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Jupiter’s Lightning Rod Oil

Jupiter’s Lightning Rod Oil


Saffron, lightning struck peach wood, fulgurite, lapis lazuli, 24k gold leaf, frankincense resin, cinnamon, allspice, clove, orange peel, mullein, and other Jupiterian herbs were ritually suffumigated and combined with organic sunflower and walnut oils, along with ghee.

This was lightly heated to expedite the extraction process and imbued with a natural blue-green cast. Blue and yellow are colors frequently allocated to Jupiter in the Western magical tradition, though in the Chinese 5-element system Jupiter is associated with the element of wood, which represents new growth and expansion, and is given the color green. Lightly scented with pure essential oils of sandalwood, cassia, and copaiba.

Anoint yourself to draw opportunities and good luck, uplift and expand your perspective, and magnify the effects of Jupiter transits during his time in Sagittarius. Can be of service in helping you establish goals and game plans, connect with positive possibilities, and support growth, accumulation, and expansion.

Use in Jupiter rituals or to help expedite works designed for success, opportunity, wealth building, and after uncrossing or clearings to promote good luck and gain the greater benefit’s blessing.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $68




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz

Planetary Body



Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

20th of December, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. Avatar

    I’ve used this oil twice since purchasing it a month ago and both times I felt an immediate lift in mood and completely energized. Like a literal bolt of energy. I thought it was a fluke the first time but when it happened again I knew for sure it was the oil. The second time I also used it before my work Testimonial session with my supervisor and it went beautifully. I can’t wait to see how I can use in other situations.

  2. Avatar

    This oil smells divine. A sweet, powerful Christmasy smell. I love it.

    I use this in tandem with Jupiter’s Bounty spray. They both quickly get me in the jovial mindset for my Jupiter workings. The purpose of the workings is to notice and be prepared to respond to opportunity for expansion and growth. I was doing some work for finding a new job, but it’s resulted in, for the time being, me noticing areas in my current position where I can learn new things and expand. It’s always a pleasure to work with this oil each Thursday. Thank you for all you do, Kaitlin, and for your fabulous support group! ⚡️

  3. Avatar

    Praise Jove! This was absolutely worth it. Reminds me of Father Christmas. Jolly, warm, giving. How can you *not* love that?

  4. Avatar

    I work in a field that involves luck- often of the lightning bolt (that is, swift) variety. Since ordering this oil two months ago (I noticed results the day after), I have been shortlisted for three writing contests. I hesitate to jinx anything (praise Jove!), but I wanted to recommend this for anyone who submits to contests (or similar) on a regular basis. So far, I anoint myself with the oil once or twice a week, on Thursdays and/or Sundays, while I do my daily practice (and I say a little prayer to Jupiter.) It’s worth noting that I have a Sag sun (trying to make the most of Jupiter’s time there!) and Jupiter has been my Lord of the Year for 2019.

  5. Avatar

    The moment I smelled this at As Above, I knew it was meant to come home with me. There is a lovely freshness to the scent that feels like a crisp, beautiful morning to me. Having just entered a Jupiter 2nd house profection year, this oil has been key in embracing the jovial and optimistic nature of the greater benefic.

  6. Avatar

    A practical example: when anointing my ID card for work, which I wear on a lanyard, established people within the business view me kindly. I have used this oil with the specific intention to garner extensions to my contract when I need the favour of those in power to pull the right strings to make it happen quickly. Rapidity and favours are rare in this firm so I do place a significant portion of responsibility to this product for an increase in luck and opportunity to keep me in work.

  7. Avatar

    This is probably really a testimonial for all the items in this series, but since I use the oil to anoint candles and also on my person I figured it was best to Testimonial it first.
    I petition Jupiter in tandem with Venus for a number of things, and they recently came through for me in a huge way by answering a request to help my son get into a particular school and give me the funds to be able to send him there. I set up an altar to Jupiter and continue to make weekly offerings with help from Kaitlin’s wares. I always feel better when I get a chance to anoint myself with the oil before dealing with anything. It’s like wearing great-smelling, lightweight suit of armor.

  8. Avatar

    There is something about Sphere + Sundry’s oils appealing to the senses and energetically; they all flow so cleanly. It is very focused and directed towards the archetype, the planetary sphere that it is dedicated to. When I use it for my weekly dedications and mantras to Jupiter, it quickly helps facilitate the connection.. like lightning. It’s like Jupiter is shining right to my solar plexus, my core.

    My main purpose with the Jupiterian sphere is to remediate my Jupiter in fall and in the 8th house, ruling both my 7th and 10th houses, and to capture this wave of Jupiter in Sagittarius. It is helping me align myself with my career, connecting with wisdom, providing wonderful opportunities and taking pitfalls with stride. In all honesty, the pitfalls aren’t really pitfalls in the overall scheme of things. The idea is the big picture and seeing that vision of where I want to be in life. Thank you!

  9. Avatar

    I love the optimistic energy of this oil–especially wonderful to combine with the Venus in Libra oil for irresistibly magnetic wattage. One other benefit I “accidentally” discovered is that if I put this oil on before going to the gym I have an incredible workout! (Feels similar to when I have a strong espresso before the gym.) Must be the Sagittarian influence– and totally perfect for a Sag moon like me who needs the physical activity to stay emotionally balanced–it is a strong high though and can be hard to fall asleep if used in the evening when you need to wind down.

  10. Avatar

    This stuff smells like Christmas, and appropriately so – this is Joviality in liquid form, it is warmth and merriment and optimism and vitality. It’s a wonderful life. I’ve seen this stuff radiate peace and good will in tense family holiday situations, turn mundane days into grand adventures, and give a much-needed boost of anxiety-free energy when the mind is clouded by fatigue or malaise. It really is delightful.

  11. Avatar

    I bought this oil right after my husband lost his job, when Venus was in Libra I did a petition for her, I asked her to remove what wouldn’t serve me anymore and restore everything that would exist for my happiness and good. At that time my relationship was on the edge, we were acting like strangers and my husband’s career took a big tool on my love for him, I was always alone, battling with depression, he would act as if he was my boss or parent – I was feeling that loving him was a big mistake for a long time and I guess that it was mutual, I wasn’t being present anymore. In a matter of two weeks after that petition, he was laid off.

    Of course I got desperate, I gave up on my career in order to follow him on his, my income can barely pay for our HOA. So I began petitioning for a job for him, for him to establish a network that would lead him back to his field. Meanwhile the partners were coming to his aid, our relationship began to flourish again. I was laughing, feeling happy and comfortable by his side, even on the hardest days we would be confident in our afflictions, we spoke up very politely about our issues as a couple and I flat out tood him that I was on the edge. I finally remembered why we fell in love, why he swept me away and yes, we got our sex update.

    He still couldn’t find a job, but he’s been being called to interviews. We are confident that our seeds are going to be fruitful. Anointing this oil on candles and praying every night during the Jupiter hour has made us unite again and become a more postive force together. Which was totally unexpected.

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