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Saturn in Capricorn Ritual Salt

Saturn in Capricorn Ritual Salt


Finely ground Dead Sea Salt, activated charcoal, clarifying and cooling essential oils of Saturnian evergreen, and genuine 24k gold, fumigated with frankincense and myrrh during a Saturn in Capricorn election supported by the co-presence of Jupiter.

Absorbs negativity, provides protection, and delineates energetic boundaries.

Create lines, mounds, or sprinkle along thresholds. Add to a dish of water kept at the bedside to promote long-life and protect against nighttime psychic disturbances. Include a sprinkle in cleaning solutions, energy clearing sprays, or floor washes to purify energies, promote responsible conduct, protect what’s within, and insulate against exterior meddling. Add to mojos or witch bottles.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $30, or 2 oz bulk pot for $90





Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1/2 oz, 2 oz



Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunday, November 22, 2020, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Check your chart synergy

I've used this mainly to guard against nightmares and for better sleep in general. It has worked well in this context. It does have a weightiness, however, that doesn't leave me reaching for it. Capricorn is my 12th house. The Saturn in Aquarius series, however, is much more simpatico with my chart (Saturn lining up with my ASC). Saturn in Aquarius is much more user-friendly for me, personally. This is mainly a review to attest to how important it is to compare the series chart to your own.


I’ve used this salt in a mini vial at my bedside to ward during sleep, and it works wonders when I really need that extra strong sense of protection, although I find Deneb Algedi salt better for everyday use. It’s also perfect for surrounding the outer perimeter of your home/property from spiritual/physical attack. Magically, especially in spirit work, this whole series is honestly indespensable.

Cleaning with a twist

I cannot clean without it now. Since I've started using it, I feel more at home in my place. It has eliminated a weird vibe that was in my place due to difficult situations with my roommates. Now I live alone and I feel protected and at peace in my place.

Nice for Binding

I've used these sparingly but they are extremely effective for binding troublesome people energetically and setting clear boundaries. The color is a lovely dark grey and the specks of gold look especially gorgeous. The charge is serious, heavy and earthy--just what you would expect from Saturn in Cap!

Steven Gibbs
Outrageously Excellent!!

Works wonderfully well in almost any kind of cleansing and/or protective type situation. It's fantastic in spiritual baths, but also a sprinkle in various parts around the home also does the trick. Just sleeping with the tube near my bed alleviated nightmares and such. Most certainly worth buying! I highly recommend it!!

Protection, now in a tube

A sprinkle of this salt in the cleaning water does wonders for the energetic health of my home. Like others, I keep some near the bed, and have noticed my sleep improve as a result. Is it weird to say Saturn is lovely? Don’t know, but that how this salt helps my home feel.

Deeply protective

I have had a container of this salt just sit on my bed stand since I've had it. It's wonderfully grounding and protective as is - yes you can add it and use it to make boundaries, or you can have it live like a battery (which I've been doing), and let it do its thing passively as well. It has never been asked to move, and just sort of sits there, guarding everything.

A fortress for your troubles

I snagged some of the Saturn in Capricorn salt due to my love of the Deneb Algebi II ritual salt, which is my most used materia. The energy of this ritual salt feels like it jives with the DAII salt, but definitely feels more like a fortress keeping things at bay. Like others reviews, I have mostly used it for nighttime boundaries, but I also recommend sprinkling some into cleaning stuffs and wiping down the outside entryways and windows, especially if you are feeling a bit unsafe in your home space.

Lastly, this is one of my favorite smelling products in the S+S line as it reminds me of Vicks Vaporub! Just a guard against all the means you harm.

Extremely Protective

Love these salts so much! They help with protection (when working) and focus (also when working). I just keep a tiny bit in a vial and place in my work backpack or purse, or wear around my neck. The energetic charge also seems to deepen my relationship to Saturn.

Grounding protection

I like to use this salt under my bed - feels clarifying, grounding, and protecting. I also like to add a pinch to my foot bath (together with mud) for releasing any unwanted energies and bringing stability and connection to my body.


  1. My sleep is always terrible and nearly non existent during eclipses and these ritual salts changed that this last eclipse season. I put some in a small bowl of water next to my bed and I fall asleep so easily and wake up feeling rested and undisturbed. The salts last a long time because a little goes a long way. I recommend this to everyone!

  2. Just received this on Saturn’s day and hour, and immediately made a little salt water for an altar, then doused myself a bit to cleanse my energy (coming right off of my customer service gig) and WOW. I feel *so good* and clear and really bolstered by this magic. I topped it off with a teensy bit of Saturnian King powder and my wildly Saturnian self has never felt more energized and well boosted. Very excited to keep working with these salts and glad I finally leaned into some Saturn materia. Highly recommend!

  3. Wow, these salts have quite the charge on them! I was just sprinkling some in a little travel baggie to use on a trip and some of it fell on the floor and over my hands and it was electric. The energy just washed over me and it felt cleansing, clearing, and electrifying all at once. I LOVE the Saturn products.<3

  4. I’ve deployed this frequently to keep a firm line between me and a new landlord who has boundary issues. It carries a gentle yet firm ‘don’t f*** with me or my stuff’ energy that both seems to both add a layer of invisibility as well as repel meddlesome visits. I trust in this salt and still have a lot left after repeated uses- a pinch goes a long way. Thank you Kait and thank you Saturn !

  5. This is the most beautiful ritual salt. I use this at night when I feel particularly drained and I need a bit of help with rest and boundaries. Potent and effective.

  6. This item is super practical and it is the foundation of a cleansing spray I use to reinforce boundaries. I keep some semi toxic supplies in a cabinet and that spray is great for keeping people and cats away. I also add these salts to the water next to my bed and it helps stave off nightmares. When things are particularly dangerous in my life, I will add juuuust a little to my hair rinse, usually offset with some Jupiter and/or Venus. It’s excellent for going about the world with greater discernment. Be warned, it’s Saturn. He may gift you with creepy crawlies if you’re using a ton of this stuff.

  7. This is one of my favorite purchases from S&S. I consider it to be the all-purpose cleanser in my magical medicine cabinet and keep some by my bed in water, use it on altars and in offerings, and have it in a spray bottle for when I feel like I need to rid myself of energetic funkiness. Sometimes I open the jar and take a deep whiff to clear my head, like a smelling salt. Side note- the jar was filled so tightly with salt, I marveled that you couldn’t have fit one single grain more into the container, and after multiple uses, it is still full. Magic!

  8. Grateful for this offering, the cleansing AND insulating aspect of this salt appealed to me a lot. Added a few pinches to a huge bottle of cleaning fluid (Sal Suds) and it was just the thing to clean my parents’ house from top to bottom as an all-purpose Saturn-backed cleanser: I could do mirrors, floors, toilets, everything. I needed it to absorb the accumulated negativity of 30+ years of familial drama while upping the protection as it has been A LOT for the world. I imagined the bubbles clearing out the waters themselves on the way out via water pipes and continuing its work through the waterways before making its way back into the clouds. Would I say it promotes responsible conduct? Yes, if cleaning sprees on behalf of your parents with lesser resentment flares count. It gets you working for the long-term result of better family dynamics and then better world functioning at large.

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