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Water of the Immortal Heart

Water of the Immortal Heart


White water lily, organic chamomile, lavender, rose buds, blue lotus, elder flower, hibiscus, and honeysuckle were co-mingled and distilled via copper alembic, along with Mother of Pearl and cape amethyst on the night of the New Moon in Virgo III opposite Neptune, 2020. To this was added colloidal gold and silvers, and a small amount of grain alcohol to preserve. Left to bask on the Immortal Heart altar with prayers for the Divine Mother’s blessing throughout the evening.

Spray to facilitate emotional safe-spaces, setting the stage for therapeutic progress and authentic heartfelt exchanges. Apply to bed linens for improved sleep, instilling a sense of security for all ages. Use on the self or consenting others in need of trauma support, or in the midst of mourning. Promotes embodiment, calm, and an instinct for self-care.

Offered in glass spray bottles with mother of pearl heart and cape amethyst keepsakes, available in your choice of 1/2 oz travel or sample size for $27, or full 2 oz for $66





Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in


Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Not primarily astrological in nature. Sunset of September 16th, 2020. Evening of the New Moon in Virgo III, Neptune rising.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
best smelling and most crying-inducing hydrosol

the more I get to know this series the more I love and respect it AND HOPE WE GET ANOTHER, perhaps its a good thing to do while our headmaster is in the first most delicate phase of motherhood herself? idk but at some point I hope. I sprayed this all over a friend after rubbing her down with the salve trying to help her digest some grief about a parent who passed last week & very quickly we were both crying, but in a way that felt kind of safe & okay. I didnt get it at first with this series but I think I do now. thankyou


Using this hydrofoil is like entering psychotherapy session. excellent for processing before sleep as well.

Flower meadow of comfort

It's the only S&S water that I can detect even in the morning after having sprayed on my pillow before sleep. It takes a few moments to remember why I think I have woken in a fresh flower meadow. It is absolutely divine and comforting.

Soothing & Gentle

I used this pretty frequently before bed during an extremely stressful and emotional move earlier this year. It helped soften the jagged edges of my thoughts and feelings, allowing me to relax and not carry my stress with me into sleep. Good for getting emotionally un-stuck; creating space for feelings and allowing them to flow more easily. I experienced it as a very gentle and subtle influence. Also... if you (like me) enjoy very cool, floral aromas, then this is heaven in a bottle. The scent is positively DIVINE.

Gentle and bolstering.

While the IH oil continues to blow me away with its ability to facilitate some big and much-needed cathartic emotional experiences--sometimes you're looking for support without the ugly cry. The IH hydrosol helps me to connect with the Divine Mother and receive her reassuring comfort and support around processing grief, trauma, etc. Profoundly grateful for this series.

Soothing to the soul

This spray is like a warm hug in a bottle for me. It helps initiate immediate and profound emotional release. If I'm feeling clenched up, it instantly relaxes me and lets the pent-up emotion flow through. If I'm already spilling over, it gives me a safe and supportive container, so I don't get overwhelmed. Like a dear friend or mama figure telling you to "let it out." I'm surprised to see some people complaining about the scent, as I found it to be quite mild and pleasant. The effect is aromatherapeutic for me, but the scent also dissipates quite quickly.

Romana Clifton
Still learning to work with it

I struggle a bit with the scent of this one - it reminds me of the water in a vase after a bouquet has been sitting in it for like a week. Floral, but also a little sickly. For that reason, I'm not keen to apply it to myself. Spraying it on my bedsheets has had no discernible effect. Given that the oil in this series blew my mind wide open the only time I used it, I suspect this water would be a more gentle on-ramp to some important healing, if only I could get over the scent.

Support System in a bottle

I don't know what initially drew me to try Immortal Heart, but it has been an important standby for tough times. If you didn't or don't have a support system with your caregivers or in your life in general, you might consider giving these waters a try especially if life is doling out heavy hits.

For anyone who might be sensitive to floral smells, consider using as a linen spray or spray your pillow and put a fresh pillowcase over it. For what it's worth, the smell grew on me over time.

Soothing for the heart…

The scent was not my cup of tea.. until I really needed the support. Suddenly, that water Lily was the most comforting smell in the world. Spray on your sheets when you are in a cocoon of remembrance.


The scent is a little too strongly floral for me to use as a body spray, but I've been doing a light spritz on my shakti mat before working with it and it helps me sink deeper into physical and emotional release.


  1. The smell of this water is close to divine. It’s succulent like a nigh blooming jasmine breeze on a cooling summer evening. I have used this when my cat passed through the veil to the other side and it really helped me feel my emotions and work through them to letting go. It also reminds me of a Nina Ricci perfume my mom used to wear. It’s very nostalgic and warming emotionally. Thank you Kaitlin for bringing forth the healing needed in a grieving time.

  2. i have leaned on this spray for sleep (one spritz to the heart) in my recent grief. once, it prompted an unexpected waking visitation/vision of that loved one for which i am profoundly grateful.

  3. I use this series at my ancestral altar as an offering to encourage heartfelt connection to the ancestors, especially the grandmothers. The acknowledgment seems to be welcome and my prayer is that is soothes and heals the bitterness and rage of misogynistic mistreatment. The water, for this review is written! has been key in setting emotional spaces before gathering in a group for energy work constellating around healing generational family dynamics, which also lead to greater understanding and compassion for the complexity of interpersonal female relationships. The intersections of our identities as healer, friend, co-pilot, mother, daughter, boss etc. were brought up for gentle “look at this” shadow work and integration. A water for healing the waters that fed into my own grief. Very ouroboric and composty, but make it a spray and gentle on the nerves.

  4. I’m now on my second bottle of this magnificent offering. It makes for a lovely, soothing sleep companion. On first using it, I had done some fairly intense breathwork which seemed to have cleared a lot of energetic & physical debris from my system. The following night, watching an emotional film, I cried in a way that felt purging of my own personal griefs associated with the situations depicted. (Not, in itself, an unusual occurrence for me!)

    What distinguishes the kind of emotional releasing that Immortal Heart facilitates is an undercurrent of deep wonder and gratitude for the emotions and embodiment being in a human vessel affords. Feelings become not something to be feared, repressed or transcended, but to be understood as experiential, sensory journeys, ripe with tenderness & inherently valuable.

    I have found this water an especially gentle balm for feelings of loneliness, depression, physical soreness and grief, as well as enabling me to hold space for those going through such experiences. For anyone looking to remember they are loved, held, and secure in the All-Embracing Arms of the Divine Mother, I cannot recommend this luminous, enspirited water highly enough.

  5. The Immortal Heart was my first experience with Sphere and Sundry, and I honestly wasn’t expecting such dramatic results on my very first use… I chose this series for Moon remediation, and also because a close family member passed away last year and it’s been difficult to heal. I assumed the water would help me create a safe space for grieving, but I didn’t expect such a strong feeling of spiritual connection and comfort right away. (I even went slow out of caution, spraying it on a shawl to wear rather than applying it directly.) For me, the whole experience was deeply soothing and restful… Which is unusual for me, as someone who has a hard time relaxing in general. I also tend to second-guess my intuition, but minutes after application I received a sign that was so clear and striking that it left me in tears. Long story short, I’m amazed, and deeply grateful to Kaitlin Coppock and Sphere and Sundry. (And to myself, for finally taking the leap to order this!) I’m eager to try the other items I selected, and I already know I’ll be back for more in the future. I also want to add that the S+S team is incredible… I knew they were working through a huge rush of orders when I made my purchase, and yet I received my shipment notice after just a few days. (And on Labor Day weekend, no less!) Not to mention how everything was so beautifully packaged, with obvious care to keep it safe on the journey. I’m beyond impressed.

  6. A single spray of Waters of the Immortal Heart is almost a nightly bedtime ritual for me. As someone who experiences sleep anxiety it feels gentle, soft and comforting and whenever I use it, I have such restful and easeful sleeps. The scent of lily was intense for me at first, but like all the the S+S scent profiles, it becomes synonymous with the effects so that just the smell of it feels like a relaxing “ahhh”. I love love love this series and the Waters sit on my dresser next to a statue of Mary the Untier of Knots which feels like a perfect place for it.

  7. This review has been hard to conclude because Immortal Heart has made that much of a difference.

    There are things that take time to process. There are things I never processed but needed to. There are feelings I pushed down because they were inconvenient and to dismantle them took a lot of energy.

    Comfort is something I’m not familiar with as an autistic person. Our lives are by and large very UNcomfortable. A lot of my life has been mitigating discomfort. Painful sensations just become status quo. Silently, you accept the pain. Because you take your pain for granted, all pain you feel, no matter how serious, becomes something you ignore. Pain shoots through your body, migraines get ignored, and you communicate nothing because no one takes you seriously anyways.

    Suffice it to say, I’ve been dealing with burnout for a long, long time. I burnt out sometime in college, and at age 29, I have never fully recovered. Here I am with all of these feelings that need to be untangled. I knew Immortal Heart was calling me when she was announced. I knew before then there was grief to be dealt with. I waited until January to purchase Immortal Heart and it dawns on me now that this was the perfect time.

    The day after I placed the order, I spent some time crying my heart out because I realized I’ve spent a great portion of my life not being taken seriously even if it was actually serious (see above). I began to reconcile certain experiences I had that I never forgave myself for, but where I wasn’t at fault.

    And then on January 15th, my uncle passed away unexpectedly. In times of death, I have always struggled to adequately feel my emotions. Yet, Immortal Heart allowed me to cry. It also allowed me to recognize that I needed to document my memories of him, to physically write them down. And so I filled journal pages just listing good memories, and though I still feel the loss, it doesn’t sting as it did. Immortal Heart helped me grieve death but celebrate life as well. When I saw that IH helped to ascend, I didn’t completely know what that meant, but I found out.

    Immortal Heart is my go-to when I need to cry, but also when I need to comfort myself. I’ve always delighted in those small comforts, the ways I can find relief. Kicking my feet up at the end of a long day. Laying down while spasms shoot up my back. Cutting tags out of shirts. Curling up in a blanket while I’m relaxing. Falling asleep next to my cats. Listening to great music. Recognizing the way these small comforts make my life easier and better has been an important part of my journey with Immortal Heart. I delight in the time I take to feel at ease after a hard day, and Immortal Heart has helped me to not only recognize my comforts for what they are (vital), but also to go to those avenues when life hurts too much.

    Immortal Heart has been revitalizing. Although I still suffer from burnout, IH has really changed the way I take care of myself, the way I see my comfort as a need rather than a frivolity. Although I will always mask my sensory issues to a certain degree, IH has given me the necessary tools to put my need for comfort first. When I want a nourishing sleep, I spritz some IH and wake up well-rested.

    As with all materia, I’m still on this journey, still growing, still changing, but I cannot overstate just how much Immortal Heart has changed my life for the better. If you are ready to care for yourself in a way that you didn’t think was possible, I highly recommend IH. I knew she called to me, and yet I didn’t realize just how necessary she was.

  8. I impulsively sprayed this one morning when I was feeling very exhausted, and very over people, which is hard space to be in when part of your job entails listening to people. Soothing, peaceful, and I was able to give grace and continue to be able to create safe emotional spaces for myself and others. Protective.

  9. I have several items from the Immortal Heart series and love them all! They each offer sweetness and the feeling of a gentle embrace. The water brings instant peace upon application. It prompts me to take a deep breath and with the breath comes softness, supportive release, and comfort. I use the water often – it’s wonderful during times when I am in need of healing and support as well as in less stressful moments when I simply desire extra soothing and relaxation. This series is perfect for unwinding before bed and layers beautifully with Asclepius for an extra cozy healing experience.

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