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Deneb Algedi II Oil, Incense, and Powder

Deneb Algedi II Oil, Incense, and Powder


Classic Deneb Algedian correspondences, including marjoram, catnip, mugwort, Jupiter-ruled sage and blue chalcedony, alongside sundry other herbs and resins for boundary reinforcement and protection. Frankincense, myrrh, and 24k gold.

Fumigated with frankincense during an ultra rare Deneb Algedi election featuring Jupiter conjunct the MC and waxing gibbous Moon atop the Star, co-present with its dignified ruler, Saturn, and supported by a trine from Mercury conjunct Spica.

Considering DA is said to share qualities in alignment with Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury, a choice election indeed! Brought to us, as always, by Austin Coppock.

Oils are for anointing the Self, alongside mundane or magical objects. They can also be used, often with powder, to anoint candles and petition papers.

This Incense can be used as a smoke bath to cleanse the auric body, or throughout spaces. It clears away the interference and magic of others, including maleficia and the evil eye. For the strongest effect, perform the entire Ritual Bathing Protocol using Deneb Algedi items, or pair with a quick Kolonia Cleanse and anointing.

The smoke can also be used in ritual, as an offering, or to cleanse objects such as one’s cell phone, computer, and wallet.

Powders have their most frequent application in works of magic, such as creating sachets or dressing candles, but they are extraordinarily utilitarian in terms of sprinkling anywhere you see fit. That could be your purse, in your shoes, run through the hair, or in the corners of office spaces.

The sky is the limit with Powders, which should always the go-to for anyone budget conscious, since they possess the most utility for the lit’lst buck…

Deneb Algedi II Oil comes in glass vials with keepsake blue chalcedony and 24k gold in your choice of 1/2 oz standard vial for $66 (with optional dropper cap kit), or 10 ml flawless glide stainless steel roller for $53

Incenses and Powders are available in a 1/2 oz size for $27, or 2 oz bulk pot for $81.




Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


Deneb Algedi II Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Deneb Algedi II Oil – 10 ml flawless glide steel roller, Deneb Algedi II Incense – 1/2 oz standard, Deneb Algedi II Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Deneb Algedi II Powder – 1/2 oz standard, Deneb Algedi II Powder – 2 oz bulk pot

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  1. Did this oil assist me in a court case 16 years in the making? I previously failed in this endeavor with no less than 4 attempts over the course of that time. Every one of them felt corrupt and confusingly biased. Not this time. To pull high points from the write up, these qualities were present at the last hearing:

    – My abusive ex was finally held accountable for his corrupt behavior.

    – Resources (a surprisingly thorough and assertive attorney), protection (from sneaky shit and historically terrifying acts of intimidation), and the favor of those in Power (a judge that was just as shocked as I have been for years- finally).

    “Reinforcement, Wisdom, and the restoration of Divine Order.” The restoration of Divine Order bit, Katelyn, could have been the title of this series.

    It also helped me with a separate, and almost as frustrating family situation last year.

    Really big fan.

  2. I’ve been using the oil daily since I got it and it feels so comforting and protective. The scent is also really gorgeous to me. I will absolutely be rebuying this once I run out.

  3. I had set goals to work with Saturn transiting my 5th house (to build creative capacity and discipline there) and I had reasons to expect a few emotional, time, and money drains around me that could upset those goals. I purchased DA and the Saturnian King to aid me in keeping foundations laid, and building smarter towards my goals. On the tail end of this year, I can confirm that DA protected me in several unexpected events – “it could’ve been worse” is an understatement! Be fair in your aims when using it, as it absolutely draws “authority” or “checks & balances” – in my cases, it was for good. I will note that, energetically, it could make me feel a bit solitary/dull/numb/quiet, not unlike the ‘grayrock’ technique. There’s certainly a usefulness to that silence and stillness though. This side-effect may have more to do with my natal chart and I’ve learned to layer it with other lighter, more connective offerings.

  4. A foundational series for world building and protecting all that you’ve worked for. I love the classic DA for its low-key, rock-solid reliable vibes. Its extremely reassuring, and the stable base from which all other workings flow. Thank you, Kaitlin for your remarkable magic.

  5. This powder is a must have, especially great for travel and sprinkling in places to help protect that which you need to protect. The incense cleanses and resets the energy in spaces, and the oil helps to ground and keep me on task. DA is my go-to for protective uses, I absolutely love it.

  6. I will admit, I got this oil thinking it’ll help me with doing taxes!

    Upon receiving this oil, THAT WEEK, I had an unfortunate event happen, where an institution mishandled my original artwork. At first, they dismissed me as “emotional” for bringing this up, not taking accountability. Then I had to write a stern email, cc’ed a bunch of directors, and eventually they paid me hundreds for the damages. It was not fun. I felt betrayed, dismissed, and disillusioned by it all. But I exercised my muscle by setting the record straight and asking for retribution. I learned to “keep my cool” and used “cold” institutional verbiage to get my points across (although underneath, I was fuming mad as a fire stellium). I’m glad that at the end, it settled in my favor.

    Shortly, I began traveling with this oil in my arsenal. After a while, it felt “boring.” Like why am I putting DA on when nothing usually happens? I realize that– with DA being very YIN to my YANG chart–“boring” is a protection from heartache, grief, and f*ckery!

    I also realize, in a place where f*ckery might occur, I became the stern voice of reason (though I feel like a total *sshole). With DA, I as a fire stellium, learned adulting by keeping my COOL!

  7. With the help of this oil, I have been able to navigate situations that would normally unnerve me and send me into a tailspin (hello anxiety!) with grace and poise. Recently, I was pulled over by a police officer for speeding (yes, I was absolutely in the wrong), but I was able to remain calm, be completely polite and charming and he acted completely professional, after a stern but polite warning, he let me go with no ticket. I can attest that if I had not been wearing Daneb Algedi II oil layered with Oil of Exalted Venus II, I would have melted to an anxious mess, tears and all – and legit would have ended up with a $300 ticket. The oils are an investment for a more balanced, harmonious life. I love them and won’t go without them.

  8. DAII Oil is the first item I bought at S+S. It does its magic right away: enforcing the boundary of my home after a scary situation happening right in my front door (in which I was alone at home with my young child). It brought us to our new home (which turned out to be UNDERvalued and thus the mortgage company reimburse us of our mortgage payments — when does this ever happen in the crazy housing market in Covid era?) etc. etc. etc. This oil vial goes a long way, I anointed so many things with it and still left with a bit to anoint myself every now and then. Thank you S+S and Kaitlin for the potent offering.

  9. This oil is amazing, I’ve only recently started using it but this is the first time in a long while I have felt fully protected and safe in my environment. It really is very comforting and smells amazing. So far I have used it mainly in personal wear and I will be adding it to my other wards and protective measures soon. I definitely recommend this product and I love it so much I just ordered some more.

  10. I recently moved and all of my S and Soils are still packed. I ordered this oil and decided to only work with it solely for a while. I can’t begin to list the amount of blessings we have received. It’s the one oil I have used in close to it’s entirety! I highly recommend.

  11. I am surprised how few reviews this offering has, so I wanted to add my +1000 to the incredible support of Deneb Algedi, enhanced wonderfully by this oil. I have had a nightly ritual prayer practice with Deneb Algedi for over a year and a half now, and being such a fan of DAI (and already stocked up for times such as these), I wasn’t sure I needed this oil upon its first debut. Boy, was I mistaken! Jupiter’s presence in the election is indeed buoying, but Deneb Algedi’s own beneficence is what really shines through. Everyone is right about the active protective qualities of DA, but it’s like the comfort of a cup of tea while curled up beneath a weighted blanket inside on a stormy night, knowing your borders are protected and all is well. With the support of DA oil, powder, and a talisman from this election, I’ve also had life-changing, miraculous success in legal matters where true justice has prevailed against truly almost impossible odds. Forever grateful for this offering, and to the almighty Deneb Algedi, sea-goat of the skies most high!

  12. I’ve been really vibing with this series and am getting so much use out of it. I’ve used it for general safety/protection at home and while traveling and also for positively and effectively enforcing boundaries around family. This is an incredibly practical and powerful series.

  13. I have both the DAII and Saturnian King oil and while I love both, I am slightly partial to the DAII for its very clean and comforting smell. It makes me feel so safe just for being. The powder also has a similar scent and it’s so versatile! I dust some on laptop bags and backpacks to prevent loss and also mix it with salt to put at thresholds for warding.

  14. The powder is INTENSE. When someone put their (incredibly foul) trash into my bin without asking me, I sprinkled some around my bin for next time. Nobody has done anything to it since. I’ve also put some in my shoes along with Regulus II powder, and it really does help you feel safer.

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