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Asclepius Bath Salts III

Asclepius Bath Salts III


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

Ritual baths were one of the first steps taken to cleanse those who made pilgrimage to temples of Asclepius in pursuit of healing (as detailed in the series description for Asclepius II), and salt is a tried and true agent of natural purification in ways both meta and physical.

Dead Sea salt and magnesium enriched epsom, fumigated with frankincense during the Asclepius III election, combined with essential oils of frankincense, cypress, and tea tree, alongside home grown and ritually harvested herbs inherent to the election’s consecrated herbal mixture. Rose of Jericho, incense cedar, and more.

Draw a bath and add the mixture to the water to clear your energetic field, increase magnesium levels, and soothe and detoxify the system. Includes a prayer to Asclepius and suggested times for ritual potency. Fully immerse yourself, occasionally wetting the full head and hair for best results. Soak for 13 minutes or more. Occasionally pour water over the head and body, letting it swoosh away negativity impeding good health, mental, physical, and otherwise.

Add a small sprinkling to many baths or larger amounts for deeper soaks in tougher circumstances. May induce sleep, best used before bed. Drink plenty of water.

Offered in our standard 8 oz glass bale jar for $33, or for the first time, a 16 oz bulk pot for $66.

See testimonials of Asclepius II Bath Salt for reference.





Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

April 12th, 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Helpful for Injuries, Sore Muscles, and When Ill

I bought my latest bag of these salts when ill with the flu recently. They are a must-have if you have a chronic illness or otherwise want to make whatever ails you go on its way.

Good for energetic detox

I was feeling really heavy, negative, and stuck all day for various reasons. Everything that can be done mundanely is being done; I was just energetically and emotionally low. Within 15 minutes of submerging in a bath of this (with candles and myrrh incense burning and pleasant music playing), I started feeling lighter, more emotionally/energetically at ease, and more able to approach the situations with grace.

Serious & special.

These Asclepius IV bath salts do not disappoint! They're my first choice for the energetic cleansing ritual bath protocol, or whenever there's an injury or illness I'm worried about.
Incredibly supportive, cleansing, and protective--like being held in very skilled, safe, and helpful hands.
The visual & scent experience that comes with these salts is also delightful and deserving of mention. The curly bits of Rose of Jericho and the gorgeously fragrant cypress pieces -- absolutely worth the need to run a strainer through the bath before draining.

Asclepius Bath Salts are always a must have

Asclepius bath salts are probably the single most used S&S product that I use, and that I have had to rebuy. Great for cleansing, feeling better, and just overall supportive of health. Always worth to keep in stock.

Karen Locker
Levels Up Energetic Cleansing Baths

I’ve been following Kaitlin’s energetic cleansing bath protocol for the last year, to great effect — but these bath salts really juiced up my most recent post-eclipse bath!
I’ve recently been on a food elimination protocol, trying to get to the root of some digestive issues and a lifelong struggle with weight. It had been a bumpy few weeks, but two days after bathing with these, I experienced a total body reset. Aches and pains are gone, along with brain fog, and I am consistently dropping weight. My sleep is the best it’s been in years and my mood has shifted out of some really dark places.

Needless to say, I’ll never bathe without these from now on!

The Ultimate Reset

You can't beat these bath salts for energetic cleansing. They smell incredible and medicinal (in the best way) and I always emerge from my bath refreshed, renewed, and pain-free, both emotionally and physically. Highly recommend that everyone have these on hand.

Energetic sovereignty for days

These bath salts are THEE best for following Kaitlin’s energetic cleansing protocol. Clarifying and soothing at the same time, a bath with these will knock me OUT into a deep sleep no matter what is happening in my zoomy brain.

A must-have

Out of all S+ materia, I think this should be the one item that everyone has in their arsenal. Whatever your goals may be, we all have cycles where we just need to clear the old shit out, and this salt really gets the job done quickly and effectively without fuss.
I like to mix a tablespoon with a cup of regular bath salt for an actual bath, but ALSO something I love doing with this salt is mixing a few pinches with a small 1 oz bottle of distilled water. Initially I was using it as a spray, which doesn't work well because of the herbal matter (the ritual salt might work better for that), but now I use it as an anointing mixture before bedtime and it works like a freaking charm. A little dab on the forehead, crown, and lower back. Nothing knocks me out faster.


Asclepius is such a reliably cleansing, clarifying influence. It's great to soak in these bath salts during eclipses- I consider them a must-have S+S item.

Patricia H
I feel renewed!

I recently did an energetic cleansing/ritual bathing following S+S protocol using the Asclepius Bath Salts and incense. I felt renewed and I had such a good night’s sleep (and i’ve been having insomnia the past couple of weeks)


  1. Love these Salts. Incredibly helpful and I’m really fond of the scent.

  2. I have loved all Asclepius bath salts (1,2, and 3 now), and is probably the one S&S materia item and type that I’ve used the most of. Again, the solar presence in the A3 materia gives it a warmth that is missing from the A1 materia. I like to use it to add to either my shampoo or shower gel as an energetic cleanser every few days aside from the Asclepius dates. Does well to also shake the winter blues, nicely warming and good for an energetic boost.

  3. Love these! Love experiencing the benefits in a bath form, highly recommend.

  4. I literally had the best nights sleep after using these bath salts for the first time. I was fortunate enough to move into a new home with a bath. Excited to finally use Sphere and Sundry’s salts range I was in awe with the stunning effect. I am happy with them, I am back to purchase more.

  5. I had the literal best bath of my life using these Asclepius III bath salts & AIII incense along with Kaitlin’s Ritual Bathing guide. Mercury rx & generally gnarly astroweather had me feeling depleted, unmoored, & Energetically Spent, but the Divine Physician guided me gently back into my body with my feet safely on the ground. I am newer to working with Asclepius & purchased these on a whim, but I am so happy I did! All Praise the Divine Physician!

  6. These Asclepius III bath salts deserve more reviews, as I am about to buy them for what is probably the fourth time. I use them to dislodge unpleasant emotional states (sadness, low energy points, etc), when feeling ill, and to improve mental clarity when exhausted and feeling crummy. They are also great for eclipse baths.

    I hope everyone in need of these can buy some before they are gone.

  7. I worked with these bath salts to help move the heaviness of Saturn then Pluto conjoining my Sun. They have such a clarifying, kind presence that helps dislodge whatever is best dislodged; they seem to know where our spirit and vitality need support, whatever it may be. Deep reckoning was more fluidly processed with the help of these. I love them and thank Kaitlin for the efforts.

  8. I LOVE these bath salts! I was a huge fan of Asclepius II oil so when this version came out, I knew I wanted the bath salts. Every time I bathe with these I get the BEST sleep and anytime I’ve felt like I was coming down with something and used them, I’ve always felt great the next day. They are also a favorite for my eclipse baths .

  9. The first time I used these salts (not a large amount, maybe 2 tbsp mixed in with Epsom salts I regularly use) I felt very sleepy very quickly and decided to lay down immediately afterwards for a nap. While resting I felt like I was receiving energy healing and had this distinctive feeling that I get with acupuncture sometimes where I feel I sink into my ‘true’ energy level. I’m often pushing myself to get through the day due to chronic illness and lose touch with how tired I am, instead buzzing along on adrenaline, so to truly feel relaxed is a blessing. I am by now a veteran of many healing modalities and these salts are a fantastic addition to my healing toolkit. They also have a lovely fresh, clean herbaceous aroma that is so pleasant I sometimes just sniff the dry contents of the jar for a quick boost/energy reset! Definitely recommend.

  10. Dear me not only was the bath an incredibly blissful experience. This line really hits me in the heart Chakra, in a good way. But my skin looked amazing afterwords, wonderful work, highly recommend for goodness inside and out.

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