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Son of Apollo Spell Soap

Son of Apollo Spell Soap

Honey-based soap infused with consecrated Son of Apollo herbal blend, 24k gold, and essential oils of frankincense, red and yellow mandarin, tangerine, helichrysum, and turmeric.

Offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Please note that the loaded herbal components can make these slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!


In stock


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Creation Data

Morning of May 8th 2023. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Benefic, Neutral


No – Honey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Wonderful for regular use

I'd been having trouble getting going in the morning since I work late at night. This really does the trick -- totally shifts my energy. At first I wanted to use this sparingly, but it's so good I have been using it daily. I have been loving the soap form to get some ritual into my day no matter how I'm feeling. I'm running low now so I hope it comes back in stock soon!

A favorite!

I hope they never stop making this! I always want to have some on hand. I love this soap when I need an energetic cleanse but don’t have time for more time-consuming cleanses. This fits right in the schedule, and I feel energetically squeaky clean when I’m done. It’s also great when you’re not feeling well and can’t muster the energy to take a bath but know the cleansing and healing would be beneficial for you. I included this in my healing regimen when I caught covid and it supported that process beautifully.

Soap Love!!

This is my first time using the spell soap vessel for materia and it has quickly become one of my favorites! Every night i finish my shower by lathering with SOA spell soap and I feel its beautiful healing solar energy lift my spirits and clear the energy blockages ive accumulated through the day. I love the warming and purifying quality of this collection and the soaps feel like a perfect delivery method for it.

Love it!

Brightening, lightening, cleansing. The effects expand from the skin both inward and outward, impacting mind, body, and spirit.


This smells citrusy and golden and feels very smooth energetically. The lather is super silky. It brightens up my vibe and seems really great for regular use.

It smells so good!

Taking a shower with this soap feels like you're washing away all the blahs of the day. If there's anything troubling my mind or if I've just had a tiring day, this seems to wash all that down the drain. The soap itself has a very bright and uplifting citrus scent. The only thing is... do I just use a LOT of soap? I'm reading so many people say how long a bar of the soap lasts, but I haven't had the same experience, my bar of soap seems to wear down more quickly that I'm trying to reserve showering with it just on the days I feel I really need it.


The scent of this soap is so divine, and they're so long-lasting - my other Asclepius soap lasted easily 6 months with almost-daily use and I'm just now starting this one. Cleansing, refreshing and comfortably energizing.

LOVE this soap

I've been using it in an intuitive way for about 6 months. Sometimes every day, sometimes I skip a week. It's my favorite way to wash of the tough feelings that tend to stick to me. I'm very hard on myself and the weeks I need it align with weeks I'm dealing with things that bring those feelings up. I think it helps to get out of that muck more quickly than I have in the past.

Ariana E

I know that is super mundane and this is a glorious magical masterpiece! Still, I use this soap most often for my laundry. I just hold the soap under the running water for a minute before I close the washer lid (I still add regular laundry soap too). Magically clean and sunny clothes are the result and I am soooo grateful!


It's just like all the other reviews said: like washing with pure, sunlight-infused balm to your soul. On a mundane note, I have sensitive facial skin, but the glycerin does not bother me if I wash it off quickly. Calming, gentle, but also energizing.


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