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Asclepius Ritual Salt

Asclepius Ritual Salt


Dead Sea salt, lightly coated in consecrated rose of jericho, sustainably wildcrafted sage, and ritually harvested cypress, alongside frankincense, rosemary, tea tree, and 24k gold.

Put below the mattress or in the pillow cases of people recovering or in need of medical support. Add to floor washes and spiritual baths. Use as an ingredient in spell work, or dress candles to banish spiritual sources of dis-ease. Add a dash to water-based essential oil diffusers and humidifiers.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz glass container with cork top for $29, or 2 oz bulk pot for $87





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3.5 in

1/2 oz, 2 oz

Creation Data

Morning of May 8th 2023. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So versatile like all the salts but really nice touch to healing altars

I love all the S+ salts but this one is so great because it’s extra cleansing and healing, something I’m personally always interested in for magical salts anyway. This series is really special in general but this salt is one of the things I’ve reached for more than I expected I would.

Asclepius Ritual Salt

I love the Asclepius Ritual Salt — it is so purifying and incredibly versatile. The scent is especially lovely, and even just a touch added to a salt bath or scrub goes a long way. It feels very protective and calming.


I got this salt to make this into a quick spray if I ever needed to, but I've also sprinkled it around a space when I'm clearing it to light a candle for Asclepius, and it does that trick. Best used for cleansing, and attuning to other Asclepius materia. 10/10 would recommend.


This salt is an amazing multi use materia. It helps with stress, sleep, headaches and and be calming in times of worry. I dilute some in water in a spray bottle and spray my pillows when my insomnia has become too much, myself, when needed just to cleanse, relax or to aid with migraines. It can also be quite immediate. I can only describe it as stillness followed by soothing.

Michele Parker

I bought these to cleanse my space while working with ancestors and Hermanubis, but I added it to water in a spray bottle and we now use it to cleanse our space and our bodies after anything stressful, traumatic, or during times of anxiety, fear, worry, etc.

it's this amazing catch-all spray we use to help keep harmony and balance and to refresh the space and clear all the bad gunky out.

I love it so much - it's INSTANTLY refreshing and when sprayed on yourself it's like an immediate weight has been lifted off your shoulders and heart!

Jamie Marie

My initial intent was to use these salts for cleansing after certain rituals etc, for which it does work beautifully! Recently, though, I began having recurring nightmares which were disturbing my sleep cycle and my everyday life. After reading about how helpful Asclepius can be in the dream world, I decided to add a couple of pinches of the salts to my laundry cycle and wash my bedding in it. WOW. Now Asclepius salts are added to the wash each time I launder my sheets, and he lives on my bedside table in case I need any extra help from him before bed or during the night. An absolutely essential product for me!


I have used this ritual salt in floor washes and also in bowls of water with some lemon slices to catch energetic debris floating around. It keeps things cleaner for longer I find, Praise Asclepius.


Oh, Asclepius, how do I count the ways?
The Asclepius ritual salts have been a large part of my health and “journey” of dental restoration.
I have used the salts in ritual to keep from a norovirus from spreading to the rest of my family to using it before going in for dental work to avoid infections. I can’t sing enough praises for it!


By the descriptive powers of Austin - this series has the "healy." The day the salts arrived I hadn't time to vacuum entirely - and was saving them primarily for the eclipse - but in my excitement did a "test patch" and at the first tap of salt to the carpet "felt" a "spark" - pretty sure I said "wow" aloud. Subsequent two cleanings the energies have continuously supported refining and harmonizing the house (and me! and my partner!).


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