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Ritual Salt of Asclepius II

Ritual Salt of Asclepius II


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

This ritual salt is from the Dead Sea, mixed with essential oils of frankincense, cypress, and rosemary, consecrated to Asclepius for the purposes of cleansing, banishing illness, and preserving good health.

Sprinkle on yourself, your doorstep or hearth, your floor before sweeping or vacuuming, or add to cleaning solutions to help purify energies and bring healing and renewal into your sphere. Can be used before workings to set a clean stage, or after to clear away energies and spirits. Also helpful against ghost and poltergeist activity. Not intended for consumption.

Available in a half ounce vial for $13.

Out of stock

Spoken for... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in

1/2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Morning of February 27th, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

This is my second Asclepius purchase after using up all my Asclepius water. I decided to go with the salts because they seem really versatile. I like to use them in materia sprays, ritual baths, and other "clearing and cleansing" applications. Dissolves smoothly + easily. Smells surprisingly delightful! A pinch goes a long way, and this will be part of my base arsenal for the foreseen future.

Lizzy Berezy

This salt is so versatile, so refreshing and useful. Like a reset button. I use it in baths, when washing sheets, in my diffuser and dissolved into a spray. Refreshing and cleanses the ick off.

Healers Purification

Aided and assisted in the purification protocol suggested by Kaitlin Coppock. Assisted in EVERY way of cleaning even mundane salt in mop bucket quick purification. Love love love to place in socks before sleep!

Makes a nice spray

I've used the salt as a little sprinkle around the corners of a room, and it seems to make things feel a bit lighter. My favourite use is dissolving some in distilled water in a spray bottle. I srpay around my bedroom and my bed before going to sleep. It seems to promote a calming/cozy sort of feeling.

Loren Fleckenstein
Ritual Salt

I purchased this salt because it seemed like a very versatile option and it has not disappointed. The scent has this medicinal quality that I find so pleasant and calming. I've added it to baths, used it with body washes to make scrubs and my most favorite method of adding it to water and making a spray. I've found it to be so calming and healing. So great to use when you need a cleansing reset, whether it be physically or mentally. If people are new to Sphere + Sundry I think anything from the Asclepius series would be a good place to start.


This salt is so clarifying for my room and my body. I like to spray it and also put it in my pillowcase for cleansing and healing while I sleep. I find it resets and cleanses my spaces and body so perfectly.

amazing salts

I put this salt in water next to my bedside on hard or painful days (I struggle with chronic pain.) It adds an aura of good health to my bedroom. I also keep a small amount of this salt in the four corners of my bedroom, which has helped me be less anxious in the middle of the night and generally get better rest in my room. The salts smell and feel amazing and so clean.

Asclepius IV ritual salts

I admit it; I'm in love with all things hunky healer. But these salts? Wowza do they pack a punch. Upon opening the vial the scent wafts out gently and a feeling of calm beneficence en-wraps me like a warm heated blanket. I have so far used them diluted in a spray bottle of distilled water as a make=shift spray which works a treat. I have also sprinkled them under my bed, and added them to bath water for a boost to healing. I never want to be without asclepius in my life.

Helpful to Induce a "Reset and Renew" Type of Feeling

I like to have an extra container of these salts on hand because the ritual salts in general seem highly concentrated. They are multipurpose and can be used with water or by themselves in a variety of contexts. I tend to pour some in the bath on rare occasion when I need a concentrated jolt of Asclepius and feel unwell, such as when I have a cold or flu. They can be used as a replacement for the Asclepius bath salts in a pinch.

"Clean-Slate" Salt

I currently live in a 100 year old house, and while the regular smudging etc. works pretty well on the everyday gunk that tends to accumulate, sometimes you need something with more "deep cleaning" power. Sprinkling this around and behind the baseboards lifted a lot of stuck energy that I hadn't fully realized was there until it was gone, and made the space feel notably lighter and more peaceful. It's also useful for clearing a space prior to setting up an altar, and for energetically cleansing your table/ tools. Just sprinkle a few pinches over everything and wipe clean after letting it sit for a little while. A little goes a long way!


  1. I got this salt to make this into a quick spray if I ever needed to, but I’ve also sprinkled it around a space when I’m clearing it to light a candle for Asclepius, and it does that trick. Best used for cleansing, and attuning to other Asclepius materia. 10/10 would recommend.

  2. This salt is an amazing multi use materia. It helps with stress, sleep, headaches and and be calming in times of worry. I dilute some in water in a spray bottle and spray my pillows when my insomnia has become too much, myself, when needed just to cleanse, relax or to aid with migraines. It can also be quite immediate. I can only describe it as stillness followed by soothing.

  3. I bought these to cleanse my space while working with ancestors and Hermanubis, but I added it to water in a spray bottle and we now use it to cleanse our space and our bodies after anything stressful, traumatic, or during times of anxiety, fear, worry, etc.

    it’s this amazing catch-all spray we use to help keep harmony and balance and to refresh the space and clear all the bad gunky out.

    I love it so much – it’s INSTANTLY refreshing and when sprayed on yourself it’s like an immediate weight has been lifted off your shoulders and heart!

  4. My initial intent was to use these salts for cleansing after certain rituals etc, for which it does work beautifully! Recently, though, I began having recurring nightmares which were disturbing my sleep cycle and my everyday life. After reading about how helpful Asclepius can be in the dream world, I decided to add a couple of pinches of the salts to my laundry cycle and wash my bedding in it. WOW. Now Asclepius salts are added to the wash each time I launder my sheets, and he lives on my bedside table in case I need any extra help from him before bed or during the night. An absolutely essential product for me!

  5. I have used this ritual salt in floor washes and also in bowls of water with some lemon slices to catch energetic debris floating around. It keeps things cleaner for longer I find, Praise Asclepius.

  6. Oh, Asclepius, how do I count the ways?
    The Asclepius ritual salts have been a large part of my health and “journey” of dental restoration.
    I have used the salts in ritual to keep from a norovirus from spreading to the rest of my family to using it before going in for dental work to avoid infections. I can’t sing enough praises for it!

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