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The Empress’ Whipped Body Butter

The Empress’ Whipped Body Butter


Consecrated Empress herbal base with passionflower, valerian, chamomile, and extra pink lotus, fumigated and immersed in an oil mixture of sunflower, apricot kernel, sweet almond, and jojoba.

Left to imbue for many Moons and shaken during Venus’ days and hours, strained, and combined with organic coconut oil and pure shea butter before being whipped into a rich, milk chocolate and heath bar frosting scented body butter 🍫

A luxurious, nourishing, and preservative free (save the vitamin E) moisturizing melt, blending effortlessly into all skin types, with no fillers or artificial ingredients. Use on its own or add to lighter lotions. The scent, despite its deliciousness, is also 100% the result of natural essential oils and absolutes. A little goes a long way.

Apply before intimate encounters for a magical aphrodisiacal boost, or anytime for some skin nourishing self-indulgence…

Offered in a 2 oz glass jar for $30, or 6 oz bulk pot for $70

Note: These Body Butters will go out of stock and be resurrected as additional batches get (quite literally!) whipped up.


SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

6 oz, 2 oz


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. This is my favorite body butter. The smell is divine and the sensual energy slowly simmers for a few hours after I’ve applied it. It helps me feel present and empowered, I use it only on very special occasions and I wish I would have been able to try more from this gorgeous series!

  2. Truly the most delicious smelling thing I’ve ever put on my body, this lovely butter also helps me step into my personal power. Wearing it makes me feel like a bad bitch, in the best way. I treasure it so much and wear it so often that I am already near the bottom of my jar, so I hope it comes back in stock at some point— I’m going to invest in a bigger jar next time!

  3. This is the best thing to happen to me during this Venus-ruled 2nd house profection year…I’ve never felt more valuable! It makes me smell like a sexy box of chocolate-covered cherries, my combo 3C/4C natural curls love it, and I swear it’s doing wonders for my décolletage. I love it, and I love me.

  4. I’m a couple days into using this and can confirm the other testimonials, a little goes a long way. I’ve been pairing it with Luminous Crown so it’s a little hard to differentiate what’s what (and ultimately they are essentially the same in many regards anyways), but I have truly begun stepping back into a feeling of sovereignty and just plain “able-ness” that I haven’t felt in a while. My days are incredibly productive and generally optimistic.

    With that has come a definite feeling of sexiness. I literally went to a party that I was having doubts about, had a *great* (wink wink) time, AND I literally found money on the ground on the way home that was exactly the cost of the event which I almost didn’t go to specifically because of the cost.

  5. This body butter is utterly DIVINE, probably my favorite ever item from Sphere and Sundry. It smells amazing, is very calming, grounding, helps me really tune into my environment and has the added bonus of making me feel sexy as hell. Wonderful offering that I definitely need to reload on.

  6. I’m completely obsessed! I’ve been putting this on a few nights a week and feel that it really helps me relax and put more of an intention of love into the self-care activity of lotioning (or, I guess, in this case, body-buttering) myself up. I feel the sweetness and care that I put into my loving touch. And yes, it smells delicious!

  7. I love that every series has specialized items to embody the feeling of an election; as someone whose chart could really use regular moon and Venus remediation, I was rather excited to try this.
    I have been using this for a several months and find that using it on my face before bed (and under makeup before important appearances) to be a very soothing and fun moon & Venus-focused practice.

    In general I am really not big on heavily scented products and am sensitive to most perfumes, so I was a little afraid that the “dessert” scent would be way too much for me. Kaitlin has done a remarkable job of finding a balance (as with other items from every series) where things are just scented enough to help me get into the headspace of the election’s mood without ever being cloying or making me feel ill.

    Bizarrely (in an enjoyable way) I find that it smells slightly different depending on the day; sometimes it smells like a slightly melted, very fancy chocolate truffle, and other times I swear that I can smell fresh cherries underneath the chocolate, or even the hint of a softened stick butter. I enjoy all of these “versions” and kind of look forward to finding out what my nose feels like showing me each application, LOL.

    As a lotion it’s very thick and sticky, so a little tiny bit goes a long way if you apply it on top of other everyday lotions. When I first ordered this it was in a fit of itchy discomfort and feeling “ugly” after a lot of skin treatments to target acne, and this did a remarkable job of soothing dryness and scaliness without causing any flareups. It’s taking me so long to get through my container that I keep wondering if this item will still be in stock by the time I finish my first round, but luckily it seems like body butters have been appearing in other series too. Check them out!

  8. i loveee this body butter! I wear it before I go on dates and the process of applying it to my body and attuning to Venus is such a sensual experience! It has the sweetest smell that makes my mouth water and makes me feel sexy in a very “grown up” way. i feel so luscious wearing it too 😛

  9. This stuff is lovely. A little goes a long way, and it melts down to nearly an oil in your hands (try to remember to pop it in the fridge during a heatwave!). The smell is gourmand, but not foody, if that makes any sense; like it calls to mind indulgent raw baking ingredients such as vanilla and cocoa, close to their natural forms rather than in a treat. It makes me feel a bit tingly, and peaceful in a chill, joyous way, rather than a sleepy way. I think it does help with my sleep when I get there, though – I used some last night and had a beautifully indulgent dinner date with my husband, read for hours afterwards, and then slept soundly through the night despite having a lot of trouble staying asleep lately.

  10. First, this smells as divine as it is. A gentle, natural gourmand fragrance that I wish I could bottle. Energetically, I feel like the nature of this particular product is less *adjusts crown* and more getting pleasure out of self-care especially caring for the body (I’ve been using this to take care of crunchy winter skin). It’s a very nourishing, rich butter that feels amazing and has the sensation of “instant cozy” without the frustration and fatigue of the labor involved setting up the perfect cozy relaxation moment. I would wait a just bit to get dressed on top of it or save it for the end of the evening (or try to remember that a little goes a long way!)

  11. Butter is accurate (so accurate). It’s very rich and the first application resulted in spiritually greasing both myself and a few surfaces in my home by accident because I put on too much and did not wait for it to absorb properly. After a finding a Friday routine where I mix it well with my normal lotion, I can describe its energy as extremely grounding. “Touch grass” as beauty product. It doesn’t let my ADHD brain ignore hunger (quite the opposite!). It helps me look at lists and go, “Actually, x, y, and z can wait.” It is assertion over the space I take up in my own life. Absolutely love <3.

  12. Not in my whole life have I felt like the owner of myself; as if I actually deserved anything good; no good came without owing something to someone, and I payed big time.
    This butter consequently and not intentionally, has given me a whole new take of myself.
    Getting what I deserve. Enjoying it if I choose, or leaving it alone.
    Damn that’s Power!

  13. This body butter is so luxuriously grounding and calming. I wear it to work to cut the edge off and reduce stress. I find that I can connect with others more easily but not get entwined with them. For me, I have a sense of boundaries yet connection. I just ordered more! I’m wondering if I can buffer this with a moisturizer or would it lose it’s effectiveness?
    And thank you for the coupon! What a nice surprise!

  14. This stuff smells delicious. It is slightly stickier than the Jupiter in Pisces body butter, and the vibe is utterly different. I was basically forcing myself to take care of work needs instead of myself today, and post shower, I impulsively put this on, proceeded to place my own needs and health first, opted for some sick time, and took a restorative nap. This could have given me some major guilt but instead my feeling was “I deserve this time to heal”. Will definitely update this review when I am feeling healthy and in a place to explore other aspects of the Empress’ power.

  15. I originally bought this hoping it would smell the same as the Empress oil, which smells divine and is my favorite S+S product of all time. This doesn’t smell the same but it does smell beautiful. It has a fruity gourmand vibe, and feels luxurious and special going on. It’s not sticky and leaves a beautiful sheen. Love the entire Empress series.

  16. This body butter is everything that is wonderful about both Venus and Taurus–sexiness, luxury, lusciousness, indulgence, decadence, glorious indolence. It feels amazing and smells amazing and makes whoever it touches a sensual Empress themself. I used to think I didn’t like sweet scents–but turns out, divine sweetness is One Hell Of A Vibe.

  17. Absolutely amazing stuff! I love this body butter and use it daily.

  18. I use this butter to calm and ground myself, as well as make myself seem more charming and beautiful and it works every time. Not only did it help me with an interview but my friends were extra affectionate when I went to go see them. I use this nearly every day, I’ll definitely order it again!

  19. This stuff is so, so good. I (nonbinary, sometimes femme, AFAB), started wearing shorts for the first time in while this summer, which meant that I started shaving my legs a lot more than I normally do. I use the body butter after shaving and it’s so good physically for avoiding razor burn. My skin feels *so* nice afterwards. I use it with intent to love and appreciate my body, and it’s been very helpful. I also get positive attention from others after using it. It’s nice and comforting on my cleavage before bed too. Empress materia is probably my fave from S + S for calming down so I can get to sleep. (Also useful in the morning before work. Just an all around fave!)

  20. This stuff is just the absolute best! Not only is the scent heavenly, the magic of it is so powerful and potent. I use it for days where my self love is waning, after a nice hot bath. It just melts into the skin and leaves it to soft and glowing in the morning that strangers will compliment me when I go out make up free to get coffee the next day. I did wear some on a date recently and I think the empress is a little better suited for powerful self love

  21. This is such a wonderful offering. I love the marzipan/almond scent and the sense of opening up to relaxation and a deep appreciation of self when I put it on. Thank you Kaitlin!

  22. I haven’t had something treat my skin so nicely in a long while. When applied after a morning shower it makes me glow. The smell is delicious and I simply feel like I deserve to be treated like a queen when I wear it, which I think makes everyone else feel it too.

  23. I’m not typically a body butter user, but the Empress Oil smelled so decadent and lovely that I had to give this a try. A little does go a long way, and the scent is amazing. Boosts my mood and feels so indulgent. From other reviews, it looks like many have already bought a backup. That’s not a bad idea…

  24. Holy deliciousness… this body butter!! I’ve been using other Empress products for a while and I was still just completely floored by its decadence and sensuality. To be fair I bought this specifically for my wedding night/ honeymoon so the vibe was already set, but this butter was an absolute hit none the less. Sweet and light, the perfect texture that isn’t too greasy or thick. Makes me feel like an absolute goddess!!

  25. I absolutely LOVE this body butter! It feels great on my skin, provides moisture that lasts, smells divine, and, um, is MAGIC! While I have and adore many other Empress items, this may be my favorite of the entire series. There’s just something that feels so nourishing about it, grounding in earth’s most sensuous pleasures and delights through slow, physical application to all my body’s curves. Like many of the reviewers who have come before me, I already bought a second for keeps.

  26. Utterly delightful, decadent and irresistible. The scent is out of this world. I already used the entire small size jar, and debating on getting another before it sells out. Lately, and in order to use it sparingly, I’ve been considering using it intentionally on the body parts that could use a little more love, compassion and confidence vs. slathering it everywhere. Seriously can’t get enough though and would buy it even if it wasn’t talismanic.

  27. I love the smell of many S+ products, but this one stands out! I never had such a strong (positive) reaction to a S+ scent before. The butter itself is also amazing. I started using it on my growing pregnant belly to avoid stretch marks and I loved it so much, I had to purchase a second one after just a few applications. It’s so soothing and lovely.

  28. using very little she becomes a second (better!) skin and my partner never fails to ask “you smell so good what’s that smell?” i often apply at night to the neck and décolletage to secure me to sleep (she firms *and* affirms!).

  29. Any good moisturizing routine should make one feel supple & lovely, but this butter sinks in far past the skin and saturates the entire being with an awareness of True Beauty. Dissipates both dryness & self-deprecation, eliminating insecurity as it erases ashiness, enhancing seductive potential all the way. Highly recommend.

  30. Decadent. Sexy. Smells delicious the way I imagine the nectar of the gods smells delicious. Goes on smooth, relaxing the muscles and the soul. Unwinds the mind and relaxes the clothes. Bliss, pure and simple. Brings peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams when applied before bed.

    This stuff *fucks*

  31. This is my first review, but absolutely not my first S&S purchase. I always mean to — it seems fitting that the Empress would be the first time I am able to overcome my inertia and laziness to finally write.

    I *never* gush about product. It was somewhat out of character for me to buy this in the first place. However, with the very first whiff, I melted at the Empress’ feet. How could I not? The scent is so decadent and alluring, and a little truly goes a long way. The tiniest morsel provides so much coverage — completely engulfed in the Empress’ delight. I felt like I was a cake and this is the icing!

  32. Everything you’ve heard about the Empress is true. Decadent, unapologetic evenings of laziness, food, and orgasms. Presents. Courage, particularly the courage to stand up for someone else. A sense that you know what you’re doing.

    And now in portable, moisturizing form! I do love how this smells, and how I can take it with me to re-apply later. Not a heavy-duty moisturizer (for me, anyway, with my East Coast-dry winter legs), but it smells great and is literally magic.

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