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Oil of Asclepius I

Oil of Asclepius I


Sold out — a new batch is available as part of Asclepius IV

Asclepius, the ancient Greek God of healing, was petitioned to make this oil as medicine by his own hand. White sage, wildcrafted and sourced from a Native American owned small business, cypress, incense cedar, rose of jericho, frankincense, legally and ethically acquired heart of venomous pit viper, and carnelian were combined with organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as the fixed star Ras Alhague rose in the constellation of the Serpent Bearer.

Anoint that which needs healing, with prayers and thanks to the Divine Physician for his curative blessings. Apply to areas of the body where healthfulness need be restored, during illness, or to boost immunity. Can also be applied to photographs or icons of those in need of healing and transmutation.

Out of stock

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

1/2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

26th of June, 2018. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews

Asclepius has always been a draw for me and all of the series I've tried have been so helpful. This latest series has been the most accessible and easy to use, I feel like it works a bit more in the background for me and I don't find myself experiencing marked tiredness afterwards as is possible with some of the other Asclepius series. I love them all, very happy to have another series to draw from.

Truly seems to gather healers

Truly helpful in gathering a coterie of doctors to help my Mother get through a major mental health crisis. Thankful to the team and powers that be in helping her pull through.


I have been using the Asclepius spell soap along with the anointing oil. Since using the series I've been able to sleep better as I struggle with insomnia. I've also begun having more intense dreams and more frequent nightmares. It really brings to the surface ailments that need to be tended to so you can do the work. Once I understood why I was having these strange and usual nightmares it's been supportive in helping me to alchemize trauma and old wounds both emotional and physical. After frequent and consistent use the nightmares have subsided.

Palpable support

After dressing a candle and burning it during a two medical appointments, my partner finally got clarity around a physical malady that had been vexing him for months. It’s clear that this materia is a way through this medical labyrinth. So grateful.

Healing support in a bottle

I could go on and on singing the praises of every item I’ve experienced from this Asclepius series, but this anointing oil might be one of the most powerful so far (I’ve also benefited greatly from the incense and the bath salts). I felt moved to leave this review after noticing tremendous relief from TMJ issues, after anointing myself consistently for the last few weeks now around my jaw/neck. I tend to clench my teeth at night and I’ve tried all sorts of things to try and help relieve some of this jaw pain but so far the only thing that has provided noticeable benefit is this oil. My jaw finally doesn’t hurt constantly, it’s absolutely remarkable. It is also tremendously powerful for anointing candles and clearing the energetic field in whatever space I am in. I’ve also been struggling with fluid buildup in my ears which has been really bothersome and uncomfortable..after applying consistently for a little while around my ears, asking specifically to drain the buildup of unnecessary fluid, I can feel tangible results. My head feels noticeably less “clogged up” and I’m not dealing with that uncomfortable sensation anymore. Praise Asclepius and S&S for the magical healing they’ve brought into my life. I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to experience this greatness. Thank you!!


The scent is mild, slightly medicinal but its effects are sunny and bright - energetically burning away infection and miasma. I have used it to anoint sick family members - helping to clear away congestion, reduce fever and induce healing sleep. For myself, it makes me incredibly sleepy (especially if paired with Luna materia) - always resulting in waking up refreshed and energized.

an absolute mainstay

I just love her! I've used some variation of asclepius oil daily for a long time now. I had a health issue over the summer and applying this in the morning and before bed assisted me with the healing process.

A true bright and needed staple!

This line has been with me from the start and this recent iteration pulls through as always with clarity, reliability, consistency and nourishing care for healing. It lifts my prayers for health and wellbeing to a bright place and instills a sense of confidence that all will be well or better. One of the key outcomes from use is the building out of a top shelf personal ‘Health-Board of Directors’ or…divine coterie ;) I feel so confident that I can meet any health need with this gifted team that I have at the table ready for consult, support and treatment.

Versatile Healing Product

Asclepius III oil helps reduce the chronic stiffness and pain from a lower back injury. I deeply appreciate that this product works, as have the other oils from earlier Asclepius elections. I also use it on an old ankle injury and have had no pain for weeks now. My sleep has improved as well, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s such a versatile, supportive and healing product.

Don't start your healing without it

Don't travel without it. Brings down travel stress and other stresses. Perfect for the holiday season when traveling and dealing with relatives. There might be a healing crises (things get worse before they get better) but it's worth it.


  1. On the march 2020 saturn/mars conjunction at 0 degrees aquarius (my 3rd house governing the local and transportation) my right arm was badly broken in a car crash. I use the Aesclepius oil when the moon is at 22 degrees Sagittarius on my broken arm, it has helped enormously in reducing the ongoing pain I still experience and it also helps me sleep really well. What more can I say! Highly recommended for healing.

  2. Game changer for my dream work practice. I anoint my heart before bed and navigate through my shadow work in the dream world with clarity and ease. I’ve also used it a lot on my palms for reiki purposes and Gods dang does it fire up the palm chakras in a totally different way. Definitely a series-must for any practitioner of energy work, healing, reiki, massage, or medicine.

  3. WOW! The oils of Kaitlin are truly magical and reliable in more than one would expect.
    I used the oil diligently because of its value and the following things happened: I got pregnant. I found the perfect dentist to heal a long-term tooth problem which is now almost gone and saved me from losing my teeth in the future.
    My overall mood and sleep have significantly improved and above all – I’ve healed immense generational trauma in a complexity and serenity I would never have thought of.
    Thank you thank you thank you

  4. Oil of Asclepius has been my go to if I’m sick. I would not forego my doctor’s orders especially for serious illnesses but Asclepius wonderfully helps with my treatment regimen. It makes me sleep well after I apply it to my temples when I have a headache or soothes my abdominal pain, etc. I’m on my second bottle and I will not be without it. Thanks for making it, Kaitlin!

  5. I work in medicine, and I usually keep my woo and my medical stuff pretty much separate. I have a headache, I don’t pray to be delivered from my headache, I take an ibuprofen.
    So saying that the Oil of Asclepius I is one of the best fast onset painkillers I know is saying something. I have found it especially useful for mesntrual cramps, headaches, back aches, a pulled muscle when I fell off a horse… truly amazing. I suffer from tension headaches and something that lets me reduce my painkiller intake is wonderful. My partner suffers with a longstanding ear infecgtion that hasn’t budged with all the usual meds, and he has also found the oil wonderful, both for pain relief and for improvement of the inflammation. 10/10

  6. I was able to be introduced to a professional who helped me with the problems I put to Asclepius, through a serendipity. I will be a return customer.

  7. I tried the Asclepius II oil the second day after receiving it. I prayed to Asclepius for healing, and annointed myself where it felt right using his symbol. This oil acted like a sleeping potion to me, so much that I wondered if I was having a chemical reaction to it. The sleep was delicious, but in the interests of my work life I have delayed further experimentation until tonight, when I can oversleep if necessary. I will experiment more and get back to you. This is a potent and quality product. Thank you tons, S+!

  8. A 4 year old girl came for acupuncture with main complaints of constipation and seizures. She was born with hypertrophic corpus callosum, and is also unable to walk or sit up. Suuuper cute kid! Very happy. I applied Asclepius I oil to 4 gates and ST 36. She’s been regular since. That’s a phenomenal outcome for 1 treatment, by any measure.

  9. Working with Asclepius is an honour, a blessing and a privilege. The use of his items has had a profound impact on my clients, and myself. Whether anointing at the moment of an oncoming sore-throat, or use on poppets for purification, or even useD to assist in the alleviation of a swollen ankle- this product line has truly lives up to its promises (and more) each time. I’m exceptionally grateful, and looking forward to building a deeper relationship with Asclepius and this S&S product line!

  10. I was drawn to this oil for its usefulness in healing and thought it would be good to have on hand. After anointing myself with it, there is a steady warm feeling in the area of application as it seems to sink under the skin. It’s a very focused and pleasant feeling. It quickly dispelled a nasty lingering cough, and has lead to much better sleep over all. An unexpected result from using the oil was that I was motivated to clean my entire home. Not just straighten up or lightly clean, but a good deep cleaning. I actually enjoyed it! and my environment feels much better!

  11. This oil’s dispelled tension headaches and pollution-related sinus probs, relieved an aggrieved ear, sent me to sleep when applied to my soles,
    and served in a long-distance healing prayer in which the stakes were dire. Indispensable!

  12. I applied this oil for the first time this evening to my right ear which as been blocked for the last 3 months after putting a cotton swab too far down in the ear canal. I tried hydrogen peroxide to clear it and a few other things and nothing worked. Today, this evening, I applied this oil to the OUTSIDE of my right ear and spoke healing to my ear. My ear entirely opened up the second time I placed my hand there and spoke healing. I can hear CLEARLY and perfectly now. I have no idea how this works, why it works. What I know is… IT WORKS. Get this oil for your healing.

  13. As a healthcare practitioner I bought this oil in the hopes that it would help teach me things and for curiosity’s sake and I’ve been impressed with the results.

    The oil itself has a purgative effect, meaning: it makes you go to the bathroom if you really need to. Most people living in the Western Hemisphere on a regular diet have issues with waste accumulation in their bodies, and this oil is a testament to that. If you have an irregular bowel movement cycle this helps cure bloating and purges toxic material from your intestinal tract.

    When I receive hands-on treatment from colleagues I apply this oil and suffer no ill side effects. So far it has saved me from a migraine headache after receiving improper neck work and eliminated pain on the spot after application.

    After receiving some bad news about a medical test recently I applied this oil to the area that had been bothering me and immediately felt tingling in the area and tissue inflammation seemingly returned to normal, and hasn’t been causing me much of an issue since.

    Application of this oil I find tends to work much better if you rub it deeply into the surface of the skin where you apply it, unless you’re dressing a candle or the like. It also tends to make me very sleepy if I’m in need of healing, so if you use it, it’s best to make space to lay down.

    Oh, and one more thing. I think it helped me find therapist. I’ve been looking for a talk therapist for a while and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Immediately after receiving the oil in the mail I asked a friend if they knew anyone and they referred me to a friend who is in a reputable academic therapy program who gave me a whole list of wonderful options. The therapist that seems to be a great fit called me back almost immediately after my phone calls had been left unreturned for weeks by others… So there’s that too.

    This oil is great for speeding recovery, purging toxins from the body, people with digestive issues, building a better mind-body connection and intuitive processes that go along with it, and allocating proper healthcare resources if you’re having trouble finding the right person.

    Great job on this oil.

  14. Anointed myself day before yesterday and have spent the time since doing nothing but eat and sleep.

    The sleep is HIGHLY restorative and impossible to resist, almost to the point of feeling drugged!

    I have felt a little off, but as the literature warns, this may be the purgative effect.


  15. I purchased this as I was in need for some serious healing tools for loved ones. I find this to be a very warm oil, and nurturing. I used this to pray for the best results for two different health situations, and both have been resolved in a much more positive result that I thought possible. Both are long-term scenarios, but I’m happy to have this for the many steps in the journey.

  16. I just used the oil for the first time last night. I put some around my heart and my solar plexus. I’m totally not as smart or savy as the other commenters on this thread. I don’t know much about my birth chart and I don’t practice magic regularly. I do commune with my spirit guides/helps/guardians often. So if I sound ignorant, I probably am. Yikes, sorry.

    When I receive reiki, I usually get the comment that my solar plexus was blocked, and the reiki master had shifted the energy for me. I also have a pretty ugly/cute scar around my belly button that I though the oil might be able to help with. As soon as I put the oil on my stomach, I felt the most amazing sensation. It was almost as if an egg cracked inside of me. I felt warm tingling energy running down from my belly and dripping down my legs all the way to my feet. It felt honestly, incredible. I feel asleep shortly after and woke up an hour later sick. Like belly sick (y’all know what I mean). Is this an expected reaction in terms of physically dispelling something?? Perhaps negative energies I was carrying with me but in a physical form? Or did I just eat some bad Thai?

  17. As a Chiron Ascendant native, this Oil of Asclepius has been used sparingly and localised upon healing old scar wounds. It has alleviated itching and pain. When timed with successive Sagittarius moons, I believe I have been able to get in touch with my own regenerative processes and capacity to self-heal. It works excellently within the context of the Triple Purification Rite of Asclepius. It punctuates and grounds the ritual to the body.

    I have also anointed myself with this oil before active imagination sessions intended to heal wounded parts of my psyche. This has been points over my third eye, crown chakra, base of the head, and the anointing my heart with the Rod of Asclepius sigil. The results have been humbling: the active imagination experiences have been shared with my Jungian analyst. My current sessions are now focused upon the healing and renewing potential of this work. I am interested to know how my sessions will be experienced if I were to anoint myself with this oil beforehand. There is much to explore with this product: its restorative potency is not to be underestimated.

  18. I purchased the Asclepis oil to assist in some internal healing I was doing after a “Venusian” medical procedure. I was very worried about potential scarring during the healing process, so I decided to use the oil to supplement my healing regimen (that also included self-Reiki and no sugar to encourage a less acidic environment). I rubbed it on my lower abdomen along with saying the prayer to Asclepius for about two weeks and at my four week checkup got the miraculous news that I was healing BEAUTIFULLY! The oil is also awesome for muscle strains and aching joints–I have a recurring knee issue and have woken up completely pain free after applying the oil before going to sleep during flare ups that normally would last for days on end. The oil also helped my husband with a muscle strain in his back with just a drop rubbed in before bed–just one application and the pain was gone. This stuff is magic for sure!

  19. The first time I put on the Asclepius oil was “Wow!” I was waiting for a prime moment to put on the oil, Ras Alhague on the Ascendant, similar to when the oil was made, and it’s proven to really tune me with the energy of the Fixed Star. I was not sure what to expect, but the results were pretty immediate. I noticed my energy channels expelling some pretty dark stuff, I started giggling per my usual when I release something toxic. Ras Alhague, this time of year is on the Ascendant around 1 p.m. so it was right before my class, I joked around thinking that I was going to fall asleep as described by the article about the oil, but what I found was I was really engaged with asking questions and commenting in class; I have not done that since my last attempt at school. This time as I work towards another degree, I felt like there was a part of something inside of me that was just so over school, a wound that was inflicted because of my last experience with school, that kept me from even wanting to participate even though on a deeper level I want to participate, engage, and connect. The energy of the oil is beautiful and I would recommend it for anyone on the path of healing, for themselves or for others.

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