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Asclepius Talismans II

Asclepius Talismans II


Goldsmith Tony Mack collaborated with Sphere + Sundry during the equivalent election in his location to create a stunning set of Ras Alhague Serpent-Bearer fixed star talismans, in two original designs.

Cast in electrum, an alloy of gold and silver, featuring high grade carnelian set over viper’s tongue, cedar, frankincense, and sage. The casting of the talismans was supplemented by suffumigation using Incense of Asclepius form the first edition of the series.

Wear on your person for healing and to help transmute various manner of poisons into medicine. These are helpful for preserving health and warding away disease, but can also be used by those who have an ongoing health struggle or are taking medications that produce negative side effects.

These are wonderful to wear if you work in a healing profession and want to bring the Divine Physician’s blessing into the realm of your client or patient work.

Each talisman includes a 20” sterling silver chain, and a beautiful keepsake box bearing a wax seal of the Asclepius rod. It includes a bottle of Asclepius II anointing oil, recommended times for feeding and empowering your talisman, and a prayer to Asclepius.

Available in your choice of standard electrum, 4ct carnelian, herbs and viper’s tongue inlaid for $729 (8 being offered to the public), or ornate electrum with gold accenting, 20ct carnelian, snake backing design, herbs and viper’s tongue inlaid into the bezel for $1,029 (7 being offered to the public).


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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3.25 × 1.75 in

Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of February 27th, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. There have been quite a number of serious and sometimes life-threatening health/injury issues in my family over the last couple of years. Last year I had to get a skin cancer cut out of my face that turned out to be 3 times larger than the doctor was expecting. Subsequent skin checks turned up a number of other spots of concern that needed to be monitored—I’m very pale, live in the skin cancer capital of the world and have a family history, so this was a major worry for me.

    The Forged Rod of Asclepius was my second S+S purchase, and I got the beautiful standard talisman 3 months ago—along with the oil and water. This year, I haven’t gotten sick once—I’ve had a couple of days where I felt very tired but I’ve been able to fight off what I know would have otherwise been a terrible cold in a matter of hours.

    I went for my checkup today and every single one of the spots of concern for potential skin cancer had disappeared. Completely. My doctor had to check that he had the right paperwork, he was so puzzled. My cholesterol and blood pressure are also significantly better. I feel more generally healthy than I have in years and I’ve been inspired to make some very positive healthy changes to my lifestyle—my sugar addiction is broken. I’ve also had some pretty fantastic recovery effects for other people when using the talismans to petition Asclepius on their behalf. The power of this talisman and the other Asclepius II products is incredible.

    Some interesting side effects I’ve noticed are an increased need to sleep when I’m dealing with an illness or injury—the magic sometimes has a “shut up, lie down and let me deal with it” feel that is impossible to resist or postpone. I also tend to wash my hands a lot more than is strictly necessary now, though it has a kind of devotional feel to it, rather than a germophobe one so I’m ok with that.

    Great Asclepius and Beauteous Hygeia now have regular devotions from me and my eternal thanks go to Kaitlin, Tony and Cody for making these amazing creations available.

  2. If you ever have the chance to invest in a talisman from Sphere and Sundry, I recommend doing so. So far, this is the only talisman I have purchased. I was hesitant, as the price tag is pretty steep for me. However, a few months later, and I believe it to be a solid investment. The tl;dr is that to me, atleast, this talisman works whether you even realize it or not. It’s not always straightforward, it gets the job done however it needs to get done.

    I got this item mostly because of a lifelong history of ear-nose-throat issues. I have gotten sick so often that at this point in life, it has contributed to weight gain, depression, etc. I thought it would be useful for other health issues too–mental, physical, energetic–but lemme just tell you, it wasn’t what I expected. My sinuses haven’t been too horrible since I got the talisman, but that’s not all.

    Firstly, towards the tail-end of the “meat-grinder” of summer 2019, I managed to cut off part of the tip of my thumb. It was pretty gnarly, I’d cut off some of the connective tissue. And it all grew back, pretty quickly too. I ran the recovery timeframe by another of my friends who used to work as a nurse, and they thought it was pretty incredible.

    Part of my experience with this amulet is it’s revelation regarding the depths of my ill health. Quite frankly, I hadn’t realized I had gotten so weak and out of shape. This revelation was not a happy one. However, let’s be honest–that’s what you need to know to develop a recovery plan with realistic goals and timeframes. It’s also revealed (and continues to reveal, because this is a lesson I’m having a hard time retaining) that I’m too hard on myself, that I need to value myself more, I need to actually self-love more, etc. Specifically, people in my life keep telling me these things. I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s revealed a lot about my mental and emotional state, whether I’ve wanted it or not.

    I also started to intuitively gravitate towards specific dietary habits that, when I later researched them, apparently detox the liver. As a result, I haven’t lost weight, but my hormonal acne has almost entirely disappeared, and my periods and PMS are a *lot* more manageable. Apparently the liver helps in regulating hormones.

    On top of all that, the talisman seems to have a pretty protective quality. That might just be me, your mileage may vary, but it’s nice. And if you think they look attractive in photos, just wait until you seem them in person–I was genuinely stunned when I first saw the box it came in, when I opened it and smelled the sage, and when I finally laid eyes upon the talisman itself.

    10/10 recommend

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