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Blood of the Gorgon

Blood of the Gorgon


Consecrated Algol herbal base, including black hellebore root and leaf, belladonna flower, mummified rattle snake, rattler, snake’s skin, diamond, and more, immersed in organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar and sulfur during the height of the Full Moon in Taurus conjunct the fixed star Algol, 2019.

The color is the natural result of the ingredients imbuing, left to gestate at the edge of the woods for two Lunar cycles, making for a ridiculously potent elixir, unparalleled for extreme magical protection, acts of counter-magic, and necessary, well-considered maleficia. Sours, darkens, and promotes acrid toxicity.

I do not recommend application to one’s person, or even in interior spaces. Such may require a good amount of energetic purification afterward, for which Asclepius, Sol, and Regulus are all good antidotes, especially their incense, water, and candle light.

This is one of the most potent and active items from the Mother Algol series. Please use with great care.

Each glass bottle contains silver leaf and a hand drawn Algol label, offered in a small 1/2 oz size for $30 or 2 oz for $63

Please note that due to the particularly malefic nature of Algol, divination is being done on all orders placed for this series. If the results are ill-omened, we cannot ethically fill your order, and you will be refunded in full for any Algol items in your purchase. 

This item is not truly out of stock, just in need of rebottling. Join the Waitlist to be notified when it next becomes available.


SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunset, Tuesday November 12, 2019. Full Moon conj. Algol rising, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I had no real reason to want items from this series until recently, which was its own blessing, but I am so grateful that I was still able to order this at just the perfect time. I’m rather informal about a lot of my uses of Sphere and Sundry materia because they’re often so effective on their own without extra bells and whistles from me, but I definitely made sure to take basic precautions this time. Disposable gloves, predetermined/thematically appropriate (and immediate) disposal of all accessories used to distribute the material, thorough washing with lots of running water and salt on the hands, changing clothes, cleaning the sink where I washed, bathing, etc.

    I asked for Algol’s help with two different completely unassociated individuals who were each causing a lot of daily distress to a lot of people, and who each showed a long pattern of no remorse.

    I’m a total doormat in most aspects of my life, so I first tried to brush up on more mundane practices first by determining better boundaries and by reaching out to other people involved in the respective situations in order to show support (no negative language or venting involved). I’m also not great with any amount of drama and don’t cutting people out; dealing with the situation in such a way as this felt like a last resort.

    I actually ended up just bagging (a few times, for safety) and throwing away the little containers where I decanted the “Blood” (as part of the working) in my apartment building’s garbage cans the night before trash day. Instead of direct application to any personal effects I just wrote names on plain paper, cut them out of the original sheet, rolled them up, and sealed them individually in the tiniest glass vials I could buy, each filled to the top with the Blood.

    Instead of a lot of ceremony, it felt appropriate to do the steps a little quickly and secretly after privately offering prayers and heartfelt, carefully worded petition. The cleanup of the tools was the more involved half.

    One person in particular who was really causing a lot of pain and stress for all of the people they had a lot of power over was swiftly dealt with (without any further mundane intervention from me at all) literally on the following trash day. The other person, through a series of very sudden but overall harmless changes in office circumstances, was forced the following week back onto the defensive, and simply doesn’t have the leeway to behave erratically and abusively to the people that they manage for the time being. These two situations were affecting people I know and love in my day-to-day life, and I believe the desire to defend others that I care about from something they don’t deserve was a huge factor in the success and speed of the working.

    For now the rest of this materia is resting in its own black velvet pouch inside a dedicated black box. I do think that simply knowing that it’s there at all makes me more mindful of boundaries in a way that I have not been able to be previously. I actually hide the materia even further in the back of my closet when times/transits and emotions feel especially volatile, lmao! I think it’s a worthwhile precaution. Knowing that the swiftness of Algol’s defense is real makes one evaluate any instinctive feelings of resentment more carefully: “How can I vent this safely and appropriately without just bottling it up?” and conversely, “Is it really still ok to just lie down and take this without at least giving them a chance to hear your thoughts on it?”

    Giving voice to my frustrations has still been hard, because breaking any pattern is always so hard, but it’s still interesting to see my growing willingness to stand by the consequences of firmly saying “no”.

    I wouldn’t recommend this in situations where you want to continue to see the target in your life, for perhaps obvious reasons. There are other series in the catalogue with a much gentler vibe for that. And I can definitely see why divination is involved when shipping this out. In addition to the appropriate devotional practices recommended in the background information for this series, I personally think that a regular practice of finding healthy, constructive, mundane outlets for frustration or stress would be so helpful for keeping oneself from going too far on accident or passing on harm to others.

    Thanks to Sphere and Sundry for making this one, and for being meticulous about every step of its creation.

  2. I have had amazing success with Blood of the Gorgon as a powerful tool in my boundary-building. I have been in the past followed a bit too closely by a former mentor that had been exposed for some deeply despicable actions. I was tired of always looking over my shoulder or feeling like I needed to keep tabs on her location – though I always got a feeling when she was in the area or passing through. Her actions and movements were always popping up in conversation and I felt like I couldn’t escape her.

    After a while of building my relationship with Mother Algol, I began considering ways to bulk up my magical protections to avoid any further interactions with this person. I was in need of some way to stop feeling vulnerable at every mention of them. I added Blood of the Gorgon to my wards around my house – followed up with additional purification within the home. The safety of knowing the ever-watchful eye of Mother Algol is keeping ill-wishers at a great distance is absolutely priceless. And, for the record, this person and general mention of them has been blissfully absent from my life.

    Potent, not for the uncommitted, and a stunning distillation of the power and intensity of Algol.

  3. After cultivating a Kali practice including offerings and mantras, I used this liquid to make talismans to protect my dwelling from hostile neighbors. It worked really well, but now they are stealing packages and keying up the car. Didn’t think to protect the car. I also have a little talisman I cary around in my pocket made with this potion on paper, so fat, so good. I’m in Scorpio ruled profection now, and it’s noticeable. There was definitely settling period, inflamed scalp, cart overheating, me literally getting burned, settled within a week. I have Algol 3 degrees from Chiron in 11th house Taurus. Cultivating a consistent dark mother type probably is key to outcomes of using this potion, I can tell right away of I’ve neglected her, it takes a lot of maintaining the relationship, but worth it.

  4. My experience with Blood of the Gorgon is not only a testament to Kaitlins Astro-Magical execution but a testament to her transparency, authenticity and skillful articulations of all encompassing the Sphere + Sundry Offerings from birth to release and beyond…
    This is the first series I was compelled to purchase from since discovering Sphere + Sundry during a google search of ancestral workings months prior.
    Immediately drawn to the Mother Algol Series, my first instinct was to add the Altar Box Set to my cart. Quickly second guessing myself, I returned to and read the main description for the series. subsequently reading the narrative of each item offered.
    Heeding Kaitlins warnings I chose to purchase items offering a gentler engagement with the Dark Mother.
    After 4 months, given the fluidity of my experience with the materia, I decided it was time for further engagement.
    Being certain of my pure intentions, I added Blood of the Gorgon to my cart. Having carefully read the materia descriptive, I added Asclepius II self igniting incense to purify my space upon the Dark Mother’s arrival. In addition I added several items from Deneb Algedi to provide protection of a less malefic nature as appropriate.
    Divination performed by Kaitlin result for Blood of the Gorgon: 2 of Cups upright
    An Altar Box was thoughtfully prepared prior to Mother Algol arrival. Some final touches were executed as she awaited unboxing.
    A recently renewed and elevated dispute with backyard neighbor had resulted in my retaliation by blasting music, dark in nature and often in German language.
    As I worked on the finishing touches of the Altar Box carefully bending/rebending a sheet of brass I used to line the interior, I cranked up the volume on a YouTube video, “Wacken”, and simultaneously began bleeding from my pinky finger.
    Immediately muting the music I took this as a sign from the Dark Mother.
    It was not until after I had with great reverence, introduced Blood of the Gorgon to her new space in the quiet and darkened back bedroom, that I realized this was a warning, a smack on the hand. I took responsibility, out loud, for my part in elevating the dispute with neighbors by purposely blasting music in their direction, and graciously thanked Mother Algol for showing me my error in judgement. Justice is not served to dirty hands.
    Over the weekend I noticed changes in the behaviors of the backyard neighbors. Beginning with removal of the TV from 2nd floor deck among other significant things. A sigh of relief and gratitude for the presence and protection of Mother Algol ~ Blood of the Gorgon for restoring the peaceful enjoyment of my home.
    I had not yet opened the bottle.
    I respectfully bow before her.

  5. so incredibly potent. only needed for people with serious enemies… i’m in the middle of a dimension breaking spiritual war. and i believe this piece saved my life and that of my family’s… can’t get into specifics, but mother algol is so powerful. most noticed crazy purges when using this – i didn’t, but i work with dark goddess energy a lot so i’m used to the heaviness this brought to my workings.

    essential for anyone with serious enemies…

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