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Mars in Scorpio Oil: Temperance Edition

Mars in Scorpio Oil: Temperance Edition


A blend of organic herbs, resins, and gems of martial nature and correspondence, including bloodstone, red jasper, red ginseng, scorpion pepper, stinging nettle, basil, pink and black peppercorn, ritually suffumigated with Mars’ Degree of Exaltation incense during the pre-dawn hour of Mars on New Year’s day 2020.

This as Mars rose in Scorpio (electional chart within the image gallery), in addition to other herbs and sundries typically employed in Hoodoo and Conjure for promoting fortitude, strength, potency, and victory, such as High John the Conquerer Root. Blood enhancing additions for virility and masculine potency are also present, in the form of horny goat weed, tongkat ali, yohimbe, and others, in a base of organic olive oil.

This was formulated with the explicit intention of creating a user-friendly, non-toxic, and temperate Mars oil. While it is very powerful, it is also cooler in tone and manifestation than Mars often is, oriented to be as productive as possible. It promotes focus, grit, inner steel, and teaches Martial wisdom through the perspective of its fixed water sign. Expect gains in self-sufficiency, a boost to your strategic, grounded and tactical thinking, and to better remain calm and centered, committed to The Mission at hand.

For more on its expression, applications, and side effects, see the series writeup.

Apply to the self before going to work or engaging in physical activities, to override lazy and whiney impulses. Use before entering into situations where your ability to keep calm in the face of offensive or defensive maneuvers will win the day. Anoint weapons and Martial implements to empower them.

Should you have need for a more weaponized form of Mars in Scorpio, consider its more lethally endowed Other, Oil of Scorpion.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $65 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roll-on w/ red jasper rollerball for $58 (no more remaining).


SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body


Malefic, Neutral

Chart Remediation

Mars — Good for people who are Mars deficient and need support for the natal Mars


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

New Year's Day, January 1st 2020. Hour of Mars, Mars rising in Scorpio. Chart in image gallery

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  1. This oil has been so helpful for me. I am in a 7th house profection year with Mars as my time lord. This oil has helped me stay focused and apply my drive in the direction I want rather than what I don’t want. I highly recommend. I would say the key word for me is focus. My natal Mars is in Gemini so……

  2. Greatly appreciate this oil. Very efficacious, the description is absolutely spot-on.

  3. This oil has guided me in tempering my Mars in conscious and unconscious ways.

    As a Scorpio Sun, with a Mars Rx in the 12th in mutual reception with my Scorpio Merc — in many ways, I rely on my Mars for the expression of my volition and vocation in life. My Mars tends to be scattered and reluctant/fearful to delve into the depth that I’m capable of (I’m an artist and researcher). I’ve used this oil as Mars remediation, as an embodied guide to remind me of the Mars practice that I need and desire to engage.

    This oil asks me to give into my desire and realize its immense power. The oil, immediately upon application, feels grounding, large, soulful. It challenges you to dare to deal with power: your own. How do you direct your power, and what will its consequences be?

  4. Still my favorite materia ever; I use this multiple times a week, occasionally combined with the Saturn in Cap series; my strongest theurgical relationship is with Mars and I *always *Always feel my best with this oil on. I’m a bodybuilder and I use it for compound lifting days. It also definitely raises my otherwise nonexistent libido.

  5. I’ve finally reached an age (or softness of will due to lack of practice) where I’m just extra extra miserable going into an all-nighter, but the Mars in Scorpio is indispensable to me because it cuts that horribly pervasive 3 AM body-cold and quiets the mind so it doesn’t occur to you to worry about how much the work is going to suck the whole way through. (The first 30 minutes or so do feel a little unpleasantly cold in the pit of my stomach, but for hours after that I’m quite toasty.) Funnily enough, while this gives me a boost of long-burning focused energy I often find that I finish my main task more quickly than expected and have to figure out what to do with the remaining concentration. I used to take medication for inattention-type ADHD way back in high school but the side effects were truly not for me; I find that MiS covers my needs better than I could have dreamed.

    I also appreciate the distinct boost self confidence and sense of finally “liking myself”; It’s not necessarily in a sexual tone, as that’s not something I’m asking/looking for, but I can see this being easily directed towards supporting that end. Normally I don’t identify that well with Martial energy in most contexts (having worked too hard to squash it down in almost every context even when that’s not the appropriate response), but was so surprised that this series gave me a sense of really connecting in a useful and tangible capacity that feels second-nature.

    I love the Mars in Scorpio materia and think it is a prime example of why I personally wouldn’t currently trust any purveyor out there other than Sphere and Sundry to responsibly handle a malefic-focused election. This is extremely user friendly; aside from the inevitable headache I get a couple hours in, it feels great to use and helps one settle into a no-nonsense flow state when having to tackle an otherwise lonely task. A workout regimen would also benefit from this boost of warmth to the body as a means of staving off misery and lethargic distraction.

    A reminder that this is still a malefic: At one point I grew so overconfident from how much I liked this series that in an experimental attempt to more patiently handle a tense dynamic with a person I spammed the Temperance oil over the course of several days and ordered the Emperor oil, but those moves in combination with a lot of physical passivity AND an insolent lack of clear direction/goals-setting on my part (I *think*…) brought on an ultimately-harmless but temporarily-harrowing, distinctly Mars-in-Scorpio-flavored sync appeared almost overnight in my living space. I certainly paid with a great deal of extended physical activity trying to rectify it! And learned a lot of tactical wisdom, some appreciation for paranoia, and the importance for thoroughness—the hard way. One has to laugh afterward. I apologized profusely to Mars and kept this materia in an undisturbed area for a few months since the event, but most recently had to ask for Mars’ help in a very urgent deadline, which is the scenario where this energy truly shines in my experience. A wonderful power to have in your corner when the situation calls for it (and as long as you’re respectful).

    The scent of the water and oil always hovers between kind of comforting and kind of unpleasant. I love the vetiver (?) and get a weird smile on my face every time I recognize some unnameable chinese medicininal herbs that I used to have to chug as an lethargic adolescent to support my “dampness” prone system… plus there’s a definite metallic tang of iron in the water spray, and a lingering bitterness from the aforementioned herbal cocktail. I think this combo is just so appropriate, and something about the unpleasant tinge just reinforces my determination and definite feeling that the task WILL get done now because there’s no quibble big enough to stop me.

    Luckily with this other S+ series the potency of the energy stored within is high and you really don’t have to apply much to feel a palpable effect in the right context. Stating your request aloud to the relevant party and making a suitable supplementary offering if you have anything on hand boosts the effects further, as does a meditation practice when you’re not making a specific request.

    As a night chart I was much less frightened of Mars than of Saturn at first glance, but I was so impressed with the MiS materia that I eventually felt a call to begin engaging with the Saturn in Capricorn series and start more conscious remediation and right relationship with that sphere. Slowly I’ve been feeling a shift towards a genuine interest (rather than mere “I shoulds”) in studying under each malefic’s good side through the cultivation of better mundane habits. There is so much to learn through experience when you try any series that you feel called to! Thank you, Kaitlin, for the impeccable high-caliber work. And sorry for the wall of text; I’m currently coasting on the leftover energy from finishing an all-nighter thing a little early. Time to drink some more water.

  6. I used some Mars in Scorpio Temperance oil to boost the Martian aspect of Luminous Crown, so this isn’t a “pure” review per se. I experienced LC as much more Mars centered than I typically. It was very much go/get done. Oddly enough, I did get a bit of coolness from it, the sort of cool headed thinking instead of maybe a gut emotional response. It was more like think, and then do. For when you need to turn yourself into a shiny, sturdy knife edge in all its glorious sharpness.

  7. As someone with a strong Mars, I am always worried about anything exacerbating my temper but this oil does the complete opposite. It helps me get shit done while remaining calm and centered in the process. I’ve actually had the oil for a while now but just recently started working with it and I am so grateful it exists.

  8. I love this product. I have a natal moon in Scorpio, and I like to time my work accordingly. This oil helps considerably. Cool but strong.

  9. Out of the materia I own, this one is my closest companion. I struggle with debilitating anxiety, depression, and executive dysfunction. I wear this oil on days when I know work is either going to be overwhelmingly busy, or I need to do tasks that are personally terrifying. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet, bringing increased focus and lowering fear and dysfunction. If you also struggle with getting anything done and being easily overwhelmed, I recommend this oil!

    A word of caution, however: the first time I applied this oil (to the nape of my neck), it made me feel floaty and detached from my body like I was high. Applying it more than one day in a row also made my skin very irritated, but since I started saying the included Hymn to Mars before application I’ve stopped having that issue. Test it on yourself before wearing it to work!

    (I don’t know a lot about astrology, but for the record my natal Mars is in Cancer.)

  10. This oil has a strong presence and to me is very hot and gets my heart rate up. I pair it with Exalted Venus oil for that reason. I am still learning how to best use this oil, but so far it seems to help me make the correct tactical choices when I am negotiating a tricky situation. I can’t wait to see what else it can do.

  11. My natal Mars is in Gemini, but I’m an Aries Rising. So I have the drive, but my focus is mutable and easily diverted. I’m plagued by digressions when I’m working, and I use this oil to help me focus, power through complex tasks that require planning, and honestly, to just boost getting my shit done in a direct but calmer way. I really like the smell. To me, as a Mars ruled person, it smells musky and masculine, like a mahogany library with leather chairs.

  12. This is such an incredibly nuanced, well-created magical item. I’m amazed at how it’s able to capture the potency of Mars without bringing nearly as much malefic side-effect so I would expect. Even for me, as a day chart person, this Mars feels both like remediation for the areas of my life that are already too Martial whilst giving me more access to the energy used in a true, congruent way in other areas where I am lacking. Also, to me personally, it smells delicious, like a salty herby olive oil!

  13. I am a Scorpio rising, making Mars my chart ruler. Unfortunately, my natal Mars is debilitated. Thus, I was interested in this series for remediation purposes.

    As a fan of Crowley’s Thoth tarot, I find the oil’s color and somewhat musty smell immediately evocative of the Seven of Cups, which, of course, corresponds to the third decan of Scorpio.

    Every Tuesday, during a Mars hour, I light a red candle, which is housed on an iron plate. I use a petition written on the red tissue paper that S+S used as packaging and recite the Hymn to Mars. I have been doing this (somewhat imperfectly) for about two months as of this review. Over the past two months, I have experienced an increased sense of mental balance and increased belief that the actions I take in this world can actually matter, which, of course, has made me more active. I am also improving in terms of setting boundaries, asserting my own mission, and not giving myself away.

    I know the Temperance oil will continue to be an essential part of my growth.

  14. As a double Scorpio, this oil hits home. It comes in hot and makes me feel like I could hit any target with a sling shot. EmPowering.

  15. I purchased the Mars in Scorpio Temperance oil along with the Exalted Mercury Cazimi oil in hopes of combating my procrastination and working towards academic goals I was having trouble initiating. I had originally expected the Mercury series to be the heavy lifter in terms of mitigating my attention disorder, but this Mars offering has really proven to be The One. My ability to not only maintain focus on the task at hand, but actually see it through to completion, skyrockets when I use this oil. The description says it helps to override lazy and whiny impulses, and this has absolutely been my experience. I’ve found it to be a massive asset on a physical level, too – I’ve had some of my best lifting days ever wearing this oil, and as a typically femme/yin type, it’s been really interesting to wear during intimate encounters. I actually find the smell to be quite pleasant, reminiscent of basil, and haven’t picked up on the musky or musty notes that other commenters have mentioned. Definitely one of my favourite S+ offerings to date.

  16. A good oil to use if you have people pleasing programs running. Highly recommend for embodiment of your own energy and on the same hand, tuning others energy out in favor of your own will. Helps me feel protected when saying and getting in touch with my true NO!

  17. This kind of smells musty as if something has died in it, but for some reason I don’t really mind it. The smell conjures a state of internal power and resolve perfect for being active and asserting yourself. Who ever said Mars was pleasant after all?

    This is a perfect remedy to laziness when it’s gym day, especially if you want to go the extra mile or push yourself. I also find that muscle soreness and recovery is far faster when I take this. The God of War is rough and tumble when you need some gruff.

  18. I started using this oil because my usually high-energy, go-getting Mars in Aries energy was being smothered by transiting Saturn squaring it. I was also suffering from a mono-like illness. I was miserable and low-energy for months. I decided to get this oil to see if it would kick me back into gear, and it did! When I wear this I have so much more energy and I get a lot done. It is not a manic type of energy, just enough energy to get through my to-do list and still exercise at the end of the day. Good stuff!

  19. This is by far my favorite S+S item (and I have quite a few). It gives me the motivation and energy that I otherwise lack. The smell is rather musky and a bit strange, but I find myself really enjoying the smell. I have natal Mars in Cancer so I think this oil acts as remediation.

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