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Saturnian King Subset

Saturnian King Subset


The Saturnian King subset gets its name from a line in the Orphic Hymn to Jove, as this election seemed like a rare opportunity to capture that particular facet of Jupiter’s arcana.

[So if you’ve ever wondered what that line means… this can probably teach you ]

Though I haven’t had the opportunity to work with it much yet to the exclusion of other items in this cycle, it seems to check all of the well-hashed Sky Grandpa boxes covered by the series writeup, just with added virility, excitement, and potentiality.

This is an ambitious, yang form of DA, whereas the base series is more passive, protective, and yin in character, Saturnian King emphasizes the Golden, Wealth and World-Building aspects of the Star.

and obviously warmer, constituently speaking.

All our herbal matter was fumigated with frankincense during an ultra rare Deneb Algedi election featuring the Greater Benefic conjunct the MC and a waxing gibbous Moon atop the Star, co-present with its dignified ruler, Saturn. Something only *possible* about every 60 years…

The bark of 4 Mighty Oaks was ritually harvested in the day and hour of Jupiter (as he rejoiced in the sign of the fishies!) for inclusion in this subset, alongside protective, wealth giving mistletoe, and sundry herbs and ingredients for extra money drawing potential. Classical DA correspondences of marjoram, catnip, mugwort, sage and blue chalcedony. Frankincense and 24k gold.

Oils (pure golden jojoba) are for anointing the Self, alongside mundane or magical objects. They can also be used, often with powder, to anoint candles and petition papers.

This Incense can be used as a smoke bath to cleanse the auric body, or throughout spaces. It clears away the interference and magic of others, including maleficia and the Evil Eye. For the strongest effect, perform the entire Ritual Bathing Protocol using Deneb Algedi items, or pair with a quick Kolonia Cleanse and anointing.

The smoke can also be used in ritual, as an offering, or to cleanse objects such as one’s cell phone, computer, and wallet.

Powders have their most frequent application in works of magic, such as creating sachets or dressing candles, but they are extraordinarily utilitarian in terms of sprinkling anywhere you see fit. That could be your purse, in your shoes, run through the hair, or in the corners of office spaces.

The sky is the limit with Powders, which should always the go-to for anyone budget conscious, since they possess the most utility for the lit’lst buck…

Saturnian King Oil comes in glass vials with keepsake blue chalcedony and 24k gold in your choice of 1/2 oz standard vial for $76 (with optional dropper cap kit), 10 ml flawless glide stainless steel roller for $63, or adorable 5 ml Mini for $33.

Incenses and Powders are available in a 1/2 oz size for $33, or 2 oz bulk pot for $99.

We are beginning to roll out Soaps for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available.

Offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Please note that the loaded herbal components can make these slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


No – Honey

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


Saturnian King Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Saturnian King Oil – 10 ml flawless glide steel roller, Saturnian King Oil – 5 ml Mini, Saturnian King Incense – 1/2 oz standard, Saturnian King Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Saturnian King Powder – 1/2 oz standard, Saturnian King Powder – 2 oz bulk pot, Saturnian King Spell Soap

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

I ordered the small powder and was sent the biggest oil; and then when I reached out, the cost of the powder was entirely refunded! So I guess that was the very first manifestation of this oil, and I think it really wanted to get to me. I adore the scent. It smells like my grandmother's house, and just feels so quiet and secure and homey. It feels like a quiet Saturday with nothing to do except putter around the house and pet the cat and look out the window and rest. I definitely prefer this to the base series, just for me. It feels like it doesn't just protect what I have, but also gives me something to protect. I'm really looking forward to building an ever deeper relationship with this one.

Lizzy Berezy
My go-to for protective boundaries

I've never in my life had border security open any international packages... except this one! It's true in that it does attract authority figures but also attracts their grace (my package was totally fine!). Safe to say it works. I use this for energetic protection during the day, including at the gym and at work. I find it helps me stay within myself and have the confidence to assert myself. I actually mix it with Venus' Aerial Delight when socialising with a lot of people as I find it reminds me not to drain all my energy even if I'm having fun, so that I'm not totally burnt out the next day. Also helpful in building my confidence to redirect tangential client conversations at work and stick to time limits. Only just scratching the surface though!!

The Wisdom of beneficence.

There is not many words one can use to describe this harmonious blending of Saturn and Jupiter influences. The abundance of Jupiter placed into a well crafted structure to be used to build a more just world. I've almost only used Saturnian King for meditative practices thus far, but revere it to such a high degree I've been slowly plotting and planning its use. Wisdom in a vial.

Ani Mir
Lands more softly and more uplifting than DA bluing

The golden powder is clean and woody, a nice addition to tea lights, sprinkle on thresholds, even sprinkle on my dogs so they are protected and well behaved. I also like to sprinkle on incense resins or offer sacraments to the fire for protection. It’s not overbearing, but encourages right action and self control.

Cultivates inner and outer support

Saturnian King does feel more yang than main subset, but it still offers a vibe that is cool and collected. It is centering and promotes self-trust in a big way. The powder has helped me draw in wonderful career-related opportunities.

Protection and abundance

I mostly use this powder to dress candles to Jupiter and have been doing so weekly for over a year. The increase in my income in that time has been noticeable, and seems clearly linked to this practice. (My manager even said, "I don't know how you're doing it!" Ha! The DA protective and right action aspects are also always at the back of my mind, and I SO appreciate that as a scaffolding (taken from the write-up, and so accurate) to the wealth-building aspects.

Supportive Protection

This is such an odd subset for me becasue while it has a similar boundary-enforcing energy as regular DAII, it feels supportive in a way that I never expected from a protective item. It's not that it's unserious, it just doesn't come with the no-nonsense "get'er done" energy DAII has. It's more, "this is what needs to happen" in a gentle way. It's very friendly, which is not to say DAII is unfriendly, but... I guess SK has big yoga teacher energy. You're doing a thing you need to do but you're also addressing the "needs" part with the help of an expert who has your best interest at heart.

Narcissist Defense

I love the base DA oil for drawing boundaries, but it tends to be better for keeping me from running into jerks and malignant people than it does if I have to put myself in their way for some reason. I used this during a recent week where every day I was going to have to deal with a grandiose narcissist. Most of the days that I was around them, I had the opportunity to use this before we interacted, and it was amazing-- usually, I would be a target of this person, but somehow their eyes slid off of me when seeking their victim. The one day mid-week where I didn't take the time to put it on? NIGHTMARISH. Definitely recommend this if you can't avoid contact with that type of person and need something to keep your boundaries not just in one piece, but kind of radiating a few feet off of you.

Strongest materia experience for me thus far

Let me start by saying I love several different series from S+S. However, the Saturnian King EVERYTHING (powder and oil - need to try the soap sometime) has been the strongest "wow magic is real" materia for me. I can't even accurately describe what this does, but DA SK got me moved from a bad neighbours/housing situation, it has guided me straight and true when driving even! Having this stuff is like having a grandparent watching your back and keeping you on the right path. I sprinkle the powder everywhere, my shoes even. I carry a small tin of powder with me wherever I go. To compare this to the regular DA (same election), this one feels more assertive to me. I wish I had the funds to do so because the urge to hoarde items from DA SK series is so strong. Excellent stuff.


In this age of Saturn and Neptune hanging out in Pisces, I've also been fortunate enough to embark upon my Neptune square which has left me ... feeling very high on psychedelics, translucent, quasi un-embodied, and generally unable to form sentences. I've been using this powder in my shoes each day and it has REALLY helped to tether me to the earth and protect me from disintegrating into the ether. It has also helped w my general energetic porosity and I know it's effective because the days I FORGET to use this powder are really, really tough.


  1. I have been carrying a small vial of Saturnian King powder in my pocket and it’s been really helping with executive function. I am not sure what I expected, but I am pleasantly surprised with how much easier it is to focus and follow through. A few little boundary breaches came to my attention within 12 hours of first use, including a somewhat disturbing social media experience that reminded me of the importance of monitoring what I expose myself to online. Combined with other materia (Regulus and Quicksilver Tongue especially!) an overwhelmingly positive and energizing presence.

  2. Before this powder, my carry-on luggage would be searched almost every time I traveled (multiple times each year). However, i now sprinkle a tiny bit of the powder in my carry-on luggage eavh time I fly, and it’s made all the difference. I now sail thru security. Love this powder!!!

  3. Oh Deneb Algedi! This first house Neptune native didn’t even realize I had boundary issues! This oil gave me the fortitude and gentle nudge I needed to create them. Honestly, it was painful at first but now, I finally feel free to be myself unapologetically. So grateful for this transformation facilitated by the stars thru Kaitlin and Co. Truly life changing. Thank you <3

  4. I brought this oil with me on my travels, I took 5 flights and visited a few different cities during the month of October. I brought this oil with me for boundaries, ease and luck. Check-ins and security were swift and smooth, every one of my flights departed on time or landed early, and the seat beside me on all flights was vacant. I applied this oil after a spritz of DAII Kolonia I love the scent and this oil may be one of my faves

  5. I’ve had some *stunning* protective results with DA materia in general. I anointed myself and my BF with Saturnian King oil before I met his kinda difficult, boundary-crossing parents for the first time. They were absolutely uncharacteristically (according to him) well-behaved during their visit- almost delightful. He said he had never seen them act quite that way before.

  6. I’ve been using the Saturnian King oil to ward the house and anoint myself. I was admittedly wary of Deneb Algedi at first, but upon introduction, I got a few productive attitude shifts, with the worst side effect being embarrassment at my own behaviour. But I was not punished, simply prompted to do better.
    Upon warding the house, my husband and I found someone who can help us resolve an ongoing legal headache and (hopefully! ) bring us a just conclusion.
    After using the oil almost exclusively for a week now, I already find myself waking up earlier, managing my time better, spending less time on social media (scrolling aimlessly just straight up bores me now), and remembering to sit up straighter.
    Wonderful medicine indeed – I would highly recommend it!

  7. This oil surely has made the tumult of 2022 a lot easier for me with Saturn and all its doings. The synchronicities of seeing police (but just seeing them) is super fascinating and uncanny to experience. I like this over the original oil as you can really feel that Jupiter.

  8. With Mars in Gemini and a stellium in Taurus in my 10th house, I tend to take on too many career-related things and move slowly (though thoroughly) through them. Saturnian King has made a huge difference in setting priorities and getting *productive* rather than getting distracted by all the flowers that need smelling along the way. I’m still smelling the flowers—this is a very bright and generous energy—but I’m also getting where I said I wanted to go. On time. Fantastic for keeping up with my side hustles while launching the fledgling business of my dreams.

  9. I’m a benefics on the angles kinda girl, too soft for many things, Saturnian King gives me the productivity inspiration I need in a very friendly -to me- way. He’s not excited, jittery to work, but He does what he has to do. It’s more like a rock that has been sitting on the sun for a while and it’s warm and inviting and gives me the strength to do what must be done, but in a calm, patient way. Reminds me of the 8 of Pentacles so much. PRUDENCE is the word.

  10. I’ve had this materia for a while and can say I noticed a strong increase in police presence in our neighborhood. At first I thought this merely coincidence but the more I used this the more it seemed that I would just happen upon an officer in walking or driving around town. I personally feel a little more at ease, and look at officers with less critical/ worried eyes.

    That aside I had been having car issues with a much beloved vehicle that I had inherited from my grandmother that wasn’t going to pass inspection. After a few petitions to Deneb I was directed to thee most “sky grandpa” mechanic I had ever met, who was able to fix and get my vehicle to pass another inspection and was charged significantly less than what I was originally quoted!

    I think the smell of this is fantastic!

  11. The day I got this oil and started using it, along with the kolonia, I was at my gym and there was a guy who was locked out of his locker so he had to use a bolt cutter to into it. I had *not* been using a lock whenever I went and it felt like a clear sign to me to start using one.

    In the month following, I began a process of wealth creation that is steadily leading to a really solid foundation. This particular election took place in my 2nd house, and I was using it pretty exclusively with Luminous Crown oil.

  12. I find Saturn King to be the most “accessible” of the DA oils, and if you’ve not established a relationship with DA, or don’t necessarily have a chart alignment to lean on, Saturn King would make a good entry point. The Saturn King subset is hitting very similarly to a Empress +DA2 combo, but a distinctly more masculine version of that. If the Empress is embodied power with DA providing a much more career channel, Saturn King is that same career channel with embodied power (coming from Jupiter, clearly). Both combos have a high “I identify as power. My pronouns are ‘do not/try me'”, and very little patience for nonsense.

    OG DA had a strong metallic/other presence, and Saturn King is a much more golden, Jupiterian analogy. If you need to borrow a crown, Saturn King is here to help out.

  13. Now I can see the ‘bombastic’ side of this Sky Grandma. A few months after receiving the first, more Yin, oil, I had a dream where He was yelling at me for something. It was deserved but I thought it was strange since He seemed so ‘background’?
    Just opening this up was like a fresh blast of Drill Sergeant Algedi at your service. It will be fun getting to know the Yang side of Him

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