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This series was constructed on the same day as the Exalted Mercury Cazimi, but as the Sun descended over the Western horizon to enter the realm of the dead, during Luna’s hour. It is the second Sphere + Sundry collection empowered by the intelligence of a God, the first being Asclepius.

The cazimi itself took place in the third decan of Virgo, which Austin Coppock refers to in his currently out of print book, 36 Faces, as “The Sarcophagus”, and relates to matters of death and material fate. The fixed star Sirius, commonly known as the Dog Star and associated with the patron of this series, was conjunct the IC at the conclusion of the working, when the final prayers and consecrations were given.

Hermanubis (Ἑρμανοῦβις) is a hybridized psychopompic deity, a combination of the Greek Hermes and Egyptian Anubis. He was worshipped in this form during the Roman domination of Egypt and there is a surviving statue of him on display in the Vatican Museum. He is depicted as having the dog-head of Anubis atop the body of Hermes, holding a caduceus and often a feather.

Hermes was, among many other things, messenger of the Gods and deliverer of souls into Hades. Anubis was a protector of graves, master of embalming, and the original Egyptian Lord of the underworld before being later replaced, but remained the primary conductor of souls into the realm of the dead and oversaw the scale at the heart weighing ceremony, the results of which determined if a soul was to gain eternal life in the realm of Amenti.

My first introduction to this dual deity was in the “Armies of the Dead” section of Gordon White’s book The Chaos Protocols, where Hermanubis is introduced as “the most magically useful God you have never heard of”. In it, Gordon presents a modified spell from the Greek Magical Papyri and ritual formulas for approaching the God. I recommend his book, both generally and to those looking to work with Hermanubis, but it is not at all mandatory in order to employ items from this series.

The creation of which was overseen by Hermanubis and received his blessing, after being ritually invoked and given incense, wine, spring water, bread, and other offerings. Their charge is undeniable — dark, heavy, and potent.

These items act as powerful veil renders between the realm of the living and deceased, and shine as a lighthouse, drawing the dead to their brilliant flame. Hermanubis can be intentionally invoked as an intermediary to deliver specific souls and help them navigate the death realms (or find their way back to the land of the living), facilitate communication between incarnate souls and the deceased, and allocate offerings to specific dead, or classes of them. They can be used without formal inclusion of Hermanubis in other works of ancestral worship or necromantic rites.

Personal application can serve as a bridge to death-gnosis, encouraging confrontation with one’s mortality, excavating the power of the immortal soul beyond the shell of one’s current incarnate experience, and preparing the self for the process of navigating the death realms.

Offerings from the Hermanubis series contain hair of black dog, ritually harvested cemetery cypress, beeswax, 24k gold, and copper leaf. They act as beacons for the dead whether actively engaged or not, so it is best to keep them covered or stowed when not in use, lest you find yourself drawing random souls to your abode. Should you need to disperse any such hangers on, Asclepius water and ritual salt are excellent repellants of the deceased — as is rosemary.

Includes basic instructions for use and a prayer to Hermanubis. The full set and Opening of the Mouth and Eyes ritual also comes with a complimentary 3D printed Hermanubis statue in your choice of black or white.

For more on working with the dead, see this article.

  • $66

    Oil of Hermanubis

    , ,
    As the Sun descended into the realm of the underworld on the day of Mercury’s exalted cazimi 2018, organic cold-pressed olive oil was combined with ritually harvested cemetery cypress, hops, barley, and other herbs and ingredients sacred to Hermes, Anubis, or favored by the dead, along with myrrh, hair from a black dog, and 24k gold leaf. Anoint glassware or plates used to make offerings to the dead, to draw their attention and stoke their appetites. Use to dress candles for necromantic operations or apply to other icons employed as intermediaries between yourself and the deceased. Apply to images or items of dead loved ones and ask Hermanubis to support them in navigating their landscape and experience, and help guide them to where they ought to be. Apply to the self to make communication with the dead easier or before channeling and seances. Apply to the heart and third eye as a meditative aid to excavate death gnosis from your immortal soul, beyond the confines of your incarnate experience, and generate comfort with your own mortality. 1/2 oz glass vial for $66
  • $18$66

    Ink of Amenti

    , ,
    A portion of the Black Walnut Ink was reserved for dedication to Hermanubis, mixed with colloidal silver and squid ink, and ritually consecrated for the purposes of communicating directly with the dead. Use in automatic drawings channeled from the realm of the deceased, sigil work, or passing love notes and requests to dead loved ones, left on altars or grave sites. 1/8 oz glass vial for $18 or 1/2 oz for $66
  • $72

    Hermanubis Candles

    , ,
    Beeswax was mixed with myrrh and dyed black before being poured over the Hermanubis herbal mix, including cemetery cypress, hops, and barley, along with some hair from a black dog. Each candle was topped with 24k gold leaf and ritually blessed by our patron, alongside the rest of the series. Acts as a lighthouse for the deceased, drawing them as moths to a flame. Burn on ancestral altars during offerings or to facilitate better connection and communication. Light during seances, while channeling the dead, or performing necromantic operations. Be specific in who you are trying to draw and consider employing a natron barrier as a ritual circle to keep from drawing wandering spirits. Can be burned as an offering to Hermanubis in exchange for guiding deceased loved ones through the other side, and helping get them to where they need to go. Light during Hermanubis operations to make invoking him easier. Available in a 2 oz glass jar for $72
  • $13


    , ,
    The ancient Egyptians harvested naturally occurring natron from dry saline lake beds and used it for all manner of hygienic and household purposes, as it holds cleansing, purifying, and preserving qualities. It was also an essential ingredient in the mummification process. This natron was ritually cooked during the Hermanubis operation and left to dry throughout the night of the Mercury cazimi. The result is a salt blend which can be used to create ritual circles or barriers for containing necromantic operations, delineating boundaries for the dead, or used however else natron can be applied. It can be cut with other salts to make it go a longer way, via the principle of contamination. 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $13
  • $27$66

    Way Opening Dead-Drawing Elixir

    , ,
    Dark red wine and high proof spiced rum were ritually infused with herbal attractants for drawing the dead, blessed by Hermanubis as the Sun set on the day of Mercury’s exalted direct cazimi 2018. Spray to get the attention of the dead and draw them to a chosen space. Acts as a veil thinner between the realms of the living and deceased, and helps facilitate easier communication. Use to wake gravesites, before seances, channeling the dead, making offerings to ancestors, or performing necromantic operations. Be specific with which dead you are calling when using this spray, as it will act as a beacon for all manner of deceased. You may find it useful to create a ritual circle with natron, or form a line outside the room chosen for the operation, to keep the dead from venturing into unintended spaces. After the operation, to mitigate hauntings and loitering dead, a formal banishment is recommended. Asclepius water and salt are excellent for this purpose, as is the herb rosemary. Available in glass spray bottles with genuine copper leaf, as a sympathetic link to the concept of pennies or "coppers” being the toll paid for transportation of the dead. 1/2 oz for $27 or 2 oz for $66
  • $27

    Hermanubis Self-Igniting Incense

    , ,
    The blessed and consecrated Hermanubis herbal mix, along with myrrh resin and a very small amount of black dog hair, powdered and made self-igniting. Burn to draw the dead and oversee necromantic rites, or act as an offering to the deceased or Hermanubis himself. 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $27
  • One Left

    Hermanubis Statue + Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ritual Set

    , , , , ,
    Long have I searched for a genuine statue of Hermanubis, until fortuitously stumbling across Oliver Laric's extraordinary project Three D Scans, which features copyright free 3D models of museum statues. One of the pieces in his collection is an exact replica of the Hermanubis statue on display in the Vatican Museum created during the 1st-2nd century AD. Statues are available in black or white, and stand just under 5" tall. Every set from the Hermanubis series includes the statue of your choice, free. This set includes only the items necessary for performing the Opening of the Mouth and Eyes ceremony, a ritual performed on the dead Pharaohs, mummies, and statues of ancient Egypt in order that they may speak, breathe, and see — to wake them. A modified form of this rite is included, along with the oil, natron, 1/2 oz elixir, and incense required to perform it, to open the mouth and eyes of your Hermanubis statue. Being awakened and charged in this manner empowers your statue to act as a vessel for the God's power, and will significantly increase its potency and abilities. The ingredients of the rite can be adjusted and the same ritual performed in order to enliven other statues. Due to the time intensive nature of 3D printing, only a few of these can be offered at a time. Join the waitlist if your chosen selection is unavailable, to be notified when they are offered again, likely every week. Larger versions of the sets also include the Mouth Opening ritual, along with additional items from the Hermanubis series, such as the candle and ink of Amenti.  
  • $223$310

    Full Hermanubis Series

    , , , , , , ,

    Receive everything in the Hermanubis Series. Includes:

    • Oil of Hermanubis
    • Ink of Amenti in 1/8 oz or 1/2 oz glass vial
    • Hermanubis Beeswax Candle
    • Natron
    • Way Opening Dead-Drawing Elixir in 1/2 oz or 2 oz glass bottle
    • Hermanubis Self-Igniting Incense
    • 5" Hermanubis statue in your choice of white or black
    • Opening of the Mouth and Eyes Ritual for waking your statue

    $310 for the large, or $223 for the small while all offerings last.


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