly described as “long-form” 😂)

You don’t have to follow a purely planetary magic protocol with these items, either. Feel free to throw the recipe booklet out and adapt them to fit your model and methods. The magic will work anyway, because the items themselves have already been charged. You can be as active or passive with them as you like, they’ll work however you engage them.

In that way, you can use these items as components in whatever your style of magic is to boost the signal, even if you don’t do classical planetary workings.

If you are a witch who wants to do love or glamour magic and you already use incense, you may want to grab some from the Venus in Libra series. The Venusian charge will further empower your work and add more magic to the mix, and you don’t have to alter your methods in any manner.

So in short — we are helpful fishmongers offering only the highest quality goods, but it is up to you to determine which fish you want to go with, and how you want to cook it. I, for one, hope it’s the best meal of your life!

*also an appropriately qualified medical professional, disclaimer, disclaimer, blah, blah, blah 😉

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  1. KarenEbner0808 2 years ago

    Hi! I just ordered several of your oils. I can be a bit impulsive. I wanted to go back and look at the election charts. I can only find the comments: located in image gallery. Can you help me find the image gallery? Thanks!

    • Author
      Kaitlin Coppock 2 years ago

      Hello Karen! If you go to any individual offering’s page in the series, the image will be in the gallery. To see the electional chart, click on the picture icons or the main visible image and scroll or arrow through them with your keyboard : )

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