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Cloud Kingdom (Oil, Incense, Powder)

Cloud Kingdom (Oil, Incense, Powder)


Almost all high quality Jupiter materia shares certain features, such as drawing abundance, increasing resources, luck, wisdom, and promoting a good natured, jovial manner, in addition to elevating the mind and spirit.

That being said, there are two sub-sets for Sphere + Sundry’s first Jupiter in Pisces series: Cloud Kingdom and Empyreal Vantage, each having their own additional specialties…

Both are elevating and potent, though Cloud Kingdom is the more yin, insulating, lightly hypnotic, and gentle of the two, akin to floating on a cloud-chariot hiiigh above it all, sheltered and shielded from the travails of terrestrial living.

Application unwinds the heart-mind in order to facilitate letting go and letting live — detaching from nagging concerns and over-caring, and invites one to participate in the divine process of unburdened being.

Relieves stressful and anxious sensations (as almost all high quality Benefic talismanic materia does, or even mundanely prescribed remedies of the modern world do), but with a distinctive easygoing, wise, and contemplative flow (and few to no debilitating side effects). It smooths the edges, adding a Jupiterian buffer to the auric body — ideal for those who are feeling raw, sensitive, or could simply use a break from whatever struggles they find themselves facing.

It is very wearable, doing little to nothing to interfere with the performance of day-side tasks — yet provides a comforting and soothing distance that registers as relief and respite to overburdened nervous and adrenal systems.

Promotes lightness of being, acceptance, letting go, wisdom, and patience. Ideal for meditation, before sleep, or in stressful circumstances where Jupiter’s added luck and good nature are a more than welcome influence.

Breathe deeply…

Deeper still amongst the clouds,

For they shall sweep us from our burdens…

Jupiterian and Piscean herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, seaweeds, and gemstones, including dandelion, blessed thistle, hops, hyssop, blue cohosh, marshmallow root, blue lotus, dulse, and dried plum, ritually combined at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s series election following fumigation of frankincense and saffron, prayers and offerings. Fish bone, lapis lazuli, fresh water pearl, and genuine 12k white gold.

Cloud Kingdom Oil is an immersion of equal parts organic jojoba and extra virgin olive oil, and the matter for Incense and Powder was left to gestate, later ground in the day and hour of Jupiter.

Anoint oneself anytime as needed, or in the days/ nights/ and hours or Jupiter for remedial purposes.

Apply to the temples, third eye, heart center, base of the skull or spine, wrists, thighs and buttocks (the Jupiter ruled areas of the body), feet, or ears. Likewise, meridians or acupuncture/ pressure points related to the liver, gallbladder, blood, adrenals, &c. The Salve (and even Body Butter) of this series can be applied similarly to even greater physical effect, in terms of muscle relaxation and embodied experience.

Use this Oil to dress candles, apply to compatible magical works, or in any way magical oils can be utilized.

Smoke bathe the body entire using the Incense to clear one’s field and promote energetic insulation, especially in times of strife, stress, and attack. Note that all items from this series work with gracefully and effectively with in Sphere + Sundry’s Ritual Bathing and Energy Clearing Protocol.

Use the Powder to dress candles, add to mojos, sprinkle in drawers and shoes, in any way magical powders are often applied.

Cloud Kingdom Oil arrives in your selection of a 1/2 oz glass vial with lapis and white gold for $72, or a 10ml gemstone roller (likely lapis lazuli — though the shipment has been delayed, so it may require substitution) for $60.

Cloud Kingdom Incense and/ or Powder is available in a choice of standard 1/2 oz vial ($28) or 2 oz bulk pot ($84).

[To learn more about the more yang, clarifying, and Zeus-like impacts of the Empyreal Vantage sub-set, click here.]




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in

No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunrise, May 20 2021, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.


Cloud Kingdom Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Cloud Kingdom Oil – 10 ml gem roller, Cloud Kingdom Incense – 1/2 oz vial, Cloud Kingdom Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Cloud Kingdom Powder- 1/2 oz vial, Cloud Kingdom Powder – 2 oz bulk pot

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  1. I have been layering this at night with Immortal Heart and it helps me sleep when my nerves are jangly and my brain won’t turn off. It works better for me, a Sagg rising, than Moon in Neptune, which I used to combine in the same way and am now out of.

  2. I just received my Cloud Kingdom oil today. I put a few drops on my wrists, and soon I could feel myself relaxing and feeling more peaceful. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself. I feel I’ve picked a real treasure for my very first purchase! Thank you!

  3. I’ve felt compelled to put a small amount of this in the palm of my hand and then go to the bathroom and add in some argon oil as a carrier oil so to speak and either add in some rose water x 2 drops or so then begin to spread over my face. Wow it is divine. I feel powered up and confident. This series (omg they all are so good) is brilliant for confidence and creative visionary work. Once again you have gifted this planet with your amazing materia xx

  4. Cloud Kingdom is by far the most versatile materia in my S&S arsenal. It layers well with just about any other S&S materia. The effect is relaxed, (but not sleepy), optimistic, uplifted and spiritual. Excellent for meditation. Flows from the inner seeing to the outer realizing. Helps me to see and think optimistically, kindly and broadly. Combined with Empyreal Vantage, the focus sharpens. Together they draw both material and spiritual wealth. All will, indeed, be well.

  5. I’m still learning how this oil works with me, but so far I’ve had some very potent results!

    The first time I used it, I think I went a bit overboard, applying it to various pressure points, back of neck + base of skull, etc, then doused myself liberally in “The Eye” BPAL, as well. Oops… I ended up feeling decidedly ‘stoned,’ as if I’d taken a huge bong rip of some serious indica (not something I’ve done in many years, but *I remember*…). It wasn’t so much the feeling of intoxication/an altered state, as much as heavy, mindless relaxation. I was content to simply lay down on my floor and spread out, as all my plans for the rest of the day seemed not urgent enough to bother with (note: I am *highly* sensitive to stimulants and depressants, so this kind of reaction is not likely to be universal).

    After that, I used it much more cautiously. Last week, a small group for a class I’m taking met over Zoom for the first time: these sorts of things tend to make me very nervous and inarticulate, so I used a bit of CK oil to ground myself beforehand. GREAT idea: when it was my turn to introduce myself, I was surprised by how chill and articulate I came across, rather than the high-strung, jumpy mess I usually am during Zoom intros. Thank you, Cloud Kingdom!!

  6. I’ve been loving the relaxed feel of the Cloud Kingdom oil. In a time when there have been a lot of changes (transitioning back to working in the office at least some of the time), I’ve found it particualrly excellent for helping me to remain open to the good parts of that process, and for being more relaxed about the stressy parts.

    Fundamentally, I feel like it’s helping me get out of my own way, and keep open for possibilities and joy and all the good things.

  7. Cloud Kingdom has this Pisces rising feeling like a super chill splish-splash little fishy. First day I wore it I got caught in a torrential downpour on a hike and ran back utterly soaked, laughing in euphoria. Running through downpours is actually awesome?! Applied the oil after a long travel/work week and to my surprise ended up riding a rollercoaster on a 10,000 ft. mountain, hiked down through dreamy aspens, then floated around blissfully on a pool noodle. I casually over-tipped for my ride to the airport, where the gate attendant called me over and said, “You were seated by the toilet and I can’t stand it- I’m moving you up to an empty row all to yourself”. Just good watery vibes of generosity and lightness- very excited to have this in my life.

  8. So, my testimonial feels a little embarrassing to admit.
    The fact I’m a cis woman Virgo Rising with Jupiter in the 7th probably explains it.
    Divorced, so the one thing I liked about marriage- companionship isn’t common.
    I received my order August 2nd. And since then I’ve been adding it to a candle and rubbing a bit on my feet ritualistically. Thinking more about wanting to enjoy my Jupiter return and the pleasures in that, rather than what my natal Jupiter longs for.
    And today talking to a friend and I quote:

    “OMG! I have not pursued any low quality dude interaction Since I started using the Jupiter in Pisces!”

    So, I’m buying the bulk jar now. Rest assured quality has been enjoyed.

  9. This oil is lovely. I thought I would prefer Empyreal Vantage, since I’m a get up and go kind of person, but the Cloud Kingdom is the one that I’ve been wearing almost daily. Somehow it triggers a much more patient, kind side of myself – I am less reactionary to irritations that would normally lead to conflict. Cloud Kingdom is helping me master the art of letting go. Great for remediating a struggling Jupiter in my natal chart.

  10. Purchased some of the Cloud Kingdom materia on launch and, once arrived, put it to use immediately.

    On His day and in His hour, I used the oil to annoit myself and ritual candles that I made by hand, upon which some short rituals were performed.

    I’ve not worked with S+S material before, and I wouldn’t say that my psychic receptors are as keen as others, but you can feel the buzz in the oil. The results are nourishing and relaxing but keeps the jovial buzz going. Upon completion of the first Jupiter ritual, I waited to see if any synchronicities would stack up with my health and wealth. It didn’t take longer than a day or two.

    The results, broadly speaking, were a work schedule with projects I really enjoy working on in places of the Province that are astonishing – rather than the usual day-to-day. This provided some much needed ‘career reset’. I received random sums of money in the mail that I was, apparently owed, by insurance companies and outstanding debts. My investment portfolio, which was concentrated on only a few stocks, finally saw the cascading flood of good news and grew exponentially in a weeks time (~250%)! Even my magically skeptic partner couldn’t rationalize the Jovian synchronicities in our life while using the material.

    These Jupiterian materia feels like the key that unlocks the cloud. Once triggered, it helps cascade (or perhaps triggers the downpour?) of good fortune.

  11. Since my Cloud Kingdom incense arrived I’ve felt drawn to smoke-bathing with it before leaving the house on a Thursday morning. It’s been a slow-grower for me (my natal Jupiter is in lightning-quick Sagittarius) but I’ve had time now to experience its steadily affirming, elevating effects. The days I use it are more than just good days, they’re full of Jovial synchronicities – meetings of minds on spiritual and intellectual topics close to my heart. I keep almost catching the scent of something deliciously cool and rich at the edge of my perception, reinforcing the uplifting effects I get from this incense every time I smell it. I love it!

  12. I love my Cloud Kingdom Incense it is so wonderfully relaxing and soothing. I use it for meditation and to reduce stressful situations before they happen. Im a high energy person so I love things that mellow me out. Lighter than Pisces in Neptune which I also love and kind of hoard. So glad something else came along in this vein.

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