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Ancestral Comfort

Ancestral Comfort


The Ancestors mother-blend, combined with calming herbs such as angelica, chamomile, arnica, and proprietary others, along with intent to soothe familial inflammations and provide a calm, easy intimacy. Rose quartz and saltwater pearl, genuine silver and copper leaf, white roses offered the night of the operation, baby’s breath. Organic cold pressed almond oil.

After beta testing the Ancestral Comfort incense for the first time, Austin asked what the results were like. “Like Smoking bees”, I said, which FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON received a confused response.

“You know how bee keepers, when they need to go into the hive, they smoke the bees first to calm them down? It’s basically like that, except the bees are dead people…”

Use to smooth family dynamics and help everyone get along, mellow uppity ancestors, and ingratiate them to you. The safest and “best” sub-set of The Ancestral series for those looking to tread lightly into ancestral work or with a complicated family history, along with the Bath Salts.

Apply to yourself or loved ones to soften relations and resolve bad feelings amongst family, living or dead.

Please note, however, that this blend seems to make the dead drowsy, sedated, or even pleasantly high. Great for getting them to leave you alone if they’ve been restless or overactive, not great for if you want to chat them up or send them on a mission.

I recommend using this blend after Hermanubis or The Ancestors; or in isolation; or to relieve them (and you!) after Channeling.

Empowerment and Comfort seem to cancel one another out, so avoid combining those in the same session, or while your ancestors are engaged in big magical efforts on your behalf, requiring vigilance.

Pure and uncut herbs, resins, essential oils, metal leaf, and gemstones. No fillers or artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Half ounce glass vial of Ancestral Comfort Oil for $66, Incense or Powder for $27



Weight2 oz
Dimensions.80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz


Yes — contains no animal ingredients

Creation Date

Saturday, September 7th 2019. Chart in image gallery.


Ancestral Comfort Oil, Ancestral Comfort Incense, Ancestral Comfort Powder, Ancestral Comfort Sub-Set


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