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Whipped Honey Beautifying Mask

Whipped Honey Beautifying Mask


This is an all natural beautifying mask for the face, which can also be applied to the neck and décolletage. I’ve been making this recipe and using it myself for many years, especially during the week leading up to conferences, my own wedding, and other events where I’d like to look my best. During Venus’ time in Libra, I’ve been doing it every Friday as a remedial Venus practice and to boost my regular skincare regimen.

This mask helps clear acne, balance moisture, combat excessive oiliness, reduce pore size, and establish an even tone. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and has a lovely scent.

Blackberry honey, whipped with vanilla bean, essential oils, and other natural proprietary ingredients, all sacred to Venus. No fillers or synthetic ingredients. Created during the hour of Venus while the Moon conjoined her in Libra.

Due to the time intensive nature of creating this mask, I chose not to make it as part of the upcoming Venus series, so my focus could be on the ritual materia at that time. I also wanted to offer my clients something that didn’t have to incubate until September, to help them better connect with Venus in Libra as a transiting influence.

This beautifying mask is the the first entry in the series category “Sundry”, which will feature individual offerings outside of dedicated series, which are still created to exacting standards and in great accord with the shifting tides of space-time. August 14th (the day of creation) was a good Venus election, one that we considered for a Venus in Libra series, but we found one we preferred slightly better later in the month.

The mask coming from a vial makes it easy to pour onto your fingers to apply to the face with as little mess as possible, without having to dirty a spoon or dip into a pot and risk contamination. I use about a quarter sized amount and get 7 masks out of each vial, though this depends on if you apply to other areas.

Cleanse your skin, making sure it is completely dry before applying the honey. This mask works especially well if you have primed your skin using our Saltwater Pearl Exfoliating Polish, to maximize smoothness and get the fastest, most beautifying result.

Pour the honey onto your fingertips and apply a thin layer directly to the skin using circular and rubbing motions to spread it across the face. Spend two minutes quickly patting the honey into the skin until it becomes tacky and your hands are difficult to pull away, which will exfoliate and bring blood flow to the the skin, stimulating a healing and toning response. Wear for 10-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Do not re-wash your face. Proceed with toner or your usual skin care routine. If you have oily skin (as I do) this causes an oil purge the day you use the mask, which can be easily removed with oil absorbing sheets, or just applied before bed so it’s not a concern. With consistent application over time, excessive oiliness is reduced and the skin develops more consistent levels of hydration.

Can be applied anytime, but is especially recommended during the days and nights of Venus, and/ or in her hour. For the fastest results, use multiple days in a row, every other day, or twice per week before entering a maintenance schedule, if you so desire.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body


1/2 oz




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

August 14th, 2018 during the hour of Venus.

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  1. The Venus in Libra honey mask I ordered last year was catalytic to Venus themed events in my life and helped support me into lightness I badly needed access to. Now that I look over the time period I ordered this and remember the events that happened after I started using it each Friday, I’m realizing that I used this right before I was cast in a play as an effervescent prostitute with a heart of gold. BRILLIANT.

  2. This was my first S+S experience and it not only became a Venus Day/hour ritual for me and my beauty regimen, but also my teenage son’s as well.
    Both of us feel lighter, beautiful and content when doing our little ritual.
    It allows me to slow down and appreciate what a temple my body is. It smells gorgeous and makes my sensitive skin soft and calm.

  3. I love using this on a Monday night as part of my bathing ritual! It’s especially helpful as a quick pick-me-up for when my skin is feeling bleh as it helps calm my nerves and my skin.

  4. As everyone else has mentioned, this is a wonderful mask on its own. The scent, the taste, the smooth, fresh feeling of your face afterwards. It feels like you are indulging in a natural luxury. It simply makes you feel good!

    The first time I wore it, I meditated and actively imagined Venus coming out of the ocean with a greater vividness than usual. I asked her a question about my relationship and the response felt so impactful and loving. That experience alone was worth the price of the mask!

    I’ve had flashes of insights and bouts of creativity as I meditated with the mask on. As a straight male, I’ve always compartmentalized Venus and femininity together, but using this mask has helped me find the Venusian in the masculine as well. Writing music was so playful and delightful, it reminded me of being a kid excitedly banging on a guitar.

    I tend to compartmentalize the physical and the intellectual, but this mask has helped me see how delightful and playful thoughts can be and how insightful physical pleasures can be.

  5. The scent is intoxicating! Imagine taking the image of Venus basking in the Sun at the beach, then transforming that into energy and then dousing it on yourself, this is what it feels like. I had no idea that mix of Honey and Vanilla could smell like that, but you’ve found an excellent mix of essential oils that highlights the best notes, on top of the energetic overlay of Venusian energy to not only pamper the physical senses but the psychic senses as well. I wish I could put that into a drink, a cookie or a cake. It’s just so extra in an awe inspiring way!

    Excellent for the day of Venus after you are done with the week and want to prime yourself for relaxation. This and the Pearl Polish definitely takes you there.

    Love it!

  6. Perfection. Absolute perfection!! My skin has never looked so good! Thank you Kaitlin!! You are a true godsend sent from heaven above. I must thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of honey masks! Since I was a young teen I have been looking for the perfect cure-all skin care that is safe enough for my delicate skin, and FINALLY after decades I have found it! I am truly grateful for everything Sphere + Sundry has to offer. ✨

    Shine on sister! You got it going on! Don’t ever stop creating!!!! Fucking magic!

    *adds stuff to wishlist!!!

  7. This face mask is wonderful. It comes with specific instructions, which I greatly appreciate. I followed the instructions, using it on a Friday evening, and it was wonderful. Not only did it add a graceful ritualized aspect to self-care, it was easy and uncomplicated. My sensitive skin took to it well and the next day someone commented on how great I looked.

  8. Oh, my. I just used this for the first time, and my face seriously looks amazing. My skin feels so smooth! I can’t wait to try this on Venus’s day and hour – I’ll be unrecognizable. I think I’ll invoke the Graces to bless it, too.

    I just want to mention that I have pretty sensitive skin, and I experienced no adverse reaction whatsoever – not even tightness (I’m dry, too.) Lovely stuff.

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