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Exalted Venus Oil

Exalted Venus Oil


Ritually created during one of the finest elections Venus’ time in her exaltation had to offer in 2019.

Equal parts organic jojoba and almond oils, combined with organic lavender, damiana, yarrow, passion flower, blue lotus, and other herbs sacred to Venus, along with bee pollen, emerald, diamond, and amethyst, frankincense, benzoin, and genuine copper leaf.

Similarly to the Venus in Libra oil, our most beloved and best selling offering to date (check the testimonials…), apply to the heart center and perfume points to be seen at your best, brightest, and most beautiful, to increase glamour, draw others to you, calm anxiety, and facilitate connection between yourself and those around you.

This is a more emotionally activating and intimate take on Venus. One may choose one or the other based on their natal chart placements, or whether they would prefer a lighter, more social and airy Venus, vs. a deeper, dreamier, emotionally activated Venus. For the most embodied and money drawing effects, see Venus in Taurus.

Use in magical works devoted to love, beauty, harmony, connection, glamour, or other things related to the Venusian sphere. Apply before intimate encounters or tantric practices (in non-delicate areas) to enhance the experience.

Supremely soothing, like a deeply satisfying emotional vacation. If those were available in in 1/2 oz vials for $68, of course 😉



Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz

Planetary Body




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2019, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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  1. Avatar

    This oil has been such a feel-good, soothing, relaxing experience for me and very potent. It does feel state-altering in a very nice way. I can be quite neurotic and over-analytical so it pulls me out of my headspace or shifts me into a more creative and heart-centred space but mostly it makes me feel like floating off into dreamy states. Great before sleep. After working with this materia I feel more open, at peace and drawn to escapism in the best possible way. It *does* make me want to drink after years of barely touching alcohol, but it’s manageable and not uncomfortable in any way. I recommend it very much for relaxation and heart-opening healing purposes.

  2. Avatar

    This oil was my first introduction to the offerings of S+S (I placed a large order but this item was actively used ritually first). Starting fertility treatments and having very specific days on which I needed to feel seductive, relaxed, and libidinous – Exalted Venus oil was absolute perfection. I applied this oil as well as the Exalted Venus water, and the Exalted Venus Hair + Body Oil on Venus’ day. Our fertility doctors had made it clear these days were our last days before proceeding to the IVF process so I went for it. We had a less than 4% chance and this magic made it happen. Our Leo baby is due July 31, 2020. All our gratitude and highly recommended.

  3. Avatar

    This oil is a gift from the goddess! I cannot emphasize what a gorgeous addition it has been to my life and my practice… and my skin.

    Add a drop of this beautiful smelling and wonderfully sensual oil to your evening skincare routine, and watch as you become more radiant by the day.

    You can’t quite put your finger on it… but something magical will happen, leaving you feeling more confident and glorious than ever before. It is so nice, I’ve bought it twice.

  4. Avatar

    I bought the three Venus oils after wanting them for a long time. Where Libra and Taurus were more clear to me, Pisces were hard to pass for some reason, didn’t exactly know why when I purchased them. It happened to be the oil I vibe most naturally with and it has helped me a lot with more introverted Venusian matters, that needed to be addressed – in general, but also before having the full benefit of any of the other two oils. I have been using it for about three weeks for meditation, sleep, beauty/skin care and just intentional use, and it has helped me in my relationship with myself, but also others. I am very impressed with this oil.

  5. Avatar

    First of all, this oil smells amazing! (I have purchased at least six of Kaitlyn’s oils at this point and this one is hands down the most magical smelling one!) It reminds me of how the color Violet feels–if Violet had a smell… When I wear it I instantly feel more relaxed and airy. Perhaps my favorite Sphere + Sundry creation to date!

  6. Avatar

    Very grateful that this came into my life!
    As I retrieved the package from my mailbox, I felt myself just drop into my body and then connect very strongly, magnetically to the earth. This was a very unusual sensation because I habitually spend most time lost in my head and disconnected from the body.
    I apply this oil to my pulse points, third eye, and heart center in the morning and really any time I feel like it. The changes in my life have been rapid and profound, yet seem completely natural at the same time.
    I loved the product description “Venus wants what Venus wants” and after years of self-denial and slef-degradation, decided to take on this philosophy for myself. It’s been very pleasant to connect to the feeling of what I want without feeling distressed or pressured to hurry up and intellectually define exactly what that is. Right now I can be happy with the feelings of making that heart and body connection and trust that further information and instructions will follow. I also have fully accepted this divine gift of Life that I have been given and feel 100% committed to doing my best with my gifts but, again, in a way that is unpressured. This is incredibly healing for a type A woman like me! As a bonus, I stopped caring about how others might judge what I want!
    Sometimes I will combine this oil with with Jupiter’s Laughter and/or Expedite’s Fast Luck when I feel that I need a little more focus. The three of them seem to get along quite well.
    I love this Exhalted Venus Oil!

  7. Avatar

    I Love the hypnotic and relaxing effects of this oil. At first, I’d solely wear it when wanting to deepen my connection with lovers but lately I’ve been putting a drop on my pillow before bed and I feel deeply relaxed, blissed out and so full of love As I’m falling asleep and upon waking. I absolutely love this magical delight.

  8. Avatar

    I have a natal venus in pisces. This oil always called to me even before I decided to purchase it. I am so glad I did! It blends beautifully with my natal venus and it grounds me and makes me feel like “home”. Highly recommend!

  9. Avatar

    I’ve been incorporating the Exalted Venus oil during Friday rituals for about the past 2 months. Since then I’ve established a regular Friday lunch with friends leading to deeper friendships with these women. It’s also inspired me to stick with a simple beauty regimen that has boosted my self esteem and self acceptance. With a natal Venus in Virgo placement, I have a tendency to require perfection in just about everything. Exalted Venus smooths that out. So, when I do work after anointing myself with the oil, I can easily get through the paralysis of that desire for perfection. This offering has had a huge and undeniable positive effect on my life. I am so grateful for this.

  10. Avatar

    This! Wow, this was a whole experience. Kaitlin is right about being careful not to apply if you need to get some things done! Because, you won’t! However, you will relax, let go worry, and find what you need to attend to pleasurable. It seems to enhance creative expression of all kinds. And, brings a sense of belonging and a deep devotion to being gentle with myself, which is a lovely surprise.

  11. Avatar

    I loved the effects of the Venus in Libra oil so very much that I purchased this Venus in Pisces oil also. I was delighted to see that in this election Venus is on my natal Sun in my seventh house, with some other auspicious factors as well. Accordingly, this oil makes me feel like an embodiment of the love goddess herself: generous, expansive, delightful and delighting, so naughty and sweet, an attentive lover– an attended-to lover! Using this oil last night, my lover and I were over the moon in one another’s arms. We practiced our tantra for hours together, cocooned in an ecstasy of a loving dreamlike bliss.

    This is the 6th S+ product I’ve used and they are all so wonderfully luxurious and efficaceous. Highly recommended.

  12. Avatar

    Wow!!!! I had a feeling that this oil was going to be a bit more aligned with my natal chart than Venus in Libra (which at this point I have developed a good relationship with and use regularly) and I was right. The energy of this once I anointed myself thoroughly was like going back to the womb. Such a nurturing, sensual and at times erotic energy. It may have been the amount I applied but I felt a very strong body high with this, almost like I had smoked some strong indica. This oil was also very helpful with feelings of love, compassion and self-confidence. I really liked what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I had a really enjoyable night in with this and am so excited to explore further. I see myself using this for when I want to go “deep” with venus in an intimate way, whereas the Venus in Libra oil I’ll use when I’m feeling more light and social. I will definitely use venus exalted for self-love practices.
    I just ordered the venus in taurus rose water and I’m so curious as to how it differentiates between the two previous venus oils. Thanks to sphere and sundry for these wonderful products!

  13. Avatar

    This little vial is beautiful just to look at. Upon first sniff it’s uber calming, and then it sends a little shiver of pleasure throughout the body as your senses process it . I feel a steady inner and outward glow when anointed. I’ve also found that this oil + Jupiter’s Bounty make a total power couple. When used in combination, I’m confident and focused, and find myself taking greater pleasure in my tasks and not second guessing myself like I can tend to do. Gorgeous.

  14. Avatar

    There is a gentle, grounded confidence to this oil. I began using it during the days and hours of Venus several weeks ago, and my experience feels like rooting into rich soil of my own pleasure and my capacities for love and erotic connection. I feel supported in moving from a place of clarity—about the love that I am a part of, the love that I can give, about my own desires and my own pleasures. I’ve used this oil to support me in solo practices of taking time for myself, luxuriating in what feels good, and treating myself well. With a partner, it has supported some of the most intense erotic connections of our relationship. None of it feels forceful, but there is a steadiness and clarity that feels somehow both regal and also close to the earth—like stepping into the truth that love and pleasure are a birthright, to which Venus gives her blessing.
    Thank you, Kaitlin, for making offerings that are so supportive and clear in their energetic qualities.

  15. Avatar

    I love the sweet lavender scent of this oil. That said, it also gave me a huge gift this week: not only was work slow enough that I was able to play hooky, I was able to spend two whole days with my guy in addition to a surprise visit one morning. I consider this nothing short of a miracle since he’s been crazy busy lately. Thanks for the love, Venus. (And Kait!)

  16. Avatar

    This oil is extremely potent – in a good way. I find that when I wear this oil I feel so powerful and confident in myself. I have been attracting a ton of attention and people have been much kinder and actually come up to talk to me. Also, I combined this with the Exalted Venus Hydrosol and WHOA! I started an online dating profile and I received about 40 messages from very good prospects over the first 2 days of being on. There have been so many good things have been happening to me since I have been wearing and using this oil in rituals that I do not even know how to list them all!

  17. Avatar

    The efficacy and potency was immediately evident with this oil. Upon purchasing it communication with my partner became sweeter and dreamier than it had been in a while. When I actually put it on, I felt my energy soften and become a bit more gentle. I felt expansive and safe to to receive love and there even appeared to be a bit more light in my eyes.

    I’m actually planning on ordering some more to gift a friend for her wedding.

    This oil also immediately commanded respect for its power to attract. The morning after I purchased it I received several messages from an ex from whom I hadn’t heard in over a year. Just a reminder to remain respectful and with a clear intention when working with this oil.

  18. Avatar

    It’s taken me a few days to kind of understand this oil, whereas I had a much more immediate connection to/understanding of the Venus in Libra oil (perhaps because my natal Venus is in Libra when utilizing the Tropical zodiac). In some ways, the two series’ are very similar, but Exalted Venus definitely has a mystery about it and an energy that initially felt foreign to me. It is becoming more familiar the more I work with it, and has already greatly enhanced how I feel about myself, increasing my confidence and sense of sexiness

    On to actual experiences that have occurred so far! When I first got this, I used it before bed two nights in a row, and both nights I had two separate dreams involving two separate people: one was an ex, and one was a friend from the past. I found this extremely interesting, because clearly there is a connection between this oil and the dreams. I had a great deal of love for these two men despite major problems in my relationships with them; but most importantly — although I’ve come to expect this from life — I never got the closure I felt I should have in these situations. That’s not to say that this oil or the dreams have brought such a thing, but at the very least, I feel that it has given me a chance to explore the possibility of closure on my own. For, in reality, closure is nothing other than a sense of healing & clarity, and Exalted Venus oil is somehow a strong channel for these energies. Since I practice Jyotish (and therefore consider myself to have a debilitated Venus), I feel that I have finally gotten a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the presence of Venus in her highest state, as well as the ability to embody this myself. It seems rare in this Kali Yuga (i.e., darkest era on Earth), but you know how some people are just masters of love, sex, relationships, emotions, sensuality, aesthetics? Obviously — barring afflictions and such — Venus in her exaltation would be the most likely to encourage such mastery with ease. I can totally see this oil being not only very serious and legitimate as a remedy for a weak or problematic Venus (natally/by transit/etc.), but also simply as one of the most powerful catalysts for manifesting top-tier Venusian energies.

    Another thing I want to mention is the definite mystical, Piscean feel of this, which is actually amazing. It’s not “in your face,” but I’ve noticed that if I really let myself go deeply into the energy that this series carries, there is almost a sense of being high on life; like you’re on that spiritual awakening Kundalini bliss crack and everything feels perfect. So you start to internally laugh at the sheer weirdness of this sudden change in perception — like, how am I thinking shit’s perfect with so many problems in the world? — but your amusement at this notion only breeds more lightness and happiness, and things seem even more perfect. THIS IS WEIRD AF KAITLIN

    Anyway, this series is pure sensuality. And by that, I literally mean that who you think you are disappears and your senses take over when you work with this. Yet it’s more the senses of the subtle realms, or chakras; this is not at all a grounded, five senses, down in the dirt energy. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but everything is heightened in a euphoric way, and it’s as if the part of you that is unseen is now suddenly being fed by a powerful, enticing, inexhaustible force. Honestly, not unlike Kundalini…

    So fuck yes to using this in Tantra as mentioned in the write-up, and fuck yes to using this for literally everything in every moment of life lmao

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