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Oil of Mother Algol

Oil of Mother Algol


Organic almond and jojoba oil, ritually imbued with home grown black hellebore leaf and root harvested during the hour of Saturn, diamond, mummified rattle snake, rattler, snake’s skin, belladonna, and other herbs, precious metals, and essential oils for the purpose of protection, counter-magic, cursing, curse breaking, and the like.

Anoint Algol talismans or compatible wards for protection, the exterior of spaces for the same. Apply to the self with care and caution, to attune to primordial feminine and Dark Goddess energies. Appropriate for use in any way oils for counter-magic and cursing are oft applied.

Each 1/2 oz glass vial is black, containing silver leaf and herbal matter for $66, and 5 ml mini vial for $30.

Please note that due to the particularly malefic nature of Algol, divination is being done on all orders placed for this series. If the results are ill-omened, we cannot ethically fill your order, and you will be refunded in full for any Algol items in your purchase. 



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Fixed Star




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Oil Selection

1/2 oz Standard, 5 ml Mini Vial

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Incredibly powerful

Highly recommend forming a relationship with Algol prior to acquiring this materia - but this oil of Mother Algol is incredibly powerful once you do have that relationship. She is comforting and protective, but can induce incredibly far-reaching events (when I first got this materia, the electricity was cut out for 5 blocks around my building).

Anita Fuller

I absolutely adore this oil, it was the first materia I purchased from sphere and sundry and it has been excellent. I find this oil very aligned with darker energies and deities- who i work with often, it feels quite comforting to me almost like coming home and is very effective especially when paired with a meditative and honoring practice for Mother Algol as well. This is amazing!

Wonderful stuff

I’ll admit I was quite nervous to begin working with this oil! I moved slowly and I gave offerings. I made a home for Algol in my space and I’ve felt such relief working with this oil. I’ll admit, I can be intense and reactive—this is pet of why I proceeded so cautiously with this offering. I felt relief making contact with this oil and I will be putting in an order for more at some point. Come with respect and self knowledge. That’s my advice for working with Algol. This materia is gorgeous but i also began to connect with her before ever buying materia. If you’re unsure, just proceed slowly and divine on it for a while. It’s special and I’m so glad I purchased this

Deeply Powerful + Protective

Okay so I know this series comes with a lot of warnings and I think those are all super warranted. However....I honestly *love* this oil and have had nothing but really good experiences with it. I have Algol tightly conjunct my moon and I think that has helped make this oil feel like home to me. Also the scent? I did not expect AT ALL to love the scent but I truly do. I got this mostly to support protection work but also to satisfy my own deep curiosity; Mother Algol has showed me that she really is a part of me and my experiences and has given a voice to some things I've always had, like an intense love of staring contests. Shortly after my oil arrived I noticed that two Yellowjacket nests had taken root on either side of the pathway to my front door....instead of being afraid of feeling like I needed to get rid of them they felt very protective. Then I started having Yellowjackets from those nests come to me while I was on my porch and land on my hands and my hair which is **bizarre** behavior for them because each time they were super non-aggressive and didn't sting me. I haven't had any electrical stuff with Mother Algol yet but I'm curious to see if that will happen. Also she seems to love Mugwort and I have been offering mugwort that I've grown myself. I also keep her on my main altar space which just feels right. I highly recommend this product...just make sure to approach with a lot of respect.

Dena Amurao
One of my favorite oils

This oil has such an intense presence, and I love every second of it. I'm basically an adrenaline junkie but for magic stuff, and this really has a kick to it! I've been using it pretty liberally (which according to everyone I know, is a good sign that it's well worth the price lol). I love having an easy shortcut to giving my spells and servitors some extra protective measures, this stuff works wonders if you're already accustomed to more malefic energies.

Most coveted & treasured talismanic item

Prior to acquiring Mother Algol’s oil, I had a relationship with Algol. I had been consciously working on it for at least a year. She demands a lot of respect and mindfulness. MA creates a cocoon, a safe container unlike any other. This is not for passive use, however. Other series are more suited to that. This oil has potential for malefic side effects. I did have one experience with headaches and anxiety, but hydrating and use of Asclepius materia solved that quickly. The next experience was very integrated and regenerative. She seems to love the dark, perhaps need the dark. This item is kept far away from all others, in the box it arrived in, with some offerings placed inside. Prayer goes a long way with this energy.

No disrespect

I love how it smells, first off. I’m not sure I get a body guard impression from this, it really is more subtle. I have a multitude of uses for this oil, it’s influence is so multifaceted.


My cats are all weird around this oil, the 3 of them flee in different directions when I take it out. I know this oil is powerful and to be used with great caution and care, but it really does feel like home, very safe, and like a blanket of protection.

Great protection

I love this oil, it just feels powerful just holding it in my hand and the jar is beautiful when the light hits it, bringing in different hues of brown. I keep this oil in a box away from the other S&S purchases and only use it when I need protection and need to set boundaries against people that wish evil or harm upon me. It has been great in removing these types of people from my life, and I feel more protected with this oil in my house!


Mother Algol is a mother, a friend, and a protector. Every now and then she makes me feel her presence, and it is comforting to know she is by my side watching over me.


  1. Mother Algol is a mother, a friend, and a protector. Every now and then she makes me feel her presence, and it is comforting to know she is by my side watching over me.

  2. A truly protective and potent oil. I use this oil sparingly and keep it within a black pouch, taking it out only at night. I mostly use it to anoint jewelry and protective amulets and talismans so that its protective energies can keep me safe whenever I wear or use them.
    The energy this oil carries is also one that is very commanding and serious, and one I feel where you really want to use it only for what you truly need to and should.

  3. The protection offered by this oil is nothing short of genuinely significant. The vial itself pulses in the hand when it’s held, and the potency even in small doses is remarkable, breaking curses, ensuring the compliance of spirits, and blending perfectly with all manner of workings under the providence of Mother Algol.

  4. No greater defense. No greater protector. Honor and wrath, glory and fortitude all in one.

  5. First of all, this is not something to play with lightly. The energies contained in this series are potent, and if you approach them in a way that’s disrespectful, or without a really good reason, then this series isn’t for you. My magical practice already involved a goddess who closely resembles Kali, which I believe to be an aid to my use of this materia.

    There’s an adjustment period. I had a noticeable headache after I first ordered the Algol oil. That subsided and we’ve had a brief but good relationship together. I’ve only used this oil twice, once to anoint an Evil Eye glass, and the other in a ritual for justice. Both were successful, but I encourage you to cleanse your space very well after! The following morning after the ritual, a family member of mine was stung by a wasp, which hasn’t occurred in years on our property. This was after I cleared my space with a good dose of a Regulus hydrosol.

    Definitely recommend the oil, but just be careful!

  6. Mother Algol has been a blessing to me. Yes, things happened while she was on her way to me (vision issues, headaches, fierce electrical storms etc.) Once here, I accommodated her onto her altar with the Morrigan, Lilith and Medusa. I greet them and give them honey and flower offerings from my garden. She has given me a feeling of safety in my home, I have used her in candles for protection and such. She is a wonderful protector. Highly recommend.

  7. This is the most delicious offering I have enjoyed from Kaitlin. More than simply being an exquisite conduit of the celestial gorgon, it is the woman behind the oil who will win your heart over with her commitment to excellence in handcrafting magical materia and providing stellar customer care.

  8. From the moment I have purchased the item, I have felt a warm and safe presence come into my life.
    So far I have consecrated a medusa necklace which I put on whenever I feel like I am around people who wish to hurt me (in some way or another).

    Make sure you make an explicit request to not kill or maim wrong doers.

    This is not a toy.

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