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The Aerial Queen’s Shimmering Bath Salts

The Aerial Queen’s Shimmering Bath Salts


Organic Venusian herbs consecrated during our Aerial Delight election, Dead Sea salt, magnesium flake, honey, essential oils, copper leaf, and shimmering mica.

Worries drift away in a perfumed breeze. Or down the drain, rather.

Use alone or in Bathing Rituals to establish Right Relationship between Self + Self, or Self + Other.

After coming home from work, before bed, or anytime you need a magical dose of self-care for self-love’s sake.

Clear the way between your body-mind, mind-body and the Venusian Sphere…

A curious effect I’ve noticed when using these Bath Salts, is that I prefer much more temperate water than usual. I hung out long after the bath cooled down, losing all sense of time, dolphin-ing around and enjoying the music. Personal or universal? Only time x testimonials will tell…

Offered in an airtight 8 oz bale top glass jar for $36, 16 oz bulk pot for $70, or unbreakable 18 oz (by weight) bath bundle for $65 (enough to refill the bulk pot).

Please note that the gold-green mica in these salts will stay on the skin, making you shimmer like a sun-soaked Twilight vampire. If you do not desire this effect, please use soap and a washcloth following your bath, instead of simply rinsing. 





Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Planetary Body

Fixed Star


16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Just really happy, pleasant baths

These bath salts make me happy! I feel more content with myself and more at ease in my day/in my life when I'm working with VAD bath salts. I love their smell, color, and energy. I would describe the energy as lightly uplifting, playful, and gentle. I have a fairly serious Venus (8th house/Aquarius) and I really love VAD overall for putting me in touch with the Libra side of Venus. I wish the green coloring would stick to my skin but mostly it hangs on to the bathtub.

El VanDyne
bath + beyond, bed optional

I'm not typically a bath person but after starting Kaitlin's ritual bath protocol last year, I knew I had to get some bath salts and this series felt right for me. the times I have used them in ritual bathing are when I need an extra dose of self-care/love, and they leave me feeling like my rough edges are smoothed over a bit, relaxed, and ready for bed. you will need to clean your tub after using this, and I am such a puddle of relaxation after a VAD bath that I have to do it next day. :)

recently, I started planetary devotional work so now I use these salts on Venus' day, but in the shower. I use a seashell to scoop some salts, add a little water to make a paste and then apply it as a scrub on my face + body. it seems like not soaking in it gives me a less sleepy/solo effect. instead, I feel refreshed, interested in interacting with others, and more loving to All.

Friday ritual bath

I find no better appreciation of Friday and celebrating a relationship to Venus than a bath in these salts. The scent is absolutely transporting to a more loving and self compassionate state. Connecting with an airy sweetness and soothing as all my stresses become contextualized. Some challenges remain, reframed. Some simply dissolve and float down the drain. Through all I can return to my sense of my own value, my worthiness of love and comfort.

That shimmer!

These are my second foray into S&S Venusian bath salts, and I can't get enough! I've spent at least 3 hours in the tub each time I've used these. The smell is heavenly, and so soothing to the skin. My favourite part of these salts is definitely the shimmer though! So lovely waking up the next morning with Venus's shine still upon me.

Mermaid magic

Took a bath with AQ bath salts + Butter Ocean bath salts during Venus hour on Venus day and literally felt like a mermaid. Uplifted my spirit in a big way.


Taking shower with this bath salt at the end is the best way to set the stage for social event - gives you grace and perfect energy to be your best with people.I use washcloth that contains mice so the glitter is not a problem and I can use it as the last step in my bathing.


I love these! It makes me relaxed and refreshed ! Brings me back to my playful self.

Kat B
Glittering and Gorgeous

I love these bath salts! For me, the shimmer is a huge bonus. It looks stunning, and I don’t find it overly messy, compared to other glittery bath products I’ve used in the past. The scent is super sweet and pretty, and it’s just a joy to use. I will say that it took me a while to experiment with it to my satisfaction, because the first time I used it, it knocked me out for a nap right after! Clearly, Venus knew I was in need of some relaxation at the time, even if I was unable to indulge in that luxury as much as I’d have liked. Now I can confirm that these salts are consistently calming, and have a peaceful effect during my cleansing rituals. (They also have an unexpected way of giving me a good hair day whenever I use them in the shower, appropriately enough!) I definitely recommend trying the bath salts from S+S in general, and these are a lovely choice for anyone who wants to get more in touch with the Fairer Benefic.

Abby Huerta
Skin Glow Up

These salts are gorgeous and give my skin a golden glow. I now live in a very dry climate area where I’m use to the back of my arms being bumpy and itchy. When I use these salts, all the bumpy skin goes away and what’s left is soft and supple. This will leave a green ring around your white tub tho, but I found that a dish towel soaked in water and dawn dish soap cleans it right off without too much fuss. Ethereal vibes afterward. Highly recommend!


Beautiful salts to see and smell. Once my partner spontaneously got into the (tiny) bathtub with me when I used these, which was fun and unexpected (and recommended.) VAD is a great balance of sociable and luxurious, playful and sexy, relaxed and bright.


  1. I was feeling very blah this evening and was called to VAD for a bath tonight and my goodness it’s delightful. I am currently submerged, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the crackle and scent of a beloved candle mingling with the beautiful steam rising from my tub.

    Blahs BANISHED I’ll tell you what!

    Interestingly, I can feel this interacting directly with my skin too. I’m prone to acne and irritation, and it feels like it’s drawing gunk right out of my skin to the point where it’s mildly, though not unbearably, itchy! Guess we’re working on literally skin deep beauty as well as emotional restoration.

  2. I am obsessed with these bath salts. Relaxing, indulgent, soothing- and they smell so good! I once took a three and a half hour bath because I just did not want to get out of the tub!

  3. When I use these bath salts by themselves, the experience is very *softening* and gentle. Normally I go for HOT baths, but with this salt I definitely prefer more temperate water. It isn’t about sweating it out and purging, but about relaxing into indulgent bliss.
    When I pair the VAD salt with Immortal Heart bath salts (blended with a generous portion of epsom salt), I get *powerful and immediate relief* from difficult menstrual symptoms. This combo is SO soothing and relaxing, and deeply immersive. Physical discomforts melt away, and my strung out mental and emotional bodies are called back to reintegrate with ease. It’s truly a winning combination, and smells so divine.

  4. After hearing the amazing testimonials from others using these bath salts, I had to give it a try and like literally everything else at S&S it’s Amazing! The scent is lovely, I feel renewed and refreshed after a good soak. And best of all is the shimmer! I personally love the effect, it’s a pretty subtle sparkle that for me, keeps with the lovely Venus theme of letting myself shine and enjoying the body I am in.

  5. Ok, wow. You got me at the “glitter like a Twilight vampire.” My reaction was: MUST. HAVE.!!! And the bath salts did not disappoint. I loved the green mica and how it made me sparkly post-bath. The scent is lovely as well. I leave the bath feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed. I’ve sat in the bath while drinking wine (or sparkling water) with a chocolate or two. Add in a romantic novel or an astrology podcast, and I’m in heaven. Maybe this series is letting my indulgence getting out of hand though. (VAD’s Venus aspects my Sun in Libra and the transiting Jupiter is conjunct my natal Moon in Aquarius.) I somehow found myself back in the zone of Venus in Libra when I was buying art, funiture, etc. to beautify my home (my gold plated end table for my cocktails is coming in the mail as I type), and I find myself loosely spending money but in a way that’s not very financially sound, but “who cares I’m plentiful” is the vibe. I find myself drawn to beauty– polishing my nails, going out with the girlfriends to drink fancy cocktails, feeling generally loosened up enough to “not care” as much when it comes to doing work (or maybe to put it a better way, I’m still doing the work but the internally harsh-ish seriousness is noticably toned down.) I’m sad to say I’m down to the very end of this bath salt and am in the prowl for more…

  6. These salts are very relaxing – and I must say, rather enjoyable to use. I have gone through my first 18 oz bundle faster than I usually would because I use these more often than any of the other S & S salts I have right now.

    I will buy more, especially because I tend to experience such a noticeable effect from the VAD salts. A fair warning, however: they may stain a white tub green temporarily if you end up taking longer baths on the regular.

  7. I am completely besotted by this wonderful series, and the bath salts, similarly to Regulus 3’s bath salts, are turning out to be my surprise favorite.

    It’s hard to overstate how absolutely delicious this smells. Vanilla and honey and something so sweet and loving, the warm hug I didn’t know I needed. The whole series has brought a sense of peaceful wellbeing and warmth. It’s just such a gift in these troubled times.

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