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‘With Peace Divine’ Body Butter

‘With Peace Divine’ Body Butter


The same herbal components as The Cloud King’s Salve, but in a proprietary base of organic shea, coconut, safflower, apricot kernel, extra virgin olive, and jojoba oils, ritually immersed in the heart of the Empyreal Vantage Jupiter in Pisces election window, following fumigations of frankincense and saffron, prayers and offerings.

Shaken during Jupiter’s days and hours before being strained and made into a nourishing body butter, whipped with the addition of high grade frankincense and holy champaca, making for a gender-neutral scent that nonetheless imparts a sense of the Divine Masculine’s great virtue.

Protective, embodied, and pulsing with all-potential.

This is Sphere + Sundry’s second foray into body butters, following in the glittering footsteps of The Empress. Do take a moment to peruse those testimonials for a sense of the formula’s efficacy, if you wish.

Relaxing, yet invigorating. Grounding, yet elevating. Centered, yet unbound. Cooling, yet active. Energizing, yet fully content.

Something to experience to believe…

Offered in a 2 oz glass jar for $33, or 6 oz bulk pot for $78

Important note: Body Butters are prone to melting in transit during hot weather, especially when shipped ground and/ or not collected immediately! 

They are whipped (like cream) to create a soft, spreadable texture. When Body Butters melt in transit, the air within gets separated from the oil base, making the jar *appear* less full. Rest assured that we never send “half empty” Body Butters. You are getting the *same amount* of product when this happens. None leaked if the exterior of the jar and label are not oily. Your Butter can be restored by putting it into the refrigerator and re-whipping it, or used as-is, whatever you prefer! It retains its magical and herbal potency regardless of air content. 

Refunds or replacements are not given for items that melt in transit. Only the Client understands what the weather is like in their area around the time they order, what their personal mail scenario is (put inside a climate controlled building or likely to be left in a hot mailbox?), and what type of shipping they choose. If your order qualifies for free shipping, please add your preference as a note if you have one. You can also refrain from obtaining items that may melt in hot conditions by saving those acquisitions for cooler weather. 

Thank you for understanding!





Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

6 oz, 2 oz


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, May 20 2021, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
body butter boon

S+ body butters might be my fave form of materia because they're so deeply hydrating and luscious, and feel like accessible forms of heavier/bigger energies. I got this one mainly because it was an extinction burst and I wanted to try it while I could.

It's very physical for me, unlike Fomy bb which relaxes my whole soul. This one is great for PMDD symptoms/cramps, and general muscle aches. I like to pair it with the Horn of Oak BPAL (Exalted Luna series) during my period to ease EVERYTHING.

Gentle scent, deep relaxation

I love to use this body butter on my legs, where I hold tbe most tension in my body. I'm able to relax my muscles more and let the tension fade away. I love the smell of this - I'm not sure how to describe it, but it feels light and airy. Come to think of it, this may be how a cloud smells.

Anna P
Chill out Bb!

This body butter feels awesome. The scent is very nice and it brings a sense of “everything is going to feel alright”. I have used it to feel “above“ an issue when there isn’t a good solution and my emotional state is affected. It infuses me with a sense that it is alright to not know the answer right now, the answer will come, I just have to be ready for it!


The scent is so gentle and restful to me. I love to use this right after I get out of the shower or hot tub at night, slather it on while my skin's still wet (a little goes a shockingly long way), and proceed to get phenomenal sleep and wake up with soft cloud skin. This body butter is such a gift.


I find this very helpful against anxiety. I also use it as an offering for a Jupiter talisman I have and it is very warmly accepted.


The perfect nap-time companion, or movie-marathon friend, this is relaxation and chill in a jar. As always, S+ body butters are never greasy or tacky and the scent isn't overpowering, so it is easily combined with other materia. For me, it works really well with Asclepius materia should I feel unwell and need deep rest.

Mystery Butter

I'm still trying to figure out how this one is best suited for me -- my expectations were that it would essentially be just like the cloud king salve, but for all-over body application. That isn't quite right, though. For me, that salve is a miracle-worker, delivering pain relief and restful sleep and a powerful calming effect whenever needed. This body butter, meanwhile, packs less of a punch, and doesn't have the same scent that I'm addicted to in the salve (which I figure is because the primary note that I associate with that salve is beeswax, which isn't the base of the butter). This scent is more light and airy, kind of aquatic and vaguely reminiscent of cucumber. As a moisturizer it has a pleasant texture, but is somewhat stiffer/'waxier' than other butters I've tried from S+S, but without an overly greasy effect when it melts in. It's nice. It is soothing, more than anything else. I feel like I'm still 'warming up' to this product, and won't fully appreciate it until it's been used more consistently, rather than on the odd occasion I feel like reaching for it.

Calming and sleep-enhancing

This gives a very cozy, gentle experience, and does make sleep easier and more peaceful. I'll be sad when this one's gone.

Ariana E
Relaxation Aid

I have this mostly for my daughter who is 9 and has tons of energy to help her calm herself down at bedtime, a job it does very well. If it means anything to you she has an exalted Mars and a grand trine in fire, she’ll go forever! She enjoys both the scent and the sensation that Jupiter brings her and I am grateful to have such a good calm down tool to help her relax and sleep well!

King of BBs

My favorite body butter of ALL TIME. I seriously love this stuff. I cannot get enough. The scent is also so unique.


  1. This body butter has been quite nice on the skin, especially the feet and legs (which tend to tense up when I become nervous). The butter helps to relax those areas and gives an impression of soft airy gloves covering them over, which lasts throughout the night (which is when I apply it) and the subsequent day.

  2. This body butter has become part of my regular rotation. I like to apply at night or anytime when I’m trying to relax. It’s especially nice on my back and chest. Energetic feeling of being held and cared for by something much larger than myself, which allows me to let go of control and struggle. This is a state it’s so hard for me to reach on my own, and I’m so grateful for this materia!

  3. As someone who is pretty anxiety-laden and had been working on relinquishing control, this has been a wonderfully reliable chill pill. Like all Sphere and Sundry body butters it smells wonderful. Has been a helpful aid for staying calm, getting very present, slowing down, accepting difficult circumstances and approaching them with ease. It also helped me get through an extremely long labor.

  4. This body butter is so amazing, it’s my go to at sunrise on Thursday’s or anything Jupe oriented as well as as a kind of way opener and a peaceful melting expansion. Great for relaxation. So lovely

  5. This celestial body butter has been a staple on my weekly Thursdays rituals with Jupiter. It seems it has an expanding effect for me, as if a veil has been lifted, I use it as a hand cream too on some days just before starting working. It feels luxurious, potent and full of magic. Highly recommend !

  6. So moisturizing and soothing. It brings the body intensity down many notches and feels like you’re coated in calm. I put it on at the end of the day if I notice I’m feeling particularly rattled and having a hard time settling. I always feel hopeful and reassured that things will be okay after applying it.

  7. I love it!

    The consistency is soooo smooth; it melts in your hands and is just delicious in the skin. The magical effect in inmidiate: relaxation and an internal feeling that all will be well. The smell is not overpowering, but profound! It is permanently in my nightstand.

  8. I struggle with finding contentment in my life. There’s so much to be grateful for but I get antsy in my body. This butter has been such a balm for my disconnectedness and helped me to feel energized but peaceful. I am naturally ENERGIZED AND BUZZY but Energized and Peaceful has been…new for me! And this butter has encouraged me along that path.

  9. This body butter is infinitely wearable, so I do every single day – it’s one of my favorite smells, so intoxicating. It’s rich, creamy, smooth and seems to make my hands and feet weightless. You know the saying ‘many hands make light work?’ No matter all the tasks I’m up against, I sense Jupiter is there to support me, and work feels nearly effortless.
    The mystery is how the jar doesn’t seem to go down as much as I use it. But I still have one in reserve when it finally does run low.

  10. First off: S+S body butters are AMAZING. I have this as well as Empress, and they are marvelous on the skin. Soft, hydrating, and just the right amount of luxurious.

    On the magical front: they provide a gentle but still direct way of interacting with the powers they are infused with. With Peace Divine is my go-to when I need a little Jupiter to find grace and stability throughout the day. It immediately brings a calm – like the sun breaking through after rain. While it certainly has calming properties perfect for when you want to unwind, I have found it incredibly useful when I need to keep a level head in the chaos – helping me approach things from a top-down perspective instead of getting stuck in uncertainty.

  11. I love the smell of this. It’s more savory than I was expecting, not sure why. I really love it, though. It wasn’t a bad surprise at all. I find it really soothing, both in texture and in the scent. And a little goes a long way. I bought the larger jar and I’m confident it is going to last me a long, long time. You don’t need a lot to feel the physical and magical impact. This is my favorite series S+S has done thus far, and every time I put it on I feel instantly calmer, like I can take a deep breath I haven’t been able to reach in quite some time.

  12. This was my first Body Butter….and I absolutely love it….the texture on my skin divine as it drinks the nourishing contents. Seriously beautiful

  13. I LOVE this stuff. I have been using it pretty heavily during a stressful time in my life, almost always after a shower, and afterwards I just feel so relaxed, focused, and peaceful. It’s so soothing to me mentally (AND leaves my skin so soft with a mild herbal/frankincense scent). It’s like I can choose- do I want to relax and unwind with my head in the clouds, or do I want to calm down and consider the situation from above and figure out how to solve a problem? I can do either or both from Jupiter’s Empyreal Vantage, and this body butter is probably my favorite product in the series. I absolutely love it,

  14. Speaking as a body butter, it has a light herbal scent and immediately melts into oil on my skin. It’s slow absorbing but very hydrating.

    Magically, I haven’t really noticed any effects on its own; however, yesterday someone told me that I seem much more self-assured than I used to be and I had been wearing it almost every day for the week prior. The “on its own” in my previous sentence is very important, because in my experience it amplifies the effects of any other materia you’re wearing when you apply it. My favorite use it putting it on after using the Primordial Bath Mud – talk about being grounded and present! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some oomph in your life.

  15. magically and practically insulating – absorbs easily (jupiter wants in your skin!) so the hydrated can defend and i (6h pisces) like wearing it on the daily to my job. scent is lordly but unisex!

  16. As a body butter, this sorbs well and moisturizes well. The scent isn’t overpowering, it’s pleasant and clean. I feel very protected when I wear it, and so far seem to have actual good fortune when using (insanely cheap international travel opportunity fell into my lap within hours of my first application). I’m trying not to use it all up now!

  17. This is my first “body butter” experience with S&S and its great. It’s relaxing, soothing, optimistic, and creates a very dream like state for me. It’s very much “its going to be alright in the world, trust me”. I like to apply it before bed.

  18. I love all of the Jupiter’s Empyreal Vantage materia – it has such an uplifting, supportive and inspiring charge. I always feel more optimistic and spiritually attuned when I engage with it. The body butter is a special standout for me in the way it so thoroughly immerses me in a feeling of gentle calm, and puts me in an optimistic, even slightly elated state. While it creates a bit of a dreamy mood, it’s actually great for approaching my work with a brighter mindset, and I also love using it before a date. It’s so rich and soothing, I wish I could buy it by the gallon (so maybe it encourages a bit of Jupiterian indulgence, too!).

  19. I’m lucky to have materia from all Jupiter S+S series: all of them work of course but this one has the most palpable vibe for me (I’m attributing this to my descendant in 7H Pisces). It certainly feels good, but I didn’t expect it to have an almost-but-not-quite sexual frisson to it, like giving in and reveling in decadence or indulging yourself and not giving a fuck or even preferring that you’re feeling hedonistic. I am really looking forward to trying this out with my not-boyfriend! (Exalted Venus is another series that affects me in a very tangible way, so I’m clearly partial to series in Pisces.)

    This initial burst of good feels dissipated into a certainty that things I’m worried about are already being worked in my favor, that I just need to be patient and the right choice will present itself at the opportune time.

    On a totally mundane level, this is also just a really good body butter. As a moisturizer I like the formula better than the Empress formula, which is stickier. This one sinks right in.

    To recap:
    – zingy indulgent feels 10/10
    – benevolent, connected Sky Dad telling you it’s gonna be fine, trust him: 10/10
    – nice, soft, moisturized skin, better than anything from Sephora and MAGIC too 10/10

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