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Oil of Asclepius II

Oil of Asclepius II


Asclepius, the ancient Greek God of healing, was petitioned to make this oil as medicine by his own hand on February 27th, 2019 as Jupiter and the Moon conjoined the fixed star Ras Alhague on the midheaven, in the constellation of the Serpent Bearer.

Ethically sourced, wildcrafted and cultivated white and garden sages, cypress, incense cedar, rose of jericho, frankincense, legally and humanely acquired heart of venomous pit viper, and cleansed, charged carnelian, combined with organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Anoint that which needs healing, with prayers and thanks to the Divine Physician for his curative blessings. Apply to areas of the body where healthfulness need be restored, during illness, or to boost immunity. Can also be applied to photographs or icons of those in need of healing and transmutation.

Available in a half ounce glass vial with handwritten Asclepius glyph for $52.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

26th of June, 2018. Chart in the image gallery


  1. Avatar

    I am really impressed with the Asclepius oil. I had to do a mandatory flu shot and had a sore upper arm and shoulder afterwards. I applied clay to the injection site right after the shot to draw impurities out, hope it helped but the pain was still there. I waited for the Jupiter hour, washed clay away, applied the Asclepius oil and recited the orphic hymn. The pain was gone in 10 min!!! I keep applying the oil every Jupiter hour reciting the hymn and I am pain free and don’t have any side effects from the shot so far! Thank you, Kaitlin, for this wonderful oil!!! It saved me from taking any pain meds that are recommended by conventional doctors but not advised by alternatives. Astromagick in action! Love it!!!

  2. Avatar

    I can’t say enough about Kaitlin’s Asklepios series and Asklepios himself. The oil and the hydrosol were used in the recovery room for about a week – AND ITS SO POTENT.

    My future mother in law (who I call Auntie as is custom in the culture) suddenly needed to have a major spinal surgery shifting her L4 and L5 discs back into place. She herself is a retired Dr. and my biggest concern due to the time of the surgery would be scarring and at worse another surgery due to complication with scarring tissue.

    The oils arrived just when the 7 hour surgery began (during the venus mars conjunction in Virgo) and now we are 7 weeks out. She is the bloom of health and a poster child for successful spinal surgery. Her surgeon literally grinned from ear to ear when he saw her last and signed her off, she’s wowed all of the nurses for her excellent command of nerve response and lack of need for any pain medication ( she takes a Tylenol every other day maybe), and defied the expectation of all of the physical therapists who’ve seen her through her recovery. She’s zooming around almost faster than before the surgery. And I totally attribute that in part to her acceptance of Asklepios and to Sphere and Sundry’s potent tools.

    The biggest challenge was to discreetly do this work in the recovery wing of the hospital without setting off any muggle alarms within a large family of doctors (ironic), and to also ask for her permission to be healed. I was concerned about energetic protection as well around any trauma the surgery may have caused. Maybe she just knew on an energetic level what I was looking out for but when i had asked her permission in advance to help her speed the recovery, she was on board, no questions asked.

    When I had my first quiet alone moment with her and applied the oil and hydrosol, I immediately felt tingles all along my spine, my body was electric in response to a GIGANTIC presence to my right – it was UNLIKE other invocations since it was just so damn easy, like he was just waiting to be called. I saw a huge verdant green aura lots of thriving vine like greenery, to my right, very grounding and grounded and almost straight from earth itself. He assured me in thoughtform almost with impatience, that no more ceremony was needed on my part, he could take it from here and knew exactly what to do. I read the Orphic hymn to him anyway at that point simply as a thank you but he was really, like “ok seriously, just let me get to work, OK?!!!!” . He also assured me of his protection of her during this recovery, which was everything to me. So i was shoo’d away by a very capable god and returned with dinner a few hours later to see her up and smiling and she GLOWED – she had the rosiest cheeks and the most glowing skin — the last thing you ever imagine in a hospital wing.

    When she returned home (released early!) I dropped several drops of the Asklepios oils into a vial of frankincense essential oil and directed her to please apply this after showers, directly on the wound. Frankincense oil has been clinically proven to reprogram the skin’s fibroblasts, such that they don’t overproduce collagen III which is scar tissue that can get in the way — very important in healing after any surgery. It is also excellent energetic protection.This was a good way for her to continue maintaining connection to Asklepios throughout the 7 weeks of recovery. Muggle fam of Drs are astonished and glad …. but my partner and I know that it’s truly a combination of her will to AGREE to heal (some people subconsciously don’t!) and of course the power of Asklepios and duh, Sphere and Sundry .

    P.S. partner reminded me also that a water canteen that was firmly on a table straight up jumped off and electricity was flickering when we first began work with the oil.

  3. Avatar

    This oil has the same healing & cleansing properties of the Aesclpius I oil, but I find its effect more active in a manner that is very much like the season of spring. It imparts an upbeat, optimistic vibe & seems to work faster on my aches & pains. It’s friendly & businesslike, moving efficiently whereas the AI oil seems to bond more deeply with its subject & isn’t as brisk as the new oil. Both are wonderful. I think Aesclepius II aligns wonderfully with the seasons of growth & warmth.

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