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Deneb Algedi Bath Salts

Deneb Algedi Bath Salts


Sold out… but a new batch is available as part of Deneb Algedi II 😘

Consecrated Deneb Algedi herbal mix was created to a talismanic standard, suffumigated with Dead Sea salt, silver leaf, and blue-green algae for natural coloration and its skin nourishing properties. Essential oils of frankincense, marjoram, and blue tansy, mixed to take on the appearance of  blue chalcedony and storm clouds over the frothy sea.

Soak in a safe harbor, should you find yourself in need of protection and boundary reinforcement, to avert the evil eye, earn the favor of those in power, and encourage fair treatment by the law.

Promotes a grounded pragmatism, sense of security, clear headedness, and purifies the auric body.

Arrives in a reusable 8 oz glass jar with hand drawn label for $33

Out of stock

Spoken for... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in
Fixed Star


8 oz


Benefic, Malefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Full Moon on Deneb Algedi, August 15, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

These bath salts opened a connection to Deneb Algedi that has become one of my most significant spirit relationships. I find the salts immensely fortifying every time I use them.


As I' ve said about the salve, for the energetically sensitive there is nothing out there like Deneb Algedi. How different my life would have been if I had been bathed in this from the start!

Protective + Fortifying of boundaries

Every time I use this I feel immediately protected. Its cleansing properties and warding abilities put me right to sleep! This is my go to whenever I’m feeling energetically attacked and highly recommend!


I bought this so long ago and never actually used it until now. I used it in my bath ritual protocol (finishing up with the Asclepius kolonia) and I dare say it's energetically amazing. I was slow to add bath salts to my bathing rituals because of the tiny, loose materia... but it seems I missed the obvious mesh bags (derp). Long before using this for actual bathing rituals I was adding a teaspoon here and there to a cup of water on altars and my nightstand. It def gives a clearning/protection effect to the area it's staged in.


I use these salts with the ritual bathing process (and i highly recommend this!), and they've been so helpful as I process the stored trauma in my body and invite the trauma to leave. I feel immersed in safety and deeply grounded in these baths. I recommend working with Deneb Algedi for anyone needed a sense of protection/grounding as they process or release old trauma.


I’ve been on a kick of pairing kolonia with bath salts and using only this from the chosen spheres, as a way to cleanse my energy to in the future utilize the oil.

This is new for me, as in the past I wouldn’t get the kolonia and just skip to the oil. The kolonia has been so important to me being able to use this series.

In the past when I used just the oil it made me very uncomfortable. I did not like wearing it at all, it felt very cold and very physically uncomfortable to wear. Too serious. I was so disappointed because I saw so many reviews and testimonials of people saying they really enjoyed this series and felt very protected.

After starting to use the kolonia and bath salts, I can say I’m definitely starting to experience that. My relationship with DA is continuing to deepen, but I’m really enjoying the cleansing that’s coming with the bath salts + kolonia use.

I also love that the bath salts turn the bath blue, but don’t stain my white tub. I also notice with these salts that my bath will never get warm. It’s always so cold or lukewarm, and that’s never the case with any other bath salt for me.

Ritual Bath Must Have

I use this for my ritual baths and when I’m needing extra protection. This wipes me out! My whole body is just laid to rest after I this lol. But the results are amazing I feel so protected.

Tina R.
Safest, coziest, most relaxing

This is my most-used bath salt. I find that as a person who carries lots of little free-floating fears, the DAII bath salts set me up to feel safe, cozy and relaxed like nothing else. I’ll also drop a pinch of these salts into the bowl of water on my nightstand for an extra-protected and relaxed sleep.

A cleansing and steadying influence

I had a good experience with the oil and ritual salt, so I decided to invest in this the large bag of bath salts. Deneb Algedi is great for cleansing off the psychological gunk of daily living and restore your sense of security and self. I also dissolve some of the bath salts in water and alcohol, and use it as a quick cleansing spray when I feel I need it. The smell is clean, fresh, subtle and gender neutral.


I was home alone during a fierce, relentless wind storm that shook the entire house- it was making me feel crazy stressed with no escape. I drew a bath with Deneb Algedi Salts, sunk it and found my safe harbor, cocooned in the tranquil protective waters. I was utterly soothed, and able to deepen my relationship with this wonderful Star in the process.


  1. I most frequently use these bath salts to ask Deneb Algedi for aid or blessing, to restore a feeling of safety and renewed resolve, and to make an offering to him. I have bought at least 3 or 4 of these bath salt jars since they were first offered and will miss them when I am out.

    These bath salts are a wonderful way to connect with Deneb Algedi. They have helped me feel comforted during difficult experiences and petition him for aid numerous times.

  2. Deneb Algedi was my first introduction to S+S and ever since, has been an incredible support, freedom-enhancer, and comfort in my justice work alongside my partner, who is fighting an unjust sentence. These bath salts are great for cleansing, restoring, and protecting. Quick shout out to using these salts in combination with the AMAZING oil, which I’ve already reviewed: I was about to get turned away from a visit due to the metal button on my jeans setting off the metal detector, but a superior came by at exactly the right moment, asked if my jeans were vintage, and let me through to have the full time allotted with my partner, our first time seeing each other in person since the pandemic began. Thank you, Deneb Algedi, and thank you, Kaitlin Coppock, for this incredible series!

  3. So far for me, the Bath Salts from each collection I have used have seemed to be some of the most powerful of the materia which exists. It’s great- because according to my tarot reader- more baths are in store for helping me heal my heart. Soaking in Deneb Algedi is immensely powerful and you have no doubt of the magic you are surrounded by then and there. Whenever I feel like some “thing” might be clinging to me- I bathe in these salts and POOF icky spooky feeling be gone. They have helped me sleep, they have calmed my nerves. Deneb Algedi is one of my favorite offerings to exist. And, I have witnessed first hand how it helps to win you favor- See my review at Deneb Algedi water for this story.

  4. Really lovely–very fragrant. I cut it with sea salt & epsom salt and keep a container of it in the shower, along with a cup so I can mix it water and give myself a spiritually-cleansing salt shower. I do this after Power 0f Eight-style intention events that Rune Soup Premium Members engage in. Good for making sure nothing nasty tags along afterward. Will soon try as a space-warding aid.

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