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The Empress’ Malachite Yoni Egg Talismans

The Empress’ Malachite Yoni Egg Talismans


Classic Picatrixian style talismans. Malachite eggs, prayed over, fumigated, and subtly etched with Venusian symbols, imagery, and glyph during the height of the Empress Election.

These can serve as altar pieces or actual Yoni Eggs, if the user decides they are suitable. More information in the toggle below.

IMPORTANT: Absolutely do NOT use internally if you are pregnant, or wish to become pregnant.

Only 1 Malachite Empress Egg is being offered to the public, $777

On the potential toxicity of malachite due to copper

Some online sources claim malachite to be toxic because of its copper content, but that primarily impacts those involved with its mining and polishing (who should always be wearing protective gear on the job).

Finished malachite poses almost zero risk to the user/ wearer, save for the case of prolonged exposure to acidic environments where trace amounts of copper can be leeched, which has resulted in fear mongering around even the consumption of Moscow Mules because of lime juice in the beverage.

I have yet to know a single person who has been sickened or died of Moscow Mule poisoning, or been negatively impacted by the copper leaf that features in many Venus oils and materia. Copper is considered by science not to be meaningfully absorbed through the skin (if at all), and it is an essential trace metal found in lots of foods and things we regularly consume.

Malachite is featured in some online lists of Yoni Eggs to avoid due to the same issue — the presence of copper combined with the naturally acidic environment of the vagina. Copper IUDs have been used as a common contraceptive since 1967, because copper naturally inhibits how sperm cells move so they cannot reach the egg and result in pregnancy. This makes even more sense of copper as the metal of Venus, given that our Fair lady desires sex for fun, rather than procreation (that would be Luna’s purview).

It is up to each individual if they feel comfortable using the Malachite Yoni Egg Talismans internally or instead keeping them as altar pieces, and I encourage everyone to perform their own research, consult a physician, and do whatever they decide is safe with their own bodies, always. Given the short period of time such an egg is likely to be inserted (especially compared to up to 12 years of 24/7 wear with a copper IUD), these concerns seem overblown to me, personally.

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, are sensitive to heavy metals, or have heavy metal poisoning, then do not use malachite internally. This same disclaimer/ contraindication is repeated on the Yoni Egg page.

(This was only so in-depth because the issue was brought up in advance from a shared teaser, and we know how The Internet can be.)

This non-controversy considered, no malachite was included in the standard 1/2 oz vial of Empress Oils, for those who still wish to avoid it. Malachite is the gem for Empress rollers. All of the malachite used in the Empress series is natural and undyed.

Out of stock

Out of Stock... theoretically! If there is a red banner on the main image indicating this item is Out of Stock, then it is truly spoken for. Other items are just in need of bottling and will be made available at some point in the future. Join the waiting list to be notified of any restocks.



Weight 3 oz
Dimensions .80 × 3 × 2 in

Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

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