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Bright Goddess of the Skies

Bright Goddess of the Skies


Collaborator of Queenly virtue Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab ritually crafted a limited edition perfume oil during the Venus in Taurus series election. Of it, she shares —

Once more, O Venus! hear my prayer,
And ease my mind of anxious care;
Again vouchsafe to be my guest,
And calm this tempest in my breast!
To thee, bright queen, my vows aspire;
O grant me all my heart’s desire!
– Hymn to Venus, Sappho

Translated by Francis Fawkes.

The scent feels like a cascade of pale, crystalline roses; it is a silken bedsheet clinging like the langurous drape of a half-open dressing robe. It is the crashing wave of rapture, it is the scent of passionate words breathlessly gasped between entwined bodies. It is the ecstasy of the moment of release from the pain of heartache. It is a bouquet of swelling joy that beauty inspires, and it contains the essence of the blossoming of self-love that enables you to truly love others.

Utilize this oil to develop your appreciation of your own beauty, to open yourself up to the beauty of others, when creating art or when you wish to enhance your appreciation of the arts, for opening your heart and unblocking your receptivity to love, to aid healing romance-rooted emotional trauma, and to bind lovers together.

This is a perfume of love, of mending hearts, of union, and of the expression of love and union through the arts; this is a hymn to Venus.

Honey absolute (Apis melliferra), vanilla absolute and CO2 extract of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), Bulgarian white rose otto (Rosa x alba), Bulgarian rose absolute (Rosa x damascena), white champa flower (Michelia alba), Motia attar, jasmine sambac absolute (Jasminum sambac) Sumatran benzoin (Styrax benzoin), ylang ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata var. genuine) solvent-extracted cassie absolute (Acacia farnesiana), rose-infused vegetal musk, 24k gold, pink and red rose petals.

PLEASE NOTE: this oil is not vegan.

High luxe, ultra lovely 🌹💖


Out of stock

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2 in
Planetary Body




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

Morning of May 27th, 2019, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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  1. Avatar

    This remains my favorite scent in the universe. Miraculously, I haven’t run out of my one bottle; but I would do embarrassingly ridiculous things in order to secure a lifetime supply of this perfume. It’s too perfectttt! And again, the energy is otherworldly. Nothing I’ve used since has compared. I have dreams of Elizabeth opening an Aphrodite/Venus store that just churns out various iterations of this forever.

  2. Avatar

    A delicate perfume of roses softly blanketing a veil of vanilla. I find myself reaching for this when I need gentle fortification, this wears like a regal and impenetrable armour of finest gauze.

    The series had the reputation of inspiring the wearer to shirk duties in favor of other indulgences. However I actually find that my productivity and efficiency increase as I get done what needs to be done with grace and ease and it is the frivolous distractions that are brushed aside. Social interactions become heart-centered. In these crazy times and in a challenging urban environment, wearing this helps draw kindness and camaraderie to my aura. Great stuff!

  3. Avatar

    I’m in love with the perfume oil! It smells delicious. I never used to be a fan of rose oils, but this product changed my mind. I wear it sparingly, but when I do, I’m always treated like a Goddess!

  4. Avatar

    Bright Goddess of the Skies lives up to its description in every way. The scent is pretty beyond imagining—fit for something more celestial than a queen—but its earthly effects are powerful and so pleasurable it’s shocking. Food is yummier, sex is sexier. It’s perfection. I’m using it as sparingly as possible so my little bottled heaven can last and last.

  5. Avatar

    This is one of my most favorite fragrances to have ever worn . It smells so heavenly!!! Wearing it is SUCH a pleasure and I love any excuse to put some on.

  6. Avatar

    This perfume oil is absolutely lovely – it’s such a fresh, but warm rose scent, and really feelings like an enveloping hug to wear and smell throughout the day. I’ve definitely noticed that it works wonders for amplifying indulgence within situations that are already Venusian in nature, would definitely recommend it for those who might find it difficult to just let go and enjoy themselves in an embodied way. As a Venus in Taurus native, it tips me slightly into excess for at times, but I feel like it’s overall a good remediation for my more pedantic placements, especially as I’m in a Taurus profection year. Overall would definitely recommend; the entire embodied experience of using the perfume oil is top-notch and I really feel uplifted in my own skin as soon as I apply it.

  7. Avatar

    This oil smells and feels absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m a Libra, so the grounding energy of Venus in Taurus is exactly what I need. It puts me in my body and gives me a kind of raw earthy sensuality that I just adore. I was saving it for special occasions, but honestly I’ve been wearing it almost every day.

  8. Avatar

    This oil smells AMAZING. Right out of the bottle it smelled so beautiful, and just like how Beth said it would smell: pale, crystalline roses. My Venus is in Taurus and I’m honestly so pleased with how well Bright Goddess of the Skies resonates with me!

  9. Avatar

    Wow; Ms. Barrial really outdid herself with this one, in my personal opinion! I own several oils from BPAL & TAL, but as soon as I opened my bottle of Bright Goddess of the Skies, it was clear that this was it: this is the one I’ve been looking for. That’s hardly a surprise based on the fragrance notes, but I guess I just didn’t expect it to be SO stunning! It is all I could’ve ever wanted in a perfume. And that’s before we even get into the incredible energy & magic imbued into this oil! It completely makes me feel like a Goddess of Love <3 Truly amazing stuff.

    Since using this, I have also been able to start healing my heart. This perfume is excellent for increasing self-love, self-esteem and embodying radiant, confident beauty. It allows you to see and know your own worth & value, and to disconnect from those who would devalue you. Even habits or desires that are beneath you will begin to fall away. I am kind of superrrr pissed at myself for only buying one bottle! I've been using it constantly and will need to cut back a bit, because I can't live without this.

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