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Oil of Asclepius II

Oil of Asclepius II


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

Asclepius, the ancient Greek God of healing, was petitioned to make this oil as medicine by his own hand on February 27th, 2019 as Jupiter and the Moon conjoined the fixed star Ras Alhague on the midheaven, in the constellation of the Serpent Bearer.

Ethically sourced, wildcrafted and cultivated white and garden sages, cypress, incense cedar, rose of jericho, frankincense, legally and humanely acquired heart of venomous pit viper, and cleansed, charged carnelian, combined with organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Anoint that which needs healing, with prayers and thanks to the Divine Physician for his curative blessings. Apply to areas of the body where healthfulness need be restored, during illness, or to boost immunity. Can also be applied to photographs or icons of those in need of healing and transmutation.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $52 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roll-on w/ carnelian rollerball for $42





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

February 27th, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews

Asclepius has always been a draw for me and all of the series I've tried have been so helpful. This latest series has been the most accessible and easy to use, I feel like it works a bit more in the background for me and I don't find myself experiencing marked tiredness afterwards as is possible with some of the other Asclepius series. I love them all, very happy to have another series to draw from.

Truly seems to gather healers

Truly helpful in gathering a coterie of doctors to help my Mother get through a major mental health crisis. Thankful to the team and powers that be in helping her pull through.


I have been using the Asclepius spell soap along with the anointing oil. Since using the series I've been able to sleep better as I struggle with insomnia. I've also begun having more intense dreams and more frequent nightmares. It really brings to the surface ailments that need to be tended to so you can do the work. Once I understood why I was having these strange and usual nightmares it's been supportive in helping me to alchemize trauma and old wounds both emotional and physical. After frequent and consistent use the nightmares have subsided.

Palpable support

After dressing a candle and burning it during a two medical appointments, my partner finally got clarity around a physical malady that had been vexing him for months. It’s clear that this materia is a way through this medical labyrinth. So grateful.

Healing support in a bottle

I could go on and on singing the praises of every item I’ve experienced from this Asclepius series, but this anointing oil might be one of the most powerful so far (I’ve also benefited greatly from the incense and the bath salts). I felt moved to leave this review after noticing tremendous relief from TMJ issues, after anointing myself consistently for the last few weeks now around my jaw/neck. I tend to clench my teeth at night and I’ve tried all sorts of things to try and help relieve some of this jaw pain but so far the only thing that has provided noticeable benefit is this oil. My jaw finally doesn’t hurt constantly, it’s absolutely remarkable. It is also tremendously powerful for anointing candles and clearing the energetic field in whatever space I am in. I’ve also been struggling with fluid buildup in my ears which has been really bothersome and uncomfortable..after applying consistently for a little while around my ears, asking specifically to drain the buildup of unnecessary fluid, I can feel tangible results. My head feels noticeably less “clogged up” and I’m not dealing with that uncomfortable sensation anymore. Praise Asclepius and S&S for the magical healing they’ve brought into my life. I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to experience this greatness. Thank you!!


The scent is mild, slightly medicinal but its effects are sunny and bright - energetically burning away infection and miasma. I have used it to anoint sick family members - helping to clear away congestion, reduce fever and induce healing sleep. For myself, it makes me incredibly sleepy (especially if paired with Luna materia) - always resulting in waking up refreshed and energized.

an absolute mainstay

I just love her! I've used some variation of asclepius oil daily for a long time now. I had a health issue over the summer and applying this in the morning and before bed assisted me with the healing process.

A true bright and needed staple!

This line has been with me from the start and this recent iteration pulls through as always with clarity, reliability, consistency and nourishing care for healing. It lifts my prayers for health and wellbeing to a bright place and instills a sense of confidence that all will be well or better. One of the key outcomes from use is the building out of a top shelf personal ‘Health-Board of Directors’ or…divine coterie ;) I feel so confident that I can meet any health need with this gifted team that I have at the table ready for consult, support and treatment.

Versatile Healing Product

Asclepius III oil helps reduce the chronic stiffness and pain from a lower back injury. I deeply appreciate that this product works, as have the other oils from earlier Asclepius elections. I also use it on an old ankle injury and have had no pain for weeks now. My sleep has improved as well, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s such a versatile, supportive and healing product.

Don't start your healing without it

Don't travel without it. Brings down travel stress and other stresses. Perfect for the holiday season when traveling and dealing with relatives. There might be a healing crises (things get worse before they get better) but it's worth it.


  1. I had purchased this oil for a family member suffering from long term health issues and it had been of great help softening the body pain that he had to ensure. Thank you for offering such an amazing oil!

  2. I gifted this to my mother who has stage 4 cancer. On an emotional and energetic level she immediately responded to the oil, experiencing a warm and soothing feeling spreading throughout the area of application.

    I can’t say for sure to what extent the oil has helped with improved outcomes, out of all the treatment and healing she is doing, but the scan she received a few months after starting to use the oil showed an improvement that was unexpected by her medical team and I feel that Asclepius played a significant part. I also feel clear that Asclepius directly supported with getting her assigned to a much more supportive doctor and improving the care she is receiving from the public health system. The prayer we made to him for this was immediately granted with a strong feeling of grace.

    Much gratitude to Asclepius and Kaitlin.

  3. I’m so grateful for Asclepius oil. I’ve lived with an autoimmune disorder most of my life. From time to time random odd issues come up. After I received my order I thought about one of the new symptoms I’d been having. However, unlike in the past, I didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone except my family out of fear of sounding “crazy” (and I work in the mental health field. When anointing face masks I would also address this issue. Within a week it stopped bothering me. Asclepius works fast!

  4. It is a big relief to have something to depend on especially during Pandemic. The Asclepius II Oil is truly magical and a Divine blessing. Getting old is not easy, we have all kinds of pains, from physical, mental to emotional. Thus, going in and out of medical facilities is a routine, something that is hard to do during these times. Thank you Sphere and Sundry for making help accessible during these difficult times.

  5. Incredibly grateful for Asclepius II oil.
    As someone who has an incredibly difficult time dealing with my GI systems, and tends to have the gut-mind body connection on tap (so whenever I’m anxious, it affects my gut)– applying the Asclepius oil and materia on my person has been incredibly helpful. The Divine Physician also aids in my work as a front-line worker with patients and clients, and I’ve been blessed to have it aid me during these difficult times. Thank you, Kaitlin and Sphere + Sundry for these wonderful items.

  6. So grateful for Asclepius oil. I have found it deeply restorative on an energetic level, as well as a directly physical one. My knee gives me trouble following an injury years ago, and some days it feels overused. When I apply the oil, my ache disappears, usually right away if not completely the following morning. I will also apply some to my solar plexus to energetically soothe the ache of grief from deep relationship ties that needed to be cut. Application to the heart and throat area have also been helpful, along with reciting the hymns and devotions. Incredibly grateful for these works, especially during these difficult times. Blessings.

  7. Upon receiving the package, I immediately felt a strong calming energy emanate from the Asclepius II oil, powder, and salts. The Asclepius II offerings are a major source of comfort and healing. Thank you deeply for this gorgeous, potent offering. Much gratitude.

  8. No words can describe how much I love this oil. Heals anything and everything and helps me connect with the Divine Physician. I checked the election chart and was so surprised on how well it vibes with my own chart! No wonder I got amazing results whenever I use it. Praise be to Asclepius, and my biggest thanks to Kaitlin + Co. for creating this oil and the rest of the Asclepius II materia!

  9. Asclepius materia was my introduction to Sphere + Sundry, and Asclepius II in particular has given me a greater gift than I would have ever thought to ask for.

    I’ve had really significant struggles with my health the past few years. I’ve had the privelage of being able to access good doctors and care, but there came a point when the constant discipline and restriction required to be functional became unsustainable and overwhelming. In addition, the last two years I’ve been developing progressively worse endometriosis and ovarian cysts that have been unbelievably painful, beyond the other significant issues they cause. Over COVID lockdowns earlier in 2020, I also relapsed badly with my eating disorder after being in remission for a few years.

    I reached my breaking point just before my birthday last year. My Cap profection was ending (thank goodness), and in my tradition of birthday prayers to the universe, I prayed that I would find some way out: some some way to make the pain stop, a way to heal myself and my life, to stop feeling beholden to my health and to have the freedom to do the things I wanted to do.

    I’d heard of Sphere + Sundry multiple times before. First from BPAL’s newsletter when Elizabeth Barrial started collaborating, from results of Google searches, and from occult friends. I’d always lusted over the products, but written it off as unaffordable on a student budget (especially with shipping to Australia). But the first thing I woke up to on my birthday was a link in a Discord server, to the Asclepius III series that had launched that day. When prayers get answered that obviously, one listens. And puts in an order even if they are reluctant to borrow from their holiday savings to do it. Let me say now – the purchase was completely worth is, as has every one I’ve made since.

    I’ve used conjure oils before. When I got my S+ order, I expected something similar and consequently slathered myself in the Asclepius oil and spray. I nervously read the enclosed Orphic hymn, asked him to help me somehow and tried to go about my day.

    This was not to be. It became obvious that this materia was in a different ballpark than any I’d ever used before. Five or ten minutes after I’d read the hymn, I was overcome with tiredness, ravenous hunger and it was like my body had locked up. I was walking like a hunchbacked marionette, and everything became blurry and dreamlike. A spiritual injury in my back that I had sustained while astral travelling a few months before became particularly painful. And I had a stern but kind male voice in my head tell me to get some food and go to bed. Every time I veered off, or got distracted by what I thought I should be doing, he’d insistently direct me back to doing what he said. Notably, when I went to grab some questionable pumpkin out of the fridge to make a meal, the voice very clearly (I basically heard it, which is not something I’m used to with non-corporeal entities) told me to “stop eating mould”. Which is when I knew that this was the real deal – I wasn’t going crazy.

    When I got to bed, I basically lay there the whole day, getting up to get food. I had severe stiffness and strange pain moving around different points in my body. It was like I was in a Reiki session that was lasting six straight hours. I felt like another world had been transposed over the room I was in, and I had flickering visions of being on cushions on a marble slab in a clean Greek temple. At one point, I fell asleep and had visions of a bearded man in white robes tending to me in a professional, kind and clinical way. The same voice was insistent about me eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and to otherwise just rest and not do much. He was insistent that he needed no offerings, I didn’t have to do anything for him beyond treat myself well and let him work – he wanted to help me and I deserved that help.

    That day, I managed to eat through an entire trifle and five days worth of meal prep – basically all the food in my fridge. Considering the extent of my struggles with anorexia at that time, this in itself is a kind of a miracle. Additionally, the next day I opened up my Facebook feed to see a statue of Asclepius (which I’d never seen before), which looked exactly like the man who appeared in my dreams. This day was like a detox process in many respects.

    From precisely that day on, I had about two months pelvic pain free. Now, it’s within manageable and expected levels – barely interfering with my life. It was almost impossible to comprehend for a while, and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I haven’t significantly struggled with anorexia, and my health all around is better than I would have ever anticipated. Every single one of my conditions has less impact on my life. I have more energy, mental stability, vitality and strength than I can remember having in my adult life. My immune system is wildly better, and all efforts that I make towards my health seem to be significantly more effective. The freedom to live more normally is a literal godsend.

    I am so grateful to the Divine Physician, and struggle to find the words and praise of his skill, kindness and patience. For any concerned about working with materia empowered by a deity – he is the most kind, benevolent, respectful, skilled, wise and professional doctor you will ever meet. I’m determined to never be without Asclepius oil (or the Sclapey, as my household has started calling his materia), as long as Sphere + Sundry is producing it. This materia has changed my life for the better.

  10. Gentle, warm and especially combined with Jupiters Bounty, a powerful healing tool that is simply beyond comparison. While asking healing for a short term problem, it also cured long term chronic things that I didn’t even think to petition to be healed, because I was so used to them. Truly all-encompassing, amazing and comforting.

  11. This oil works wonders!!! I’ve been using the oil for a few weeks now for two purposes.

    I use the oil on my skin for reducing acne and it works really well! My skin has been more calm than ever since I started using the oil. It’s amazing. Love it. Incredibly grateful!!!

    I also use the oil on a shoulder injury. The healing goes very very slow, but I feel like the oil is helping. I’ve had the injury for a year and a half now. So I didn’t expect the oil to heal it within a week. I do feel like the healing goes a bit faster now though. The oil feels supportive of the healing process.

  12. I pretty much stumbled into this series, despite the fact that I had been thinking about Asclepius for awhile before purchasing. A relative of mine was in a car accident and that pushed me to this series, as my progressed moon conjoined Ras Alhague.

    I can’t describe the level of healing that has unraveled from Asclepius II. It is helping my relative; dabs on cotton pads given to them periodically as well as anointing their photograph has helped their journey into healing. Their doctor has been attentive to their injuries and I couldn’t be more relieved.

    For myself, the oil has granted me some very insightful dreams, dreams with clear messages that are more vivid and symbolic than usual. Dreams about my anger and social responsibility and the current pandemic are all things I have dreamt about with Asclepius and have been given great insight.

    On the more bodily end, I started off by anointing my jaw. I have TMJ and so tension is a constant issue but my jaw releases once I anoint it. I applied this oil to a few different nasty bruises I had and they healed up more faster than they would have otherwise. Last week I had a knot in my neck that Asclepius helped relieve; somehow I knew I needed rest and took appropriate measures to relieve the tension. One thing I love about Asclepius is that he expedites the healing process but he also helps give you the guidance you need to heal yourself. I’m typically very out of touch with my body and Asclepius is helping me become more in touch with myself and how my body is functioning – how the mental is inseparable from the physical when it comes to your body, and what you carry in your mind carries through to your body. I’ve had a spiritual awakening that has begun by caring for the vessel that I live in which is huge. I’ve never had much regard for myself. Thank you to Asclepius for helping me learn to care for myself, and thank you to Kaitlin for creating a conduit for getting in touch with Him.

  13. If I had to recommend a series for getting your feet wet with S+S, it would be Asclepius. I had a migraine coming on, put on the oil with the orphic hymn, and went down to rest after some medication, and it was GONE. It will not be a replacement for mundane medical stuff (seeing your doctor, taking medication), but it is a huge, huge help.

  14. One of my most used oils this one never fails to soften emotional turmoil or body pain. I’ve also found both Asclepius oils complementary with all other ranges I’ve tried so far. Mercury a little too heady… asc will balance that out. Mars a little too hot… ditto!

  15. My husband and I use this oil all the time for whatever ails us, be it a cut, sore muscle, or sinus issues. We regularly apply it before bed as well, to keep healthy. It is powerful – the first time I applied it I felt a bit drunk, so starting off slowly was a definite for me. It’s also really great for calming my anxiousness and having it gives me peace of mind. Thank you for this beautiful healing oil!

  16. I purchased the Oil of Asclepius I, and was gifted a small amount of Oil of Asclepius II, from a friend, while I awaited the Oil of Asclepius I. I had just had surgery on my nose to remove some Cancer Cells. I was nervous as it was my first ever operation. I had previously purchased the Skill’d to Heal Mankind, which saw me find a great plastic surgeon, who did a great job, keeping the contours of my nose, and keeping my nose looking the same, sans BCC cells. . Applying Oil of Asclepius II and Oil of Asclepius I, direct to my nose, weeks later after the surgery. I saw a great visible improvement in the healing of the scar tissue on my nose, which was great. As I was a bit depressed about it at times. I also found these 2 Oil of Asclepius II & Oil of Asclepius I, have been great, in elevating it. I apply every day to help with the stress around our current pandemic situation. My Nose is almost completely healed, its looks great, and your can’t even notice the scarring anymore. Surgery was in February. I am about to purchase some more of the Oil of Asclepius II, and I am also eagerly anticipating the Oil of Asclepius III …. These oils are literally my go to daily and I am very thankful I have them in my life.

  17. I have been using this oil for about a year now in ritual and mundane applications. I continue to be blown away by its healing capabilities in the physical, mental, and spiritual. I have used it to help ease the painful flare ups of autoimmune disease (which it has consistently done), clear up a persistent ear issue, and help speedily irradiate viruses from my system. In terms of mental healing capabilities… it is POTENT! I have been struggling for a long time with trauma from an abusive relationship and using this oil in ritual has helped calm obsessive thoughts, pain, and fear that would not go away with other therapies. Can’t thank Kaitlin enough for her work. It has truly helped me live life more fully. I have bought many of her offerings from other series and love them all.

  18. I am so glad I found this oil. I was experiencing a lot of knee pain from a cartilage issue, and all the NSAIDs and painkillers in the world didn’t help it feel better. Applied of this oil around the joint, and voila! It isn’t permanent pain relief yet, but it is almost instant pain relief (within 20min) for a specific area. I look forward to seeing how my condition progresses with this oil.

  19. I cannot thank this oil and Kaitlin enough. I got Asclepius back in April, in the middle of the pandemic to do some ritual work for me and my family. I didn’t have in mind a particular issue that had been nagging me for YEARS: irregular periods. All sorts of tests, poking, medications, treatments, and research by doctors never seemed to work. I started using the oil and las month (May) was the first month in years in which I had a normal period, no spotting, no nothing. Even the terrible cramps that I suffered were gone.
    It makes you feel covered in blessings, incredibly balancing. A staple in any household!

  20. I picked this up in part for Chiron remediation, and having seen a lot of transits to that region of my chart lately… it has done wonders!
    There were some early experiences I had with the oil as well that were kind of fun: After applying, I would end up on brief Internet rabbit holes and arrive at sites discussing herbs that addressed multiple concerns of mine at once. I also found myself making slight adjustments to items in my place of residence and only later realized that I’d been performing some intuitive Feng Shui fixes.
    For balancing out other offerings that may disrupt sleep, I find it’s also remarkably useful.

  21. While waiting for Water of Asclepius to return, I’ve been relying on this oil more often. I would say the hydrosol acts surprisingly immediately while the oil is more of a subtle and longer-lasting effect — one where you apply and a couple minutes later go, “Wait, didn’t I just have a headache?”

  22. Gorgeous oil! My husband hasn’t been able to see anyone in person about his back pain yet due to COVID-19 restrictions. It’s probably not an emergency, but it was bothering him, and the doctor’s recommended methods of relief weren’t helping. A few dabs of Asclepius oil and some prayers, and his discomfort has been significantly reduced without additional measures. I’m so happy to have this oil in our magical, medicinal stores.

  23. This oil is amazing! I actually purchased it to do some healing work for my dog who was sick and suddenly started having incontinence issues out of the blue. I did my ritual and rubbed some of the oil on my pup and I kid you not the incontinence subsided in two days. I also get frequent ocular migraines and had the weirdest experience yesterday during one of them. I started getting the visual disturbance from the ocular migraine and felt a sharp pain in my head so I put a bit of the oil on my eye lids and forehead/brow area and laid in bed and closed my eyes. I swear in the “flashes” or “light patterns” you get from the ocular migraines I saw a flash of Asclepius’ staff with the serpent wrapped around it. I also dozed off shortly after that into a deep power nap and woke up feeling much better and with the pain of the migraine almost completely gone and feeling significantly better. These headaches often keep me sitting in the dark for hours and/or trying to get to sleep as it’s too uncomfortable to be awake. I was able to carry on with my night and have dinner etc. So happy to have this oil as a tool for my magic and my medicine cabinet.

  24. I am blessed to have friends who gifted me with a bottle of Oil of Asclepius II. I have been working with it for about six weeks now.

    For years I have lived with chronic pain and mobility limitations, as well as several other chronic conditions (despite having been been fortunate to receive excellent continuing medical care).

    At first I used the oil very sparingly, once or twice a day, mostly on a few major energy points, with the Orphic Hymn or other prayers. It seemed somewhat helpful.

    But then I read Kaitlyn’s recommendation in the forum (note: I strongly suggest adding this to the instruction sheet!) to apply it every four to six hours daily for several weeks (using as much oil as clings to your finger, when you cover the bottle opening with a fingertip and then briefly invert the bottle), to allow it enough time to do its work.

    And wow. That has made all the difference. I did this for a week or two, with formal or informal prayers and thanks, asking Asclepius to address each specific issue in each body part.

    (I was worried this would use up the oil too fast, because so many areas of the body needed direct application, but, even when tipping the bottle multiple times, Kaitlyn’s recommendation is very conservative and the quantity has only gone down slightly.)

    And the preliminary results are fantastic. I have been able to almost double the effectiveness and duration of my regular pain med dosage, greatly increasing the number of mobile, pain-free hours per day. And in the last week, circumstances have often prevented me from applying the oil more than once a day, yet the effectiveness is nearly undiminished.

    This is huge. I’m excited about seeing how continued use can address my other chronic conditions as well. Thank you, Asclepius. (And thank you, Kaitlyn!)

  25. I acquired this wonderful oil back in early December. At the time I was not aware how much I would be using this oil! I just felt really compelled to acquire it. Since then I have used it for physical ailments, to wonderful remediation when the astro weather isn’t the best (really great during those eclipses we have had), and to protect my own psychic space. By far my most used S&S product! Thank you Kaitlin!

  26. My daughter has dubbed my Asclepius oil “the magical vapo-rub” as the scent is faintly reminiscent of that soothing old standby. And magical, it is! I’ve used it for chronic joint pain, with great success, and from an emotional standpoint, it has been a true balm for helping transform anxieties into a practical, proactive calm. It doesn’t take much oil to have a significant effect for me, and I am very grateful to have the “magical vapo-rub” in my health and healing toolbox.

  27. I spent the last decade getting minor surgeries on my feet and knees. Usually everything runs smoothly, but one day my left knee and hip decided they just weren’t going to line up no matter how much it hurt. I already tried laying down but everything was still out of alignment.
    I decided to try the Asclepius II oil on my left lower back, hip, knee and foot. Just laying down while watching TV I could feel everything coming back into alignment. A few pops in my joints and a few hours later and everything was back to normal!
    More than worth the price. One chiropractic adjustment costs $60.00 and I still have plenty of oil left.
    I’ve also had great effects from both Asclepius I and II oils with respiratory problems. I’m pretty allergic and exposure to random scented things can flare up my Asthma, sinus problems and bronchitis. Also well worth the price!

  28. I had been using Asclepius I and II oils primarily for emotional clearing, but I was recently in a near-fatal accident that resulted in multiple fractures. Anointing my body with Asclepius oil has brought about freakishly fast healing. I was referred to a specialist last week who couldn’t believe I’d returned to work already after seeing my x-rays and the degree of damage I sustained. I don’t experience an increased need for sleep, but that may be because I’ve worked with this materia for months now. I’m so grateful to have this aid to healing as I face permanent scarring and months of physical therapy. I can’t shake the feeling that I may emerge with a better relationship to my holy meatship overall. 🙂

  29. I am really impressed with the Asclepius oil. I had to do a mandatory flu shot and had a sore upper arm and shoulder afterwards. I applied clay to the injection site right after the shot to draw impurities out, hope it helped but the pain was still there. I waited for the Jupiter hour, washed clay away, applied the Asclepius oil and recited the orphic hymn. The pain was gone in 10 min!!! I keep applying the oil every Jupiter hour reciting the hymn and I am pain free and don’t have any side effects from the shot so far! Thank you, Kaitlin, for this wonderful oil!!! It saved me from taking any pain meds that are recommended by conventional doctors but not advised by alternatives. Astromagick in action! Love it!!!

  30. I can’t say enough about Kaitlin’s Asklepios series and Asklepios himself. The oil and the hydrosol were used in the recovery room for about a week – AND ITS SO POTENT.

    My future mother in law (who I call Auntie as is custom in the culture) suddenly needed to have a major spinal surgery shifting her L4 and L5 discs back into place. She herself is a retired Dr. and my biggest concern due to the time of the surgery would be scarring and at worse another surgery due to complication with scarring tissue.

    The oils arrived just when the 7 hour surgery began (during the venus mars conjunction in Virgo) and now we are 7 weeks out. She is the bloom of health and a poster child for successful spinal surgery. Her surgeon literally grinned from ear to ear when he saw her last and signed her off, she’s wowed all of the nurses for her excellent command of nerve response and lack of need for any pain medication ( she takes a Tylenol every other day maybe), and defied the expectation of all of the physical therapists who’ve seen her through her recovery. She’s zooming around almost faster than before the surgery. And I totally attribute that in part to her acceptance of Asklepios and to Sphere and Sundry’s potent tools.

    The biggest challenge was to discreetly do this work in the recovery wing of the hospital without setting off any muggle alarms within a large family of doctors (ironic), and to also ask for her permission to be healed. I was concerned about energetic protection as well around any trauma the surgery may have caused. Maybe she just knew on an energetic level what I was looking out for but when i had asked her permission in advance to help her speed the recovery, she was on board, no questions asked.

    When I had my first quiet alone moment with her and applied the oil and hydrosol, I immediately felt tingles all along my spine, my body was electric in response to a GIGANTIC presence to my right – it was UNLIKE other invocations since it was just so damn easy, like he was just waiting to be called. I saw a huge verdant green aura lots of thriving vine like greenery, to my right, very grounding and grounded and almost straight from earth itself. He assured me in thoughtform almost with impatience, that no more ceremony was needed on my part, he could take it from here and knew exactly what to do. I read the Orphic hymn to him anyway at that point simply as a thank you but he was really, like “ok seriously, just let me get to work, OK?!!!!” . He also assured me of his protection of her during this recovery, which was everything to me. So i was shoo’d away by a very capable god and returned with dinner a few hours later to see her up and smiling and she GLOWED – she had the rosiest cheeks and the most glowing skin — the last thing you ever imagine in a hospital wing.

    When she returned home (released early!) I dropped several drops of the Asklepios oils into a vial of frankincense essential oil and directed her to please apply this after showers, directly on the wound. Frankincense oil has been clinically proven to reprogram the skin’s fibroblasts, such that they don’t overproduce collagen III which is scar tissue that can get in the way — very important in healing after any surgery. It is also excellent energetic protection.This was a good way for her to continue maintaining connection to Asklepios throughout the 7 weeks of recovery. Muggle fam of Drs are astonished and glad …. but my partner and I know that it’s truly a combination of her will to AGREE to heal (some people subconsciously don’t!) and of course the power of Asklepios and duh, Sphere and Sundry .

    P.S. partner reminded me also that a water canteen that was firmly on a table straight up jumped off and electricity was flickering when we first began work with the oil.

  31. This oil has the same healing & cleansing properties of the Aesclpius I oil, but I find its effect more active in a manner that is very much like the season of spring. It imparts an upbeat, optimistic vibe & seems to work faster on my aches & pains. It’s friendly & businesslike, moving efficiently whereas the AI oil seems to bond more deeply with its subject & isn’t as brisk as the new oil. Both are wonderful. I think Aesclepius II aligns wonderfully with the seasons of growth & warmth.

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