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Asclepius Bath Salts III

Asclepius Bath Salts III


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

Ritual baths were one of the first steps taken to cleanse those who made pilgrimage to temples of Asclepius in pursuit of healing (as detailed in the series description for Asclepius II), and salt is a tried and true agent of natural purification in ways both meta and physical.

Dead Sea salt and magnesium enriched epsom, fumigated with frankincense during the Asclepius III election, combined with essential oils of frankincense, cypress, and tea tree, alongside home grown and ritually harvested herbs inherent to the election’s consecrated herbal mixture. Rose of Jericho, incense cedar, and more.

Draw a bath and add the mixture to the water to clear your energetic field, increase magnesium levels, and soothe and detoxify the system. Includes a prayer to Asclepius and suggested times for ritual potency. Fully immerse yourself, occasionally wetting the full head and hair for best results. Soak for 13 minutes or more. Occasionally pour water over the head and body, letting it swoosh away negativity impeding good health, mental, physical, and otherwise.

Add a small sprinkling to many baths or larger amounts for deeper soaks in tougher circumstances. May induce sleep, best used before bed. Drink plenty of water.

Offered in our standard 8 oz glass bale jar for $33, or for the first time, a 16 oz bulk pot for $66.

See testimonials of Asclepius II Bath Salt for reference.





Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

April 12th, 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Sink into the healing waters

These bath salts completely refresh my auric and energetic body. I also use a pinch in a small cup of water by the side of my bed to aid in restful, healing sleep. This is the real deal!


I finally did another ritual cleansing bath and I think these salts are my preferred materia for the procedure. Helps keep it simple by streamlining my materia selection but is also very effective, and I usually use smaller amounts of materia. The difference afterwards is significant.

nebula star
Wonderful for depression, burnout, & grief

After a series of deaths in my friend group and in my family from the end of December into January, as well as the anniversary of another death in the family years earlier, I felt heavy with grief. Day in and day out I'd go to work and for eight hours straight I would think of death and grief and wonder why they were taken so young. This went on for weeks. In my moments alone, I would think of death and the injustice of the world and just cry.

I was anointing with Asclepius IV which helped me to express the grief but wasn't cutting into the deep ache I felt. Unlike other deaths I've faced, the tears came easily and I thank Asclepius for that mercy. Still, I was in a pit of despair and I needed to climb out.

I had intended to save the Asclepius bath salts for the ritual bathing protocol but I knew this couldn't wait until then. I drew a bath and made sure each part of me had been submerged in the bath water at least a few times. I cried a few times but no tears came out.

Once I drained the tub (strainer recommended for the bits of herbal mixture & rose of Jericho once you drain), I immediately felt lighter. I hadn't eaten prior to the bath so I was lightheaded. These bath salts really do strip the slog right out of you, but in doing so can also leave you feeling pretty depleted. Having snacks and drinks on hand for after the bath is a must. A nap may also be in order.

This is all to say that these bath salts work absolute wonders but they are not an everyday use kind of thing. If you find yourself giving into grief, burnout, or depression, these bath salts help to alleviate those heavy feelings and leave you feeling much lighter. You'll know when to call upon these bath salts to do their magic.

Side note: if you're going to use these bath salts, I do recommend a full bath if possible, or at least pouring a blend of the water and salt over each part of you. I've used these salts for a few foot baths. Although it's nice, relaxing, and makes my feet feel like they're floating afterwards, I did not get anywhere near the results as I got with a full bath/submersion.

Christa L.S.
Essential for Health Workings

I'm probably someone who has hyped up these bath salts (as a bath and glamour witch) when they first came out, and I have used them loyally ever since. These bath salts provide a nourishing practical means for me to ease my muscles and whatever else is ailing me or sore, but they also help me deepen my practice with the Divine Physician Himself, and by engaging with Him in the bath, I can also deepen spiritual relations. Honestly though, whenever I engage with Asclepius and this material (specifically salts,) I find more out about my body and tend to it-- this is especially true if you combine it with any of the Luna/Moon series. What a beautiful way to engage with the spirits of the stars and bringing it back down to Earth. Thank you Kaitlin + co!

Star power

To say that these salts are just so cleansing absolutely does not do them justice. To me, it's like the energetic equivalent of brilliant white light, with nothing else. Afterwards, the slate is clean, ready for whatever you want to add.

TK Sloane
So nourishing!

I adore these bath salts. I use them in monthly energetic hygiene baths as well as when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, & in either circumstance I feel so replenished afterwards! After several months of use, I have noticed I am overall more resilient spiritually, energetically, & physically. So grateful for Asclepius & for this magic!

Hitting the Reset Button

All things wonky from a recent diagnosis and its accompanying concerns to sticky negative thought patterns that resist being shook loose found me on the New Moon participating in Kaitlin's Ritual Cleansing Bath. I tend to go the homeopathic route, but I knew this time called for half a jar full.

It's only been 4 days since, but I've already had a couple good days feeling physically better, my mood has perked up, I cleaned half the basement!!, and there's hardly any lag time between a decision and the action I take. Incredibly potent while also very gentle, my relationship with Asclepius and these salts will never not be in my magical cabinet.

Thank you Asclepius!

Within a month of receiving and using these bath salts, I began to finally take steps towards getting a chronic health issue diagnosed. After ten years of simply coping with the problem! Will be getting my hearing aids fitted this coming Monday. Thank you Asclepius!

Serious healing energy

These bath salts have a deep, serious, and healing energy to them. I think it's easiest for me to sense the divine coterie in the Asclepius series through these bath salts - it really feels like the equivalent of many people caring for you in sync. These are my go-to salts for any kind of health stress or concern. They're powerfully cleansing.


I definitely experienced a healing crisis with frequent use of these bath salts and kolonia. A habit I couldn’t kick causes and extreme illness and reaction that was quickly resolved; but since then I have not engaged in those habits since.

This form compared to the more solar bath salts is very much for me about cutting away what is causing me illness.

I’ve also been given a clear message and signal that my body is no longer able to do the work that I’m doing.

This form of the bath salts is very grief filled, cord cutting compared to the solar; and for this time in my life I prefer it.


  1. Love these Salts. Incredibly helpful and I’m really fond of the scent.

  2. I have loved all Asclepius bath salts (1,2, and 3 now), and is probably the one S&S materia item and type that I’ve used the most of. Again, the solar presence in the A3 materia gives it a warmth that is missing from the A1 materia. I like to use it to add to either my shampoo or shower gel as an energetic cleanser every few days aside from the Asclepius dates. Does well to also shake the winter blues, nicely warming and good for an energetic boost.

  3. Love these! Love experiencing the benefits in a bath form, highly recommend.

  4. I literally had the best nights sleep after using these bath salts for the first time. I was fortunate enough to move into a new home with a bath. Excited to finally use Sphere and Sundry’s salts range I was in awe with the stunning effect. I am happy with them, I am back to purchase more.

  5. I had the literal best bath of my life using these Asclepius III bath salts & AIII incense along with Kaitlin’s Ritual Bathing guide. Mercury rx & generally gnarly astroweather had me feeling depleted, unmoored, & Energetically Spent, but the Divine Physician guided me gently back into my body with my feet safely on the ground. I am newer to working with Asclepius & purchased these on a whim, but I am so happy I did! All Praise the Divine Physician!

  6. These Asclepius III bath salts deserve more reviews, as I am about to buy them for what is probably the fourth time. I use them to dislodge unpleasant emotional states (sadness, low energy points, etc), when feeling ill, and to improve mental clarity when exhausted and feeling crummy. They are also great for eclipse baths.

    I hope everyone in need of these can buy some before they are gone.

  7. I worked with these bath salts to help move the heaviness of Saturn then Pluto conjoining my Sun. They have such a clarifying, kind presence that helps dislodge whatever is best dislodged; they seem to know where our spirit and vitality need support, whatever it may be. Deep reckoning was more fluidly processed with the help of these. I love them and thank Kaitlin for the efforts.

  8. I LOVE these bath salts! I was a huge fan of Asclepius II oil so when this version came out, I knew I wanted the bath salts. Every time I bathe with these I get the BEST sleep and anytime I’ve felt like I was coming down with something and used them, I’ve always felt great the next day. They are also a favorite for my eclipse baths .

  9. The first time I used these salts (not a large amount, maybe 2 tbsp mixed in with Epsom salts I regularly use) I felt very sleepy very quickly and decided to lay down immediately afterwards for a nap. While resting I felt like I was receiving energy healing and had this distinctive feeling that I get with acupuncture sometimes where I feel I sink into my ‘true’ energy level. I’m often pushing myself to get through the day due to chronic illness and lose touch with how tired I am, instead buzzing along on adrenaline, so to truly feel relaxed is a blessing. I am by now a veteran of many healing modalities and these salts are a fantastic addition to my healing toolkit. They also have a lovely fresh, clean herbaceous aroma that is so pleasant I sometimes just sniff the dry contents of the jar for a quick boost/energy reset! Definitely recommend.

  10. Dear me not only was the bath an incredibly blissful experience. This line really hits me in the heart Chakra, in a good way. But my skin looked amazing afterwords, wonderful work, highly recommend for goodness inside and out.

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