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Asclepius is the ancient Greek God of medicine, born to a human mother and the Sun God Apollo. His name means “to cut open”, as he was liberated from his dying mother’s womb via the first cesarian section. He was raised by his father and tutored by the wise centaur Chiron — known amongst astrologers by his asteroid and “wounded healer” lore — in the ways of healing and medicine using plants, herbs, and stones.

He was also a master of prophecy, and it was said that with Medusa’s blood and his serpent bound staff, the symbol for paramedics even to this day, he could call forth the resurrection of the dead. This shows Asclepius possessed the power and knowledge of transmuting poison into a cure — the means and production of anti-venom. He was the husband of Epione, Goddess of healing, and father to many, including Panacea, Goddess of the universal remedy, and Hygeia, Goddess of cleanliness and hygiene. He met his end being struck with Zeus’ lightning bolt, because his teachings and medicine were seen as a threat to the division between Gods and Humanity, and the King of the Gods refused to suffer that disruption of the status quo, tipped as it was, in his own favor.

Temples of Asclepius date back to the fifth century BCE, where those looking to be healed would make pilgrimage. Ritual purifications and baths were taken before making offerings or sacrifices, and the night was spent in the temple so that healing dreams, or dreams wherein cures were revealed, could take place. These were then reported to the temple priests, who would help interpret their meaning and prescribe a course of treatment. It is thought that Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine and the namesake of the Hippocratic Oath, began his career in an Asclepieion serving in just such a capacity.

Asclepius in astrology is seen as the Serpent Bearer in the constellation Ophiuchus, the much hyped and falsely accused “13th sign” of the zodiac. In truth, our sky features many constellations that are not included in the 12 most famous that ally the signs, and Ophiuchus is but one. As is so often the case, however, where pagan gods, snakes, and occult powers are concerned, Ophiuchus is widely maligned and misunderstood, along with the fixed stars comprising his celestial figure.

The creation of the Asclepius series was begun on the 26th of June, 2018 when the Ascendant hit the first star belonging to Ophiuchus in Sagittarius, culminating and giving the final consecrations as Ras Alhague was rising. This fixed star denotes the snake bearer’s head and is the brightest the constellation Ophiuchus has to offer. Bernadette Brady (super star lady!), in her book Star and Planet Combinations, says of Ras Alhague:

The themes of this star are that of the healer, teacher, or one who is wounded. With this star in a chart one is drawn to the healing professions, or at least has a natural gift in that area… Whatever the symbolism of this star in a person’s life, the driving force of its expression is to repair that which is damaged, to heal.

Brady also points out that under Christian influence Ophiuchus became seen as Saint Paul, who was shipwrecked in Malta and bitten by a venomous viper. Acts of the Apostles (28: 3-6) within the Bible’s New Testament reveals:

And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand.

And when the barbarians saw the venomous beast hang on his hand, they said among themselves, No doubt this man is a murderer, whom, though he hath escaped the sea, yet vengeance suffereth not to live.

And he shook off the beast into the fire, and felt no harm.

Howbeit they looked when he should have swollen, or fallen down dead suddenly: but after they had looked a great while, and saw no harm come to him, they changed their minds, and said that he was a god.

Although the Christianized version of the constellation’s figure was attributed to St. Paul, one cannot deny that Asclepius’ status as a martyr, Solar affiliations, and ability to not only heal the sick, but resurrect the dead, also align him with the figure of Jesus Christ.

As part of the creation for this series, Asclepius was petitioned directly to bless each of the offerings and make them as medicine by his own hand. They are of course charged and qualified by their construction during the right window of space-time, but they are not 100% planetary magic as other Sphere + Sundry series have thus far been, as they integrate the empowerment of a God for a portion of their mechanics and expression. They are blessed by the Divine Physician himself, as God of Medicine and martyr for the healing and empowerment of mankind. Their very procurement and use is an offering to him, in return for Asclepius’ curative blessings.

In practical terms, these items are intended to provide healing and renewal of the body, mind, and spirit. The first step before any medical operation is to sterilize. The wound must be cleaned, and the scalpels and bandages free of contaminating factors, as should be the environment that will host the procedure. On a mundane level, lack of hygiene begets rot, rodents, and illness, among a myriad of lesser evils like stink and stagnancy. In order to restore perfect health, all impeding the body’s ability to heal itself must be stripped away, for all healing is self-healing. The rest is but a simple matter of quarantine and facilitation.

As a result, the first effect that the offerings of Asclepius have is that of profound purification. The supreme clarity they bring can be instantly felt, and regular applications provide deeper benefit as further layers are washed and purified. Their cleansing effects are transmutative, helping the self and body craft the medicine it needs from the ‘poisons’, wounds, and trauma already in the system, both literally and metaphorically. These offerings help facilitate psychic and emotional metabolism and the distillation of wisdom and perspective from experience. They don’t wantonly strip the undesirable in order for it to be discarded, they alchemically transform it into a rich compost, from which new life and perfect healing can spring.

The cypress, western cedar, and fresh sage used in this series were harvested during the hour of Jupiter on the Summer Solstice after saying the harvesting prayer of Thessalos, transmitted to him in dream by Asclepius himself. This text was recently translated and published in English for the first time by Demetra George in her contribution to The Celestial Art, an anthology on astrological magic co-edited by Austin Coppock  and Daniel A. Schulke for Three Hands Press

This series features the handiwork of goldsmith Tony Mack in the form of talismanic Rods of Asclepius, cast during the equivalent election in his own time zone, and is thus Sphere + Sundry’s first official collaboration. As we have partnered with Tony to make manifest talismans for personal use over the last 7 years, we are over the moon to incorporate his fine works in this series and offer them directly to our valued clients.

As is the Sphere + Sundry way, the series was created and then left to incubate for a full lunar cycle and was bottled as the Moon next conjoined Ras Alhague. Our items are free of branding with simple hand drawn labels – the symbol for this series being the serpent bound rod of Asclepius. Each order comes with prayers and basic instructions for use, including suggested dates of working.

To learn more about people’s experiences with the Asclepius series, check the “Testimonials” section on each page, or Michael Lux’s in-depth exploration on Necromantic Matters.

  • $52

    Oil of Asclepius

    , ,

    Asclepius, the ancient Greek God of healing, was petitioned to make this oil as medicine by his own hand. White sage, wildcrafted and sourced from a Native American owned small business, cypress, incense cedar, rose of jericho, frankincense, legally and ethically acquired heart of venomous pit viper, and carnelian were combined with organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as the fixed star Ras Alhague rose in the constellation of the Serpent Bearer.

    Anoint that which needs healing, with prayers and thanks to the Divine Physician for his curative blessings. Apply to areas of the body where healthfulness need be restored, during illness, or to boost immunity. Can also be applied to photographs or icons of those in need of healing and transmutation.

    Available in a half ounce vial for $52.

  • $26$52

    Water of Asclepius

    , ,

    As further detailed in the series description, cypress, sage, and incense cedar were blessed using the words of Thessalos, given to him in dream by Asclepius, and harvested on the Summer Solstice in the hour of Jupiter. These, along with rose of jericho, were combined in a copper still and immersed in water freshly collected from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta. A hydrosol was produced, which was later combined with essential oils of frankincense and rosemary, carnelian, and grain alcohol during the Ras Alhague election, where the water was dedicated to Asclepius and received his blessing.

    One of the beautiful qualities of this formulation is that upon vigorous shaking, it turns white — a color associated with healing and purity in many magical traditions.

    Sphere + Sundry is pleased with all of the offerings we produce, but the Water of Asclepius in particular is truly something special. For a thorough application, shake well and use as a body and aura spray, making sure to focus around the head, but also applying directly to the chest, palms, and feet.

    You will feel instant clarity and refreshment, and it will continue helping clear your field, heart, and mind over the next many hours. Apply before bed to invite healing sleep and potential dream visitations from gods and spirits. Spray in spaces in need of healing, purification, and renewal, especially that carry a negative charge or presence you wish to dispel. Produces emotional, mental, and physical clarity that deepens with continued use. As a regular practice, consider full body applications after showering.

    Includes a small piece of carnelian in each glass bottle, the stone used in talismanic rings of Asclepius for thousands of years. Available in a half ounce spray for $26 or a two ounce spray for $52.

  • $13$39

    Incense of Asclepius

    , ,

    This loose incense is comprised of cypress and incense cedar, both harvested on the Summer Solstice and prayed over in the words of Thessalos, given to him in dream by Asclepius (as detailed in the series description). These were combined with wildcrafted white sage, sourced from a Native American owned local business, rose of jericho, frankincense resin, and 24k gold leaf, before invoking the Divine Physician’s blessing as the fixed star Ras Alhague began rising.

    This incense is an exquisite smudging mix for the clearing of space and body — in general, after traumatic events, or before ritual. It can also be used to bathe objects you wish to cleanse and restore, such as crystals or ritual implements prior to consecration.

    Available in a half ounce vial for $13 or a glass jar over two ounces for $39.

    You may also choose to add organic coconut charcoal to your order. Note that the charcoal must be lit on a burner, as it contains no saltpeter.

  • $26

    Bath Salt of Asclepius

    , , ,

    As detailed in the series description, ritual baths were one of the first steps taken to cleanse those who made pilgrimage to temples of Asclepius in pursuit of healing, and salt is a natural agent of purification in ways both physical and metaphysical.

    Dead Sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, and epsom salt were combined with essential oils of frankincense, cypress, and tea tree, alongside herbs from the incense mixture, with Asclepius’ blessing.

    Draw a bath and add the mixture to the water. Includes a prayer to Asclepius and suggested times for ritual potency. Fully immerse yourself, occasionally wetting the full head and hair for best results. Soak for 13 minutes or more. 

    The formula of this salt is highly concentrated with essential oil to make less go a longer way. Available in an eight ounce jar for $26, enough for 2 deeply purifying baths, or add smaller amounts to many, utilizing the principle of contagion.

  • $13

    Ritual Salt of Asclepius

    , ,

    This ritual salt is from the Dead Sea, mixed with essential oils of frankincense, cypress, and rosemary, consecrated to Asclepius for the purposes of cleansing, banishing illness, and preserving good health.

    Sprinkle on yourself, your doorstep or hearth, your floor before sweeping or vacuuming, or add to cleaning solutions to help purify energies and bring healing and renewal into your sphere. Can be used before workings to set a clean stage, or after to clear away energies and spirits. Also helpful against ghost and poltergeist activity. Not intended for consumption.

    Available in a half ounce vial for $13.

  • Sold out
    Sold Out + Join Waitlist

    Rod of Asclepius Talismans

    , , , , ,

    Goldsmith Tony Mack collaborated with Sphere + Sundry during the equivalent election in his location to create a stunning set of talismanic snake bound Rods of Asclepius. They feature high grade carnelian set over viper’s tongue, frankincense, and sage, cast in silver. It just so happened that he made 13, a number he did not previously know was associated with Ophiuchus. Our goldsmith reported two weeks after the Work was done:

    I’m starting to notice some effects from the staffs on myself. I’ve been getting up way earlier than usual with a lot of energy. Also some inflammation I’ve had for months started to disappear.

    Wear on your person for healing and to help transmute poison into medicine. These are helpful for preserving health and warding away disease, but can also be used by those who have an ongoing health struggle or are taking medications that produce negative side effects. These are wonderful to wear if you work in a healing profession and want to bring the Divine Physician’s blessing into the realm of your client or patient work.

    Each talisman comes with a silver chain in a beautiful box hand decorated by Tony. It includes a bottle of Asclepius anointing oil, recommended times for feeding and empowering your talisman, and a prayer to Asclepius.

    Smaller 4ct carnelian pieces for $429 are sold out. Ornate 24ct carnelian with snake backing, herbs and viper’s tongue inlaid into the bezel for $729 are also sold out.

    If you would like an Asclepius talisman in the future, please make your selection and sign up for the Waitlist below. Getting a sense for demand will allow us to cast another run sooner rather than later.

  • $52$130

    Triple Purification of Asclepius Ritual

    , , , , ,

    This is a three step ritual involving the elements of fire (incense), water (spray), and salt (either form). The set comes with all of the required elements from the Asclepius series and a copy of the rite, with directions to perform it on yourself, others, or any given space.

    Deeply purgative and sanitizing, useful for super powered cleansing and purification. Appropriate during times of sickness, dramatic negativity, grief, unwanted paranormal disturbances, streaks of bad luck, or before or after significant procedures, whether medical or magical.

    The small set includes one half ounce glass vial or spray of ritual salt, incense, and water, for $52.

    The large set includes a complimentary rose of jericho, both forms of salt and the largest available size of each item — one half ounce vial of ritual salt, one eight ounce jar of bath salt, one two ounce jar of incense, and one two ounce spray of Asclepius water, for $130. If you would like everything in the series, including the oil and/or talisman, the full set includes the rite for Triple Purification.

    You may also choose to add organic coconut charcoal to your order. Note that the charcoal must be lit on a burner, as it contains no saltpeter.

  • $130$182

    Full Asclepius Series

    , , , , , , , , ,

    Receive everything in the Asclepius series in small or large form (where there are size variations). Includes:

    • Incense of Asclepius
    • Anointing Oil of Asclepius
    • Bath Salt of Asclepius
    • Ritual Salt of Asclepius
    • Water of Asclepius
    • Complimentary rose of jericho
    • Triple Purification of Asclepius Ritual
    • Prayers and directions for use
    • Optional: Charcoal

    Available as a small set for $130 or large for $182. Asclepius talismans are currently sold out, but you can join the waitlist to be notified upon their triumphant resurrection!

    You may also choose to add organic coconut charcoal to your order. Note that the charcoal must be lit on a burner, as it contains no saltpeter.


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