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Venus in Taurus I


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Much of this writeup is the tale of this series’ creation and transportation, shared as curious testimony to the power, potency, and manifest nature of these particular offerings…

It was difficult to find a good Venus in Taurus election in 2019 with all the malefic aspects being thrown from the Cancer-Capricorn axis, but resident Sphere + Sundry astrologer Austin Coppock managed to find an auspicious window. The only issue with the best election is that that we would be in Seattle for the Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC) at the time, so strong consideration went into deciding whether to try to capture or pass this year.

Upon looking at the date, May 27th, I noticed the election fell on Austin’s and my relationship birthday/ initial anniversary, and given Taurus rules my 7th, it seemed like a bad omen not to create it, especially since we’d be in the same location as where we made our first ever commitments to one another.

I packed two gigantic suitcases with all the materials necessary for creating my first series on the road, including a small copper alembic, two portable hot plates, all the mason jars, candle making supplies, and ritual tools. I had all of the raw and organic herbal materials, salts, and oils shipped directly to the hotel, ran around in a Lyft to get fresh offering flowers and the other supplies that couldn’t otherwise be planed or shipped, and in the wee wee hours of Monday morning, a beautiful baby Venus in Taurus series was born.

I didn’t have a plan for getting the series back and trusted the magic to work its own way home. I’ve noticed declines in energetic potency after materia is x-rayed and knew that subjecting it to flying would be too disastrous for the charge, especially in the infancy of its lunar cycle incubation period. The suitcase was also tremendously heavy.

Luckily, dear friend, incredible astrologer, 1/3rd of The Water Trio Podcast, and (you can’t make this shit up!) Venus in Taurus native Cassandra Tyndall saved the day. She had flown in to present at NORWAC from her native Australia and was doing some degree of winging it getting from point A to point B, but she too had faith that it would all work out, and so accepted the gigantic purple suitcase containing the series into her care.

We were some of the last people to leave NORWAC. The morning we met in the lobby for departure, Cassandra had informed us that the train ticket she booked to get down to Portland hadn’t panned out, but a friend had randomly texted that morning asking if she needed a ride. She hadn’t been too keen on lugging such heavy bags while navigating a foreign train system anyway, so she eagerly accepted and would be picked up shortly.

Cass graciously detailed the events to come in the private Sphere + Sundry client forum. Some of the highlights of what she dubbed her “Magical Mystery Tour” include — the car her friend picked her up in was green (one of Venus’ primary color associations) and a Prius (Venus oversees the verdant sphere, so eco-friendliness is another nod in her direction), it contained numerous other women who she had a great time getting to know, listening to music, and chatting with, and they were swapping Venus placements, enjoying snacks, and sharing other fun things to enhance the journey.

When Cassandra got to the City of Roses on the exact day of her Venus return, she met up with another mutual friend and owner of The Raven’s Wing Magical Co metaphysical shop in Portland (and Oakland), the incredible Barry Perlman, to stay with him and his partner. They had a great time indulging in rave-worthy steaks (the symbol for Taurus being the bull, related to cows, beef, and dairy), drinking wine, sleeping in, and perusing rose gardens.

Unbeknownst to Cassandra at the time, the Venus in Taurus series was built around rose as the most prominent plant ally, herbal feature, and olfactory note present, in addition to the rich sweetness of milk, butter, and honey.

The next day they headed down to Ashland, OR, magical purple suitcase safely in tow. Barry stayed the night in a hotel and was given an amazing free room upgrade while the series was still in his car before heading over to our place. Cass happily told us of all the blessed Venusian synchronicities that had happened between Seattle and Southern Oregon, and was shown to her new home for the coming week — the guest room of the house we rent, ensconced by blooming star jasmine bushes and feet from waterfalls flowing to a lagoon style pool for a full on Venus experience.

We spent the coming days drinking too much Laphroaig, wine, and prosecco, indulging in rich food, sampling exotic chocolates, and hosting a pool party before Cassandra continued along her way. Austin dropped her off at the car rental place, where she received a free upgrade and drove through some of the most beautiful nature she’s reported ever seeing, where her next hosts were equally as hospitable. She ended up staying in a free private beachfront house in California and meeting up with one of her best friends, the lovely and talented Kelly Surtees (also of The Water Trio), before heading back to Oz.

I’m grateful that the story of how this series came to be is so involved, because after writing the descriptions for Venus in Libra and Exalted Venus (Pisces) already, coming up with a meaty or distinctive enough writeup seemed like a challenge. Through all this, however, more about the nature of Taurus, and Venus in Taurus specifically, has been made clear.

This series is great for all the things we already know Venus is good for — establishing/ supporting relationships, improving sex, promoting good times, enhancing beauty, cultivating glamour, and all that jazz. But this is the earth of dignified Venus, so it’s the most embodied and manifest of the three, and brings Taurean pacing (glacial) and values (fancy material things, rich and/ or fresh foods, abundant drink, free gifts and upgrades, affluent company, lush and luxurious settings) to the fore.

During the period of time I was to be preparing this series for launch, I was distracted by lazy instincts and aversion to “work”, preferring instead to chill, socialize, oversleep, and to be totally honest, add to the waistline. The Venus series are all hard to prepare in this way, as the energy of whatever each one happens to be overwhelms the human operator during testing, bottling, photography, and copy writing, but this one was by far the worst, because Taurus’ nature is so very obstinate and indulgent. Don’t say I didn’t mention the side effects.

The next person to sleep in the guest room happened to be an exceedingly wealthy and successful man, brought through randomly by a friend right before the initial launch day, which was scheduled for Thursday, June 20th. I had to make room out of the blue to host, which resulted in Sphere + Sundry’s first ever rescheduled launch, pushing it to the following Friday, in Venus’ day and hour. Because of course Venus in Taurus wants to make us wait for it.

This Venus series has the best money making and gift drawing potential, and is also the most self-centered and self-indulgent. If you’re working on putting yourself and your material or sensorial ambitions first, this is the series for you. I would recommend it as good medicine for those with co-dependent tendencies — those who can’t take a compliment or accept gifts from others, those who are uncomfortable receiving pleasure, etc. Also those with excessive type-A personalities — people who don’t know how to slow down to smell… the roses.

Venus in Taurus is comfortable in her own skin, doesn’t care what other people think if it gets in the way of her own pleasure and enjoyment, and puts her own needs and desires first. She knows her worth, and that drives people to offer her only the very best — hence all the free upgrades! She’s a Queen, she takes her sweet time, and people eat it up, literally and figuratively!

Venus in Taurus is an amazing ally for anyone whose income is in any way derived from beauty, glamour, and attraction — tipped workers, sales people, commission earners, sex workers, hostesses, and those with aspirations to “marry up” all come to mind.

Magically, Venus in Taurus brings staying power and is the best form of Venus for the manifestation of one’s desires. It’s the DOM-iest of the Venus’, taking an active and entitled role, rather than working to establish rapport and win-wins (Libra), or is easy going and happy go lucky enough enough to enjoy whatever (Pisces).

Goldsmith and astromage Tony Mack returns, offering discrete and wearable planetary glyph talisman pendants, in copper, silver, and rose quartz.

Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab also returns for our first ever Venus collaboration, who ritually blended a luxurious and indulgent perfume oil, Bright Goddess of the Skies.

This is the first time I’ve created a Venus in Taurus YouTube playlist to accompany a series, featuring: Queens, money, ass + tiddies, knowing your worth + being hyped on your own greatness, laying claim to your desires, living the luxe life, being adored, cows, cream, and of course, candy.

Each order comes with basic instructions for use, timing suggestions for application, and a prayer. It also includes an invitation to participate in the Sphere + Sundry client forum (now off of social media) for ongoing support from both creator and community. Enjoy!

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    Venus in Taurus Rose Water

    , , , ,
    A hydrosol of 2 dozen fresh and fragrant roses, rosehips, marshmallow root, raspberry leaf, and other herbs sacred to Venus, rose quartz and emerald, distilled during one of the best elections the Fairer Benefic's time in Taurus 2019 had to offer. As detailed in the description, the Venus in Taurus series was the first Sphere + Sundry created while traveling, which necessitated the use of a very small still. For this reason, the Rose Water of Venus in Taurus is the most limited run of waters available. Use as a body and aura spray to promote self-love and self-assuredness. Promotes desirability, groundedness, and reduces feelings of neurosis and judgment. Chill AF, indulgent, and lush. Can be used weekly as a form of Venus remediation. Apply before dates or social events where you desire to be seen at your most glamorous, turning your inner Queen out into the world. Draws admirers, gifts, free upgrades, food, libation, enjoyment, compliments, and money into your sphere. While absolutely not a requirement to utilize, the entire Venus in Taurus series is especially productive for those whose income is derived from their attractiveness, glamour, and Venusian social station, such as tipped workers, dancers, hostesses, sex workers, those looking to "marry up", and the like. Apply before going to work. Available in a 1/2 oz glass spray bottle with rose quartz for $28 or a 2 oz for $63.
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    Venus in Taurus Oil

    , , ,
    An oil ritually imbued to talismanic standard during one of Venus' finest Taurus elections 2019. Equal parts organic apricot kernel and almond oils, combined with organic rosehips, rose buds, marshmallow root, red clover blossom, rose quartz, emerald, copper, and additional herbs sacred to the Fairer Benefic. The scent is a naturally derived rich floral, containing essential oil of Belgium butter and rose absolute of French origin. Apply to the heart center and perfume points to embody the rightful Queen you are, be seen at the height of your glamour and attractiveness, draw admirers, feel at home in your body and environment, and establish a commanding Venusian aura. Or in popular parlance, #bethatbitch Of the three Venus series we offer, as the earth of Venus, Taurus is the most manifest and self-serving. It's particularly good for promoting the embodiment of Venusian qualities, drawing gifts, upgrades, money, free drinks and food, luxurious experiences, and the company of the affluent. Enhances self-worth and self-acceptance, connects you to your honest desires, and releases feelings of shame and judgment. Use in magical works devoted to strengthening and reinforcing relationships, promoting commitment, beauty, glamour, self-love and self-empowerment, or other things related to the Venusian and Taurean sphere. Apply before intimate encounters (in non-delicate areas) to enhance the experience. Check the testimonials from the Libra and Pisces sister oils to get a sense for the potency and results one can expect from Sphere + Sundry's Venus offerings — they're our most popular for a reason 😉 Available in in 1/2 oz vials for $68
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    Venus in Taurus Powder

    , , ,
    An organic blend of herbs close to the Fairer Benefic's heart — rose bud, marshmallow root, red clover blossom, rosehips, and more, were ritually combined and suffumigated during one of the finest Venus in Taurus elections of 2019. Later powdered with rose quartz, emerald, and copper during the day and hour of Venus. Use to boost spellwork related to the attraction and endurance of love (self-love included), beauty, glamour, money, and gift drawing. Dress candles, create your own sachet powders and add to mojo bags, or use in any other way enchanted herbal mixes and powders can be employed. Pure, uncut, and organic herbs, gemstones, and flowers. Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $28
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    Venus in Taurus Candles

    , , ,
    Non-GMO soy, ritually poured over consecrated organic herbal mix and gold magnetic sand during one of the best Venus in Taurus elections 2019 had to offer. Crowned during Venus' day and hour with a fair trade emerald, genuine copper leaf, and royal jelly drizzle, a bee secretion used exclusively to feed the Queen Bee and her growing larvae. No cute word for larvae, is there? 😆 The point is the QUEEN! 👑🐝 Burn to make the Venusian manifest, and reinforce your assets. Perfect for operations to strengthen romantic bonds, draw admirers, gifts, or money, or other rituals for Taurean ends. On a mundane level, light to set an ambience for paid or romantic encounters. Available in a 2 oz glass container for $84
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    Venus in Taurus Self-Igniting Incense

    , , ,
    An organic incense blend of materia close to the Fairer Benefic's heart — rose bud, rosehips, rose quartz, marshmallow root, red clover blossom, emerald, and more, ritually combined and suffumigated during one of the finest Venus in Taurus elections of 2019. Create a small mound or trace sigils on a fireproof surface before lighting. Burn during weekly Venus observations, for remediation, or during magical works for maintaining and strengthening relationships, drawing lovers, gifts, upgrades, and money. Take a smoke bath to enhance glamour, beauty, and encourage self-acceptance, self-love, and feelings of desirability. Promotes comfort in one's skin and putting your own needs and desires first. Pure, uncut, and organic herbs, gemstones, and flowers. Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $28
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    Bright Goddess of the Skies

    , , ,
    Collaborator of Queenly virtue, Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab, ritually crafted a talismanic perfume oil during the Venus in Taurus series election. Of it, she shares —

    Once more, O Venus! hear my prayer, And ease my mind of anxious care; Again vouchsafe to be my guest, And calm this tempest in my breast! To thee, bright queen, my vows aspire; O grant me all my heart’s desire! - Hymn to Venus, Sappho

    Translated by Francis Fawkes.

    The scent feels like a cascade of pale, crystalline roses; it is a silken bedsheet clinging like the langurous drape of a half-open dressing robe. It is the crashing wave of rapture, it is the scent of passionate words breathlessly gasped between entwined bodies. It is the ecstasy of the moment of release from the pain of heartache. It is a bouquet of swelling joy that beauty inspires, and it contains the essence of the blossoming of self-love that enables you to truly love others.

    Utilize this oil to develop your appreciation of your own beauty, to open yourself up to the beauty of others, when creating art or when you wish to enhance your appreciation of the arts, for opening your heart and unblocking your receptivity to love, to aid healing romance-rooted emotional trauma, and to bind lovers together.

    This is a perfume of love, of mending hearts, of union, and of the expression of love and union through the arts; this is a hymn to Venus.

    Honey absolute (Apis melliferra), vanilla absolute and CO2 extract of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), Bulgarian white rose otto (Rosa x alba), Bulgarian rose absolute (Rosa x damascena), white champa flower (Michelia alba), Motia attar, jasmine sambac absolute (Jasminum sambac) Sumatran benzoin (Styrax benzoin), ylang ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata var. genuine) solvent-extracted cassie absolute (Acacia farnesiana), rose-infused vegetal musk, 24k gold, pink and red rose petals.

    PLEASE NOTE: this oil is not vegan.

    High luxe, ultra lovely 🌹💖 $42
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    Pink Himalayan Milk and Honey Bath Salts

    , , , , ,
    Consecrated organic Venus in Taurus herbal base was ritually combined to talismanic standard with pink Himalayan salt, skin softening Dead Sea salt, rose petals, organic powdered milk, and honey on a supremely fine Venus in Taurus election. Includes copper, the metal of Venus, and royal jelly - the nectar upon which the Queen Bee feeds. Naturally scented with rose absolute of French origin, essential oils of Belgium butter and Somali Frankincense. It was said that Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey, both natural humectants, long employed as a beauty secret by those whose livelihoods (or old fashioned vanity) drove them to embody their loveliest selves. Enjoy a luxurious soak to promote feelings of self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance. Enhances beauty, glamour, and promotes soft, kissable skin. Get in touch with your core desires and banish feelings of shame or judgment. Enough for 2-3 deep baths, or add smaller homeopathic doses to make a little go a longer way. Time to Venus' days and hours for remedial Venus observation or to strengthen outcomes, or before important engagements where you need to feel and be seen as the Queen you are. Available in a reusable 8 oz glass jar for $35
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    Venus in Taurus Planetary Glyph Talismans

    , ,
    Goldsmith and AstroMage par excellence Tony Mack returns for his biggest Sphere + Sundry run to date, offering discreet, ultra wearable Venus in Taurus talismans  —

    Modeled in carver’s wax and lost-wax cast in copper [the metal of Venus] and silver on the corresponding series election.

    A planetary glyph of Venus cast of copper with calcinated pearl and rose petal, married to a silver setting engraved with the ‘characters of Venus’ from Arabic manuscripts of the Ghayat Al Hakim, Book II.

    The center of the copper glyph is set with a rose quartz cabochon.

    Each Venus in Taurus Planetary Glyph talisman arrives in a black leatherette pendant box stamped with a Venus glyph wax seal, and includes a 20” sterling silver chain.

    Available for $646, including a vial of Venus in Taurus oil for charging the talisman.
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    Venus in Taurus Altar Box Set

    , ,
    Wooden boxes hand-painted metallic copper and otherwise unmarked, to serve as a protective storage space or portable altar for Venus offerings of any variety. May be further decorated or inscribed by the client. Pictures forthcoming. Along with the box, this set includes everything in the series including the talismans as optional add-ons. Everything (aside from the bath salts) fits upright inside  —
    • Rose Water of Venus in Taurus (1 oz)
    • Venus in Taurus Oil
    • Beeswax Rose Talismanic Vessel (pink or green) by Tai Fenix Kulystin
    • Venus in Taurus Powder
    • Venus in Taurus Candle
    • Venus n Taurus Self-Igniting Incense
    • Bright Goddess of the Skies Perfume by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
    • Pink Himalayan Milk and Honey Bath Salts
    • Optional: Venus in Taurus Planetary Glyph Talisman by Tony Mack
    Dimensions + Sizing — Seven such box sets are being offered to the public for $379 each

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