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Oil of the Immortal Heart

Oil of the Immortal Heart


Organic and wildcrafted motherwort, lily of the valley, linden and elder flowers, blessed thistle, honeysuckle, bloodroot, white lotus, meadowsweet, milky oats, and more, ritually fumigated with frankincense and benzoin on a New Moon in Virgo III following prayers to the Divine Mother for unconditional love, nurturing, protection, and emotional support. White gold, cape amethyst, saltwater pearl, and mother of pearl in jojoba, sunflower, and sweet almond oils.

Left to incubate for a full Lunar cycle before being decanted into individual vials and co-mingled with rich essential oils of a grounding, comforting, and reassuring nature.

Anoint the front and back of the heart to invoke feelings of safety, calm, and instill a sense of the Divine Mother’s love, as though being wrapped in a cozy security blanket, fresh and warm from the cosmic dryer. Invites emotional authenticity and expression without the anxious states, shame, or shyness that often accompany upset, allowing for deeper understanding of the self and one’s beloveds.

Promotes embodiment and helps facilitate states ripe for therapeutic progress. Apply to the self or consenting others, or tools used in healing processes, before engagement. Assists with inner child work, re-birthing, re-parenting, and re-framing therapies, especially in regards to upbringing, raising one’s own children, or matrilineal repair. Serves as a midwife for mourning or grieving.

May elicit sadness upon fresh encounters. Continued engagement will oversee the integration of unprocessed, undigested emotions (Samskaras), clearing the heart of the minefields which lay there. Applications during periods of active trauma may reduce their ability to embed themselves, enhancing real-time processing and integration. Helps to override the Fight or Flight impulse, increasing the odds of maintaining one’s presence and composure in stressful circumstances.

Encourages a softer, kinder, more compassionate demeanor, in alignment with Divine Feminine virtues. Patience, understanding, and emotional bandwidth grow exponentially under this influence, especially over time, making for better listening skills. Excellent for therapists and those in service to the healing arts, or anyone on a journey of emotional self-improvement. Authentic self-care, in a bottle.

Soothes children, pets, and adults alike; improves sleep and invites gnostic, healing dreams in accord with Immortal Heart’s divine arcana.

Adds a grounded humility when layered with other types of magic or materia that are more ego driven and achievement oriented.

Each glass vial includes 12k white gold and keepsake pieces of mother of pearl heart and cape amethyst, along with vitamin E to preserve. The rollers are especially good for drawing sigils and glyphs upon the body.

Offered in a 1/2 oz standard glass vial for $66 (with optional Dropper Cap Kit), a 10ml precious metal roll-on in 16k electrum (a gold and silver alloy) for $108, or a cape amethyst roll-on for $54.


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body


Gold, White




HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Not primarily astrological in nature. Sunset of September 16th, 2020. Evening of the New Moon in Virgo III, Neptune rising.

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Immortal Heart Info Sheet



  1. I ordered this oil when I started therapy and it has really helped me so far. I apply it before sessions and afterwards if needed. I feel like it helps me to surrender to the therapeutic process, to feel all the feels, cry a lot and to also let stuff go. It also provides a sense of safety. The magic of this oil is very light and very heavy at the same time. Thankful for your offerings Sphere and Sundry!

  2. Amazing oil. True to the description, my dreams were vividly and intensely healing after applying this to the front/back of the heart before bed. I use it every night now and the experience has been very helpful. As some others have said, however, this brand of healing isn’t always easy. For me it’s drudged up old habits and sticking points of my own rooted in my trauma that I’ve had to confront and put in serious work to make progress with. But I’m grateful for the impact this oil has had, as progress is what I am after.

  3. What a truly lovely offering. Upon opening the package I began tearing up. I’m a new mother and I’m also having to take care of my own mother who is deteriorating with dementia. This oil has been my warm embrace through some very intense and grief-filled moments. It’s also helped me to access feelings that I was stuffing down just so I could get through my days. It has a way of bringing my difficult emotions to the surface without overwhelming me – while feeling held.

    I actually came to sphere + sundry in search of something to help with boundary reinforcement, and this oil found me. I use it almost daily and it’s been such a saving grace. Thank you, Kaitlin for what you do. This is truly magical.

  4. This series has helped me a great deal to comfort myself when I feel lost, lonely, and heartbroken. It envelopes you subtly. The feelings don’t go away, but their edges soften, and you can stay with the pain. I’ve connected much more to the Triple Goddess archetype since I’ve been using it. It also seems to help as gentle lunar remediation.

  5. The Immortal Heart series is what initially attracted me to Sphere and Sundry. An hour before it arrived, I found myself in a long conversation with my mother and sister. In the course of the conversation my mother shared a secret about her mother that she hadn’t told anyone in her life, something she’d been holding in from childhood. I began to cry, and after a while ended the phone call. When I emerged from that, I opened the front door to get some air – Oil of Immortal Heart was waiting for me on the doorstep.

    The initial intensity of this oil was remarkable – unbeknowst to me, I was going through a series of critical transits to my Virgo moon, and this oil intensified them. When I applied this oil, I’d find myself in tears; full-on breakdowns about some specifically feminine-socialized aspect of my life. All the time, I FELT how my wounds were related to my mother’s, and hers before her and so on. After crying, after sometimes having tantrums, I’d emerge tender and somehow more able to accept where I was, and what I needed to do from that tender bottom, to heal.

    Since then, I haven’t cried as much. Immortal heart has become an ally in self-belief, and gentleness and firmness in what I see now as my purpose. Immortal heart is a friendly, and warm companion for hard truths, particularly the hard truths of the way that the feminine has been misaligned across history. An ally for trying to retain dignity and strength amidst all that. Thank you sincerely to the Divine Mother in all her iterations, and to Kaitlin for her work. This is my favorite series of all that I’ve received, though its initial intensity has waned, and I look forward and hope for more of this particular kind of magic.

  6. I got this because it felt like it was time to do the hard work of healing my mother/grandmother wound. I haven’t seen a therapist since before I went no-contact with my mom and gran, and there’s a good chance I will have to wait for quite some time yet. I annoint my heart chakra, front and back, as advised before turning in for the night, and my dream work since starting this practice has been.. unexpected. Physically it reminds me of a bit of Ascelpius and they do work very well together. I’ve become very aware that my physical heart really does bear the brunt of my past heartaches. Even just feeling pinched in my heart when a thought rises, and it’s as if I feel that whatever wounding I’ve suffered is being healed. I have a tendency of getting a bit lost in my thoughts and blocking out my feelings, a survival strategy that has kept me safe but no longer serves me.

    Going back to healing of the matrilineal wound: Angry, sometimes even violent dreams of confrontation over years of gaslighting and narcissistic abuse rose to the surface, but quickly abated. After I lived out my anger, sadness and regret, these dreams were quickly replaced by ones of wish fulfillment. In those dreams, I still have my childhood home, and my mother and grandmother are bordering on different people – people who love me and want to build me up rather than tear me down. There are imaginary versions of them who contain the good memories I have of them, that I can separate from the negative reality of who they actually are. This oil has also brought my matron goddess into sharper focus and I find myself leaning more deeply into her in their absence.

    Summing up: this oil really is a must have for the spiritual first aid kit. I use it in conjunction with the Asclepius Son of Apollo coin and really feel they work beautifully together.

  7. This oil, rubbed directly on the heart, is where I turn when I feel raw and need immediate envelopment in comfort like a warm hug. So much of what others have already said resonates: this oil reminds the body that it is okay to cry, that pain is temporary but necessary, and that healing awaits on the other side of the discomfort of feeling too deeply. I feel totally un-judged under its influence. I can just be. IH has become something of a security blanket for me, and I have even begun bringing it with me while traveling and especially prone to anxiety.

  8. This series has been incredibly helpful to me in processing trauma. It’s given me healing dreams and has helped in my therapy journey. I’d recommend to anyone dealing with trauma and/or grief.

  9. The IH oil is easily one of my favorite S+S oils. The first time I used this oil, I didn’t really notice its effects but with each application its potency increased and/or I became more in tune with it. It’s supremely comforting and soothing (more so than my Exalted Venus oil which I also love) almost like a love balm to whatever is ailing me. And it also smells absolutely delicious!!

  10. Powerful nurturer – IH oil cracks your heart right open, so be ready. This is not for superficial healing. She will quite quickly find the deepest, darkest corners – and then give them a big, soft hug. Grief will find meaning, purpose and acceptance, and even comfort.

  11. Oil of the Immortal Heart has given me something a didn’t know I needed: a good cry. In the face of myriad big life challenges, I have turned to Immortal Heart (and shared it with friends who are on their own difficult journeys) and it has been tremendously nurturing and supportive. It feels so safe, and so loving…like you are being held in the arms of a loving mother who says “It’s ok. Let it all out. I’ve got you.” And I am so grateful to have that in my magical toolbox these days.

  12. I used this during 2020’s spectacular solstice and was getting serious all loving alien grandmother energy. The smell corresponds exactly to this. Journeying with it on I felt like I was in a warm and fuzzy cocoon. Love this series!

  13. I can be less-than-aware of the deeper strata of my feelings sometimes, and Immortal Heart oil helps gently bring them forward. When I am feeling “off”, dysregulated, or want to check in at a deeper level, I go to this oil. I think it helps prevent emotions getting “impacted”, keeping my emotional body more fluid & current. I second another reviewer’s comparison to plant medicines for this purpose. This first time I used Immortal Heart I didn’t notice much, so I turned on a TV show (which I never do) that randomly became a heart-to-heart mother-daughter episode full of hugs, and I spontaneously had a good, long cry.

  14. This is the friend who sits quietly, hand on your back, while you break down in grief about everything you didn’t know you were mourning. It’s not an immediate cure-all, but a process of unpacking, and unpacking gets messy – but consider this oil KonMari for the soul.

  15. Immortal Heart has proven to be an incredible tool in my energy healing practice. Applying it over my heart or at points of tension before doing energy meditation amplifies the emotional healing considerably, and helps to gently unearth and resolve emotional issues.

  16. This oil is a veritable healing force, that lingers for weeks after the initial application; its healing influence seeps into the rest of your life while affording much-needed emotional clarity. What is Ok and what is Not is clear. Capacity for forgiveness, when truly due, is increased. I feel like this can be compared to the healing properties of Ayahuasca, when administered by a Curandero; I would love to try this oil in Ceremony one night!

  17. The immortal heart oil felt like I was swimming in the ocean while being held within a mother’s embrace. While wearing it, I feel so nourished and held. I feel my heart opening and I feel able to be kinder and more compassionate towards myself and others. This oil is an incredible gift. I especially love layering it with the Venus in Pisces oil and adding them to a bath. I am so grateful for the healing that’s taken place since working with IH.

  18. The immortal heart has been so helpful and soothing as I understand my early traumas. It has been a slow process since it really makes the process accelerated but i’ve been feeling such positive effects overtime and able to understand and work though so much with it’s help. Super healing. I haven’t felt much relief from many products besides Sphere + Sundry and I really recommend! I have tried the immortal heart, Venus in Taurus, and Fixed Star Deneb Algedi series and have found such positive outcomes with all!

  19. This has been a sweet balm during very trying times. I’ve used daily now for a couple months and the changes are palpable and deeply rooted. There is a fair amount of discomfort sometimes and very little room for the usual slipping around the stories we use to protect ourselves. Sometimes it starts off with a colder kind of healing that then comes in with a huge dose of unconditional love. Other times the tremendous love comes in right away and witnesses the charting of new paths.

    Highly recommend for anyone taking care of their own deepest needs and looking for a boost through the tangles.

  20. I’ve been using this as I work through sadness and loss connected to my mother and right up through my matrilineal line. This oil helps facilitate the process in ways that are hard for me to articulate, and the healing is tangible. Thank you, Kaitlin, for creating this medicine.

  21. I am always a little skeptical when I initially purchase any sort of intention oil because I’ve seen a lot of fakes out there but I knew based on the care put into even simply the description that this would be different and I was proven so RIGHT. This is such a heart opener and has been such a tremendous resource for me as I work through wounding around my relationship with my mother. And it really, only takes a little to do a lot. I remember the first time I used it, I spilled a bit pouring some into a smaller vial and in the interest of not wasting any applied all I spilled to my physical body. The emotional shift was SO DEEP ya’ll I had to lay down and let it all process for a day so I’ve learned my lesson. This shit works, the end.

  22. This is a really wonderful oil. I bought this oil because I needed some help connecting to my Divine Feminine. I have a ton of Mars energy in my chart so my Divine Masculine is what is most natural for me but I really wanted to get in touch with receiving rather than my go-to of chasing the next big thing. I started using this oil during the hour of the Moon before my bedtimes and almost immediately I started to become more in touch with my feelings and have definitely been more relaxed and go-with-the flow type of receiving energy. There is a part of the prayer for this oil that says “see md while I sleep long & deep, find resolution, and be born again -self realized in waking.” Well, a few nights ago the Divine Mother visited me while I slept she watched me sleep and after that night my whole disposition changed. I have truly connected to my Divine Feminine and I feel so much less stressed. I never realized how stressful being in that go-getter masculine energy is, it feels so much better letting opportunities come to me.

  23. Wow. What a fantastic oil. First, I must simply say thank you to Kaitlyn.

    To keep it succinct, this oil brings it all up and assists you in moving through it, and moving it out. It has helped me tend to myself more gently, further open my heart for clients, identify and meet my needs, and cry a lot, in a healing way. I almost don’t recognize who I was before mid-November when this materia arrived, and this “work” is not new to me. I’ve been engaging in various healing modalities for about 10 years now, and have come a long way with confronting my past, my familial dynamics, etc., but this has added an extra layer and some ease in moving further along. One specific result for me is that it puts me in my body almost immediately, and that’s something I struggle with due to dissociation from C-PTSD. This is literal medicine.

    I feel so grateful for this oil, and am looking forward to our continued journey together.

  24. I’ve been using IH oil to anoint the feet of Mother Mary, who stands at the center of my alter. Additionally, I’ve used it directly over my heart, reciting the prayer included. It feels gentle and warm to me. I feel centered and powerful when I use it. I have worked through much of the grief, trauma, righteous rage, etc that streams through my maternal line prior to this purchase…and I have no doubt that this oil could drop the bottom out had I not already done some major clearing, as it appears to have done for other reviewers. I will also add that I was able to perform a full ceremony with my mother and her mother, calling on our shared lineage to assist in healing present rifts and dissolving negative karmic bonds. This is not something I’d ever shared with either of them prior to this and I do believe that using the oil boosted the courage and centering needed to be vulnerable in this manner. It was powerful. We announced each other’s hearts prior to calling our lineage. My grandmother was moved to tears. It was beautiful.

  25. I have to say that this series spoke to me from the first moment it was announced. However, I have to be very careful with when and how I choose to use it. It’s been just over a decade that I started to consciously work through all the trauma of my early years, and while the work has been profound and helpful, it isn’t always easy. This oil seems to bring up subjects that I have been working thorough in ways that *can* be healing, assuming one is ready. I’ve decided to be cautious with time and place, since it has forced conversations that I wasn’t ready to have, although the internal work does feel useful in the sense that I am moving forward rather than backward. Part of my personal issue is that it is a challenge to speak about the issues I have been working through, and I wish there were still some Mercury materia to pair this to allow for a bit more ease in opening up. I have paired it with Exalted Venus and did find that the healing work did come with love and support from my partner.

  26. Anointing the heart chakra with Oil of the Immortal Heart feels like receiving a big heart from the divine mother. It brings up to the surface feelings, emotions, and frustrations that have not be processed, yet experiencing and working through them seems a lot more bearable. When I wear it before going to bed, I feel relaxed, and fall into a restful sleep. I would say that a little goes a long way with this oil, and one must definitely want and be willing to work with ones shadow side.

  27. I have truthfully had to warm-up a bit to this series. Or perhaps, it has been warming up to me. My fiance and I both have been going through a LOT with our parents over the past couple years. There is a lot of repressed emotion, unconfronted abuse and brokenness there. My frustrations and resistance to my own mother were immediately revealed as I felt resistance to this series at first, too. I have continued to work with it though, and it does seem to be facilitating healing and breakthroughs for both of us (my partner and I, not necessarily our mothers at this point. Though, potentially..) I have the oil, ascending heart incense, salve, bath salts and one-hitter, and this series has definitely been instrumental in making progress in these challenging relationships while allowing the two of us to come closer together as well. And it has been hard. I know a lot of people have said how immediately they felt *good* with this series, so I just want to emphasize that that is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Ultimately the progress that has been made is REALLY good!! But it has not been fun or easy or even felt particularly comforting at most points. I hope it comes across that I strongly recommend this line, but you’ve definitely got to be ready to do the work and feel the feels and have past trauma come to the surface in order for it to be addressed.

  28. I am in love with this whole series. The Immortal heart works deep and mysterious. In the experience I’ve been having, I feel Her effects but I also see how She has opened doors to healing through OTHER modalities. Here is the experience I shared with the client forum : IH guided me to book an energy and intuitive healing session with a healer I’ve known and followed online for a long time. The impulse/nudge came and I booked it without much of a second thought. I’ve been primarily using the balm at bedtime and have moved on to also using the water and oil which has provided some great sleeps and tenderness and care I’ve needed. Today, before the session, I decided to anoint my heart with oil and use the spray in order to be open to receiving whatever I needed to. The synchronicities with the session and the materia were amazing. The healer in preparation had pulled some oracle cards as a guide and out of the 2 decks she pulled from , one was the Mother Mary Oracle Deck : protection, miracles and grace of the Holy Mother. There was was also a card pulled relating to the inner child. So I had an inner child card and holy mother cards which was beautiful and amazing. And the other synchronicity – that was incredible- was that one of our main meditation focuses was on unfurling and dusting off energetic wings, like an angel or elemental. I kept seeing angel wings even though there was no implication on how they should look. We were illuminating the wings in radiant light. I didn’t think anything of that until I just reread Kaitlin’s post about how the oil had made her sense the sprouting of angel wings!! And this wasn’t subtle either, the healing with the wing expansion was a big part of it. I’m just awe struck. I’ve had healing sessions before but this one was just pure light filled and gentle, caring and nurturing. Feelings were honored and it all felt completely safe and I think IH was a powerful and loving guide to this healing.

  29. So I’m having a very unexpected and VERY POSITIVE experience with IH…

    With the loss of my 2 dogs this year (one just 2 days before I got IH in the post), I expected sobbing, release, processing, etc.

    Instead.. THE WEIRDEST THING….I have NO PELVIC PAIN AT ALL which I have had nearly daily since around the time my first dog got sick with ovarian cancer back in Feb.

    I have used Asclepius II and other things on this pain with barely any change… but, and maybe it’s a crazy coincidence….but i have PHYSICAL healing of something that I am now quite suspicously thinking was tied to grief, fear, and imbalance. I am extremely heart-centered and am/was very attached to my dogs, especially my first baby, and they/we were mirrors of each other, I think.

    But since the day i started using IH… there’s been none of my near-constant pelvic pain!!!

    And i have tested it – I have endometriosis so there are foods and drinks i can’t have or they inflame me and cause so much pain, and so does walking… but i have had coffee 2 – 3 cups a day (A BIG NO-NO) and bread and alcohol and walked and so on, and um NOT A STITCH of pain.

    And interestingly, I’m ALL OUT OF TEARS. Like i feel this inner grounding and peace and my sadness is there, and I am aware of my loss, but it’s not volatile just beneath the surface ready to explode me into tears or heart-ache. I haven’t cried at all since applying IH 2 – 3x a day (since i got it). And I have been crying nearly non-stop for months now, over loss and extreme stress. I’ve been quite an emotional mess really.

    Needless to say I am going to order more because whatever this is, it’s working. It’s weird. And it’s subtle in some ways. And quite unexpected.


  30. As it’s been told before, the act of ordering an offering from Sphere + Sundry activates the powerful energy that will soon arrive at your doorstep.
    I was caring for my beloved Sonny cat during his illness that had progressed since September when I placed my Immortal Heart order. The following 9 days were spent with lovely moments of providing comfort both physically and lovingly as he softly purred beside me. On the 10th day without doubt it was clear that assistance in crossing the rainbow bridge was necessary and carried out in the most gentle way. I felt a calm inner strength that carried me through this process and then back home where he was no longer physically present yet I felt his presence.
    When I received my order, the Immortal Heart oil was applied to my heart center. I felt coddled in soothing warmth. I was further comforted and able to release myself from the strength that had carried me through the difficult decision and actions taken. This has allowed me to open up and provide the same loving presence to my other 2 kitties who were patiently waiting.
    With continued use I find myself coming from a place of love in many circumstances which feels liberating.

  31. I’m not sure where to begin! I just received this in the mail today, it’s already affected me greatly. This oil has such a beautiful, comforting energy. My sweet old kitty passed away in October and I don’t think I’ve processed the grief at all. She was and always will be so special to me. Ironically, I got a text reminding me to refill her medication from an online pharmacy. I had to tell them she’d passed, and I cried more than I have since the week I lost her. However, it was a cleansing, loving cry. This oil has allowed me to access not only the grief, but the deep love that created it. It’s something I’ve needed badly. I can’t wait to see how else this beautiful series will affect my heart. Thank you for creating something so lovely.

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